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Jan 15, 2023, 8 tweets

CCTV FOLLIES: 1.15 A master class in making a war crime go away

CCTV follows Russia's PR closely, relying mostly on Russia MOD footage and Kremlin party line
That Russia's horrific bombing of civilians in Dnipro should go unmentioned is only part of it

(photo below not CCTV)

No footage of the Dnipro bombing makes the cut at China news central.
The one short frame of Kiev is shown below.
Keeping up its pretense balanced coverage CCTV's narrator says Ukraine says it was hit by a large scale missile strike

Chyron says: "Russia strikes military targets"

In an editorial sleight-of-hand, this partial and incomplete admission is quickly followed by a blogger's lament about US intervention:
"It's dangerous for US to train Ukraine troops"
"It shows the US is directly involved in the conflict."

"It's a conflict the American people have no desire to be dragged into."
"Ukraine troops are being trained in Oklahoma..."
"They are being trained to use Patriot missiles..."

CCTV provides the "smoking gun" documentary proof:

What's more, CCTV insinuates, not the for the first time, that what it's really all about is US greed for power and money.
It's about oil and gas.
The US has imposed "unfair" sanctions on Russia so it can profit from the sale of LNG to EU.

In sum, CCTV portrays the "Ukraine situation" as a battle between US and Russia
(the "situation" is never described as a war, there's no acknowledgement that Putin launched the war, and the word invasion is never used)
Instead it's Moscow (left) versus Washington (right)

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