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12 Oct
Information filed against Philadelphia Election Judge for stuffing ballot boxes from 2015-2019!

An information means the defendant waive indictment & is normally followed with a guilty plea to the charges!

Consultant-1 Ozzie Myers?
If the details confirm that ID as Former Representative Ozzie Myers was a Demmember of Congress who was busted by the FBI during the ABSCAM case. He's been a consultant to Dems wanting to win Philly elections since then! He's already awaiting trial on similar charges.
Consultant-1 installed this defendant as an election judge in 1988...
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8 Oct
Durham's indictment of Sussmann has accomplished something very important.

He has exonerated @Comey's FBI's Chief Legal Counsel James Baker @thejimbaker of illegally leaking classified information to the media and revealed another key battle in #Spygate.

So what was Spygate?

Federal contractors illegally accessing NSA data to investigate Trump for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Then using it to trick the FBI into investigating Trump.

The ultimate goal? An excuse to remove honest leaders from FBI & DOJ who investigated Hillary!
They never thought Trump would win in 2016, this was about predicating the firing of FBI Director Comey & others at FBI.
Hillary needed an excuse to hide that she was firing Comey for investigating her, how better than firing Comey for investigating Trump!
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8 Oct
Move over Cleetuses, we now have a new class of idiots. I designate cbow as the 1st Scarecrow! (brains of straw)
He is arguing that Sussmann's attorneys need security clearances under the Classified Information Procedures Act to see nonclassifed info.

Here you go Cbow, lets see if there are any words in that sentence too long for you to understand!
And what did Sussmann's lawyers do yesterday Cbow?

Graymail, by filing with the court a demand for a Bill of Particulars to force the DOJ to expose classified information & the identities of witnesses who have testified!
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5 Oct
More defensive leaks to the NYTs.

The Swamp creatures always get their narrative out first to NYT's before the real news is released.

Claiming foreign intel agencies flipped CIA sources & fed us disinformation. Killing sources that didn't flip too...
CIA sent a secret memo to all it's station revealing the agency has been investigating dozens of cases of recruited informants being killed, captured or compromised to feed the CIA false information.
The need to leak this one is clear to spin CIA as the victim..
In Russia, China & other locations, foreign intel have been hunting down our sources to turn them into double agents.
Claiming that some at CIA put their 'mission' ahead of security that would protect their sources. Sources that were soon feeding them disinformation...
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3 Oct
So who are the attorney's that Michael Sussmann has gathered for his defense team?
3 have filed appearances with the court.
Natalie Hardwick Rao, Michael Bosworth, & Sean Berkowitz all from the firm Latham & Watkins
Natalie Hardwick Rao started with the CIA for 2 years as a military analyst after graduating from Duke University. Then attended law school & has been an Associate with L&W since 2010. Image
Michael Bosworth joined Latham & Watkins as a Partner in July 2020.
Clerked for a Federal District Judge, Appeals Court Judge & a Supreme Court Justice. Also spent a lot of time at SDNY with DOJ. ImageImage
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30 Sep
OIG report on FBI compliance with fact reviews in Woods Procedures for FISA applications.
It is important to note that there is a wide range of non-compliance. I did threads on it at the time, only 4 of the 209 errors found were deemed material. IIRC all in the @CarterWPage FISA. Others were simple errors or lazy habit.
I recall many of those non-compliant Woods references were for doing things such as putting the name & reference to the confirming fact like a footnote in a paper. But not printing the original document and adding it to the Woods File.
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27 Sep
I didn't know that there was a LODESTAR method of calculating attorney's fees in Class Action Settlements...
These cases are a huge shakedown industry. Where investigators dig in SEC filings & other reporting, then sue companies for false statements & activities affecting stocks.
What are the odds that I would trip over that information while reading a settlement between the Indiana Public Retirement System (Swampy pension funds) and Neustar agreeming to pay a settlement after the case was dismissed but before an appeal was heard. courtlistener.com/docket/5234124…
Did Neustar settle to avoid discovery of its actions to retain the FCC contract?
Was the suit filed to gain leverage over Neustar?
Why was Gov. Mike Pence's Public Retirement System selected as the lead plaintiff?
Was it just a shakedown for cash?
Or did they want something more?
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26 Sep
I guess @JustinTrudeau efforts to block the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin have not been successful.
This is a local case, so can’t be spun as Canadians needing to pay bribes overseas to protect Canadian jobs.
@JustinTrudeau After Trudeau was caught firing his Attorney General for refusing orders to obstruct the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin, they were forced to plead guilty for paying bribes to the Khadaffi’s.

