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7 May
Brazil's most influential YouTuber, @felipeneto, says he recently discovered Noam Chomsky and, reading more history, is shocked & outraged to learn how destructive Obama was for interfering in other countries, including Brazil. As a result, Chomsky is now trending in Brazil: Image
Chomsky has always had an intense interest in Latin America, from the US dirty wars in the 1980s. But now his wife is Brazilian, spends much more time here, and knows so much about Brazilian politics. In 2018, with @davidmirandario in Sao Paulo:

One revealing nugget: while Chomsky is off-limits to any mainstream US politician (@mehdirhasan once asked Sanders about him and Sanders distanced himself immediately), every major center-left presidential candidate in 2018 in Brazil was eager to meet him and promote the meeting. ImageImage
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7 May
It is impossible to overstate the magnitude of the devastation and humiliation just suffered by the UK Labour Party in this week's elections under the bland, dull and craven leadership of Sir Kier Starmer -- and it's 100% deserved.

The pathetic Blairites and centrists who just authored the Labour Party's worst humiliation in memory are, of course, trying to blame Corbyn, but not even the UK media is buying it, since Corbyn won in many places where Labour just got crushed:

This says it all - watch this. It holds many lessons for politics throughout the democratic world, not just in the UK:

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6 May
The Rio de Janeiro police today entered the favela of Jacarezinho, where @davidmirandario grew up and where his family lives, and left 25 people dead, the most of any police operation in the city's history. They entered homes, killed civilians, complete massacre and bloodshed.
The @guardian article:

"About 200 members of Rio’s police launched their incursion into Jacarezinho in the early hours....By lunchtime at least 25 people were reported dead."

“It’s extermination – there’s no other way to describe it" - activist:…
A lawyer who lives in Jacarezinho posted video of just one of the homes which the police entered, indiscriminately killing. Graphic imagery:

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5 May
The fact that Facebook has courts that decide who can and can't be heard on monopolistic speech platforms is tyrannical. Here's a reminder that leaders around the world -- many of whom dislike Trump -- condemned Facebook's removal of Trump:…
Leaders in the democratic world -- unlike US liberal journalists -- are able to see past their emotions about Trump and recognize the grave danger to democracy that tech censorship of political speech poses:

And for the newly libertarian-ed liberals who say Facebook is a private corporation and therefore can do whatever it wants, here's a reminder that the Dem-controlled House Antitrust Subcommittee issued a great report on why Facebook is a classic monopoly:…
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4 May
Or travel back to 2006 and tell liberals that their favorite pundits and operatives would be David Frum, Bill Kristol, Nicolle Wallace and Rick Wilson; that they'd see the CIA & FBI as noble allies; that George Bush would be popular among Dems; and they'd be honoring Liz Cheney:
During Trump era, liberals aligned - not temporarily but permanently - with anyone and everyone who opposed Trump. The most effective anti-Trump forces weren't liberals but CIA, FBI, Bush officials, Lincoln Project scumbags, and hawkish Dems like Adam Schiff. So they became that.
It's always been true that civil libertarians have no permanent loyalty to a party or faction because any human entity, once it has power, becomes authoritarian. That happened to Dems not only because they acquired power but also they aligned with the most authoritarian entities.
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4 May
Which cable networks can one go on where one doesn't end up talking to architects of GITMO and the War on Terror? A super-popular MSNBC host was the *Bush/Cheney spokesperson*. CNN & MSNBC have more CIA/NSA/FBI/DoD operatives on their payroll than one finds at Proud Boy meeting.
A huge portion of digital media outlets does nothing but sit in front of their TV taking pictures of what they see. I can't imagine a sadder existence. But it's not my fault that the security state went from clandestinely controlling news outlets to doing it on their payroll.
Hey, Glenn Greenwald, if you really were serious about your condemnations of the War on Terror, you would go on CNN and MSNBC instead. Gotcha!
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3 May
Corporate News Outlets Again "Confirm" the Same False Story, While Many Refuse to Correct it: my autopsy of the latest corporate media humiliation:…
Journalists with major outlets know they spread a false, now-retracted story about the FBI and Giuliani, but many refuse to remove it, because their real job is disinformation.

