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Re: Rupavahini Takeover:

We can confirm that a group of protestors were given a seat at a news broadcast at Rupavahini, in an attempt to de-escalate tensions.

#LKA #SriLankaCrisis #GotaGoHome2022
The protestors had demanded the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) change its programmes and replace it with coverage of the Aragalaya.
The staff managed to compromise and offered the protestors a seat at the next news segment, having explained that the scheduled programmes cannot be taken off air entirely.
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Since we are measuring the value of things, what's the value of the lives lost to the Easter bombings? What's the value of lives taken and livelihoods destroyed due to the economic crisis?

What's the value of your time spent in endless queues? What's the value of the loss of education for our children and what's the value of the price we pay daily for corruption, nepotism and cronyism?

Powerful people play games, ignore the will of the people, lie and obfuscate, mislead and expect no consequences. Eventually when you batter and beat people up and stretch them to breaking point there will be a reaction, it was inevitable.

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On social media Just hours earlier some of the hard core baiyyas and secret baiyyas were cheering the beating of journalists and then later they are outraged about a house burning down 🙄

They would love nothing more than the focus being on this damn house.

When people are pushed to the edge, and when leaders have to be thrown out for ignoring the will of the people & playing games with their lives, you will always have acts of spontaneous anger, IF that's what it was

No one condones it. A rich man will rebuild his house.

Move on
If we all agree that what happened is nothing short of a revolution, then destruction of property is part and parcel of that, right of revolution.

They can rebuild and repaint. Those places were used to safeguard people who destroyed lives and livelihoods.

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It's with absolute pleasure (& exhaustion) that @deshan10 & I share our book "#KaputuKaak: A Very Sri Lankan Struggle".

This protest & civic education book for kids is in solidarity with the #GotaGoHome2022 aragalaya:…

Please read & share for free! 1/8 The cover of the book with the title "Kaputu Kaak Kaak
The book talks to kids about the people's struggle & how they can safely join in.

It also talks about our past, how we've treated each other, our violent and uncomfortable history; & our future, how we can be active citizens to build a fairer, safer & more beautiful country. 2/8
Trying to write our country's complex & challenging story for kids forced me to really drill down to core concepts & issues.

Deshan's fabulous artwork elevates the book to another level. It was sheer joy to watch him create such beautiful, surreal, funny & painful images! 3/8
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A quick thread on how government expenditure is almost always paid for the people - in 1 of 3 ways

#SriLankaEconomicCrisis #SriLanka #lka (#GotaGoGama #GoHomeRajapakshas #GotaGoHome2022 #අරගලයටජය for reach)

Whenever a government has an expense, it's paid in 1 of 3 ways.

1. Taxes
2. Loans
3. Money printing

Despite what it looks like, taxes are often the least anti-poor

Let's start with money printing - I explained it detail here but what matters is that excess printing just results in inflation.

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I promise I'll try my best to make this not-boring, but let's talk taxes in Sri Lanka.

#SriLanka #SriLankaEconomicCrisis #lka (also #GotaGoGama #OccupyGalleFace #අරගලයටජය #GotaGoHome2022 for reach)

Our tax revenue before 2019 was about 11-12% of GDP. After the tax cuts, this came down to around 8%. Both in comparison to around 12-14% in non-debt expenditure (about 16% in 2019 due to election goodies)

Explained how this was a problem here

In an attempt to make this easier to digest, going to bring back Rehan (our rich guy), Pasan (who I've made less poor than he was), and a new fellow Ayesh who's basically in poverty.

Rehan earns 500k a month. Pasan earns 50k. Ayesh earns 15k.

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JOIN US as we mark 31 days of continuous People’s Protest, at Kohuwela junction on Thurs March 31st!💪🏾

It’s heartening to see so many people’s protests not affiliated to political parties over the weekend! It’s time the people realised their power!

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImage
Some captures from the Kandy People’s Protest yesterday (Wed)!

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImageImage
Kollupitiya Peoples Protest continues - some captures from yesterday💪🏾

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImageImage
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