@JustinTrudeau Algeria’s President of 20 years was forced to resign over corrupt infrastructure deals including deals with SNC-Lavalin.
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23 Sep
Revelations from the #SussmanIndictment led me to info that exposes a much bigger conspiracy!
I’ve found information that connects the Huber investigation into theft of @NSA data to Durham’s investigation of the Clinton Campaign!
It’s worse than we thought!
Yesterday @musescry mentioned my 1st thread on Twitter in May 2018, where I laid out the case that from at least 2015, Hillary Clinton & her oppo research team (Cody Shearer & Sid Blumenthal) were under investigation for having illegal access to NSA data.
To sum up, Blumenthal was emailing HRC NSA intercepted data & reports until he got hacked by Guccifer.
State Dept released 1 of these emails publicly, not knowing it was NSA reporting. NSA & FBI began an investigation into how Hillary was getting NSA intercepts in private emails
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18 Sep
@nimkef has a great thread on Neustar, the company that is the clear favorite to be Internet Company-1 in the #SussmannIndictment.
It's making me reevaluate my identification on US Agency-1 in both the indictment & the 3 letter agency redacted from the FISC "about queries" ruling
I have previously speculated that the agency in the FISC case where contractors got access to raw FISA data, was the CIA. As that case noted it was another agency that got the FBI to give contractors access to the data.

Since 2018, the primary speculation has been that the 3 letter agency behind the first redaction is CIA.
But Neustar's relationship with FCC makes be now feel it is the agency behind this MoU to provide illegal access to NSA raw data.
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17 Sep
@EmptyWheel is missing the big revelation.

While the indictment is vague on what non-public data was being accessed to spy upon Donald Trump during the campaign, it is almost certainly connected to this April 2017 ruling by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.
Let's first look at what the indictment says...
Sussman represented IC-1 in Feb. 2015 in a matter with an agency, likely to be FBI.
I believe this matter was gaining access to non-public information from FBI.
IC-2 employees queried non-public data to spy upon Trump & his associates.
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17 Sep
I want to do this short thread on why the Sussman indictment is so important.
It is laying down the keystone that is placed to allow the other arches to connect, creating a window or door, while supporting the weight of the stones to be added later. #Sussmann #DurhamIndictment
That individual keystone may not look that important, it may even look merely decorative to the untrained eye.
But it is the essential engineering piece to build the entire wall, building or cathedral.
The investigations of Russian Collusion, Spygate, & whatever other names have been used are investigating some of the most complex crimes in history.
We were given a billion piece jigsaw puzzle with no idea what it looked like.
Worse, the people who made it, fed us false images!
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16 Sep
Perkins Coie lawyer who billed Hillary Clinton's campaign for creating fake report framing Trump for Russian Collusion is indicted by a federal grand jury under Special Counsel John Durham.
Indictment is available here!

Sussmann lied to FBI General Counsel James Baker pretending he was acting as a 'good citizen' to deceive the FBI that he was not representing his clients Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign or Tech Executive-1.
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16 Sep
Perkins Coie lawyer billed Clinton Campaign for the project to frame Trump for Russian Collusion!

