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Jan 25, 2023, 7 tweets

We’re back! But is the market? 📊This week in the @BSCNews[Letter] from @Kabezo7 📜 we look at EU inflation, more silly comments from CNBC talking heads, and the boys from #3AC are back in town!
Here's the recap 🧵

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Markets were on the move last week, seemingly selecting bullish macro data📈

💥The bearish Euro Area inflation of 9.2% and hawkish warnings from Mdme. Lagarde were ignored while dovish comments by Fed Waller brought out the bulls, including crypto markets! 😬

🏦@jpmorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, the new “Jim Cramer of Crypto,” was blasting crypto again at Davos🗣️ He likes blockchains, but not the decentralized, permissionless kind.

“Blockchain is a technology ledger system that we use to move information.”

Like a, um, database? 🤦‍♂️

🚀Crypto markets were higher, including FTX’s FTT token +160% market cap $700m. Not equity, no utility, no claim on assets, just pure Sam coin.

In another crime scene, the managers of bankrupt crypto fund 3AC are looking to fund a new exchange, WHILE ON THE RUN! 😬


👇The #3AC dynamic duo of #Davies and #Zhu have teamed up with the operators of bankrupt crypto exchange @CoinFLEXdotcom Lamb and Arumugam.

🙏Exchanges run on trust, which is in short supply with this crew. But their idea of trading tokenized bankruptcy claims can work.


⚡️Celsius, Voyager, Genesis, Gemini, BlockFi, FTX make for millions of claims on $billions in assets. Tokenize the claims and list them for trading.

It’s been done: Bitfinex BFX tokens from the 2016 hack were redeemed for BTC.

Get the VCs on the blower. This can work! 👊


Happy Lunar Year! 🎑🌗May the markets treat you well. 💟We'll be back next once again!

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