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Apr 11, 2022, 12 tweets

CoVid Medical Conference Rater. I am giving the Nashville #shmconverge22 Hospitalist Convention of April 7-10, 2022, a rating of 2/10.

Bob Wachter was the plenary speaker.

Only the cardiologists were as bad.…


Why do I do this? Because I view them as engaging in medical misinformation.

They are supposed to be good examples.

They are not.

And hospitalists are the ONE group that should get how important it is to not catch CoVid.

I am so disappointed.…

Bob Wachter was the plenary speaker. He himself points out the lack of masks.

For the cheap seats....


If the one group that has suffered more PTSD than any other group, won't protect themselves?

Who will?

In this grouping of pictures, you'll notice one doctor.

The same one who then took a picture with Dr. Wachter.

I am not trying to shame here, but to show you...we need mask mandates.

Even for leaders in the medical community, because they will not protect themselves.

I didn't even have to try hard to find these.

I'm busy so no time to go dig up the bar pictures. They are out there. They always are.…

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