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Jun 12, 2022, 8 tweets

It's with absolute pleasure (& exhaustion) that @deshan10 & I share our book "#KaputuKaak: A Very Sri Lankan Struggle".

This protest & civic education book for kids is in solidarity with the #GotaGoHome2022 aragalaya:…

Please read & share for free! 1/8

The book talks to kids about the people's struggle & how they can safely join in.

It also talks about our past, how we've treated each other, our violent and uncomfortable history; & our future, how we can be active citizens to build a fairer, safer & more beautiful country. 2/8

Trying to write our country's complex & challenging story for kids forced me to really drill down to core concepts & issues.

Deshan's fabulous artwork elevates the book to another level. It was sheer joy to watch him create such beautiful, surreal, funny & painful images! 3/8

We're very grateful to @ambikasat, @shamara4w, @ShehanKaru, @helanigalpaya, @piyumisamarawee, @RuwanthieC @STG_stages, Tracy Holsinger @MindAdventures_ & many others for seeing value in what we were trying to do, reviewing the book, editing it & improving it. Thank you all! 4/8

We really do hope that the book brings a smile, raises an eyebrow, provokes a question, sparks a fire, rekindles a love, starts a conversation, & energises a protest, as we fight to save the country we love from those who continue to treat it as theirs to plunder & destroy. 5/8

We're working on Sinhala & Tamil translations, which we hope to share next month.

We also hope to print a fair number of copies to share with schools, libraries, protest sites & kids in general.

We hope this will be a useful resource for curious kids with lots of questions! 6/8

Meanwhile pl read & share the English version. Feel free to print it & hand a copy (or 10) to kids in your lives (homeprint file for better quality:…).

Please share what your kids think about the book - using #KaputuKaak. We'd love to hear from them! 7/8

We will update on translations etc.

As we say in the book: "may all your lives be rich in delicious mangos; may your brooms be fine for sweeping & flying; & may your protest chants be packed with power & wit!"



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