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Sep 17, 2022, 7 tweets

Note how often Democrats demand not only the censorship of their political opponents -- that's everyday -- but also their arrest by FBI and prosecution by DOJ.

They depicted Trump's 2016 "Lock Her Up" chant as Hitleresque, now want every Republican except Liz Cheney imprisoned.

One of the most overlooked political changes in the past 5 years is how much Dems have come to worship, revere and trust the US Security State - especially FBI and CIA - while Republicans regard these agencies with extreme distrust and contempt.

Dems love the US Security State.

That's why it's such an absurd joke when corporate media and Brooklyn-based liberal digital sites claim I've changed and am now some "right-wing pundit" (only they get the "journalist" label despite breaking no stories), or Russell Brand etc has.

Our politics stayed the same. 👇

I should note: it's not just FBI and CIA that are wildly popular with Democrats, while those US Security State agencies are regarded with skepticism by Republicans.

It's also true of the Dept of Homeland Security, created by Bush/Cheney in 2002. Dems revere it; GOP does not.

Very good WashPost column by @jawillick on what the empirical data I cited above shows: the 2 parties have switched sides regarding establishment power: Dems/libs now revere the US Security State, Big Tech censorship, and mandated ideological orthodoxy.…

The whole column is very worth reading on how Dems and liberals have united with establishment corporate and political sectors, and are now fully aligned with establishment power. Willick ends by noting that Dems' "pro-democracy" message is about their securing elite dominance.

Discussing his column on Twitter, Willick also notes some people have remained consistent while the two parties switched sides on these questions.

Reflecting the core dishonesty of corporate media, we're the ones somehow accused of having changed.

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