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1. The stratosphere above politicians is occupied by spooks. They sway and control most of what happens in politics. What happens when tools of tradecraft are used to win elections instead of wars?
2. Like the “one ring” in the lord of the rings, absolute power consumes and subsumes those who wield it. At some point it becomes bigger than the individual(s), a living, breathing and self-sustaining beast whose only allegiance is self preservation.
3. This power is so unbridled and yet so nebulous that its practitioners navigate roadblocks to its use by showing probable cause or the possibility of probable cause. They are not denizens of the public eye, anonymity is their uniform.
4. The UK Govt Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) claimed knowledge in late 2015 of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and suspected Russian agents. This intelligence was passed to the US as a routine exchange of information.…
5. Over the next six months, until summer 2016, a number of western agencies shared further information on contacts between Trump’s inner circle and Russians. European countries that passed sigint include Germany, Estonia and Poland.
6. The “Five Eyes” spying alliance includes the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, also relayed material.
Did they do the same thing when Hillary and Clinton foundation uranium deals were going down or the Clinton’s were transacting business in Russia and Ukraine?
7. GCHQ’s then head, Robert Hannigan, passed material in summer 2016 to then CIA chief, John Brennan. The matter was so sensitive it was handled at “director level”. Brennan used GCHQ information and intelligence from other partners to launch a major inter-agency investigation.
8. Brennan gave a series of classified briefings to the Gang of Eight, the top-ranking Democratic and Republican leaders in the House and Senate. He told them the agency had evidence the Kremlin might be trying to help Trump to win the presidency,…
9. Do you remember when right before the 2008 presidential elections passport files of Obama, Hillary and McCain were improperly accessed, several time? No? Did the MSM not highlight that issue with the same zeal as they Trump-Russia collusion?…
10. Obama’s passport file was improperly accessed three times in 2008, and the security of passport files of the two other candidates Hillary Clinton and John McCain were breached. Three contract employees were accused, including the one who worked for The Analysis Corp (TAC)
11. None of the contract employees were identified. Why not? They were not even government employees, they were contractors, what was there to hide, they should've been made an example of… Ok sit down.
12. Who was the CEO of the Analysis Corporation (TAC) when these files were accessed? John O Brennan himself. Now mind you, he was then adviser to Obama on foreign policy and intelligence issues and had actually briefed the media on behalf of the Obama campaign that very month.
13. So an employee of a private government contractor (TAC) headed by John Brennan whilst he was advising Obma accessed security documents and passports of his candidate and two other opposing Candidates? I want you let that sink in….really deep.
14. Is it any coincidence that Brennan was appointed in the Obama administration as Homeland Security Advisor on January 20, 2009 and became Obama’s director of CIA on Jan 7 2013?
15. How the hell and why would a TAC employee need to access Obama, Hillary and McCain’s file? Unless of course someone was trying to influence the outcome of the election? And a private contractor is NOT inside the government, no government oversight, a perfect arrangement.
16. Just a couple of months after his CIA director appointment, Brennan replaced Gina Haspel as the acting head of CIA’s clandestine service with Frank Archibald. Is it mere coincidence that Trump appointed Haspel to replace Brennan?…
17. Rewind back to 1980, when the corpulent yet nebulous Stefan Halper along with George HW Bush was involved in spying on Jimmy Carter’s campaign in an “opposition research” for Regan campaign. Of course VP candidate HW Bush was Director of CIA till 1977
18. Knowing CIA and its acolytes nfluenced elections and their outcomes for decades, is any surprise that Stefan Halper began to spy on the Trump campaign?
19. John Brennan began "Operation Crossfire Hurricane” in Aug 2016 after he shared intelligence with James Comey alleging Russian government was behind an attack on the 2016 presidential election..… 18.
20. So, CIA (Brennan) and FBI (Comey) began using Russian meddling in the election as an excuse to have Halper spy on the Trump campaign. A long-time CIA asset who worked for the Nixon administration, Halper was the son-in-law of former CIA Deputy Director Ray Cline.
