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Jan 13, 7 tweets

🧵COVID in 2022: How has the US government failed?

1/ The maintenance of the decaying capitalist system is prioritized over human lives.

2/ The U.S. will go to any length to protect the functioning of the economy and continue to seek profits.

3/ Austerity politics means that COVID-testing has been largely taken over by private companies instead of a coordinated mass testing effort. Meaning some people have been charged up to $850 for a single test and as Omicron spiked, some have had to wait weeks for their results.

4/ Private pharmaceutical companies have been protecting exorbitant profits at the cost of allowing millions of people around the world to get even their first vaccine – what many of called a vaccine apartheid (@tri_continental).

5/ Federal, state, local governments and public organizations are entirely structured to protect business interests over the lives of the people.

6/ Motivated by complaints from corporations over labor shortages, the CDC shortened the COVID isolation period for asymptomatic people to 5 days from 10 days (@NPR). The CDC isolation change only furthers public distrust of any official COVID policy or recommendation.

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