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Whether or not you agree with @willmcraney’s choice to sue @NAMB_SBC, you need to see what is finally coming out after 7 yes: NAMB having a “Disciplinal Process” for a state convention, trustees saying they will “go to battle” against others for Ezell. That’s just the start 🧵🪡
If you are unfamiliar with the McRaney case, you should read the amended filing here:…. It gives a timeline of events and why he eventually filed a lawsuit. In this case NAMB claims it has absolute privileges over state convention employees.
Let’s dive in to this “disciplinal process” for a baptist partner. First off, SBC entities do not have authority over other partners including local churches and state conventions. So what was the BCMD’s sin that needed discipline? Was it female pastors or heretical statements?
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Valerie Swope (@ValerieLSwope) is a survivor of clergy sexual abuse and is sharing her story for the first time in this way.
It’s a story about her first and foremost. But it’s also a story of the SBC and how it’s responding to a crisis of sexual abuse.…
Valerie shared her story for the first time on Oct. 10, 2002. She was 19 and she told leaders at Bethany Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, that she and the youth pastor at the time, Christian Watts, had been having sex starting when she was 16. (🧵)…
“I didn’t mention any of these things — the handholding, the groping, the kissing, all these things that had started since I was 13,” Valerie said about that meeting. “Now, to the detriment of all of us, we didn’t call law enforcement of any kind.”… #SBC
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#BREAKING The Department of Justice is investigating the Southern Baptist Convention over its handling of sex abuses, months after a third-party report that was prompted by 2019 reporting by the @HoustonChron

Story via me @John_Tedesco #SBCtoo #ChurchToo…
@HoustonChron @John_Tedesco The DOJ investigation follows a bombshell report from May, in which a third-party found that top SBC officials had for two decades intimidated abuse survivors and fought reforms that they privately said would help - but could cost $$ in lawsuits #SBCtoo…
That report was prompted by Abuse of Faith, a 2019 investigation by @HoustonChron & @ExpressNews that detailed hundreds of criminal convictions by Southern Baptist pastors + decades of inaction by top leaders

They left behind more than 700 victims #SBCtoo…
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The fight about waiving #SBC A/C privilege was always about protecting the men at the top from the ramifications of their immoral __ AND ILLEGAL__ activities.

A cursory review of the #SATFReport makes it plain as day.

@ChristaBrown777 @wthrockmorton @DefendTheSheep
The only surprising thing to me is that it took this long for the Federal government to get involved.
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🧵Really surprised to see church leaders describing the fallout from abuse within the church as a “stormy season” (ACNA) or “judgment on a denom” (SBC). As though church leaders struggling to respond are somehow the victims here. This seems to me to reveal a mistaken emphasis.
The complexity and cost of abuse response is not a judgment or difficulty for a church to “handle” - but a reality that should remind us of the impossible-to-measure nature of the injury of abuse and the rippling effects of the devastation of betrayed trust.
I will never understand why church leaders don’t scramble to repent & make things right when allegations become public rather than spotlighting how hard it’s been *for the church.*
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Just this week a friend sent me an article by Albert Mohler, "Why I am a Baptist"

Overall the article is fine (I am myself a Baptist, after all), but this one paragraph is trash, intended to frame an utterly shameful act as something praiseworthy:
The SBC formed as a split out of existing missions organizations (the Baptist Convention for Missionary Purposes, founded 1814, and the American Baptist Home Missionary Society, founded 1832)
They “did not leave their first meeting without establishing mission boards” bc they had just all left the existing boards bc they wouldn’t appoint slave-holders as missionaries.

