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Beautiful jaganmōhini by viduṣī Prabhāvati - vidvān Pazhanivēl & troup.

Śrī Yatirāja Jīyar Svāmaigaḷu of Yadugiri Yatirāja Maṭha blessing the occasion along with @TVMohandasPai , ever enchanting multifaceted archeologist Dr R Nāgasvāmi and Dr Sumati Kṛṣṇan

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A lucid yet erudite speech by Viduṣī Sumati Kṛṣṅan.

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Śrī Yadugiri Yatirāja Jīyar Svāmaigaḷu speaking about the atrocities of Tipu - he mentions how "800" śrīvaiṣṇava families were butchered by the tyrant and how a secular government of Karnataka reated the request to celebrate Bhagavadrāmānuja!
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It is so nice to see Dr R Nāgasvāmi speak whether it is on Indian Temple Architecture or on Karnāṭaka Śāstreeya Saṅgīta.
#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology
"Once in a while we need people who use śāstrīya saṅgīta to personal gains and misappropriations only to wake up all of us to go back to our roots, learn it and propagate it more." - Dr R Nāgasvāmi

Wonderful takedown of TMK.

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Karnāṭaka's pride Viduṣī TS Satyavatī presiding as the chair of the conference.

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Śrī Koraḍa Subrahmaṇyam presenting his paper - Tyāgarāja Kṛtis are Universal.
Begins with punching lines about music.

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Apologies for not mentioning that Śrī Kōrāḍa Subrahmaṇyam is a "mahāmahōpādhyāya" 🙏

He just brilliantly enthralled with his presentation and a sweet advise to TMK.

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Next on the schedule is Viduṣī Gayatri Girish from Chennai speaking on Muttusvāmi Dīkṣita 🙏

Opens her presentation stating MD's kṛtis are a wonderful gateway to understand our sanātana dharma.

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Viduṣī Vrinda Acharya takes over now with a statement "I wouldn't use the word Sanskrit because samskṛta itself is non-translatable".

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Engaging presentation by Vid Vrinda! All musicians should equivocally stick to Indian terms when it comes to music - practicing or preaching.

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
And thus she concludes her presentation.

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Viduṣī TSS says "segregating sanātana dharma from śāstrīya saṅgīta will only result in a corpse sans caitanya".

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Dr Radha Bhaskar starts with her presentation "Experimentation in Carnatic Music - How far is too far?"; A very interesting and intriguing topic. The session is chaired by Śrī N S Krishnamurthy.

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Sāhitya in Karnāṭaka Śāstreeya Saṅgīta is not just a cluster of words. They convey high ideologies.
- Dr Radha Bhaskar (quoting from her thesis on Experimentations in Karnāṭaka Śāstreeya Saṅgīta)

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Śrī Arvind Brahmakal, the convener of Ranjani Fine Arts, Chennai steps in with his presentation ""Role of Patronage".

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Very intriguing insights on what governments could do to bring in a sense of cultural awareness among the corporate masses. He also insisted upon introducing "artists quota" in certain jobs that'd help musicians!

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
The chair NSK sheds light on the acrs of experimentation that we're noticing in our times - "Is there a dire necessity to bring in a change in a system that has been widely accepted for over a century and what positive aspect is the new change bringing in?"
#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology
Śrī Jataayu begins his much awaited presentation "Christian appropriation of Carnatic Music".

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
A classical music artform cannot blossom in a void and it always associates with a religion! A wonderful point made by Jataayu.

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Beautiful takedown of Bethlehem Kuravanji by Jataayu. Calls it a work of disgust and cheap imitation of Tirukkutrāḷa Kuravanji dance drama by Vēdanāyaga Śāstri.

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Copy Cat Composer Vedanayaga Śāstri! 😂

And Music Historian V Shriram needs a thorough learning of the correct history.


#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
De-Hindu'ising our classical artforms will pave way for Christian appropriation just the way Tirukkural has been ripped off of its Hindu connection and made a mere Tamizh work.
- Jataayu

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
The next on is another interesting topic - "Is carnatic music bastion of brahmanical patriarchy?"
by Smt Arathi V B

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Smt Arati BV wonderfully explains the mischievous acts done against the Hindus. She emphasizes on how all vedic bashing begins by misinterpretations and redefinitions of all Hindu terms.

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Is our music really brahmanical?
See this image below -

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
The penultimate presentation by Dr V Ramanathan, IIT-BHU, his criticism of TMK's book.

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
He plays MSS's audio and I guess he counters TMK's take on the distress in her voice. 😂

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
"A sophistry of verbiage" that's how Dr Ramanathan defines TMK's 550 pages of non-sense. 😂

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
If the design of experiment is faulty, it doesn't just lead to a valid result. And how can TMK legitimize his idiocy comparing pāṭhāntaras to decide on the trinity of carnatic music?

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Thus the presentations conclude. Each of them giving a deep perspective of how our culture is being hijacked and appropriated. It is high time the common Hindu awakens and holds on to what is rightfully his. 🙏

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
Valedictory to the day long of indulgence into insightful talks. Shru Nagaraj of Mythic Soceity/RSS Sangha Pracharak along with Vid Deepti Navaratna on the diaz.

#SI5 #SwadeshiIndology #KarnāṭakaŚāstrīyaSaṅgīta
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