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I'm Jaime Omar Yassin, an Oakland reporter. My beats: City Politics, Public Land, Homelessness, Police Accountability. DMs off-record. I go by Omar.
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Mar 16 7 tweets 2 min read
Today, the SPAC committee which advises BCDC on seaport issues, voted against removing HT from Port Priority designation. BCDC can vote anyway they want in a couple of months, but if they vote to remove, they'd be voting against their own subject matter expert recommendation BCDC could very well still vote to remove HT and thus allow Fisher's ballpark. In fact, the fact that it was a split decision of present members could be used later as a justification for opposite vote; as could comments that more info was needed, if "info" is provided.
Mar 16 148 tweets 24 min read
Sitting in on the BCDC Seaport Planning Advisory Committee meeting. Like any committee, its function is discursive and advisory, but will advise the BCDC on whether or not it should remove the Port Priority designation from Howard Terminal so Fisher can build his development Due to exigencies of state law, linked to publication of the EIR, BCDC has to make its decision on Port Priority use for HT by July. Contrary to popular belief, the Commission is populated by political folks! Its chair being an unkillable corruption machine operating in Oakland.
Mar 16 9 tweets 3 min read
Casey Pratt is an advocate for Howard Terminal, not a journalist. Here he is "weighing in" on whether BCDC should remove Howard Terminal's port designation, something he obviously is not qualified for in any way, this is just Fisher's talking points. I would not call myself an expert either, but through port activism last year, it was clear Port was looking for actual investment to upgrade & handle large volumes. Ships waited in bay for weeks, couldn't unload"TEU's" due to lack of capacity. 2021 was an giant year of growth.
Mar 15 150 tweets 24 min read
Special mtg of 3/15 has started. President Bas explaining its an earlier, special meeting, because of number of "public hearings" required. There will be 3 ceremonial items as well. Mods to agenda after ceremonial, then public comment, then Consent, public hearings, non consent CM Taylor's comments unfortunately reminding me of my diminishing patience for dishonest council member pontifications and hypocrisy.
Jan 14 4 tweets 2 min read
Why I'm relentless on Oakland news purveyors being trash: Seen any article about the Equitable Business Tax Taskforce? In September, the body recommended to Council a ballot measure that could increase yearly Business tax revenue to $32MM. Council will consider it Tuesday. I am sure the only reporting anyone has seen has been on my twitter timeline. You'd think it'd be important as it contemplates adding an additional $320 MM to the City's coffers over the next decade, & 1.2 B over the next 40 yrs. Dwarfing any benefit provided by Howard Terminal.
Jan 14 8 tweets 2 min read
After taking corresponding public comment, the Oakland Police Commission has adjourned into Closed Session and anticipates starting meeting at 6:30 pm Now Commission is back, and taking open forum comment.
Jan 13 4 tweets 2 min read
Colbruno was fined 10 K for not reporting his lobbying work right before he was reappointed to the Port Commission, just FYI. He was Jean Quan's campaign director when he used his position as a Port Commissioner to send mailers boasting of her achievements. To a certain extent, Colbruno embodies the Mayor and Council's view of appointing members to the Port board who absolutely don't belong there because of their many conflicts, hand in hand with the Treasurer of the ALCO Building Trades, and the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce
Jan 12 9 tweets 3 min read
Redistricting Commission Update: City Attorney filed the mandated petition to state court last Friday [excerpts below]. It requests court delay making map until early February, to give Commission time to pass a map w/super-majority vote before end of January. Failing that... 1/5 Image ...the City Attorney would then file the petition, asking the State use whatever Commission map has the most commissioner support by then, subject to legality, instead of the Court drawing its own boundaries... 2/5 Image
Jan 12 4 tweets 2 min read
I keep wondering whether there is an inside joke I'm not in on, re Oaklandside ImageImage Another example Image
Dec 7, 2021 158 tweets 26 min read
Oakland City Council Special Meeting, 12/7. Council President Bas opens by reviewing order of business, will take 2 ceremonial items first, before moving on to public comment. There's several public hearings today. Measure Z and academy budget resolution will be taken together. Bas says that the academy vote is about filling police positions that were already budgeted in June. [but the academies and associated costs were not budgeted, I have to add]
Dec 7, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Last four meetings counting down at redistricting commission. After tonight there's only three meetings left. Here's the maps being considered by the commission… There's a never-ending succession of white people repping D6 since 2018. It gets larger and larger while actual voices of Black and Brown people seem to diminish at these meetings.
