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I'm Jaime Omar Yassin, an Oakland reporter. My beats: City Politics, Public Land, Homelessness, Police Accountability. DMs off-record. I go by Omar.

Dec 6, 2021, 8 tweets

Uncear whose at fault but OPD vehicle 1861 struck a civilian vehicle at 68th/Foothill. No PIO on scene, but officer told me two civilians transported to hospital. All unverified for now

thanks to @PeterKayReports for the alert

There was no PIO on scene, I spoke to Officer Fong who was authorized to to tell me that two people were taken to the hospital and that the accident was between an OPD vehicle and a civilian vehicle

The OPD vehicle loaded, lights still flashing, on to the flat bed tow.

If you want to know how frequent accidents are at this East Oakland intersection, this isn't even the first time I've climbed to the second tier of the Eastmont parking lot to get video and images of one

If you want to know how frequent OPD at fault accidents are, here's the deep dive copula years ago. OPD has a driving problem.…

Note, door had to be removed to rescue occupants, apparently

More on this. A cataclysmic accident took a passenger's life last year. A vehicles crashed into auto garage at corner, levelling it & setting building on fire. Some time later the vehicle that took out historic diner Fong's. Two businesses on the same block destroyed by vehicles

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