The plotters have long relied on heavily spun leaks to them in order to set a false narrative before the real story breaks.
The 'journalists' at the @nytimes seem puzzled that it will be politically explosive that one of the DNC & Hillary's lawyers is going to be indicted for lying to the FBI to trick them into investigating Donald Trump's links to Russia.
I guess this is the new Republicans Pounce!
@nytimes Of course Trump & his supporters have accused the DNC, Perkins Coie, Sussman, & the Clinton Campaign of framing Trump for Russian Collusion.
Because that is what happened.
Sussman reportedly lied to the FBI that he was not representing a client while giving the FBI a false report
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14 Sep
3 former US intelligence personnel (likely NSA) indicted for spying on Americans for the United Arab Emerites.

Wonder why this breaks right after the 1/6 coup news!

Just breaking so I am sure there will be more news soon.

I had a thread on this a long time ago connecting it to possible sources for Spygate information...
Clinton Administration NSC staffer Richard Clarke was the person who arranged this contract between former NSA staffers & the UAE.

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14 Sep
Looks like we have had the first attempted military coup in US history. Only question is, who was in on the sting to test the Pentagon swamp creatures & who was caught in the sting?
It doesn't look good for Gen. Millery, but is that intentional?
Was Milley leading the coup?
Or was he serving as bait & making sure none of his subordinates would take coup actions without his okay?
There are different reasons for wanting tight control...

Why are we back to the "we're going to land this plane" analogy?
How quickly did this 'coup' go into action?
Well the media coverage of it began at 9:18AM on 1/7/21 only 5 hours after the Biden electors were certified overnight...
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14 Sep
Politically connected Ukrainian businessman Volodymyr Verbonol & his father-in-law Mykola Aliseyenko are behind the shell companies responsible for the Beirut port explosion.
In the 1990s, Verbonol worked as an assistant for Mykhailo Volynets and Denys Dzenzersky, a former member of Ukraine's parliament & who is now wanted by Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau.
All linked through a web of off-shore shell companies in the usual manner...
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10 Sep
Another case of draining the Swamp in San Francisco.
3 trash companies admit bribing a government official for contracts.
The laundry list of criminal cases connected to this govt. official Mohammed Nuru is stagering, but paying off in many ways!
Guy got so desperate he was robbing people at the food bank for snacks...
The company that is admitting guilt has 45 subsidiaries serving 127 Swampy cities on the West Coast.

The company has held the govt. license to collect garbage (and dollars) in San Francisco for 100 years...

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8 Sep
Defendants in Jeffrey Epstein cases unsealed by SDNY court order.
Fools who believed fake news theories that Trump would be named in the case are hardest hit. As they always are when the courts reveal they were duped... #ButNothingsHappening
Unsealed complaint is available here!

I have a few threads on some of these people!
The one I find most interesting is David Boies, a Clintonista lawyer, who help Epstein & many others. Then pretended he was paying amends by representing some of Epstein's victims to sue their 'abusers'. But I suspect these were false allegations to shakedown powerful people.
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8 Sep
EY, Ernst & Young accounting firm facing claims they did $1B in damages with shoddy audits of Zeromax while it was going broke. It's a feature not a bug...

EY looked the other way while Zeromax made unexplained multimillion dollar jewelry purchases & offshore payments.
Interestingly, their business in Uzbekistan accounted for 10% of the country's economy...

Sounds oligarchy to me...
A US hedge fund bought up the billions in debt that Zeromax left behind & is suing EY for allowign the collapse in 2010 by papering over the billions that were missing.
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7 Sep
The Intercept got new documents on Peter Daszak & EcoHealth Alliance's Wuhan corona virus research grants. They are spinning it as proof that NIH funded gain-of-function research. When the grant says just the opposite.
So we are back to what I have been saying all along. It is not Fauci, it is Daszak.
Who violated his grant terms in collaboration with Chinese scientists in Wuhan to use US taxpayers dollars for GoF research & lied to NIH about doing so.
In fact, the FOIA Fauci emails showed no evidence that he was under investigation but that Daszak's efforts to spread the natural origin theory were under criminal investigation.
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