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11 May
And now, I present tonight's Shitpost Thread Extravaganza:

Uncomfortable corporate realizations.
"People are our most important asset" claims every company everywhere.

Go look up what they pay engineers and IT people vs. what they pay the folks who work in HR.
Consider how much time in your career you've spent preparing for job interviews as a candidate.

Then consider the same thing, but on the hiring side.
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11 May
Take an @awscloud survey and receive $50 in credits? That'll pay for the better part of a Managed NAT Gateway! It's threadin' time...
It's never reassuring when your cloud provider greets you with a "who're you, again?"
"How familiar with our nonsense are you?"

Oh so very, very familiar. How long have I been their customer
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10 May
Here at The @DuckbillGroup we have a new Principal Cloud Economist starting in two weeks. Guess who it is in a reply and win a @LastWeekinAWS swag pack.

Let the speculation begin!
I will point out that this person is subject to the infamous @awscloud noncompete.

AWS has a history of calling new employers to low-key threaten them out of not hiring ex-employees or restrict their work.

I'm thrilled to negotiate via hitting AWS with a chair: 833-AWS-BILL
AWS is welcome to tell me what types of work this person should not be allowed to perform.

I in turn will tell them what kinds of chair I have handy.

(Note that we are not asking, will not ask, and do not want NDA'd material. That's different.)
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7 May
This is a *terrific* question that deserves a thread of its own.
Here at the @DuckbillGroup we're intentional about hiring. We're fully remote, we work largely asynchronously, and we solve fun / fascinating / maddening problems.
We're bootstrapped (no outside investment), so we hire slowly and with great intention / care.

There are two primary issues with hiring junior folks here.
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5 May
It's @awscloud billing week. Ask me anything about your bill!
No, but they can be shared to other accounts within the AWS Organizations.

Astute folks will note that you can buy RIs / SPs in accounts without support, and apply them to accounts with support to save money.…

Personally I prefer @digitalocean for the use case; they embrace their fixed-fee model willingly rather than begrudgingly.

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4 May
And now I shame @mike_julian, @nerdypaws, @jesse_derose and myself with...

A teardown analysis of the Duckbill Group's @awscloud bill for April. $2144 bill from AWS
Big spenders are RDS (up $200 a month), Fargate, EC2, Glue.

I previously talked about my Lambda Whoopsie that cost ~$80 more than it should have last month. That's a shame badge that's easier to pay than burn AWS credibility asking the Lambda team to fix it. Bill by services
(I resolved the problem by discovering it was a JS callback / event loop issue so I rewrote the thing in Python. This is a Thought Leader Best Practice.)
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3 May
"If you're going to swim with the sharks, make sure you give Amazon plenty of FinSpace" as the saying goes.

I'm sure Amazon FinSpace has a much less interesting tagline, but that's mine. Interesting service, highly niche-focused.…
The @awscloud marketing page isn't up yet, but the user guide speaks a lot about things that FinServ doesn't care nearly so much about (ETL and data lake issues) as they do other things (supporting insecure FTP from their partners for transaction data runs nightly).
This is a fascinating release, just because it focuses so clearly on a specific industry segment (a vast and lucrative one, to be sure; if you haven't worked in this space you'd be forgiven for underestimating it).

This is very clearly targeted to some customers, not the rest.
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3 May
Wait so the way around @awscloud’s Lambda@Edge’s shortcomings was to just route around it with a brand new offering?!
Lambda@Edge functions only executing in the regions themselves is also news to me. SO WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG TO DEPLOY THEM THEN?!
Apparently these will also take forever to deploy, but there's a "test" stage where you can get rapid feedback on what you've built. Huzzah?
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30 Apr
So I want to talk a bit tonight about college degrees.

Let me begin with the obvious: I don't have one. Today that's a fun story; my 20s were harder as a result.

It's clear that a degree makes you more employable than no degree.
But I've spoken with a few people lately who aren't happy with their current jobs and are toying with going back to school for a(nother) degree.

Slow down a second, Hasty Pudding; let me unpack that one for a minute.
A degree is expensive; I'm not going to do the math for you on that one. But it's also a lot of time that you're spending not making money, in most cases.

I've spoken to several people with two degrees who are convinced that a third will make them more employable.
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29 Apr
Today is Amazon's Earnings day, and true to form I will livetweet the call!

Will @awscloud be spun off?

Will the powerpoint slides feature a new template?

Will analysts remember that Amazon has a Cloud division?

Stay tuned for another episode of "As The Cloud Yearns"
(Periodic reminder that the single stock I own outside of an index fund is six shares of $AMZN that I've held for years. Not for any hope of financial gain, but because one glorious day I will shitpost via shareholder resolution.)
AWS earnings beat estimates at $13.5B for 2021 Q1 because nobody listens to me and turns their EC2 instances off when they're done with them.
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29 Apr
So I make fun of @IBM a lot, but an awful lot of that is based on my perception of them as an *institution*.
They're eternal, for all practical purposes; it feels like making fun of a mountain. What's the mountain care?

But they've done a lot of neat stuff.
I talk about being a terrible employee, but probably the best job I ever had was @TaosTech.

