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Nov 16, 2021, 13 tweets


I've told a lot of you to sun your genitals. In this thread I explain why

It's not just a massive FU to modern society...

It also is incredibly important for energy levels & rejuvenating your health


#1 Sunlight improves genital function

The sunlight is more than UV rays, it has red / NIR, full color spectrum

Mitochondria present in every cell need Red / NIR for optimal function.

The more you hide a body part from the sun the weaker it will be.

Red light is necessary for ATP production via cytochrome c oxidase

New research around structured water suggests that the water in your cell can capture energy from infrared light, become more gel like, helping to increase ATP production.

This is called EZ water.

#2 Increase in fertility & youth hormone production

This is why red light / NIR have been shown to increase fertility & youth hormone production.

This study showed that getting sun on the chest increased testosterone 120%

But exposing the testes increased it 200%

I'm guessing the same would occur in women's genitals, which produce progesterone.

In this study red light therapy resulted in 20% of severely infertile ladies getting pregnant.

The same is probably true for men given how important ATP production is for fertility.

The genitals are amazing. They're not just for sex, they literally 3d print hormones that make life better

These hormones are the most protective hormones in the body, controlling energy levels, mood, drive, & libido. You cannot live a long, youthful life without them

#3 Increase in (sexual) energy

This is probably part of the reason why the taoists knew that sunlight on the genitals increased overall energy.

This is more woo woo, but they look at the human body like a battery...and the perineum / butthole region is like the solar panel

According to the Taoists: "This gate is extremely important because it controls the flow of sexual energy, guiding it upward to the higher centers, and prevents the organs’ energies from leaking out through the base of the body"

The taoists believe that sexual energy is the key to longevity, and this is why depleting it through excessive masturbation is so harmful.

Sunning genitals is like the anti masturbation, increasing rather than wasting sexual energy.

#4 Vitamin D Production

We all know the importance of vitamin D. The more skin you expose to the sun, the more vitamin D you will produce.

#5 Germicidal

UV rays have disinfectant germicidal qualities. Sunning the genitals helps keep them pristine.

#6 Continuous light is beneficial for every cell in your body

Sunlight is extremely beneficial for every cell of your body -- not just because of the UV rays and colors, but becuase of the continuous bright light.

In this study bright light increased sperm production.

Our current time is characterized by low sexual energy, fertility and vitality.

Sunning genitals & butthole chugging is the cure.

There's a reason why your genitals dance every time you expose them to the sun.

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