Dec 6, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
But even normatively, plans are based on bad--even deliberately mistated--math. They can't do what they're telling pro-police residents they'll do. If they were honest w/residents about what's possible, they'd have to concede growing the police force is not a short term solution. The budgeted sworn staffing levels are 737 for the entire FY 21-22. The City's own estimates for seven academies, based on bad math and ridiculous estimates, don't even get the City there by June 30, 2023. It's not likely they'll even get that many cops, either, tho.
Dec 6, 2021 8 tweets 3 min read
Uncear whose at fault but OPD vehicle 1861 struck a civilian vehicle at 68th/Foothill. No PIO on scene, but officer told me two civilians transported to hospital. All unverified for now ImageImageImage thanks to @PeterKayReports for the alert
Nov 2, 2021 61 tweets 10 min read
Council Meeting 11/2, 1:30 has started. Public Comment on all agenda items begins now. Then consent calendar, and non-consent. There's 4 public hearings, which will go before non-consent, those are the RV etc changes, and you can all directly in on each one. *call directly on public hearings. So you have two opportunities to speak on the RV items, right now and then during the separate items. There's a density bonus ordinance in there as well that I didn't comment on previously
Nov 2, 2021 11 tweets 2 min read
Today, Council will consider a sweeping series of Planning/Building changes that would legalize RV occupancy on private residentially zoned land & eliminate blight ords that concern private land use of RVs. What's in the changes: 1/9 Changes would allow rental of land for RV owners on private residentially zoned property, both vacant and built up. RVs could either use loo, kitchen etc facilities in a house/structure on property, or would need to have waste & hook ups, utilities if that's not the plan 2/9
Nov 1, 2021 5 tweets 1 min read
Not surprising that housing market forces have led Oakland to legalizing RV residence on private land. Like it or not, it's where we're at. The implications for non-profit and communal use of land are intriguing at least. On tomorrow's City Council agenda Image My two cents, it does seem a bit, too little, too late. Kaplan floated this idea several times since 2017 or so, but the City Admin really didn't take it seriously. Had Schaaf's admin taken it seriously then, we might not be quite as deep in the hole as we are today.
Oct 27, 2021 7 tweets 2 min read
Be ready to be misinformed on Howard Terminal deal. In the first place, MLB never said THIS vote had to happen. Open question whether a non-binding vote is enough to quell if MLB have genuine misgivings. If anything, vote showed nothing yet has swayed majority of the BOS Several things were revealed at the meeting that showed even the City isn't close to greenlighting a deal. The first is that Fisher continues to resist real affordability on the 15% of on-site affordable housing. Kaval confirmed the disagreement, Maybrun went into that detail
Oct 26, 2021 193 tweets 31 min read
Carson opens the meeting on set matters, says theres three set matters and they're lengthy. There's a Covid 19 and ARPA update first. I'm sure nothing A's fans give a crap about. They have a 6pm redistricting meeting that they have to legally start on time, caveat Nicholas Moss with Covid updates. 81 currently hospitalized with Covid in ALCO, 30 in ICU. Moss says there's been 138 deaths from July 1 to Oct 12, he says this is lower than last summer. Metrics improving, but there's concern about a winter wave.
Oct 26, 2021 8 tweets 2 min read
I'll be reporting on ALCO BOS' possible non-binding resolution vote today. Vote does not commit BOS to a course of action, and language of the item indicates supes may not take a vote at all for any # of reasons. May be other lengthy items before discussion, starting at 12 I think its pretty likely they'll vote and they'll vote yes. But what will come after that is the EIR will be published and discussed, and Schaaf Admin will be on the record with claims about public debt for off-site, and no current concrete state/fed grants in hand.
Oct 26, 2021 7 tweets 2 min read
ALCO will have the thesis of a meaningless vote today on Howard Terminal. It's clearly designed to placate Fisher and the Building, but by itself is so symbolic that even die hard A's fans/politics noobs are wondering why they hell they are doing it. I honestly believe hope on part of the A's, their punditry and captive media components is that if they say HT is a done deal often enough, people will truly resent any politician involved in the actual required long duration process. The pressure built on CMs will be enormous
Oct 26, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
Not sure if I'm reading this correctly in the PRA settlement, but (f) appears to say that the prompt responses required in the settlement needn't be adhered to because California law only requires "prompt" response. The "unusual" circumstances that OPD would have to adhere to say that it needs an extension for requests, are the current "unusual" circumstances it already cites; voluminous records.