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May 24, 2023, 5 tweets


Maricopa County APPLIED an Illegal Definition Of "Registration Record" To Their Signature Verification Process...and they knew it 💯.

EXHIBIT #1 to SPACE (later today): Recorder Richer's official page as of MAY 22, 2022

A Voter's registration record contains a registration form or forms if they reregistered, driver's license & other documents related to registration. But the signature "on" the registration record is the sig used to register.
Now compare 16-550 w 16-153: "in" vs "on"👇

EXHIBIT 3: Fontes ALSO published at the official Maricopa Recorder site that an Early Ballot affidavit signature must be compared to THE SIGNATURE on what? Anybody? The "original registration form"👇


MARICOPA ELECTION PLAN - introduced as a Defense Exhibit at trial


Rey Valenzuela Testimony at Trial #1

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