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Jun 27 24 tweets 11 min read
Hey Google,

Design me a chart to discourage 150,000 @UN staff members from reporting wrongdoing. This is part 2, two threads on the #UNWhistleblowers furore occasioned by the release last week (Tuesday @BBC & Wednesday @RSInews) of 2 documentaries highlighting deficiencies in the UN's application of its #Whistleblowing policy.

Part 1 >>
Jun 27 4 tweets 2 min read
Wherein Ethiopia's AG discusses results of the deliberatiosn of the new Ethiopian Parliament's committee for "peaceful resolution of conflict in Nth Ethiopia.

Decisions of Prosperity Party (PP) Regarding the Conflict in Northern Ethiopia. via @YouTube The Central & Exec. Cmttes. of Prosperity Party have received a report and agreed to 3 principles to guide peace talks.
1. Respect of Ethiopia's constitutional order;
2. Respect for the funcamental national interests of the State;
3. Respect for the AU as the facilitator.
Jun 27 23 tweets 15 min read
The release of the @BBC documentary last week #UNWhistleblowers appears to have opened a pandora's box. The following day Swiss/Italian news service @RSInews released a 2nd investigative documentary on the subject.

Thread... @BBC @RSInews The version linked above posted on @YouTube was published on June 22nd, audio is in italian and English with subtitles making it fully accessible in English. Here is the Italian Language version.
Jun 25 4 tweets 3 min read

1. Did BBC suppress an award contender investigative journalism #MeToo documentary into corruption and sexual predation inside the UN's highest echelons in 2018?

2. And if it did, did the UK Foreign office play a role in this?

3. Also why is being released now? @BBCTwo broadcast the documentary at 9pm on June 21st - and presumably released it in @BBCiPlayer at the same time.…
Jun 25 11 tweets 5 min read
The BBC has just broadcast a damning documentary about the UN which (it appears) it has been sitting on since 2018. And it coincides with a Transparancy Intl. release, also about UN Whistleblowers.

The Whistleblowers: Inside the UN (Promo) | BBC Select Unfortunately you cannot watch the full video on @Youtube (yet) but hopefully someone can fix that. It is available on @BBCiplayer (only in the UK or if you have a VPN) and Sky (subscription) or here >>… via Prime/Roku/AppleTV
Jun 23 6 tweets 2 min read
The next war in Ethiopia appears to be underway. Some reports suggest the death toll in Oromia in the recent OLA offensive has now reached 1500.

The timing of this offensive as “peace talks” with TPLF are supposed to be about to start is at best coincidental. For any close TPLF watcher, the possibility of this being coincidental is close to zero.

Rather, this is an internal proxy mass murder campaign, intended to create leverage for the TPLF in coming “peace talks” between the GoE and the TPLF.
Jun 21 5 tweets 3 min read
. @DanielsonKassa1 has a point. These aren’t random killings due to crappy gun laws. They are terrorist killings of Amhara “the eternal enemy of Tigray” according to the TPLF’s Manifesto, by OLA-Shene fighters a well supplied terrorist army which has an alliance with the TPLF. Yes.

Why not make a statement at least naming the victims (Amhara), the perpetrators (the OLA) and perhaps even calling on the TPLF/TDF to ask their OLA allies to cease the senseless killing of 100s of their fellow Ethiopian citizens?
Jun 20 17 tweets 5 min read
Video is live now >> EU Vice President and High Representative @JosepBorrellF is representing. Watch here >> Announcements:
- 1 billion for Sahel food support
- 600 million for the Horn of Africa
- instructions by way of letter to people in the food industry telling them what they can do.
Jun 19 4 tweets 3 min read
Can’t see how deleting an online version of a print article can work. @BorisJohnson Johnson hasn’t sued over this so this makes no sense to me. But the basic facts in this appear to be true. We learn here it was dropped from later editions of the paper. After running it appears as the page 5 lead initially.…
Jun 18 6 tweets 5 min read
So I have just stumbled across this #masongate #ukraine related out sourced US censorship drama via @jeffpropulsion’s thread r.e. Ethiopia on @twittersafety.

As @MaxBlumenthal of @TheGrayzoneNews says this is indeed wild. #Rokfin It’s one thing to fight war disinformation actors, but quite another to target legitimate journalists through cutouts, then another thing altogether when a well known UK left leaning journalist - @paulmasonnews appears to be pitching schemes to the FCO to help with this work.
Jun 18 12 tweets 8 min read
There is no sign of @DrTedros ending his use of his @WHO platform to campaign for a terrorist insurgency in his home country, a country which objected to his reappointment as WHO/WHA DG. Search: >>…

This is his latest tweet. @DrTedros @WHO The search query above allows you to see all his tweets mentioning eith Ethiopia or Tigray - click "Latest" tab to arrange them in chronological order.

