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May 3, 2022, 12 tweets

[Interrupts beautiful tropical vacation to share the following:]

A handful of men in adtech are planning to get rich off selling the data of any woman attempting to secure an abortion directly to law enforcement.

Here are faces of the men behind @SafeGraph.

1. @auren

2. @bokelley

Brian O’Kelley previously founded @AppNexus and prides himself on being the first ad exchange to drop Breitbart.

Now, he’s a major investor in a co that will help law enforcement “catch” women seeking medical care & abortions.

3. @JoeZawadzki

Joe founded @mediamath, famously known as “Math Media.” He probably got rich off of that, and will now get rich off of selling out women who have no idea they’re being tracked and personally identified when they visit @PPFA.

4. @rickerwin

The man behind this peachy grin is CEO of @adstradata. It’s unclear how much he invested in @SafeGraph but he too, stands to make a lot of cash off the enforcement of the nationwide abortion ban.

This is not @auren’s first rodeo when it comes to fucking up the lives of American citizens. His previous company @LiveRamp played a key role in Cambridge Analytica’s work in 2020.

Alexander Nix said so himself in his talk at a marketing conference in 2017. 👇🏼

5. @mrkeiser

Matt Keizer is the CEO of @LiveIntent. Matt wins in two ways: first as a @SafeGraph investor and second bc @LiveIntent monetizes every last piece of hateful and misogynist @dailywire puts out.

A super asshole, if you will.

6. @mikedfresh

Mike Derezin used to run things at @LinkedIn and now does something something crypto. Of course he’s invested in a company that plans to destroy the lives of women seeking safe medical treatment.

7. @tod

Tod Sacerdoti is former CEO of @brightroll and a self-declared “#girldad.” As a @SafeGraph investor, he will ensure his daughter and her peers could be pursued by law enforcement and sent to prison for attempting to access safe abortions.

8. @donn_rappaport

Donn Rappaport is former CEO at @adstradata & current board member of @KidSafe.

As an investor in @SafeGraph, he will make an enormous amount of money from ensuring women cannot access safe abortions.

9. @aretraasdahl

Are Traasdahl is former CEO of an adtech co called @Tapad and now runs a food supply chain tech co called @Go_Crisp.

He is a @SafeGraph investor, a Norwegian — and stands to profit handsomely from American women losing our right to choose.

I am now going to a yoga class. You can find a full list of @SafeGraph investors here. 👇🏼…

*on 2016 elections, not 2020. (Sorry typo.)

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