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Jan 21, 18 tweets

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod just put out a new edition of Luther’s Large Catechism, one of the main books used to teach people about Christianity and what it means to be a Christian.

So, what got added?

(Not in any particular order)

First we have the LCMS, speaking for conservative Lutherans, entirely denying self defense and bearing arms being moral.

Next, we have an equivocation of homosexuality, pornography, sodomy, pedophilia, whorishness, and transgenderism with heterosexual fornication outside of sex.

That is, the LCMS can’t say “sodomy is evil” without softening it with “but so is straight sex before marriage”.

Here we have the New Catechism affirming a reality behind transgenderism, saying that it is in fact real and as described by those pushing it.

This is a complete denial of God’s creation, but that shouldn’t be surprising. Also listed in this New Catechism is…

That’s right! The “conservative”, “Confessional” Lutherans are saying that Genesis is entirely separate from any ‘scientific’ theories.

The LCMS once held up Genesis as literal, but now that’s just trying to bring “science” into Genesis, which I guess was just a metaphor?

Further along the path of denying God’s creation, we have here another complete affirmation of the framework pushed by trans activists.

Furthermore, if this still is sinful, it’s a new special category of sin that apparently has nothing to do with what has been done or undone.

Along the more social side of present issues, we have God’s Law being used to “prohibit theft” from those “who possess economic and social privilege”.

Yes, the conservative, confessional LCMS is affirming basically every radical point of five years ago about “privilege”

More to the point, we have the incorporation of social justice into Lutheran doctrine.

Every word game played for the last decade around “social justice” has just been accepted at face value in this New Catechism.

After all, social justice has only ever been about goodness…

But the narratives surrounding social justice are quite confusing, because it’s also apparently a tool by privileged Whites to maintain supremacy over churches in Africa.

Remember, social justice has only ever been an evil tool by evil Whites to keep the Third World down.

And here we have God’s Law being used to justify “progress” toward “proximate justice”.

Sorry, what? Where exactly are we progressing towards? Who is deciding what is “proximate”?

I’m sure you already know the answer.

Social justice for who is another good question to ask.

Not races, as we can see here. In a call to affirm that the material World is a good creation, we somehow deny race but affirm “sexuality and our gender” in the New Catechism.

Also in the New Catechism:

We still can’t just say “sodomy is sinful”. No, we still have to soften it with “But so too is lechery!”

But we also delude people into thinking you can be without sin and feel the “same” love toward the same sex as the opposite.

Fitting the theme, we have utter and complete downplaying of the satanic forces and malicious collaborators behind both transgenderism and sodomy.

The New Catechism instead opts to treat them as emergent “burdens”.

Not sinful action committed by sinful people, but “burdens”.

Here we have what we may politely call “insurance”.

Sure, you’re allowed to notice public sins, like false teachings, but only the experts can deal with that. You just have to keep your mouth shut.

Also in the catechism, we have the LCMS adopting atheist anthropological assertions, relegating guilt and innocence to Christian society, which apparently is not absolute Biblical truth but just culture, so that ministering to migrants and heathens is “easier”.

Also in the New Catechism, we have the classic “gentrification is bad because inequality”.

Such dishonesty is, frankly, a trap, because if such improvements weren’t being made, this article would instead be lambasting evil neglect and not gentrification.

If you are in the LCMS and are concerned, I greatly encourage you to do this:

Thanks be to God.

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