Count of @DrTedros tweets mentioning Tigray:
April - 7
May - 5
June so far (18/06) - 4
Jun 18 4 tweets 2 min read
16/6/2022 Intl. news thread:

The discussion in this video below provides an very wideranging exploration of the complex interelated crises facing the planet.

Here's a report on the Kyiv visit by GER/FRA/ITA leaders which anchors this discussion. Final UNSG @UN_Spokesperson briefing from NYC for the week.

Wide ranging, world on fire news roundup. Begins with UNSG statements on the need to not allow the multiple crises - esp. high oil prices - to undermine efforts to address climate change.
Jun 17 9 tweets 2 min read
Dear @LaurenBinDC

The TPLF is currently:

1. Continuing bellicose rhetoric signaling an intention to attack neighboring regions again.
2. Occupying a 1600 year old Monastery in Waldeba, displacing 1000+ monks and now turning it into a military base to attack Welkaite.
…. … 3. Continuing lethal incursions into Afar at Megale, threatening the aid-corridor and seemingly positioning for an attack on Transport routes to Addis.
4. Actively seeking to derail the AU peace process by; a) Attacking the AU publicly and via cutouts & …
Jun 15 5 tweets 3 min read
The TPLF plot related to this letter which appears to seem to derail or more accurately, rerail the Ethiopian peace talks elsewhere is rapidly getting more interesting. Thanks to @emonethio’s eagle eyes, we can look back into SAHAN Research’s archives and find that around the time that Le Monde published its Scoop about Arusha, @RAbdiAnalyst was trying to sell an “Obasanjo has lost it” narrative on Twitter.
Jun 15 5 tweets 3 min read
Thanks 🙏 for this Emon. All out in the open. Back on 11th June. TPLF prefers a U.S. - Kenya process. Of course it does, and claims it’s ready for open honest talks. Of course it is. Renowned for its openness and honesty.

There are two @RAbdiAnalyst threads….. Thread 1:

Thread 1 is a lot like thread 2, but longer. @Dibjir probably asked for a shorter version. ImageImageImageImage
Jun 15 4 tweets 2 min read
This tweet needs some additional explanation.

I.E. Why do I not think that this last minute TPLF letter making unreasonable demands will prevent talks going ahead? 1. The TPLF letter is clearly a climbdown from previous statements on 10 & 11 June.
2. The TPLF must know it is unlikely that that the GoE, AU and UN would agree to their request.
3. It is clear that significant multi-party diplomatic efforts were needed to get to this point.
Jun 15 22 tweets 9 min read
Interesting statement which deserves a breakdown.

TL/DR: The TPLF reject the AU "African Solutions to African Problems" efforts which are currently on the table. They want to fish around for a different party to host the talks and have chosen Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. Commentary: The AU mediator, fmr. Nigerian President Obasanjo @Oolusegun_obj has been working on the case now for months, and was nominated for the role by Kenya at the UNSC, a decision which was supported by the AU and adopted, as I recall, unanimously. He is THE mediator.
Jun 15 9 tweets 3 min read
Ethiopia's Govt. Communications Ministry has provided a detailed run down of all WFP Tigray Aid Convoys, 1 April- 10 June, including dates & sizes.

Over 71 days 2439 trucks have entered Tigray incl. 21 fuel tankers = an average of 34 trucks each day.

Thread with detail >> Context 1/3:
On December 17 Tigray forces began an invasion of Afar Region, blocking the only aid delivery route (again).

The invasion went largely unreported.

On December 21 TPLF announced it had with drawn to Tigray, which was not true - due to the Afar invasion.
Jun 13 43 tweets 16 min read
This short thread from Professor Ann Fitzgerald @afitz3105 sportlights some interesting questions about - and inconsistencies in - the prioritisation of European Foreign Policy objectives wrt Ukraine and Ethiopian peace-making efforts.

A short thread in response. My starting point for this discussion arrived after returning from an 8 week trip to Ethiopia and reaquainting myself with developments in the Ukraine War. The thread below addresses this.

TL/DR - UN and EU (FR/GER/ITA) now want the Ukraine war to end
Jun 11 7 tweets 2 min read
As far as Getachew is concerned war planning is still on the table then.

Western Powers now need to consider the implications of their continued support for this insurrectionist violent movement. One which according to themselves has resulted in 100s of thousands of deaths. The announcement by the @UN of efforts of emergency measures to prevent the cascading harms from Russia’s Ukraine War apply at least equally to the war in Ethiopia, as this war is also having cascading impacts across the Horn of Africa, North Africa and East Africa.
Jun 10 19 tweets 7 min read
After watching Jan 6th revelations last night I spent today catching up with local war news here in The EU, beginning with a @UN angle….. and a timely seemingly well supported call from @antonioguterres for urgent action to address the global food, energy & finance crisis. These video links are not for the faint hearted... very pointy headed FP stuff. Next up a French Verdict on UK PM @BorisJohnson whose days appear to be numbered, and not just based on these European views, though they are quite astute.