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The Mysterious Mark of The Book of Mormon

Ancient Scripture or Cunning Charlatanry? The Making of a Modern Legend

Hermetic Heroism, Penetrating Profundities, and Subtle Secrets in the Very Most Unknown of the Very Most Famous of Books: What do its powerful pages hold? 🧵

Unlike Homer’s Odyssey, Shakespeare’s plays, or the Meditations of Aurelius, it is the stunning stamp of the educated man to HAVE NOT read the Book of Mormon. Only programmed plebeians, nefarious philistines, and morons are willing to read the Book delivered by Moroni!

Whether it be Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, George Lucas, or Jordan Peterson, they will refer to mythologies, canonical words, pseudographica, and literature the world over but I’ll be damned if they ever, ever, ever refer to any content within the sheets of paper of this book!

You can see it placed alongside hotel Bibles, you can see an Emmy Award winning musical with its title, you can watch parodies of its creation, but one thousand times more has been written theorizing its origins than has been penned concerning the contents of the book itself. Why

The widely held assumption is that it’s brutishly boring, superabundantly superfluous, or devilishly deceiving.

After reading only a few verses both Mark Twain and Richard Dawkins both have declared that it’s the work of a crackpot fool and not even worth the pages it’s printed on.

The Book of Mormon is roughly the 10th most influential book of all time. It’s been reprinted 100’s of millions of times into a myriad of languages. Its publishing permanently altered the course of history. Roughly 2% of Americans consider it be The Word of God.

Unlike the Bhagavad Gita, the Dao De Jing, or even the Holy Bible, The Book of Mormon was not a book that was created by a religion but a religion that was created by a book.

Unlike other collections of sacred writ this account has a unified narrative structure. It’s an epic tragedy!

We live in a post-Truth world. Factual discourse is now irrelevant. Mormon’s book emerged at the dawning of the age of materialism and now we have exited it. These words will not convince you if it’s true or not, for that is now an extraneous question. Now Is this book useful?

The interrogative should be is this book worth reading? When we read the Epic of Gilgamesh do we scrutinize its historicity without reading its record?

Do we quarrel over the Lord of the Rings saga to the extent that virtually the very few no its plotline? This is exactly how we treat the Book of Mormon! It's treated with only contempt!

The refusal to open this books pages’ indicates proscriptive forbiddance, an anathema of superstitious sanctions, an unparalleled and standard taboo relegated to no one else. Now even the details of 50 Shades of Gray are perhaps more well-known than the Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon describes ancient lost civilizations on this continent with origins from both Bronze Age and Iron Age groups from the Levant and Mesopotamia. Their descendants established great kingdoms with vast citadels in constant ware with each other.

One of these cultures worshipped Jesus Christ as GOD long before Moses stepped foot on Sinai.

Another one of these dynasties was cognizant of the latent weaknesses of the Law of Moses during the early Axial age. This book details various Christianities before the advent of Christ.

The Book of Mormon gives concise answers for dozens of major religious disputes, dilemmas, and predicaments that have been had since the 1st century A.D. But beyond theology, this book speaks to political science, economics, sociology, anthropology, and even historiography.

The principle narrator is a visionary historian names Mormon who witnesses the entire destruction of his people, the Nephites. He writes his oracular messages to the citizens of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. His communique is more relevant than our fake news.

Here’s a terse list of topics brought up in the Book of Mormon: psychological operations, conspiratorial machinations, Empiricism, Rationalism, Wokeism, prosperity gospels, income inequality, utopian societies, terrorism, guerilla warfare, and even the carnivore diet!

The Book of Mormon defines in detail in multiple chapters how secret societies take over governments. Their societies were destroyed by secret combinations and Mormon warns us of a satanic cabal that will attempt to overtake the freedoms of all men everywhere in our day!

As a military commander, Mormon was based as you could get. He depicts ritualized rape and cancerous cannibalism that was used to commune with the principalities of darkness. He lived in a world of human sacrifice, immoral magic, and satanic sorceries.

He crafted his chronicles as a warning to the Jews and Gentiles of the modern age. Lucifer’s lies from 2022 A.D. were around in 22 B.C. Esoteric twitter threads are old news to those who’ve carefully read The Book of Mormon. It’s a microcosm of the macrocosm of the history of man

Whether it be ‘weak men create hard time’, the Kali Yuga, or the collapse of Rome, The Book of Mormon illustrates the cyclical nature of realms, dominions, and civilizations in a way that directly ties back to the mankind’s hubris, depravity, and abominable corruption.

We see a drawn out multigenerational wars where the idolatrous Lamanites wipe out the iniquitous but nominally Christian Nephites. One group is lazy, unsophisticated, and underdeveloped while the other is worldly, proud and industrious.

Now what could you do with The Book of Mormon? Solving Racism is one definite answer. It describes a pluralistic population with multiple races living in proximity with each other. It explores both the heights of synergistic unity and the depths of white genocide.

Yes, as a matter of fact the story of The Book of Mormon is literally about white genocide. We can decide to live in racial harmony or we could dissolve into tribal identitarianism that will lead civilizational collapse.

