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Feb 27, 2023, 10 tweets


2. Landfall in Madagascar 21 Feb

3. #Freddy exits Madagascar and makes its way into the Mozambique Channel and begins to reform. It appears to be being supported in this by an atmosphericn river which may originate in South America. Surface flows of PWAT are in opposite direction.

4. Freddy becomes a chyclone again just off the coast of Mozambique. It continues to be supported by PWAT flows both over Madagascar and South East Africa.


5.2. ^^ Feb 24-25 and here is where the situation starts to get weird and very dangerous. During daylight hours Freddy's remnants strengthen over land and continue to look like a cyclonic event.

6. The following day 25-26 Feb. Cyclone Freddy is experiencing a lot of shear and being blonge apart. But it remains intact anyway.

7. 26-27 Feb. Freddy contines to fight back. The atmospheric river coming across Southern Africa from the North West contines to feed the storm and it continues to push inland as a cyclonic storm over land. There are also flows coming in from the North East over Madagascar.

7.2 There is much more going on in this sattelite imagery, most notably a very large convective burst over the East African coastline heading south. Also powered by the PWAT flows coming in from the North East.

Satellite imagery of Freddy appears to now be unavailable via @zoom_earth. At least it is to me anyway. Possibly being blocked by cloudflare or something else because of the precautions I have had to take to post this thread.

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