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AFVN was a U.S. military radio network which entertained troops with music, comedy, and news and was immortalized in the 1987 movie Good Morning, Vietnam.

A direct successor to the famous U.S. Army-operated Armed Forces Radio Service radio stations of WWII, AFVN began broadcasting in Saigon under the banner of Armed Forces Radio Saigon in AUG 1962. As the network grew it was renamed AFVN.
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AFVN’s round-the-clock broadcasts became an important source of news of current events and provided a respite from the hardships of military life through music and humor. AFVN stations also became a tool for broadcasting information to the Vietnamese people.

The most well-remembered aspect of Saigon’s #AFVN broadcasts is airman Adrian Cronauer’s Daily Dawnbuster program. The program began at 0600 with his iconic “Goooood morning Vietnam!” greeting, and the line proved so popular that it was retained by Cronauer’s successors. #AFN

AFVN staff were not immune to the dangers of the war, whether in the field or in their offices. Chris Noel (an entertainer and disc jockey known as the “Voice of Vietnam”) survived artillery and infantry attacks during her eight tours of Vietnam.

Saigon’s AFVN office experienced bombings and sniper attacks, while the satellite station in Hue was overrun during the Tet Offensive, its staff staging a heroic five-day standoff against an overwhelming enemy force.
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In addition to its radio programming, AFVN also broadcast television programs, laying the groundwork for its modern successor, American Forces Network (AFN), which operates a diverse array of media platforms around the world.

What are your memories of AFVN or AFN?

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