"Freedom Caucus" "Justice Democrats"
Extremists, co-opting classical American words/ideals to drive people to the tips of the political horseshoe.
Two sides of the same divisive coin.
Let's discuss.
We'll start with the "Freedom Caucus" since it's a whole 2 years older than the "Justice Democrats."
"Freedom Caucus" founded January 2015, "to advance an agenda of limited constitutional government"
"Gym Jordan"
"an agenda of limited constitutional government" is politspeak for "we want to destroy the Institutions that assure Americans live by the Rule of Law, so our mobster paymasters can get away with stealing more from the honest & hardworking population."
Everyone knows the "Freedom Caucus" is full of shite.
They use the term "Freedom," because what they WANT is Freedom from The Rule Of Law.
They want Freedom from paying taxes.
They want Freedom from laws preventing them & their bosses from raping children. nbcnews.com/news/us-news/f…
They want Freedom from laws and institutions that prevent companies from poisoning our populace with chemical weapons.
They enjoy throwing wrenches into political gears to grind things to a halt. They want Freedom from functional government. Because a functioning government is better able to crack down on mobsters and fraudsters and corporate pillagers. vox.com/mischiefs-of-f…
The "Freedom Caucus" is at the right tip of the political horseshoe. Most of what they want is also in line with what Putin wants for our country. For example: they want to shut down the Special Counsel investigation.
They voted overwhelmingly AGAINST SUPPORTING NATO. (Putin's wet dream = end of NATO) defensenews.com/congress/2019/…
They also do what they can to swing their party as far to the right as possible. Why? Because the center is where the moderates are. And if you have moderates on the right, they may compromise with moderates on the left. And the last thing these guys want is cooperation.
They seek division. Divide to conquer. We've all seen the havoc the "Freedom Caucus" wreaks on the right. Now we must also face their political mirror on the left.
It's time to talk about the "Justice Democrats."
Founded in January 2017.
Who are the founders of the "Justice Democrats?" These are not uniters. They are dividers.
Their aim is division.
Their goal is to cleave the leftists from the centrists, to push the moderates out of the party.
Their main goal is the mirror image of the "Freedom Caucus" goal: to drive the Democratic Party as far to the left as they can. politico.com/story/2019/01/…
They, like the "Freedom Caucus," try as hard as possible to unseat powerful Democrat moderates and established centrist members of the party.
You can see what they tried to do to @SenFeinstein, pushing a deceptively edited video to try to smear her.
That deceptively edited video is the kind of thing we often see from far-right political provocateurs. For example: remember ACORN? remember the Planned Parenthood deceptively edited videos?
But no surprise we are seeing it on the left now. It's an intentional provocation. Of course we'll see it on both sides.
It's a way to capture the political narrative. And Teevee Newz, the real kind, has not figured out how not to take the bait.
It's important to note: the "Justice Democrats" "Green New Deal" has no basis in scientific fact. According to scientists.
As an aside-you know who else doesn't base their policy ideas on actual science? The Freedom Caucus.
Meanwhile, moderate and sensible Democrat, Diane Feinstein, who knows how things actually get done in Washington, came up with a moderate plan.
And of course, got attacked by "Justice Democrats" for it. Because the "Justice Democrats" want pie in the sky ideas being debated, which the far right can pooh-pooh➡️never-ending political gridlock, not policy based in scientific fact that can actually get made into law.
The "Justice Democrats" have a candidate trying to primary Feinstein. Keep that in mind as they push provocation operations against DiFi. Question their motives.
Because THIS is what they are trying to get rid of:
The far-right has it out for DiFi as well. During the Kavanaugh confirmation shit-show, they decided to re-up the story that DiFi had once had a Chinese spy on her staff. It was an old story.
So it's not so surprising that a founder of the "Justice Democrats," Cenk Uygur, defended Tucker Carlson-recently.
"Freedom Caucus" "Justice Democrats"
Different parties.
Same goal: pushing us away from the center. Away from cooperation. Away from moderation. Away from anything ever getting done in Washington.
You've been warned.
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