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8 May
Cleveland man, Christian Ferguson, 21, found guilty in plot to ambush and kidnap law enforcement officers
Same case. He was arrested in May 2020.

FBI 5/8/2020: “Ferguson was identified after engaging in several violent and extremist postings made on the cross-platform communication application Discord. Over several weeks, Ferguson discussed his desire to call police to report a false crime was in progress to prompt a...
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7 May
Bannon’s co conspirator

Local President of "We Build The Wall" Faces New Federal Indictment justice.gov/usao-ndfl/pr/l…
“Kolfage, who faces a separate federal indictment out of the Southern District of NY for fraud & money laundering related offenses, now also faces one count of filing a false tax return and one count of wire fraud related to the electronic filing of his tax return in N Florida.”
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4 May
Three Florida Men Charged in $46 Million Health Care Fraud, Kickback, and Money Laundering Conspiracy justice.gov/usao-sdfl/pr/t…
“An indictment, unsealed today, charges Christian McKeon, 35, and Athanasios Ziros, 42, each of Boca Raton, Florida, with one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud, one count of conspiracy to pay and receive kickbacks, multiple counts of substantive health care fraud...
... and kickback offenses, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and substantive counts of money laundering offenses. Also, an information, unsealed today, charges Gregory Orr, 64, of Boca Raton, with one count of conspiracy to pay and receive kickbacks and one substantive...
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3 May
Low budget tiny NYC kitchen facelift.
Cost: under $200 for contact paper (dc-fix brand, bought online), knobs (online from @CB2), tools + caulk (from my local independently owned hardware store):
Before: ImageImage
During: ImageImage
After: ImageImage
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3 May
I support #WorldPressFreedomDay.
Legit journalists deserve mad respect.

And also: espionage is not journalism, nor is propaganda.
Hacks, shills, agents of foreign powers, & fuckwits like Assange, John Solomon, Ben Domenech, Hannity, Greenwald, et al, are not journalists.
Espionage is not journalism.
Influence operations in service of foreign intelligence services’ objectives = not journalism.
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30 Apr
Do we want to know what this means?
"I did see the acts occur firsthand and Venmo transactions, Cash App or other payments were made to these girls on behalf of the Congressman.”"
idk i mean, Roger Stone trying to broker a pardon for $250k in bitcoin seems like a BFD.
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16 Apr
Regarding the “America First Caucus,” a friendly reminder that the majority of American citizens under 18 are.....not white. The future of America is not white.
Angry white people are already a minority. This is the death rattle of their stranglehold on political power.
My parents got married just a few years after Loving v Virginia.
Their mixed race marriage was seen as a radical act by some. My mom’s parents didn’t care, it was the white side of the family that did.
Here they are, my dad was in the Navy and my mom was in medical school:
Here’s me with my grandparents when I was in college.
I was kind of an anomaly growing up. My friend group was racially mixed, but very few kids in my posh private school peer group were from mixed race families. Even fewer in my college class.
But that was 20+ years ago.
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14 Apr
Dorworth, aka Gaetz’ former roommate, was working at @ballardfirm (which he resigned from last week) when this happened.
You know, the most successful lobbying firm during Trump’s presidency. The same firm Pam Bondi joined in 2019.
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9 Apr
Dorworth used to be roommates with Matt Gaetz and John Tobia .
Dorworth works for Ballard Partners.

Oh, this Ballard Partners?
Yes, this Ballard Partners.
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5 Apr
The GOP hates that large American corporations listen to the majority of the American public wrt to public perception, political stances, etc.
The free market accepts that being on the side of the popular vote is generally better for the bottom line.
This grates on the
nerves of free-market-pretenders like McConnell etc.
Because the GOP has entrenched itself as the tyranny of the minority party-aka it has embraced power via the polar opposite of a free market for political power-and it pisses the GOP off that they can’t use their unfair
political structural advantages to order corporations around.
It’s delicious, in a way.
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5 Apr
Five Men Charged in Superseding Indictment for Assaulting Three Metropolitan Police Department Officers during the U.S. Capitol Breach justice.gov/usao-dc/pr/fiv…
“On April 1, a superseding indictment was unsealed in federal court in the District of Columbia charging five men with assaulting Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Officers, as well as other crimes, during the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6”
Link to Superseding indictment of

Jack Wade Whitton, Jeffrey Sabol, Peter Francis Stager, Clayton Ray Mullins, Michael John Lopatic Sr.
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3 Apr
Here’s the original Joel Greenberg indictment, date stamped June 2020.

