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Nov 25, 2022, 15 tweets

Encyclopedia of Freemasonry:
On the topic of the "Number Nine"
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Number Seven

Number Three

Twenty Seven and Other Suspicions

Comments: 9 is the number of the moon's completion being composed of a triangle whose points are 3 (3x3x3). Again this triangular cycle of 3 sets of 9 nakshatras gives the 27 day lunar cycle. 9 also gives birth to the svbc & moons magic square of 9x9=81.

Comments: 7 is composed of the square 4 of the Sun & the triangle 3 of the Moon. However it is rooted in the Sun (the totality of the 7 visible planets). We can also see this in the approx correlation to the solar revolution (-1.25) 7×52= 364. 52 is also a digitized 5+2=7.

Just as 7 is composed of the Sun's 4 and Moon's 3, so too is the number 12. And just as 7 is predominantly Solar, so too is the number 12.

5 elements 7 archetypes

Likewise we can see the numerics behind all the planetary forces through their magic squares. In which the Sun square of 36 (6by6) had a Magic sum of 111=3 and a total sum of 666=9. The Moons square of 81 (9by9) gives a magic sum of 369=9 and total sum 3321=9.

Digitized Sums:
The total Sum of Magic squares will be either 1 or 9, while the magic Sums will be unique to each Planet:

Mars 2 & 1 (5by5)
Sun 3 & 9 (6by6)
Venus 4 & 1 (7by7)

Saturn 6 & 9 (3by3)
Jupiter 7 & 1 (4by4)
Mercury 8 & 1 (8by8)
Moon 9 & 9 (9by9)

1 and 5 are absent.

Magic square Dimensions:
You can easily see that the dimensions follow the Descending order:

Saturn 3by3
Jupiter 4by4
Mars 5by5
Sun 6by6
Venus 7by7
Mercury 8by8
Moon 9by9

2 groups of planets

Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury having total magic square digitized summations of 1. These set up 2 pairs of opposites (Ven-Mars & Jup-Mer)
This creates the Square of 4
Saturn, Sun, Moon having total digitized summations of 9. (Su-Mo opp Sat). Triangle of 3

In the system of 7:
1 and 5 are absent as these are the two odd numbers which are secondary numbers in creation, whereas 7 and 9 are primary creators.

Su-Mo opposite Saturn
give the 3,6,9 triangle.

2-4 Mars-Venus opposition &
7-8 Jup-Mer opposition
give the Square of 2,4,7,8

In the system of 9 the odd numbers are:
Sun, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars
(1,3,5,7,9 respectively)

Evens are:
Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Venus
(2,4,6,8 respecitvely)

(Symmetric vs. Asymmetric)

In the end astrology is just simple math of even and odd vibrations and repeating patterns of mathematical symmetry

All the best 🙏

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