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How did we speculate on the market based on information appearing on the anonymous #web3 platform?

We check if the information in #bigshortbets is reliable!


It was a very high-profile case, for several months we were talking about the potential demise of LUNA in many media, even @dokwon engaged in insulting @rafal_zaorski.
We started in January, there are some baits about.…
[2/x] During the #depeg at the beginning of the year, we warned the community about #Terra problems and the high yields needed to capsize the project. They called us FUDsters then.

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📢BICO Weekly Degen Digest reporting LIVE!

Some serious alpha in the past week:

🔺ETH is up ~40% in the last 30 days & BTC is up 8%.

🔺AVAX is up 31%, MATIC is up 57% & CRV is up 66%

Is it a great time to start deploying for builders?🤔

Let's find out!🧵👇 Image

💹Market Updates:

While $ETH has released strong hopium in the market, macro indicators are still bleak and bleaker.

For the first time in the decade, the ECB has announced it's getting ready for rate hikes while there are rumors of a 100 basis point rise in the US.

It's hard to say what's behind the price rally - the incoming Merge or just another short bull run?

Nonetheless, it is an excellent time to deploy! Teams, projects, and even #Web2 firms continue to innovate and deploy!
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1/ ButtonZero Part 1: Zero-token, single-token, double-token debt

Implosions of #Celsius & #3AC make it clear that web3 needs alternatives to margin leverage.

ButtonZero’s approach involves what we call double-token debt. Let us explain using the history of debt innovation🧵: Image

It helps to think of debt as a transaction across time.

Most trades are instantaneous —Alice gives Apples to Bob, Bob gives Alice some Bananas.

With debt the “trade” is across time—Alice gives $100 to Bob today, conditional on Bob giving Alice $120 a year from now.

We call simple debts like this zero-token debt (ZTD), because they tie specific lenders to specific debtors.

They are contracts binding legal persons and legal parties through specific accounts. Imagine an uncle lending his nephew $1,000. Image
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🧵(1/5) I am a creditor to #3AC and an investor in @StarryNight_Cap managed by @Vince_Van_Dough. Feel free to follow me to get updates on the liquidation process and for insights along the way. Grab some popcorn and a beverage - the coming months are going to be interesting
(2/5) All creditors have been invited to submit claims and to attend a first meeting of creditors to be held on Monday 18 July 2022 at 10am BVI time
(3/5) Should you have any claims in the liquidation of #3AC or @StarryNight_Cap, you will need to send an email to prior to 12pm on Friday 15 July 2022 (BVI time)
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#3AC bankruptcy can trigger the long and boring crypto-winter for the altcoin market because of 23 DeFi tokens' continuous dump.

Learn about the coins affected and possible scenarios in a🧵

The previous winter was fueled by the continuous $ETH dump by the ICO projects. They had to fund the ambitious development processes without a clear business model.

It made the crypto market into exit liquidity and every growth was tolerated as an opportunity to sell ETH.

I was wondering what can trigger such a boring market again. And here comes the full de-leverage of the crypto market by the biggest institutional player with an unlimited trust score for borrowing extra funds.

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Are We About To Witness A Potential Black Swan Event?? 😱

You NEED to read this!
1/ On June 30th the FED hiked the interest rate by 75bps effectively starting the shrink of its balance

This will be the catalyst for July 4th... A Federal Bank Holiday that could shake the whole crypto market 💥

Here's why 👇
2/ Starting 1 July until July 5th we could potentially see a mammoth move to the downside...

🔴Risk assets will once more rediscover how much they loathe the Fed-sponsored quantitative tightening of USD liquidity conditions.
No fiat can be deployed until Tuesday, July 5.
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#3AC , #Celsius, #finblox ont été les premiers. Le sang 🩸 n'a pas fini de couler.

🩸L'interconnexion des fonds d'investissements
🩸Les risques des boucles de prêts
🩸Les prêts non-collatéralisés

Le massacre à venir 👇 Image
Les stratégies d'investissement agressives et la mauvaise gestion des risques de #ThreeArrowsCapital ont contribué à son incapacité à maintenir des actifs liquides à court terme pour couvrir ses engagements.
Avec plus de 300 millions de dollars d'actifs liquidés depuis la mi-juin, la crise de liquidité du fonds spéculatif a contribué à un effet domino, provoquant une cascade de problèmes de liquidité parmi ses #investisseurs . Image
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#ThreeArrowsCapital Has Defaulted On a $670 Million Loan

#3AC Is One Of Crypto's Most Prominent Hedge Funds & This Has a MAJOR Knock-On Effect 👇🧵
1/ #VoyagerDigital announced on Monday:

#3AC Failed to pay back 👇

- $350 million in $USDC
- 15,250 #BTC

The total amount stands at more than $670 million…
2/ Weeks of turmoil & negative price action have increased pressure tremendously & a number of reputable leading blockchain groups have started to buckle under the pressure..

