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Nov 2, 2021, 10 tweets

Some folks got pissed at me about this tweet because San Francisco won't literally look like Atlantis.

It's true, the San Francisco Archipelago is still just a dystopian fantasy world invented by @burritojustice (see burritojustice.com/2012/03/20/san…)

But let's talk reality a sec.

By 2050 we are virtually certain to see around ~ 3 feet of sea level rise. Sounds fine, right? You've got a cool condo in the Castro, elevation 200 feet. No problem.

Must be nice. Here's 101 in Mill Valley with 3 feet of sea level rise. The red part is underwater:

Here's Larkspur/Corte Madera:

Here's San Rafael:

Here's 680 by the Coliseum:

Here's 101 past SFO:

Here's ... well, 101 down most of the Peninsula:

And of course, the sea level rise sleeper beach town, Stockton, California.

These amounts of coastal/waterway inundation are basically locked in by mid-century. We already can't stop this from happening.

So, keep doing all that great work watching out for "the working class" who simply must drive cars to work in San Francisco from ...

Marin City (underwater), San Rafael (underwater), Stockton (underwater), Vallejo (underwater), East Palo Alto (underwater), Coliseum (etc.)

I get it, it's not your problem, you'd rather just let those damn kids figure it out.

It would be great if you would just say that.

(all maps available from coastal.climatecentral.org/map/14/-122.11…)

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