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Unpopular opinions thread. One like or RT = one opinion.
Okay, ten things so far:
1. Capitalism is bad, and not just in a cop-out "oh, it's run by SJWs" way. It is essentially anarchist, which is to say "Luciferian" as Guenon defined the term.
2. Related to the above, a socialist society is preferable to a capitalist one. Socialism is a bastardized concoction of appropriated reactionary critique adulterated with liberalism, but that's still less than 100% liberal, so it is to be preferred.
3. Dinesh D'Souza was right about fascism being a form of leftism (syndicalism, to be specific), he's just also retarded so it sounds silly.
4. Islamic immigration is a non-issue because they'll assimilate just fine in time, but that's actually bad because we need way more pop star concerts bombed.
5. Certain facts about God and the supernatural in general can be discovered through pure philosophy, fite me Orthobros.
6. The Catholic Church as a worldly institution started this entire liberal mess by playing up the "two swords" doctrine and refusing to exert sovereign power over the medieval princes when they were in a dominant position. Eventually the princes got the upper hand, thus: prots.
7. Ethnic is only a problem because we believe in stupid memes about democracy and autonomy being good. Nationalism is just liberalism attempting to fix its problems by doubling down.
8. Related: the nation-state is essentially atheist, and literally nothing we do as Christians (or Muslims, for that matter) will matter in the long run unless it's abolished.
9. You should read real radical feminists, (as in, the specific intellectual movement, e.g. Shulamith Firestone) if only to own funfems on the "sex worker" question.
(Plus, they're entertaining as hell even when they aren't being TERFs:… )
10. Nietzsche was a liberal (note how he loved Napoleon and appropriated a description of his thought as "aristocratic radicalism")
(4 things since I started writing that)
11. Democracy and nationalism entail each other via the logic of Rousseau's General Will. There is no such thing as a "reactionary nationalist."
12. Further, the ultimate logic of the General Will leds to a telos of Actual Idealism, which is to say that fascism is the final and most sane liberalism, even more so than communism.
13. ...That being said, liberalism is incoherent and absurd by essence, so all communist and fascist regimies will inevtably decay back into basic globohomo clownworld.
14. There is nothing disgraceful about paid protestors in a democratic society, anyone who objects to using this tactic to win is just a cuckservative who substitutes "muh authenticity!" for "muh constitution!"
(up to 20 now)
15. Post-modernist critiques of contemporary epistemology were 100% right, and the only problem with pomos is that they double down on subjectivity instead of going back to Aristotle.
16. Despite what certain right-wing irnoycels who've blocked me may want you to think, modernism in the west happened because scholasticism REJECTED Aristotle, not because they embraced him. (I'm currently doing threads about one book demonstrating this, you may have red them)
17. Feudalism was actually a horrible mistake for the same reason that liberalism is. (albeit inevitable in the context of the fall of the Western Empire) This is why you see libertarians fetishising "anarcho-monarchism" and medieval Iceland.
18. Franciscans are worse than Jesuits. I can't explain this in one tweet, but read @neoabsolutism's timeline from before he left and you'll understand.
19. LARPagans are not atheists, they're actually protestants. In fact, most faith traditions that currently exist are functionally protestant. The Counter-Reformation conceded too much.
20. Chinese hegemony replacing America as world hegemon would be an unconditionally better thing, even if they don't end up becoming Christian like some optimistic westerners looking at their demographics hope.
(more later, if I get more hits; I'm gonna be afk for a bit.)
(50 now, more or less. I'll work up to that)
21. @Logo_Daedalus was right about video games. They are not art and it's essentially impossible for them to become so. Trying to make an "Art game" will just create a bad game and not art.
22. The Puritans were right about theatre and, by inference, it's derivative forms such as film. We need a Cultural Revolution to crush these people and abolish their professions. Escape From LA doesn't go far enough.
23. Fiction, as a whole, is inferior to nonfiction because it's easier to explain your thoughts by just writing them down than veiling them in symbol, theme, character dynamics, motif, or metaphor. The form of art that dispenses with all this, music, is thus the superior art form
24. The "modernity is Gnosticism" thesis is ill-defined so as to apply to literally any situation. It's like Psycho-Analysis that way.
25. Related: Evolution is real, but the neo-Darwinian synthesis isn't. The reason that the left doesn't like evo-psych or HBD is because they expose how stupid the party line is by applying it without unprincipled exceptions.
26. Since truth is metaphysically real, we can rank even errors by their relative proximity to it. As such: Asatru paganism is the worst kind and Kemetism is the best. (Hinduism is better than all doesn't count as "pagan" because that word's only relevant in a western context)
28. The epidemic of paedophilia in western catholic churches is because America is a pro-pedophile country that runs our hemisphere, not because of celibacy or (directly) homosexuals.
29. Rock music is just as bad as rap music. In fact, pace @WesternIdentity , there's nothing inherently worse about rap music than any other kind of pop. It's all written by Max Martin anyway.
30. Related to the above: behind every Jew is a Swede.
31. That being said, Jews are not really the problem, they only behave the way they do because they're secular/reform/Frankist and our political economy encourages deviant minorities (Uganda had the same issue we have with asians:…)
32. National Socialism is the worst kind of fascism, even aesthetically.
33. "Immigration depresses wages!" is a retarded argument to make towards lefitsts, they want angry proles because that's (according to them) how you get communism.