In order to facilitate that, they had to form their own. That's literally all they were doing
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May was a month of heartbreaking stories from around the globe – from shootings in #Buffalo and #Uvalde, to shocking reports from the #SBC.
An explosive report from the Southern Baptist Convention found hundreds of cases of abuse since the 1960s.…
The most damaging part of the report may be allegations that former SBC president Johnny Hunt sexually assaulted another pastor’s wife in 2010.…
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#PCA please hear us. Women serving in the church isn't just about women feeling appreciated and the church body benefitting from our gifts (though it isn't less than that). This week, there is one very important aspect I want you to think about: (cont)
The lack of visible female leadership in the church impacts how all members think about women. If women are weak, easily deceived, bad at theology and logic, and always trying to usurp authority it's no wonder they aren't believed when they report abuse to men in charge. (cont)
It's no wonder that abusive men can convince entire congregations that their victim(s) are crazy, irrational, unbalanced, unreliable, even dangerous. Because that isn't a far cry from how women are spoken about *from the pulpit* in some churches.
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What you are going to see in the next few months is people in #SBC leadership that will want to pretend that Johnny Hunt’s resignation is sufficient. It is not. Through NAMB, he was given a position of power, ample opportunity, with staff that likely knew about the 2010 incident
Many of those people likely profit from @NAMB_SBC. How many have books handed out by NAMB, podcasts sponsored by NAMB, speaking engagements through NAMB, ambassador checks from NAMB, free use of houses owned by NAMB, their church planting bankrolled by NAMB?
How many have their own personal companies that have contracts with @NAMB_SBC? How many owe their current position to Hunt or NAMBs leadership? Remember Pittman’s church was primarily funded by Hunt when it was a plant.
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So let's follow up w/some more data related to #sbcreport. All publicly available @PRRIpoll data. In 2017, we see across groups, white evangelical Baptist men were disproportionately more likely to say recent reports of workplace assault/harassment were "isolated incidents." 1/5
In a 2018 @PRRIpoll survey, we see that across groups, white evangelical Baptist men were most likely to agree that "most sexual harassment claims are just the result of misunderstanding between women and men." In other words, not REALLY sexual harassment. Just a whoops. 2/5
Other surveys can't get us to #SBC folks, but we do see patterns among evangelicals vs. others. In 2018 @PRRIpoll data, evangelicals were the MOST likely to say the #MeToo movement led to unfair treatment of men & LEAST likely to say it helped address sexual assault. Also... 3/5
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Okay, so the report on abuse in the #SBC is out now.
What the fuck is this supposed to do?
Yeah, there are eyes on the org now, but eyes have been on the Catholic church for the same thing for, what, 50 years? How many got real justice there? #churchtoo
My real fear is that it’s just going to make these predators more dangerous cause they’ll be more afraid of getting caught. My fear is that instead of survivors, we’ll see actual corpses in the pews. #SBCtoo #churchtoo
And what about people like me, who couldn’t even admit they were abused until almost two decades after the fact, and has no concrete evidence to get justice in a court?
What the fuck are we supposed to do? #SBCtoo #churchtoo
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Today is when a long-awaited report is released with findings from an investigation into SBC leaders' response to sexual abuse w/in the last 2 decades.

Not knowing what this day or future ones will hold, I’m starting this thread to log updates, statements, articles, etc.
The report is expected to be released at 1 p.m. PT at the website for the SBC sexual abuse task force:
As we wait, I'll plug a few things I came across earlier this week in anticipation of the report's release. @RobDownenChron's story on what to know:… #SBC
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1/Southern Baptist Convention Annual,1932. This contributes an insightful look into the Church's heart regarding marriage outside of one's race at the time that 8-9 of 10 Africans in America still occupied Confederate states. Many were descended from mulattos,like my grandparents
2/At the same time,over 90% of those in Congress, the Supreme Court and Presidency had been Protestants or Catholics from colonial times forward. @VoddieBaucham @johnmacarthur @TGC @9Marks @DavidAFrench @profyancey @ThabitiAnyabwil @DennyBurk @MarkDever
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@RevKevDeYoung Great points as usual. What we find once again is deference to an area that the Church has experienced its greatest split in America & spirit that had cost actual lives here. I say that as there is no shortage of isms charged in the areas conservatives press against. 1/
@RevKevDeYoung As we assess the again nuance in accounting for nationalism, it is important to ensure no dishonest weight or uneven measure is employed. So caution of “ism” must be employed evenly. Any allowance ought to be driven by how the witness has been harmed & relate to that. 2/
@RevKevDeYoung You see 30+ resolutions have established a faithful record of error in particular in partiality along racial lines in the Church. An area that is a part of that Nationalism. Effectively at its core. 3/
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@SBCvoices there are 2 biblical frameworks repeated throughout scripture on how systemic & structural areas of sin propagate within community. Searing of a Conscience & Discipleship in error.Taken together error presented as orthodoxy in the church yields generational besetments.
2/The first of these, Searing of the conscience manifests as a culture is taught that Jesus is pleased with a principle or ethic when in fact He opposes it. This error thus affirmed in community.
3/2nd of these, the expansion of this ethic generationally through the healthy & godly virtue of honor of parent & respect of headship. In holding up the error as compatible with piety, youth & society build systems upon it. Thus shade is created as @johnmacarthur outlines
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@TomBuck Amen. This is exactly the point of ensuring that our history curricula includes both the brightest and darkest, even unrepentant moments in the lives of founders & church fathers. They demonstrate the Lord’s faithfulness in spite of man’s faithless acts. The model of error warns.
@TomBuck By pressing to silence the telling of the evil of SBC & Presbyterian fathers in teaching African inferiority & ownership of kidnapped Africans as Christlike diminishes the testimony of those who were freed in spite of the evil over centuries. Excellent point in your sermon. @GOP
@TomBuck @GOP Regardless of such false teaching affirmed by the #Sbc & American founders(many Protestants), the Gospel prevailed through centuries of erroneous doctrine & disregard of what Spurgeon & McCleod were clear on & Dabney, Edwards , Boyce held as faithful unrepentantly. @CPAC
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1/Anyone know where all of the SBC resolutions on gambling have gone? There were tons of others dealing with alcohol, pornography.All targeting laws. They are all gone. Even Wayback machine and Google cache don't show the gambling variety. #TGC #SBC #johnmacarthur #9Marks
2/These span centuries and provide a clear view of duplicity in the many who say, "just preach the gospel" when the support and advocacy of righteous law has been central to many of these resolutions.…
3/This index from a 2020 capture shows that there were 12 resolutions on the matter of gambling at that point. @DavidAFrench @nathanafinn @EWErickson @KevinMKruse @ThabitiAnyabwil @VoddieBaucham @johnmacarthur @albertmohler @JohnPiper @9Marks @LigonDuncan…
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When my pastor wanted service of my body & I balked, he chastised me: "Where would we all be if Mary hadn't trusted God even when her special role was something she couldn't understand?"