This is the second superseding indictment for Joel Greenberg, date stamped August 2020.

And here's the third superseding indictment of Joel Greenberg, date stamped March 2021. I couldn't find it anywhere for free so i bought it on PACER and uploaded it here to share: scribd.com/document/50142…
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2 Apr
Palmer Luckey sold @oculus to @Facebook for $1BILLION more than it was worth at time of sale. Luckey is friends with Bannon & Thiel.

Matt Gaetz, his fiancee, drones & national security: Embattled congressman is engaged to sister of pro-Trump tech mogul orlandosentinel.com/politics/fl-ne…
Yep he’s that guy
Why is his sister engaged to Gaetz?
Why did Mark zuckerberg lie about how much he paid for @oculus?

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1 Apr
Many many moons ago, in the early 2000s when you didn’t have to worry about bedbugs in furniture, I found this beautiful table on the street in my neighborhood while walking Nina home from Central Park.
It was scuffed then, & I have not treated it well.
That changes today. I hope ImageImage
Ok part 1 is done. Is it perfect? No! It’s old! Of course it’s not perfect! And I probably should have used cherry instead of golden oak, but whatever I needed golden oak for our piano. But it does look a hell of a lot better than it did!
Now I let it dry then will do part 2. ImageImage
Part 2= generous application of Feed n Wax.
It will sit for ~20 minutes absorbing the oily goodness.
Then I will polish it.
P.S. it is unsigned, the only marking it has is on the bottom. ImageImageImage
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1 Apr
Interesting to note the “teen prostitute” trope getting a workout again.
That rhetoric is why Epstein got away with his crimes for so long.
Minors cannot give consent. Thus they cannot be prostitutes.
They are trafficking victims.
That is all.
Oh look it’s @maggieNYT aka Maggie Duranty aka MAGA Haberman’s husband @darehgregorian running that play in the NY Post for Epstein a decade and a half ago.
Should I mention that Maggie’s mom’s boss was Howard Rubenstein who just so happened to be Epstein’s PR guy?
Sure why not.
Howard is quoted here, article from 2007. Note the “teen hookers” rhetoric.
Rest In Pugnacity, Howard. I’m glad you’re dead.

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30 Mar
What if we just
Let people live their lives
As long as
They aren’t doing anything illegal
Or harming anyone

What if we just
Let them go about their days
Let them walk down the street
Without being attacked
And go to the grocery store
Without being murdered.
What if instead
Of glorifying the misdirection of anger outwards
We encouraged everyone
And made it possible for them
To go to therapy

What if we stopped
Using aggression as entertainment
And instead
Inner Peace
And started letting other people
Be left the fuck alone?
What if the solution for internal suffering
Was to figure out how to address one’s own suffering
And learn how to lessen it

And not to just vomit one’s own suffering
Up onto strangers
Which creates ripples of suffering
And then it just spreads?
What if the goal was a decrease
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26 Mar
This is an interesting case.
Hamid Akhavan and Ruben Weigand found guilty of bank fraud for using US banks to process marijuana sales proceeds.
Jury Convicts Architects Of Scheme To Fraudulently Process Over $150 Million Through U.S. Financial Institutions justice.gov/usao-sdny/pr/j…
It connects to Wirecard, which was a major clusterfuck of corruption.
Article from July 2020:

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22 Mar
Former Venezuelan official pleads guilty in connection with international bribery and money laundering scheme justice.gov/usao-sdtx/pr/f…
“Jose Luis De Jongh Atencio (De Jongh) was the former procurement officer & manager in Citgo’s Special Projects Group...between ~2013-2019, he accepted over $7 million in bribe payments in exchange for assisting businessmen & related companies in procuring contracts with Citgo.”
Hm I wonder if this connects. Timeline fits. 2017 and we know there is a criminal investigation into Trump inaugural funds, ain’t that right @TomBarrackJr?

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