34. The "Cultural Marxism" theory really is as retarded as the libs say it is. The CIA and the Ford/Rockefeller Foundation spread more cultural subversion than Gernam Jews ever did. Heck, the Frankfurters WERE some of the recipients of that patronage.
35. Islam is better than Protestantism because at least THEIR sola scriptura arguments have an understandable context that can't be refuted by a simple timeline.
36. You should fear immigration from white people in lived in Toronto/New York/Seattle/etc. more than you should fear immigration from Africa.
37. Anita Sarkeesian was right about video games, the problem is that feminism doesn't go far enough against the horny.
38. Germans were always this bad, it's not just a post-war thing.
39. Global warming is real, but a secondary concern because we have to unfuck our politics before we can solve any problem at all, let alone one as big as this.
40. It's not just energy drinks but soda in general that is terrible. Learn how to make proper tea or coffee, you ignorant burgers.
41. The state of contemporary men is worse than women, you just don't notice because bad women are attention whores who are aided in this by the ruling ideology and social media.
42. Eritrea is the best currently existing country in Africa and they must be assisted in suppressing the pernicious designs of the Ethiope.
43. Communist aesthetics were better than fascist aesthetics. It's hard to believe now because most """communists""" these days are just ugly transgendered trend whores, but go back and compare Eisenstein to Riefenstahl and you can see the truth for yourself.
44. The Roman Republic/Empire was a clown show tragicomedy of incompetent mismanagement and seeking to emulate it in any way is dumb.
45. Related to the above: The Persians were unquestionable both more civilized and more moral than the Greeks; the Battle of Salamis and its consequences has been a disaster for the human race.
46. Jane Austen was a greater writer than Shakespeare.
47. We are not a matriarchal society insofar as that would necessitate a responsibility and nobless oblige on the part of the female race, not to mention a high social status and authority for matrons and matriarchs. Matrtiarchy would be much better than our neoliberal sexuality.
48. Distributism is stupid. It holds to basically every anarchic/liberal/communist understanding of property and is thus nothing BUT unprincipled exceptions.
49. Ethics is a subset of political economy which is a subset of theology.
50. Vaporwave is bad.
(Up to 60 rn)
51. State broadcasting corporations and government monopolies in general are extremely good, they only appear bad because our states are full of paedos and bugmen.
52. Fascism is incompatible with Christianity, not because it's "hateful" or any gay liberal nonsense, but because it's either occultist or German Idealist, which is to say PANTHEIST.
53. Donald Trump is just a 90's Democrat, not anything to get worked up about for or against.
(Although I do admit that he's trolling all the right people and doing a masterclass job)
54. All journalists should be suppressed, even "right-wing" ones like Tucker Carlson. Journalism is an inherently sinful profession, like an abortion doctor. In fact, it's probably worse.
55. "Truth is beauty and beauty true" is accurate. You can determine what parts are good in a movement by what works of art it can create. (using the above example, Eisenstein is all that is good in Communism).

The hideousness on every level of "woke" media is no coincidence.
56. Pace @thefaceberg , Soulja Boy was not the end of culture, culture stopped developing after Lords of Acid in the 90s. Seriously, every pop song since 1991 up to "God is a Woman" has been a remake of this:
57: You might not like it, (I don't) but this is the telos of European music.
58. "Freedom" and "liberty" are literally insane political goals, not just "equality." All governance is necessarily totalitarian, governacne cannot be abolished, and all of that is GOOD.
59. "The collapse" is a meme. Clown World bugmen will reign without end until and unless someone deliberately ends their reign.
60. This is not the worst situation the Catholic Church has been in, come on now. We survived the Pronocracy, we can survive this.
61. The MRAs are kinda right wrt to domestic violence. I had the misfortune of living literally across the highway from a bar for a couple of years, and the number of drunken women glassing their boyfriends was way higher than the inverse.
62. ...That being said the feminists are also probably right about the alleged rape epidemic. Every woman I know... I suspect it's cause Consent is an objectively meaningless and arbitrary standard to define anything, and I can't imagine it's worked out very well for anyone.
63. Romantic love is a gigantic meme invented to legitimize divorce and adultery. "Just marry someone and eventually catch feelings from the sex" was how we handled this shit in sane societies. Eventually you "fell out of love," to use modern terms, but you were still fuckbuddies
64. Despite the focus I put on our sexual decadence, this all ultimately stems from financial and property-related dysfunctions. Gay rights post-dated the mass-circulation of credit cards, and this is a causal relationship.
65. Fideism is a species of atheism, it's just that it takes a while to realize this.
66. "The Little Mermaid" is the worst Disney animated movie, even worse than "The Fox and the Hound."
67. The only good Dune book was the first one, and es, this explicitly includes "God Emperor of Dune."
68. Not only are "human rights" a noncognitive and incoherent idea, but so are "rights" in general.
69. Analytic philosophy is not *entirely* terrible.
70. Turkey is a pretty cool country (still not as good as Eritrea though) and Erdoğan is one of the greatest living world leaders.
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