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Feb 9, 2022, 10 tweets

I see @awscloud decided to just throw an axe into my week by redoing the billing console. I tentatively approve.

Ooh, I can retitle it. Yes, this is real, not me having fun with the browser developer tools.

I use this account as my AWS credit dump; I'd prefer the opportunity to tell these things to ignore credits and tell me what it'd be costing me in actual dollars if we disregard the company scrip.

I can break out the highest spend card into three cards. The "per account" stuff feels odd in this org-less account. Good call on "Global" being distinct from us-east-1.

These three boxes at the bottom are... well, I like the idea in theory. In practice they all go to the same bad link referencing

This is now a panic moment for @awscloud marketing!

1. This evokes the old (and I say better!) box branding.
2. There is no picture of a dog. Not very Amazonian.
3. The email address is "aws at amazon dot com." Does... does that actually work / go somewhere useful?

But overall? I really, really like this refresh. Good job, @awscloud Commerce Platform!

This added a "Savings" item and I have to say I don't get what it's showing me or how calling it "Savings" aligns with what I'm seeing. Ow ow ow my brain!

Ooh, now it's life for The @DuckbillGroup's primary organization.

I feel like "38" is a paltry number of AWS services. We can do better!

Super glad that the actual @awscloud billing work costs us more than my shitposting does.

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