21. Halper still directs the Cambridge Security Initiative, a "non-profit" intelligence consultancy that lists UK and US government agencies' among its clients. Halper is also a close colleague of Sir Richard Dearlove, formerly the head of Britain's MI6 spy agency.
22. What are the odds that then Director of CIA would use a CIA asset with ties to MI6 to spy on Trump campaign. And what are the odds that MI6 and UKs GCHQ would claim knowledge of Trump Russia collusion are share that information with CIA and FBI?
23. Stefan Halper, a dual US/UK citizen received more than $400,000 from DOD's Office of Net Assessment. Do you see how the circle of filth is a transnational multi-generational entity evolved to assert absolute control and subvert laws to achieve goals by any means possible?
24. Christopher Steele, who originated the Trump-Russia Dossier was ex-MI6, how did Halper interact with him? And what role did Halper play in the origination of the dossier? I suspect they exchanged information. @tracybeanz did some amazing research
25. John Brennan, the Obama appointed head of CIA denied that the Steele dossier was used in the intelligence communities assessment of Trump-Russia collusion. But alas, he was not telling the truth.
26. Retired National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers stated in a classified letter to Congress that the Clinton campaign-funded memos did factor into the ICA.…
27. James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence under Obama, conceded in recent CNN interview that the assessment was based on “some of the substantive content of the dossier.” Without elaborating, he maintained that “we were able to corroborate” certain allegations
28. Clapper broke tradition and decided not to put Intelligence community assessment out to all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies for review. Instead, he limited input to a couple dozen chosen analysts from just three agencies — the CIA, NSA and FBI.
29. Agencies with relevant expertise on Russia, such as the Department of Homeland Security, Defense Intelligence Agency and the State Department’s intelligence bureau, were excluded from the process.
30. But the FBI and CIA were the very originators of the Trump Russia collusion narrative, so why weren't other agencies included? Plus the quality and credibility of these sources weren't adequately described. A predetermined conclusion was the only desirable outcome.
31. Less than a month after Trump won, Obama directed Brennan to conduct review of all intelligence relating to Russian involvement in 2016 election. Brennan put some of dossier material into presidential daily briefing for Obama & described it as coming from a ‘credible source’
32. In early Jan 2017, CNN and Washington Post learned through Obama administration leaks that CIA briefed the president and president-elect about them. On Jan. 11, 2017, within days of the dossier briefings, BuzzFeed published virtually all of the dossier memos on its website
33. The house committee report pointed to James Clapper as main source of leaks about the presidential briefings involving dossier. He misled House investigators when asked about leaks related to the ICA in July 2017.
34. Clapper denied discussing dossier or any other intelligence related 2016 election with journalists.” But subsequently acknowledged discussing the “dossier with CNN journalist Jake Tapper,” Of course that Clapper now works for CNN is merely coincidence
35. Another point of intersection of Comey, Clapper and Brennan appears to the “sensitive matter team” Just like the agencies tasked to review the intelligence community assessment. Again what are the odds that the same people from same agencies reappear?
36. As we expand the Circle of filth beyond the confines of US/UK we begin to see people like Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese national and Alexander Downer an Australian national. Mifsud has since disappeared and I am told so has Halper.
37. Mifsud initiated contact with Trump’s campaign adviser George Papadopoulos in London 2016. Here is where things get beyond bizarre, Mifsud claimed to be a member of the Clinton foundation.…
38. Is this the “secret society” Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were talking about? There seem to be many secret societies that have pooled their resources to become a larger, all encompassing secret society, like something out of a novel.…
39. The circle of filth is a transnational, multi-generational effort of organizations and individuals with no superficial connections, but upon scratching the surface you see umbilical cords that offer sustenance from the same belly of the beast.
40. The beast offers controlling power in exchange for unquestioning allegiance. They've held sway over many countries for many decades, and overthrown and established governments without even traces of their handiwork.
Its all being revealed and it is going to get ugly.
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