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Nov 22, 2022, 6 tweets

I can’t believe I missed this one today, the editing is unbelievable.

A 12 minute clip of Ukrainians conducting what was sadly a suicide attack on Russian trenches

.. just to be pummelled by Su-25’s, infantry, heavy mortars, a tank, MLRS and finished with an Su-34 bombing run.

PART 1 (previous)

- Ukrainian soldiers get dropped by an APC and begin storming the trenches north, unoccupied by Wagner and LPR soldiers. They also used a civilian vehicle.

- a pair of Su-25’s attacks their armoured vehicles
- trench combat
- heavy Russian artillery


- a sad view as the trenches fill up with Ukrainian casualties, look for survivors among their comrades

- another part of the Ukrainian group comes under fire in the nearby building agglomeration


- a massive group of Ukrainian soldiers crawls inside a short trench section with artillery exploding meters away. Just an awful situation to be in

- a car they drove in on gets hit by a Russian RPG

- place is littered with bodies


- an LPR tank rolls in and starts plucking Ukrainian armoured vehicles

This battle took place some time ago, but it’s still incredible to watch now that they made the concise edit.

If we consider that such attacks happen by the dozens every week, the Russian MoD estimates of Ukrainian daily losses aren’t that farfetched.

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