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14 Sep, 23 tweets

A thread, for the benefit of all #sbc members who are concerned about the .@SBCExecComm's potential response to the Task Force's recommendations to waive privilege. I thought that it would be good to post our actual bylaws since they are being used as a point of contention (1)

I think that by clearly looking at our bylaws we can have a better understanding of what our role is next week. I also do not see by looking at these bylaws, one can make a case that the members of the EC have any standing to ignore the will of the messengers (2)

Bylaw 18.E -- tells us what our role is. (3)

18.E.1 -- which tells us we are to act ad interim between the annual meetings in all matters NOT OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR (4)

It seems that the Task Force has been provided for by the will of the messengers. It also appears that the motion by @DGrantGaines clearly tells the #sbc and the @SBCExecComm what to do. (5)

18.E.2 -- we deal with property, monies, etc. (6)

18.E.3 -- we recieve and receipt monies (we do not, nor should we, escrow funds, but that is an issue for another day) (7)

18.E.4 -- we set the date and place of the annual meeting (8)

18.E.5 -- we advise in questions of cooperation (9)

It seems to me that not doing the will of the messengers goes against this bylaw because it would show that we are not being cooperative. 🤷🏼‍♂️ (10)

18.E.6 -- we help present financial reports (11)

18.E.7 -- we help set and present the budget that is approved by the messengers (12)

18.E.8 -- we help in convention publicity (13)

Again, not sure how not doing the will of the messengers will help us fulfill the "general work of promotion and the general work of publicity" for our convention. (14)

18.E.9 -- we help communication between the other entities and to make recommendations to the messengers about the entities (15)

18.E.10 -- we set bylaws, and hold meetings, and are supposed to report those meetings (16)

If we do not do the will of the messengers next week, we need to do so publically and NOT in executive session since we are to "make reports of all meetings to the Convention." This should be done openly and publically. (17)

18.E.11 -- we set our operating budget out of the overall budget approved by the messengers (18)

18.E.12 -- work with other entities for proper reporting (19)

18.E.13 -- to have a proper organizational manual and to present recommendations and clarifications to the messengers regarding other entities (20)

18.E.14 -- to send copies of our minutes to other entity heads (21)

Nowhere in our bylaws do we see the authority given to the @SBCExecComm to do our own thing. Further, it is clear that our authority stems from our polity: we report to the messengers. (22)

Additionally, I think that we can make the case that not doing the will of the #sbc messengers go against our bylaws. The members of the @SBCExecComm have a fiduciary duty to do the will of the Convention. They have spoken. Will we listen? (23)

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