The question they won't address: how do they keep "independently confirming" the same falsehoods?
This is an obvious scam — they have not “independently confirmed” anything but rather merely acted as servants to the same lying security state agents who planted the original false story — but they do it over and over.

Remember this humiliation? That's how it was done:
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3 May
They absolutely should delete those false tweets. Unfortunately, there are dozens of CNN, NBC, MSNBC & WPost reporters and even "disinformation activists" who have left up their false tweets about Giuliani's FBI briefing & refuse to correct or delete it even when asked to.
That's why these self-serving claims from the CNN/MSNBC/NBC/WPost/NBC axis that their false stories are somehow superior to what they call "Fake News" is complete bullshit. The employees of these outlets constantly spread false stories without any accountability.
Just unbelievable and infuriating. Look at this:
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3 May
Look at what is still up. Remember: these are the only outlets you should trust because they have layers upon layers of careful editorial scrutiny and fact-checking rigor.
Also, compare how viral the original WashPost false story went to how little interest there was in the subsequent retraction (and I'd bet most who spread the retraction weren't the ones who spread the original false story):
Here's one of the countless ex-security state agents who now work for MSNBC, the FBI's Clint Watts (@selectedwisdom), who virally spread this fake news and never bothered to remove it. These are disinformation specialists hired by media outlets.

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3 May
Guantanamo is still opened, filled with people who have been in cages in the middle of an ocean for *two decades* with no trial and much torture, and its existence has been banished from US discourse with few exceptions.…
Many on the Right and in hawkish liberalism -- not just neocons -- got the War on Terror very wrong and should grapple with & acknowledge it (some have).

So many of today's state assaults on civil liberties domestically grew out of that lawless, authoritarian framework.
Correct. The US left overwhelmingly opposed the Bush/Obama War on Terror's civil liberties assaults, but (with its current liberal allies) are increasingly supportive of many of its repressive weapons in the name of fighting the new domestic Terror War:

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2 May
One of the leaders is castigating Scott Stringer as a sexual predator and demanding that his accuser be blindly believed is NYC Mayoral Candidate @mayawiley. But she had a *much* more "nuanced" view of how Tara Reade's accusation against Joe Biden should be evaluated:
What the NYC left has done to Scott Stringer -- denounced and repudiated him as a sexual predator despite no evidence beyond an accusation about 2003 that is extremely dubious -- is grotesque but now illustrative of how left-liberal culture functions:…
To be clear: I don't care about Scott Stringer at all. In fact, he himself has ratified these evidence-free hangings, declaring everyone from Andrew Cuomo to Brett Kavanaugh guilty. He's reaping what he sowed. But it's still a repulsive attribute of the left: guilt assumed.
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2 May
In one sense, this is just the latest dreary article whining about Substack by a jealous, resentful, wispy, inconsequential journalist: those come daily now - just a reflexive content-filler for digital outlets. But it's worth taking a brief look at this one: it's quite revealing
Just **72** hours ago, the Guardian was forced by public shaming to correct a falsehood that many outlets have long recognized as false: namely, Substack recruited me with an advance. Yet today, the Guardian publishes the same lie by @jamesrbuk. Look!…
Do see what's going on? These are the outlets that insist that Substack writers are just "bloggers" while they -- the august, trustworthy news sites -- are carefully edited and fact-checked. The reality is the opposite: *they publish any shit that pops into their bloggers' heads.
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1 May
The Left Continues to Destroy Itself and Others With Evidence-Free Destruction of Reputations…
Equating accusations with proven fact is reckless and repressive. As we are yet again seeing in the NY Mayoral Race with the evidence-free accusations against Scott Stringer, it is also standard behavior in liberal politics, whereby they ruin lives without a second thought.
Last year, left-wing groups instantly embraced a sickening smear campaign against a young gay challenger to 15-term Dem incumbent Richie Neal, treating Alex Morse as if he were a sexual predator. When that was proven false, this is what they NYT asked the left. The answer is no.
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1 May
This anti-science scold is *celebrating* how he shamed families who took their kids to deserted beaches even though he knows now it was safe to do. The "follow-the-science" media turned him into a hero. Taking kids into the sun was the *healthier* choice.