The media narrative makes it seem like insolvency is on the horizon for #3AC

Other signs include..👇
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Here’s why I am more bearish than most people on crypto short term.

I’ve listened the the three podcasts in the tweet below and am struck by how little the presenters know about banking. The #3AC situation is not simply about debt of 1.5bn (or more).
It’s also about the kind of debt. Most large companies have a mixture of secured debt (mortgages and debentures) and unsecured debt. Secured debt is always paid off first and, in an insolvency scenario, the unsecured creditors (customer, companies, whatever) usually take a hit.
The hit or haircut is usually very large. 3AC’s secured lenders would likely take debentures (secured loan, over all assets of the company, possibly backed by personal guarantee from the founders also). Secured lenders will likely liquidate their security on insolvency.
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@CelsiusNetwork - Risk Assessment

- Minimal exp to #UST (Pulled out of #Anchorprotocol early following risk mitigation process)
- No directional exp to #luna
- No forced selling of stETH at discount (withdrawals paused & @Mashinsky stated 'plenty of ETH').

- Current Discount is 5.4% (and closing) on ~$400M-$500M = ~$25M
- Discount represents ~0.25% of $10B in AUM.
- Discount likely has a floor (arbitrageurs/speculators will intervene as PoS date approaches).
- Plenty of FUD online around this low risk exposure.

- Over-collaterized retail lending (no risk)
- Nearly 100% collaterized institutional lending (including potential loans to #3AC directly or indirectly)
- On-chain borrowing is known & public. Liquidation levels have been lowered/loans repaid (situation stabilized)

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@investvoyager looks like its headed for #deathspiral because of its exposure to #3AC.

tweets about locked funds coming fast and furious right now.…
@investvoyager Looks like @investvoyager, another #DeFi (#CeFi?) "bank" like #BlockFi, has halted customer withdrawals and Twitter is freaking out. $VGX token has crashed.
more details w/r/t Voyager (@investvoyager) loan book, another crypto "bank" circling the drain because of the #3AC situation.
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1/25 Hepimizin gözü önünde yaşanan #Bitcoin düşüşünün gözden kaçırdığımız noktalarını, #Terra, #Celsius Network, #3AC gibi şirketlerin iflas tehlikelerini ve piyasaya etkilerini biraz konuşalım.
2/25 Bitcoin’in 2020 Mart ayında 3.8k$ seviyelerinden bir senede 69k$’a kadar yükselmesinin pandemi döneminde Dolar arzının artışının en büyük sebep olması yanında bugün yaşanan düşüşün de tersi istikamette yaşanan küresel gelişmelerin sebep olduğunu söyleyebiliriz.
3/25 Bu gelişmelerin başında Pandemi’de basılan paraların yarattığı enflasyonla mücadele edebilmek için faiz artışına gidilmesi ve bilanço daraltma denilen, FED tarafından kurumlara verilen tahvil ve kağıtları iade edip parasını geri alması sonucu para arzının azalması geliyor.
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¿Por qué PERDIMOS los $20k en #Bitcoin y $1k en #Ethereum y por qué SEGUIREMOS CAYENDO?

Aquí te lo explico

💬Psst… En el tweet # 10 encontrarás la versión corta
1/ El 18 de junio de 2022 Bitcoin hizo algo sin precedentes: Por primera vez en la historia, caímos por debajo del precio máximo del ciclo alcista anterior (en el 2017).

Todo apunta que la razón detrás de estas caídas tiene que ver con: LOS MINEROS.
2/ Los mineros tienen un margen de ganancia para mantener activa la red de Bitcoin y producir nuevos #BTC

La mala noticia es que estas ganancias se han reducido grandemente y cada vez estamos más cerca del precio de producción de Bitcoin.
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El 2022 ha sido una montaña rusa, pero nos ha dado varias lecciones para INVERTIR MEJOR.

Esto es lo que he aprendido en lo que va de año.

🗯 Psst… En el tweet # 11 encontrarás la versión corta
1/ 1️⃣ Los YouTubers son animadores, no expertos financieros

Es mejor ver a los YouTubers como comediantes o animadores.


En el 2022, muchos han quedado en ridículo con sus "predicciones" y "análisis del mercado.
2/ Los millonarios son incapaces de predecir el futuro teniendo años en el mercado, y tu te fías de una persona en YouTube.

Las instituciones pagan MILLONES de dólares a analistas financieros. Es muy poco probable que alguien en YouTube sea un verdadero experto
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Lots of confusion on a #VC vs HF, especially now with rumours of #3AC blowing up. Quick thread on key differences and why VCs shouldn’t be getting a bad name for this (albeit lots of garbage VCs in this space too)

Venture capital funds (VCs) make early stage investments in illiquid assets: historically equity, now tokens. The idea is that they back founders at the earliest stages, sometimes pre-product with just an idea. The expectation is that most of the projects they back fail…

..but that the 1/10 make most of the $$. In Tradfi, the equity stakes are just held. VCs are the ultimate HODLERs. Crypto is a little different since tokens are liquid quickly, but the idea is to #HODL
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Aquí te lo explico

🗯 Psst… En el tweet # 10 encontrarás la versión corta Image
1/ ANTES DE EMPEZAR, quiero darle gracias a los cientos de nuevos seguidores.

