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Clare Daly and Mick Wallace may say they have criticised Assad in Syria, Wallace did after all say in the Dail he is 'far from an exemplary democratic leader'!

They have also done a great deal that acts as a support to the genocidal Assad regime
1. Daly & Wallace organised for known pro Assad propagandist & associate of Assad family Peter Ford to hold a meeting in Dublin. Ford was outed at that meeting as working for Assad by Vincent Brown.
2. Daly & Wallace call for lifting of all EU sanctions ‘against Syria’. Most sanctions are vs named individuals for their role in Assad regime war crimes. Sanctions are only peaceful weapon against these mass murderers (inc Asma al Assad, daughter of Peter Ford’s friend)
3.Daly Wallace in Syria met key regime figure Fares Shehabi, EU sanctioned for role in regime, war profiteer & gangster, provided propaganda op for regime. In Dail Daly expressed admiration for Shehabi & 'challenged' Irish govt to invite him to Ireland to inform them abt Syria
4. Here is Assad henchman & propagandist Shehabi threatening a journalist's life; calling for 7 yr old child to be killed; joking abt Regime torture of children in Deraa by pulling out their fingernails; calling for an act of genocide.Fine man indeed to praise in Irish parliament
5.Daly said Shehabi wd be 'at home in Fine Gael', & from 'old distinguished' Syrian family

Hafez al Assad appointed his uncle Hikmat Shehabi chief of staff of the Syrian Army 1974 to 1998. Massacre #Hama82 took place 1982, c40,000 civilians were killed. Distinguished in blood.
6. Wallace & Daly visited #Yarmouk, site of massacre & forced displacement of 100,000 Palestinian refugees by bombs, starvation, detention & torture. They were accompanied by Shehabi & the militia that enforced these crimes
7. Hundreds of Palestinians murdered by Assad including #NirazSaied for taking famous photos of desperate starving people in Yarmouk. He was detained & tortured to death. Why do Wallace & Daly exclude these Palestinians & thousands still in detention & torture from their concern?
8. Clare Daly said in Dail in many cases the Syrians she chatted to see Russia 'as heroes'. Said this at same time Russia was bombing civilians in #Deraa. Does she not know no one in regime Syria can speak vs Assad, Syria is a land of torture & silence for 50 yrs
9. Daly legitimised Russian presence in Syria, no mention of bombing of families, hospitals, schools, first responders with illegal weapons: clusterbombs, bunkerbusters, napalm, committing thousands of war crimes & crimes against humanity: legal bec invited by savage dictator
10. They deny existence of Civil opposition: ‘not a single non regime area has any form of democratic control’
Untrue. In opposition areas before bombs & forced displacement there was a thriving civil society. Still elements in opposition areas, opposing Assad & extremists
11. Renowned humanitarian @annie_sparrow 6 yrs in Syria came to Dail to inform JFAC re how 60%+ UN aid taken by Assad, funds his genocide. Wallace Daly didn't bother to meet her but wrote to @IrishTimes to contradict her & impugn her integrity
@annie_sparrow @IrishTimes 12. How are Daly Wallace such 'experts' on Syria to contradict Dr Sparrow? They have visited Syria briefly on regime approved visas, to regime controlled areas, met with regime figures, talked with people (in Arabic or via interpreters?) who know mortal danger of one wrong word
@annie_sparrow @IrishTimes 13. Wallace Daly visited Damascus, children were dying a few kms away in #EastGhouta from bombs & starvation siege by regime. They did not speak of that, or of the 'human slaughterhouse' #Sednaya also nearby where thousands - activists,medics,children have been tortured to death
@annie_sparrow @IrishTimes 14. Wallace said in Dail there were no Syrians in Damascus suburbs ‘there are two opposition enclaves left. There is not a Syrian in either’ mimicking SANA official regime, giving carte blanche to Assad bombing.
@annie_sparrow @IrishTimes 15. Daly protested in Dail at US token bombing of empty regime airfields after Assad gassed civilians. Has she protested in Dail vs Assad Russia unrelenting bombs on families, schools, hospitals, deliberate murder of rescuers, inc 13 medical facilities bombed in past week?
@annie_sparrow @IrishTimes 16.Wallace wrote& Daly amplified smears vs first responders in Syria, supporting orchestrated regime & Russian propaganda campaign to smokescreen Assad & Russia deliberate killing of 250+ @SyriaCivilDef rescuers. Their crime? Rescuing civilians & documenting Assad Putin warcrimes
@annie_sparrow @IrishTimes @SyriaCivilDef 17. Article Wallace quotes makes no mention of White Helmets being embedded with jihadis. This is a regime line to discredit the tens of thousands of hours of video footage @SyriaCivilDef have taken of warcrimes, some day to be used in the International Criminal or other courts
@annie_sparrow @IrishTimes @SyriaCivilDef 18. Describing all opposition to Assad as ‘jihadis’ is untrue, supports Assad & Russia in campaign of slaughter & ethnic cleansing, betrays the Syrian people who with enormous courage rose against a hereditary tyranny and STILL protest vs both Assad & extremists, at great risk
@annie_sparrow @IrishTimes @SyriaCivilDef 19. Describing all opposition to Assad as 'jihadis' is Islamophobic & racist. It denies the existence of millions of Syrians, increases their already mortal danger, has repercussions for refugees. It is a tactic of some of the 'Left' as they support brutal Middle East regimes
@annie_sparrow @IrishTimes @SyriaCivilDef 20. Wallace & Daly partied at Embassy Iran to celebrate Islamic revolution. Iran hang 500+ per year, repress women, are Assad's enforcers of starvation siege & ethnic cleansing, have colonised 'cleansed' areas of Syria

(Looks like they had a good time!)

@annie_sparrow @IrishTimes @SyriaCivilDef 21. Daly Wallace sent solicitor's letter to leading Irish activist for Syria @xlenm after he wrote to all members of Oireachtas to contradict their claims abt Syria & provide information to TDs & senators abt Assad, Russia,Iran,Hezbollah war crimes & crimes against humanity
@annie_sparrow @IrishTimes @SyriaCivilDef @xlenm 22. All of these acts by Wallace & Daly act as support to Assad regime, promote false Assad narrative; ignore 80,000+ activists now detained & tortured; support brutal totalitarian state against ordinary working class & rural poor Syrians (+11million forced into homelessness)
@annie_sparrow @IrishTimes @SyriaCivilDef @xlenm 23. I have no idea why Wallace & Daly do this, speak of Syria & ignore that 90%+ of civilian deaths are by Assad & allies, ignore 80,000+ under torture, rape & execution in Assad death camps, deny existence of Syrian civil opposition, support murderous Iran…. No idea whatsoever
@annie_sparrow @IrishTimes @SyriaCivilDef @xlenm 24. But I know it is very damaging & dangerous, it is deeply shameful that such things are said in the Irish parliament. I know that Syrians, betrayed & abandoned to genocide, their very existence denied, who seek only freedom & justice, do not understand either. They tell me so
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