Some folks got pissed at me about this tweet because San Francisco won't literally look like Atlantis.

It's true, the San Francisco Archipelago is still just a dystopian fantasy world invented by @burritojustice (see…)

But let's talk reality a sec.
By 2050 we are virtually certain to see around ~ 3 feet of sea level rise. Sounds fine, right? You've got a cool condo in the Castro, elevation 200 feet. No problem.

Must be nice. Here's 101 in Mill Valley with 3 feet of sea level rise. The red part is underwater: Image
Here's Larkspur/Corte Madera: Image
Here's San Rafael: Image
Here's 680 by the Coliseum: Image
Here's 101 past SFO: Image
Here's ... well, 101 down most of the Peninsula: Image
And of course, the sea level rise sleeper beach town, Stockton, California.

These amounts of coastal/waterway inundation are basically locked in by mid-century. We already can't stop this from happening. Image
So, keep doing all that great work watching out for "the working class" who simply must drive cars to work in San Francisco from ...

Marin City (underwater), San Rafael (underwater), Stockton (underwater), Vallejo (underwater), East Palo Alto (underwater), Coliseum (etc.)
I get it, it's not your problem, you'd rather just let those damn kids figure it out.

It would be great if you would just say that.

(all maps available from…)

• • •

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Jun 28
In 1989 I moved to Colorado Springs and discovered (for myself) Christofascism.

We were walking downtown and encountered a massive “right to life” protest. We tried to ignore them but they were aggressive and militant about the need to accept Jesus as our savior & forsake sin.
They blocked our path and physically grabbed us. I can’t say I was scared so much as … freaked out by their existence.

How could this be the United States?

In the ensuing years I got a crash course in the religious war they were building up toward.
In 1992, from stronghold in Colorado Springs, this growing terrorist movement scored a major victory: They passed a voter amendment that functionally made it illegal to be gay in Colorado. Anyone could deny any service to any LGBTQ person - a home, a job, a hamburger, anything
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Jun 27
Holy crap you guys, I'm shocked to learn this but a left NIMBY just informed me ...

Builders ... PROFIT when they build homes.

Can you believe this shit?!?!?! Next thing you know, they'll tell me that carpenters GET PAID to frame buildings.

How will I ever get through this
I just googled around and it's frankly worse than I thought: You know plumbers? Those dudes make BANK.

You would not believe how few plumbers work for rose emoji vibes!!! I offered free praxis to a plumber in exchange for fixing the toilet, and ... non-repeatable slurs happened
but honestly, I figured, at least the electricians will work at cost, right? I mean, its just some romex and a few j-boxes and circuit breakers, how much skill do you need?

NOPE. $75 an hour for an apprentice, $150 for a journeyman!!!

How do these capitalists sleep at night?!?
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Jun 27
So, if the tea leaves are correct, tomorrow electric cars will largely cease to be a climate strategy, cities will become make-or-break loci of action, and defeating NIMBYism and car culture will determine our fate.

A thread, some reading, some history.…
The first thing is, the car industry never wanted to make clean cars. They never wanted seat belts. They never wanted to do anything that would protect human lives or health. Which is why, for the most part, they still don't.…
For past ~ 10 years, for reasons I don't understand, lots of progressives fell for the lie that carmakers would accelerate rollout of electric cars.

Considering their aggressive rollout of giant SUVs/trucks during this time, this belief was ... bizarre.…
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Jun 26
Tomorrow, US Mayors — the overwhelming majority of whom are Democrats — will become the most powerful climate regulators in the country, because they control the number one source of climate pollution:

Cars and driving.

Most current Mayors are poorly-suited to the task.
Cities that take action to make their streets safer, to allocate bus and bike lanes on the streets they own, to legalize dense housing near transit and amenities, have proven that they lower carbon emissions because cars and driving are the leading cause of climate pollution.
But most US Mayors are car culture apologists, cowards afraid to lead on housing and transit for fear of angering violent drivers.

Oh, by the way: Their cowardice leads to more money being spent on gasoline, which funds Republicans.
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Jun 24
I think an immediate threat to address is the growing ranks of armed, Republican Christofascist militias in e.g. the State of Jefferson; with Pence's oblique call to violence here, they could easily spill into Bay Area cities to "enforce God's law."…
We've already had brownshirts harassing kids in a library -- kids in a library!!! -- in just the past two weeks. But just to our north there is a very real, very organized, very violent insurgency movement that has already cemented power, and is massively armed.
The GOP has drawn blood and will not stop with this blow. We need a serious discussion about defending Americans, and American cities, from the very real and immediate calls to violence from prominent Republicans.
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May 28
The stupid discourse over the price of gasoline is the quickest way to conclude that everything is galactically broken. Here's a quick primer.

Consumers think they're being creamed by the "price" of gasoline, but they're not. They're being creamed by the "cost" of transport.🧵
For most of the past 30 years, the car industry has been transitioning its products from cars that got increasingly good fuel economy, to trucks and SUVs that are essentially stuck around 25 miles per gallon.

No, this is not just a "USA" thing.…
As a result: Rather than enhanced fuel economy & EVs reducing oil demand, oil demand for transport is growing.

"If SUVs were an individual country, they'd rank sixth in the world for absolute emissions in 2021, emitting over 900 million tonnes of CO2."…
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