And then - like so many elite in media, entertainment and public health - this media hero turned around just *weeks* later and encouraged everyone to attend densely packed street protests that he liked. They manipulated "science" for power and control:

I know so many people who have said that was a major eye-opening moment of epiphany for them. Elites who spent months demanding nobody leave their house & shaming everyone who did, then turned around & *demanded* they go to the streets for protests:…
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30 Apr
The Media is Lying About Joe Rogan Right Now -- by @joerogan

(Watch the videos there and judge for yourself)…
Of course there's never an attempt to grapple with why Rogan has such a huge following. A big reason is his listeners know he's doing his best to figure out the truth without being captive to any orthodoxy, but, like him, they know his limits & appreciate his humility.
Liberals assume anyone who gets their news and info from any non-approved liberal elite sources -- NYT/WPost/CNN/MSNBC -- are stupid sheep who can't think for themselves. That's why they were shocked nobody called protective services after hearing Tucker:

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30 Apr
CNN: "The Justice Department on Tuesday abandoned the idea that pro-Trump rioters had used bear spray against Officer Brian Sicknick during the January 6 riot, a major change after implying for weeks that bear spray, not pepper spray, had been deployed."…
Virtually everything the corporate media said about Officer Sicknick's death from Jan 6 until this week - almost four months: from fire extinguisher to bear spray - was completely false. It became part of the impeachment trial and the script Biden reads:…
The first tweet has the wrong CNN article. Here's the right one.

One section is headlined: "Murder probe fizzles"…
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29 Apr
Today is a day ending in "y," which means that @TheGuardian published a false claim that could have been checked in about 5 seconds and that multiple outlets have already corrected.
This completely false article that everyone knows is false is still up -- unretracted and uncorrected. It just never happened. But who cares?…
One last time (he says with false hope):

Writers confirmed to have received Substack advances:

Freddie deBoer

Writers who *haven't: @jessesingal, @sullydish, @cwarzel, Graham Linehan, me
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29 Apr
Or Pearl Harbor?
Or the Oklahoma City bombing? Or the dismantling of civil liberties in the name of the Cold War and War on Terror? Or the mass surveillance program secretly and illegally implemented by NSA aimed at US citzens?

Completely unhinged drama queen script to say that about Jan 6.
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28 Apr
Given the atrocity of poor countries not being able to afford vaccine as their population dies, it's worth remembering what Lula did with HIV medications: constantly threaten to break the patent to get lower prices, then broke it to make generic pills:….
Lula's threats and then patent-breaking provoked fury and threats of WTO retaliation, but he wasn't willing to watch Brazilians die of a disease for which rich countries had effective treatments. To this day, Brazil provides free HIV medicine to all people with that disease.
I'm not saying India or Brazil or anyone else should do this with the COVID vaccine. The retaliation is real for countries which do it. But there's something uniquely horrible about watching humans die of a disease for which effective vaccines have been created.
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27 Apr
CNN's New "Reporter," Natasha Bertrand, is a Deranged Conspiracy Theorist and Scandal-Plagued CIA Propagandist…
In the U.S. corporate media, the surest way to advance is to loyally spread lies and deceit from the U.S. security state. Jeffrey Goldberg and Ken Dilanian are perfect mascots for this perverse reward and incentive system. CNN's newest hire is just the latest example.
Bertrand was no ordinary Russiagate fanatic. There was no conspiracy theory too unhinged for her to promote. So she joins CNN's stable of former operatives of the US security state whose propagandistic scripts she loyally peddles. *That* is the US media:…
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27 Apr
Good morning to everyone from the brave and brilliant @RoseMcGowan, who liberals turned into a hero until they realized they couldn't control her, just like they do to anyone who doesn't fully submit to Party orthodoxies (read about Cindy Sheehan to see that playbook):
For those who don't recall, Cindy Sheehan became a liberal/media hero after her son, Casey, was killed in the Iraq War & she valiantly hounded George Bush & Dick Cheney. But then she did this and they declared her crazy & bad: don't hear from her anymore:…
There's a reason this is the person who gave birth to the current form of MSNBC liberal politics, rhetoric, and mentality, including hand-picking @Maddow. @KeithOlbermann remains important solely as a museum to understand where and how it all started:
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