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14 Sep, 14 tweets

3 former US intelligence personnel (likely NSA) indicted for spying on Americans for the United Arab Emerites.

Wonder why this breaks right after the 1/6 coup news!


Just breaking so I am sure there will be more news soon.

I had a thread on this a long time ago connecting it to possible sources for Spygate information...

Clinton Administration NSC staffer Richard Clarke was the person who arranged this contract between former NSA staffers & the UAE.

Secretary of State Clinton signed a waiver to allow export of these cyberweapons to UAE in 2011 to complete the contract.

It also ties into a larger effort to frame Trump for Russian collusion based upon a scenario created by an Israeli intel firm. Whos subsidiaries then tried to get Trump to hire the Russian cybermercenaries linked to Putins disinformation campaign.

Looks like the 3 senior managers of this company have flipped. Accepting a deferred prosecution agreement to cooperate against the company that employed them!



Trained by the NSA & other agencies took their skills to work for a foreign nation against Americans.

It is likely the DPA also protects US intelligence hacking tools that were used part of this contract that would be exposed at trial.

I'll have to dig to find positive IDs on all the unnamed companies. But US Company One is almost certainly Project Raven or it's parent company.

This sounds remarkably like NSO's Pegasus exploit used on iPhones by countries all over the world...

Wanna see how long these cases take to make sure you get ALL the bad guys? FBI warned the smartphone maker in August 2017 that their phones were vulnerable to this exploit.
Very interesting Spygate time in August 2017 too!

A three year cooperation window started when they signed the deal on 9/7/21...

Looks like there are 5 companies involved according to their cooperation agreement. justice.gov/opa/press-rele…

It's almost like US Company One, who got a defense export license from Hillary Clinton in 2011, wanted to have plausible deniability for any actions the defendants took to hack things during the 2016 election year...

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