This book also delves into issues of mixed races and multiculturalism.

The Book of Mormon has a gripping universality that accepts all peoples – black and white, male and female, bond and free!

Now what could you do with The Book of Mormon? The books events frequently describe the colonization of new frontiers, the building of cities, and the development of incipient cultural spheres. In a day and age where we fail to construct infrastructure this book can guide us.

The Mormon pioneers saw themselves as the inheritors of the forgotten Nephites. They took it upon themselves to sail an ocean deep and walk halfway across a continent to settle a Land of Promise. By the 20th century 400 different colonies were created. This was their inspiration!

Now what could you do with the Book of Mormon? Marx’s end of history is a Mephistophelian mimicry of what was accomplished after Christ came to the Americas. Imagine a society that knew no poverty where everyone was filled with joy, abundance, and prosperity.

The Mormons that crawled to Utah came from a Dickensian nightmare – ravaged, hungry, and poor. Within a few generations they were able to build wealth largely on their own terms. Today, Utah remains as having some of the lowest income inequality in the Western World.

I’m not trying to prove this book is true, however, Mormons are welcome to do that. I’m trying to prove to you that this book is useful. We would live in a transcendentally ideal society if we only knew and understood the concepts, mythos, and potentiality of this book of books.

Now why would the Book of Mormon be pigeonholed into the dustbin of history. I explained in a previous thread that Mormonism is the Ultimate Secret hiding in plain site as a unicorn dressed up as a pony.

The Book of Mormon is the core Mormonism. It is the accursed story that must not be read! But why?

There are three reasons the elites utterly despise this book: 1. It’s testifying capacities to Jesus Christ, 2. It’s accurate descriptions of Evil, and 3. It’s exultation of the Native American.

The Book of Mormon is more Christian than the New Testament. It has a Christology that’s higher than The Gospel of John. You may be perplexed by this but if I showed both documents to a Muslim or a Hindu bystander he’d agree with the proposition within a few minutes.

This book describes Jesus Christ as the Everlasting God, the Father of bother Heaven and Earth, the Alpha & Omega. He formed the earth. Ancient prophets worshipped him face to face. He wrote the Mosaic Law. It is by him and only through his atoning mercy that we are saved.

The New Testament only uses the word ‘atone’ once while in the Book of Mormon it occurs 39 times. The soteriology described by these ancient American Christians far exceeds salvific explanations offered by St Augustine, Aquinas, or Martin Luther. This is a Christ centered book.

The Book of Mormon informs us of diabolical pacts, oaths, and evasive organizations that existed to murder, get gain, and assert total domination over others. The most infamous of these groups were the Gadiantons who used artifice and treachery to control governments.

Mormon specifically delineates that the destruction of his people was directly tied to these occult groups that thirsted upon blood, stole virgins of their virtue, and became pernicious masters of propaganda. Their ultimate goal was always the destruction of their liberties!

The Book of Mormon is just as remarkable if not more than 1984, Animal Farm, or Brave New World in analyzing the slippery slope that is upon us. The reality of Satan, how demons tempt us, and how hell operates is all brought forth in a painstaking way. This is spiritual warfare!

The white man views the Native peoples of the Americas as savages. The U.S. government has relegated them to desolate reservations on barren land where they waist their lives away in gambling, alcoholism, and human trafficking. By design, they can’t let them know their past.

The Book of Mormon makes it clear that the indigenous peoples of the Americas are a remnant of the House of Israel. They had once built great, powerful, and celebrated civilizations on this continent.

It is America that is the origin of humanity. Hallowed seers once walked this land!

Jesus Christ is the God of America. This land was once visited by him. They still remembered a great white god visiting them even when the Spaniards first came upon their shores. The Great Spirit is none other than the Jehovah of old who came to earth as Jesus the Christ!

The Book of Mormon has been presented in binaries. The elites hate it. It’s either sanctifying or damnable. To the atheist there is no book, the Bible included, that they would not rather touch and try understand the meaning of what goes on in its chapters, books, and pages.

Many of supposed commentator will go into the enchanted forest that is the Book of Mormon and scowl in disgust at a few barks of trees while failing to see the beauty of the woods. The materialist autistically obsesses over his conundrums while refusing to look at the meaning!

If I were to give them a quiz on Book of Mormon war strategies they’d fail miserably. If I asked them about the religious significance they’d resort to ad hominins.

The genuine Christian will find his teachings in this book and the Native American and Latino will discover his heritage.

The seeker of truth concerned about the future of our species will find out how to defeat heinous and perverse families that control the world. Our religions, families, peace, and freedoms are at stake. If anything, view this mysterious resource as a tool of liberty!

Epic films have yet to be based off its pages. Its story is still trapped as a whisper coming from the dust. It’s not even worthy to be viewed as literature. But one day the Book of Mormon will be read by 100’s of millions of people. A new Zion awaits those who use its pages.

This book is now only sealed by your pride. Take a look at the 531 printed pages of the Book of Mormon. You’ll be surprised at what you see. It’s a marvelous work and a wonder. It’s the reemergence of a new age for America and the salvation of the world!

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