IBM acquired them recently, and the folks I know are happy as clams.
One of our great consulting clients was @InstanaHQ; those folks are *SHARP*.

IBM acquired them. I have heard no wailing or gnashing of teeth.
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28 Apr
There are a few things I take issue with in this report—like @monkchips’s use of the word “almost” in this section!

(Seriously, when someone like James says this about me it’s a tremendous honor.)
If we go back in time three years, @SpotifyEng committed to spending $150 million a year on @GoogleCloud (assuming flatline / no growth. HAH!).
This report doesn't really highlight the stupendous scale of Spotify's cloud environment, so without further context I worry that it's going to be something that Twitter for Pets tries to adopt in its three person engineering team.

Don't do that!
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27 Apr
My mother is visiting. Ask her mostly anything!

“Yes, I admit I gave birth to him and am probably responsible for his sick sense of humor.”
"THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS PROUD!" She's spreading her arms like Jesus on the cross.
(She's Jewish, and thus responsible for the crucifixion.)
"I love long hair on a man." Then she winked. And now I'm extremely uncomfortable.
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26 Apr
So a few weeks ago I talked about @awscloud compensation being below market.

A lot of folks were saying I was wrong, being unfair, etc.

One person figured they’d be data driven and test the theory by applying elsewhere.
They make ~$230k-ish target comp at AWS. Because of stock that’s somewhere between 280-290k (back weighted of course).
The first offer has come in. $225k cash. $800k in RSUs (evenly vesting over the next four years because the new company isn’t looney tunes).

That’s roughly a $200k a year increase at a company that isn’t FAANG, but a solidly respectable company.

Interview. Find out.
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22 Apr
Career Advice From My Own Experience 🧵

So once upon a time I worked in a shop where the ops folks were divided into two teams.

AppOps, which handled the care and feeding of the application the company ran, and SysOps, which handled maintaining the Linux servers.
I was on the SysOps team. We handled filesystems, monitoring via Nagios, datacenter buildouts (this was pre-cloud), filesystem work, etc.

We were sysadmins. Today those jobs are called DevOps or SRE. Same job, better pay.
The AppOps teams started with the care and feeding of Jboss or Tomcat or whatever the hell middleware we used in that era, and went into the app from there.

They communicated constantly with the app developers and knew heaps about Java heaps.
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20 Apr
In an effort to broaden my mass-market appeal, I will attempt to livetweet today's #AppleEvent in this thread in something approaching my usual keynote livetweet style.

My tweet threads are to "shitposting" as Macbooks are to "laptops;" both involve garbage and the keyboard.
The best #AppleEvent streaming experience is on Apple devices using Safari. Other browsers "may be able to access the stream" but I've seen enough of these to recognize a "go fuck yourself" when I see one.
The "Audio descriptions" are hilarious. It's trying to explain what's happening. "A blue line swoops in from the top right and then the lower left, then swoops up back to the left. A thick yellow line moves up from the left and become slight green."
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20 Apr
Someone who only points out the good or the bad about a company is a zealot and can generally be safely ignored.

There's no company I can't say nice or nasty things about...
Nice: It turned pillows from "this thing you buy wherever" to something branded, and created jobs to make lots and lots of pillows.

Nasty: Ideally one of those pillows will be used to smother their CEO in his sleep.
Nice: Oracle Cloud is technically excellent and doesn't get enough attention for what it does well.

Nasty: It's a heavy, heavy lift to recommend it for greenfield projects just because "you should use Oracle" sounds like terrible advice without heavy contextual bounding.
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19 Apr
To Whom It May Concern,

I'd like to recommend that you hire J. Random Person at your company. They'd be a specific asset to your company, team, and frankly life.
We work together at a company with 135K other people. For some reason, they've asked me to write this instead of people who are directly familiar with the quality of their work.
Fear not! I've conducted diligence and searched to validate that they're not publicly accused of atrocities. I've also punched their name into Twitter's search and found nothing notable there either.
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16 Apr
Hot take rule of thumb: the longer someone’s role descriptions on their LinkedIn history are, the crappier of an employee they were.
Yes there are exceptions in both directions, but a lot of the most capable people I’ve ever worked with have one line describing the role.

And some of the worst have eight paragraphs of nonsense.
“Shit Steve, you put more effort into writing this than you ever put into the job…”
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15 Apr
I will now dunk on the press release for AQUA for @awscloud⁩ Redshift, a service named after the band that performed “Barbie Girl.”…
When one of the three marquee customers for an @awscloud service is another Amazon business unit, it says absolutely nothing good to anyone.

In this case, “Amazon Advertising” is next to Accenture and Fox.
What is Aqua? Think @ChaosSearch, but you still have to manage the compute nodes yourself / pay slightly more for storage, and you’re close.
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14 Apr
Amazon: "You're a great employee--but the stock has been growing meteorically over the past year, so we're not giving you anything extra."

Also Amazon: Amazon stock has plateaued for most of the past year.
“You did a great job by every metric we have! We aren’t changing anything about your compensation for at least two years!”
I would like to take this opportunity for a depressing victory lap around everyone who talked smack about this article about @awscloud compensation.…
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