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Nov 30, 2021, 23 tweets


Water is the most essential nutrient.

But today it is a toxic tea of 100s of carcinogens...everything from uranium to arsenic to glyphosate to SSRIs.

Here's why you need to stop drinking it & what to drink instead


Nobody should go anywhere near tap water... Don't drink it. Don't shower in it. Don't even look in it.

People assume that just bc it's clear it's okay

But tap water is full of 1000s of chemicals and the most underrated cause of health issues

If you have lingering health issues, skin issues like eczema and acne, fatigue this could be why

Some of these are added to the water by municipalities like fluoride and chlorine. But the bulk majority are from environmental pollutants.


The problem is that there's no rigorous scientific way to determine how much of a carcinogen you should be exposed to.

Some of these chemicals the EPA has a goal of ZERO for, but they allow more because your tap water would be way too expensive if they had to hit zero.

So the EPA just sets standards "low"...but any amount may be too much for many of these toxins.

Here's what's in my water in LA...a county you think would care about health.

But instead it's loaded with 20+ contaminants, 9 of which are well above of EWG recommended guidelines

Let me highlight some contaminants you'll find in tap water:

- Atrazine & glyphosate: There's not one glass of water without some pesticide in it...these have been linked to cancers & fertility issues...frog situation

- Birth control, ssris, xanax

- Arsenic & heavy metals

Chlorine is added to the water to disinfect it.

It is linked to some health issues, but even more of a concern are THMs.

THMs are formed when chlorine reacts with organic matter and have been linked to cancers and fertility issues.

These are very high in LA water.

FLUORIDE...gets a bit more controversial, but studies have linked fluoride consumption to lower IQ in children and lower thyroid levels, as it robs the thyroid of iodine.

If you're not filtering your water, you are ingesting 100s of carcinogens.

Here are the options of what to drink instead


These are availability in many different shapes and sizes...Brita is a popular example

Carbon filters tend to prioritize taste and odor over health

They do a good job with organic compounds but not with others

Carbon filters can remove most of the chlorine & THMs, two of the bigger offenders, some fo the pharma products & pesticides.

Brita, for instance, removes about half the glyphosate, but doesn't remove much of the chromium, nitrates or arsenic.

Berkey does a better job but still has some of the same issues.

If your water is loaded with heavy metals, fluoride, inorganic solids, you need something more.

And like I mentioned above, any amount of some carcinogens is too much.

Additionally, because all of the minerals are removed, the water will be aggressive. Aggressive water leeches from whatever is around it.

According to the EPA distilled water "tends to dissolve substances with which it is in contact. " It can even leech carbon dioxide in the air


Distilled water is usually what goes into bottled water, making it a recipe for disaster when stored in plastic.

This is why this review found that over 90% of waters had microplastics in it.


I am quite uncertain about this option

On one hand, a good natural spring water source is evolutionarily consistent. Spring water is naturally filtered through the earth, vortexed and rich in bicarbonate mineral salts. This is what real water is.

On the other, with acid rain, pollution, rusty pipes, many of these are polluted with compounds far in excess of what we would have been exposed to in nature.

Now studies are revealing that spring waters have some of these toxic carcinogens in them (starkey & topo chico)

I'm sure some spring waters are great, but before relying on a single source I'd want to review all the water quality tests.

With that being said, when I'm on the go or at a restaurant I always opt for still spring


Reverse osmosis is similar to distillation except it also removes chlorine

It also removes up to 98%/99% of the solid contaminants

But it will still leave in some of the acids, synthetic organic chemicals, lower weight industrial pollutants, plasticizers

This is the challenge we all face...there is almost NO GOOD WATER available today.

Tap water is radioactive, fertility destroying bullsh*t and most of the filters are inadequate for the environmental havoc we face.


If you're going with a filter, I think the best option is combining distillation & carbon or reverse osmosis & carbon. This should do a good job filtering out 99.99% of the carcinogenic compounds, pharmaceuticals and THMs.


And just when you thought I couldn't get more favorite way to get water these days isn't from drinking water.

It's from juices, coconut water & milk.

Juices, coconut water & milk are around 90% water.

The cow, being the magical creature it is with its multiple stomachs can help to filter and expel environmental toxins like pesticides.

Additionally, fruit juices, coco water and milk are loaded with beneficial minerals & vitamins.

Lastly, something I didn't touch on is structured water / living water. Some people suggest that water in its natural form is structured into gel-like microclusters. Now, whether this has benefits or not, I am not sure. But fruit juices & milk should retain this better than tap

This is the water I will be serving at my citadel.

After going through a reverse osmosis filter, an ionizer, carbon filter and being vortexed through crystal structures, I will add the bicarbonate electrolytes, beef liver and testosterone.

This is how we win.

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