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Flashback 04-14-2020

Doctors Face Troubling Question: Are They Treating Coronavirus Correctly... via @YouTube
-A VIRUS 'on steroids' spreads throughout the world
-Doctors went into 'overdrive'-found therapeutics that were & ARE effective
-This info & therapeutics were violently suppressed
-Draconian policies were implemented
-The Sick were hospitalized w/mandated protocol
-Many thus died
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#TheInformationWars Part VIII: Parasocial Dunbar Hacking explains the #mindvirus infecting all the #zombies we're surrounded by.… Image
In the Prussian educational paradigm that now dominates the modern world, children are trained not by their families, while interacting with and growing trusting bonds with their neighbors. The process of tribal formation is replaced with a handful of authorities,...
same age social relationships, and parasocial proxy relationships—the people on our magic electronic picture boxes. And in the end, young adults pop out of the other side of this machine suffering a pernicious form of Stockholm Syndrome.
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1/ "Fear may be able to spread from person to person - just like a virus." #MindVirus

Another piece of the puzzle. Fear spreads through pheromones, chemosignals & as an emotional contagion. We also see the amygdala hijack playing a role in all of this.

2/ "Chemosensory Cues to Conspecific Emotional Stress Activate Amygdala in Humans" - together, our findings suggest human chemosensory signaling of emotional stress, with neurobiological and behavioral effects.…
3/ "Smell you later! Chemosignals communicate human emotions" - these findings are important, Semin and colleagues argue, because they contradict the common assumption that human communication occurs exclusively through language and visual cues.…
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When vax passports get introduced (not if) then end result will be:

- enslavement & genocide of all & those who oppose them (#TeamReality)
- imprisonment & genocide of those who force & promote them (#TeamApocalypse)

There will be no middle ground.
It will be one or the other.
My prediction. Lunatics are not showing you their true intentions, only because they not yet have a full control over you & your lives. It will take time to put the necessary infrastructure in place along with the vaccine passports. It will start with a 2 tier society but ..
.. once they achieve their goals you can expect more isolation / detention centers, re-education facilities & eventually a form of "peaceful euthanasia" for the people (dissidents) who are not fit to live & exist in their "utopian" society / new normal.

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1/ Wrong is wrong and evil is evil. It simply doesn't matter if your convictions are due to lack of education, stupidity, brainwashing, ideological or financial conflicts in interest. If the narrative that you are supporting & your actions are directly causing the destruction ...
2/ ... of society & are a direct attack on freedoms, human rights, liberties & on the humanity itself, the punishment should be same. If you are refusing to look & consider the reality, data, science and scientific evidence while being illogical, irrational and completely ...
3/ ... unscientific, then you are on the wrong side of the equation and you are the who is posing the danger to yourself and others and you are the one who is the enemy of humanity. It may sound harsh, but this is the reality that everyone needs to accept. The current path ...
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Prime example of how #MindVirus works. It's all tied up with #Identity & #Tribalism & the basic human need to be part of a community. Once you belong, your #LizardBrain is primed to defend the system out of fear. Threaten the thought system, threaten the identity /1 #Exvangelical
When I look at the #Exvangelical phenomena, I see #SocialEvolution at work. Driven by a group of individuals who've reached a level of #personaldevelopment that allows them to become objective of former thought systems & their limitations. The old beliefs now seen as harmful. /2
The former beliefs & thought system becomes "ego alien" which results in resistance in many ways. Anger being prominent, but many feel a need to change the old system. They feel an empathy for those still ensnared in limiting, harmful beliefs. They try to reach out only to find/3
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