Para mi es un honor estar en su timeline y compartir mis pensamientos con ustedes.

Ahora, entramos en materia...
2/ La Reserva Federal de USA subió los tipos de #interés ayer por 0,75%.

Esta noticia hubiera DESPLOMADO al mercado hace unas semanas.

Entonces, ¿por qué ayer tuvimos tanto verde en la bolsa y en las #criptomonedas? 🤔
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Three Arrow Capital liquidation is inevitable! #3AC

Explained in this thread 👇🧵
They have have a lot of borrowing in various lending platform

Which are about to liquidate !
#3AC has $245M of $ETH deposited on lending platform @AaveAave

From this, they have borrowed $189M in $USDC and $USDT

This puts their Loan-to-Value ratio at ~77%
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¿Qué está pasando con 3AC? 🤯

Sí amigo, cuando no hemos salido todavía de Málaga entramos en Malagón, todavía no hemos digerido Celsius y hoy nos levantamos con #3AC liándola parda.

Hilo para ponerte al día colega 🧵 Image
Antes de empezar, lo mismo de siempre, círculo vicioso de ETH por stETH en depeg (descuentito para los panas), usamos stETH para pedir más ETH (porque estamos bullish 🚀) y todo se convierte en un sobreapalancamiento del copón, el mercado limpia y el efecto dominó comienza.
3 Arrows Capital es básicamente un hedge fund que invierte en cripto y está basado en Singapur, no necesitas saber nada más.

Ah sí, necesitas saber que la está liando parda y puede ser el próximo en irse a la mierda 🚀…
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Piyasa çok konuşulmaya başlanan Three Arrows Capital'ın İflas mı Etti ? Ederse bunun kripto ekosistemine etkisi nedir?

Hadi gelin kısaca anlatalım 🧵👇

#ThreeArrowsCapital #3AC Image
Öncelikle Three Arrows Capital bir yatırım şirketi. Hatta kripto sektöründeki en büyük yatırım şirketlerinden biri.

Hatta, eğer 3AC (Three Arrows Capital) bir projeye yatırım yaptıysa o proje anında inanılmaz bir hype alır ve eğer coini piyasadaysa hızlı bir yükselir yaşar.
Kendilerinin portföyünde baya büyük ve önemli projeler yer almakta.


Şampiyonlar ligi gibi bir portföyleri var. Image
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看到 @cryptoprag 总结得底部信号指标比较好,记录一下:

1. 大机构爆仓✅
看看 #3AC #CelsiusNetwork #LFG , 虽然后者还不清楚是不是主动作恶,还有之前也爆掉的一些知名大户,身边活了多年的老韭菜居然也有归零的...
2. 行情极度的无聊❌
需要等到白没人接,白mint直接亏,free mint gas不舍得花了
3. SMA200 周线打破❌

4. 散户失去兴致✅
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Current #3AC situation summarized:

3AC has $245M of $ETH deposited on lending platform @AaveAave

From this, they have borrowed $189M in $USDC and $USDT

This puts their Loan-to-Value ratio at ~77%

They must keep this below 85%
At current collateral/loan values, 85% or liquidation of their $245M of ETH occurs when $ETH hits $1034

Their options:
1) Deposit more USDC/USDT to bring down loan
2) Add more $ETH
3) Pump the price of $ETH

I'm sure the sharks are out there trying to dump ETH.
They did not do anything for the last 21 hours, but they are finally starting to do a weird multi step approach:

1) Move ETH to another wallet
2) Dump ETH for stables
3) Move stables back
4) Pay back loan

But only a few million at a time. Which is barely anything.
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It's not over yet...

3AC Liquidation ETH Price:


Health factor 1.13... liquidates at 1.00

God speed comrades...
Last repayment was over 21 hours ago...

health factor now at 1.09

Don't let me down boys.
Here we go, #3AC here with the repayments. Hopefully first of a few

health factor still 1.09
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1. If $UST ends up in a death spiral and cannot snap back to hold the peg, that really means the end of algo -stablecoin era, and all algo-stablecoin holders should now swap for $DAI, $USDC or $USDT. Here’s why:

@LFG_org @stablekwon @terra_money
2. To be a resilient stablecoin, you need to have (i) the economy of scale or (ii) enough backing with the underlying asset for users to redeem. $UST is definitely the first type. It bootstraps the liquidity and scale to a $18B crypto asset - top 10 market cap, too big to fail
3. Before the avalanche of algo-stablecoins taking place, $UST should be the only one whose volatility absorber $LUNA is also the native token for the whole successful #Terra blockchain. This creates a lot of use cases: whenever you spend on $LUNA, it creates a source of demand.
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