As a faith-filled young girl, I pondered that a lot. 1/5
Pastor said I too was "chosen" for a special role & I needed to "live by faith." So, like Mary, I too said "according to God's will."

It was incomprehensible but I trusted God knew best & I trusted the pastor as God's emissary. So, I answered the call of God & complied. 2/5
It was an impossible bind for a faith-filled kid raised to "lean not to thine own understanding." How could I say No to God?

This is the horror of a pastor-predator. He will twist EVERYTHING holy, even the #Christmas story, into a weapon for his unholy ends of child rape. 3/5
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There are two issues at play right now in the #sbc about @SBCExecComm: one centers around our polity and one centers around our theology.
In regard to polity: messengers have spoken and trustees are ignoring them. This is significant and, tbh, we have never seen something like this in the #sbc
The second is theological: at best, we have reason to believe that we have not cared well for sexual abuse survivors. At worst, we have been in the midst of covering abuse up on a massive denominational scale. #sbc
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Statement from Liz Evan, attorney and member of the #SBC Sexual Abuse Task Force:

"If you are a Southern Baptist, you need to understand what has just happened in your @SBCExecComm. They have flagrantly defied the overwhelming will of the Messengers.
"A few dozen folks in Nashville decided they know better than the 17,000 Messengers appointed by the churches.
"Waiver of privilege was not something the Messengers delegated to the EC to consider in their discretion; waiver was a direct and specific command from the Messengers, and it was flouted.
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A thread, for the benefit of all #sbc members who are concerned about the .@SBCExecComm's potential response to the Task Force's recommendations to waive privilege. I thought that it would be good to post our actual bylaws since they are being used as a point of contention (1)
I think that by clearly looking at our bylaws we can have a better understanding of what our role is next week. I also do not see by looking at these bylaws, one can make a case that the members of the EC have any standing to ignore the will of the messengers (2)
Bylaw 18.E -- tells us what our role is. (3)
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1/4 Alliance of Love against Baptist Abuses (ALBA) is assisting in filing a complaint with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) next week against the policies and practices of Southwest Baptist University #SBUniv.

#sbctoo #SBC #churchtoo #mobaptists Image
2/4 The complaint addresses the cultural and "Biblical" belief among the #SBUniv administration, staff, and governance that women hold an inferior and depraved status, due to the order of creation and the Fall, and that all women are obligated to submit to all men.

#sbctoo #SBC
3/4 Therefore, there is no necessity to address the collective or individual harm of molestation, harassment, slander, abuse, sexual violence, academic inequity, and inequitable treatment towards women because, by default, ...

#SBUniv #SBC #sbctoo #churchtoo
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25/ We have obtained (with permission) reams of court documents related to the poisonings at #SBUniv.

These reference multiple instances of sexual assault, slander, or abuse, perpetrated by SBU personnel - most members of First Baptist Church of Bolivar.

#SBC #sbctoo
26/ We'll present this information publicly through several publications and, in brief, these Tweets.

The attorney for the injured student (who wasn't expected to survive the pesticide poisonings at #SBUniv) told her these documents were already public.

#SBC #sbctoo
27/ However, she discovered her *own* attorney engaged in a series of deceptions, including, concealing the fact that he previously worked for Roy Blunt - former #SBUniv trustee and president, Secretary of State, congressman ... and current Senator of Missouri.

#SBC sbctoo
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