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Art-science-community collaboration between @MarysaDowling, @c_perrodin, @liamebrowne and @ShpresaPrograme, commissioned by #UCLTrellis. Team photo by Kois Miah

Apr 20, 2022, 9 tweets

10 days to go until you can experience the outcomes of our #PatternsofConnection project at the #UCLTrellis exhibition at The Art Pavilion, Mile End Park! It’s time we share some backstage impressions with you - with @MarysaDowling @liamebrowne @c_perrodin @ShpresaPrograme

The #UCLTrellis exhibition is free and open to all from 29 April - 8 May, 11am-6pm, at The Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, Clinton Road, London, E3 4QY. Find out more and plan your visit:… #UCLEast #PublicArt #MileEnd #TowerHamlets

9 days to #UCLTrellis! Our #PatternsofConnection project was born about a year ago, when 1 photographic artist interested in hands and gestures @MarysaDowling and 2 @ucl neuroscientists working on hearing @c_perrodin and touch @liamebrowne decided to share in each other’s worlds

D-8! We discovered that despite our different professional approaches our work tries to answer similar questions: how do we connect with each other and the world using sound, vision and touch? Can we capture the fleeting nature of nonverbal communication? #UCLTrellis

7 days left! We met women and their children from @ShpresaPrograme, a Newham-based charity that supports and celebrates the contributions of Albanian refugees and migrants. Sparks flew and we decided to explore, together, the rich connections between and across families.

6 days left! Knowledge exchange was key part of our 3-way #UCLTrellis collaboration. Via a series of #TrellisTeaching sessions we shared our practices with each other and learned about photography, communities, research and the science of touch and hearing @UCLEarInstitute

D-5! Between online #TrellisTeachings lectures, lab visits and studio days, we learned to face our fear of the unfamiliar and trust each other to play, explore and create together, without judgement @MarysaDowling @liamebrowne @c_perrodin @UCLEngage @UCLEastEngage #UCTrellis

4 days to go! Today is #UCLTrellis installation day at The Art Pavilion, #MileEnd Park. Our own @MarysaDowling is in her element and @liamebrowne gets to use some of the troubleshooting skills developed in the lab #TowerHamlets #UCLEast @UCLEast @UCLEastEngage @UCLEngage

D-2: Our artwork @MarysaDowling was co-created with the beautiful and wonderfully curious families from @ShpresaPrograme: over several busy events we explored touch and communication between each other, across generations and within both biological and chosen families #UCLTrellis

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