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Sep 19, 2021, 7 tweets

1/ "Fear may be able to spread from person to person - just like a virus." #MindVirus

Another piece of the puzzle. Fear spreads through pheromones, chemosignals & as an emotional contagion. We also see the amygdala hijack playing a role in all of this.

2/ "Chemosensory Cues to Conspecific Emotional Stress Activate Amygdala in Humans" - together, our findings suggest human chemosensory signaling of emotional stress, with neurobiological and behavioral effects.…

3/ "Smell you later! Chemosignals communicate human emotions" - these findings are important, Semin and colleagues argue, because they contradict the common assumption that human communication occurs exclusively through language and visual cues.…

4/ "Stress-related chemosignals induce a stress-related physiology in the perceiver, thereby priming a fight–flight-response, which is necessary for an optimum adaption to environmental harm."…

5/ "The Ripple Effect: Emotional Contagion and Its Influence on Group Behavior" by Sigal G. Barsade


6/ "Emotional Contagion and Socialization: Reflection on Virtual Interaction" by Giuliana Isabella and Hamilton C. Carvalho


7/ Few slides describing amygdala hijack:

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