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On the second commemoration of the #August4Explosion, the families of the #PortExplosion victims and the families of the fire brigade martyrs will start two marches tomorrow, Thursday at 4 pm,
one from in front of the #Karantina and the other from the An-Nahar building, while a third march will begin at the Palace of Justice at 3 pm.

In their last press conference, the families’ committees announced that the second commemoration will include
“an oath to ceaselessly seek to achieve truth and #justice.” They also insisted on the need to raise nooses and display coffins, in accordance with the painful occasion and to demand justice.
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I've read the stories describing the apology tour of Pope Francis. On Monday after his first visit near Edmonton I decided to comment after the saga had unfolded. It was an emotional week for so many!
1/ #PopeFrancis #Canada #residentialschools #truthandreconciliation
We heard apologies, pleading forgiveness, more apologies, recognition of "cultural destruction" and finally on the flight home #PopeFrancis said "yes, it was a genocide, yes, yes, clearly. You can say that I said it was a genocide."
2/ #residentialschools…
The genocide was justified by the #DoctrineOfDiscovery & while #PopeFrancis, #CatholicChurch, & Crown gov'ts are reluctant to rescind it, the actions I witnessed against the #Wetsuweten in their own territory are empowered by the Doctrine.
3/ #bcpoli #cdnpoli @bcndp @BCNDPCaucus
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Day 7 of #MonsoonSession
Both Houses begin by paying tribute to soldiers who lost their lives during Kargil war. #KargilVijayDiwas2022
Then Q Hour starts in #LokSabha and Zero Hour in #RajyaSabha

In #RajyaSabha, after papers, reports were tabled, Chair announced that he has received some 267 notices (to suspend listed business & take up a matter for urgent debate)
Some MPs are heard raising their demands.
Chair swiftly adjourns House till 12pm.
Q Hour was proceeding in #LokSabha
Q on 61 day fishing ban was being discussed
Minister claimed- India is No 1 in shrimp export, No 2 in aquaculture products and No 4 exporter of fish, due to efforts of Govt & #fisher folks.
As protests continued, House adjourned till 11:45am.
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🧵1. On 18 July 2009, a mere two months after the end of the war in #SriLanka, a team of exiled
progressive #Sinhala journalists and #Tamil journalists came together and established @JDS.
2. In the post-war context, JDS played & continues to play a vital role on #accountability and
#justice issues related to Sri Lanka. Fueled by a moral obligation, the committed members of
JDS covered issues many feared to undertake.
3. Journalists within JDS chose to step forward and reveal evidence of war crimes and crimes
against humanity committed by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces (SLAF) during the final stages
of the war.
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#egypt #italy Yesterday the Italian highest court decided de facto that the #regeni trial cannot continue; hence putting a stone on chances for justice for Regeni and for the thousands who have gone through the same tortures that the young Italian experienced before being killed.
The italian court(s) decided not to proceed not to violate the rights to fair trial of the 4 defendants, all high ranking intelligence officers from #Egypt. Due to the explicit lack of cooperation by Egypt a fair notification could not be delivered; a trial in absentia is unfair.
Investigation was complete, facts established, identiy of defendants established, yet the trial could not proceed.
While the #righttofairtrial ought to be respected and blind application of human rights law does not deliver #justice (that is the main purpose of the law).
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On 26th Jan 1950, just two and half years after India achieved independence, the Indian Constitution took effect. India became a republic after national leaders spent 165 days debating topics ranging from a Uniform Civil Code to federalism.
1/10 Image
These discussions took place against the backdrop of events such as the tragic Partition of India, the beginning of the Kashmir conflict, Mahatma Gandhi's assassination and the merging of 300 princely states into the Indian union.
2/10 Image
On 9th Dec 1946, the Constituent Assembly met for the first time and began framing a #Constitution, where all power and authority would be derived from people from all strata of society and different regions of the country.
3/10 Image
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#longthread #ajmer1992 #impotent
The below story talks about the biggest RAPE/SEX Scandal case of India which you and your parents might not know about as it was never supposed to come out.If you understand the seriousness of it, do share among your circle and let everyone know what happened in 1992 Ajmer. #rape
Ajmer gangrape and blackmail case was a toxic mix of political patronage, religious reach, impunity, and small-town glamour. Thirty years on, closure still seems far.
#ajmer #rape #ajmer1992
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Βγαίνει σήμερα ένας πρώην Αρεοπαγίτης στα "ΝΕΑ" και γράφει ως guest ένα άρθρο που ξεκινάει με την φράση "ως γνωστόν το Ανώτατο Δικαστήριο των ΗΠΑ έκρινε ότι η άμβλωση είναι παράνομη". #fakenews #humanrights #abortion #justice
Όχι, δεν έκρινε καθόλου αυτό. Είναι θλιβερό ανώτατοι δικαστές (η ιδιότητα είναι ισόβια κατά το σύνταγμα) να σχολιάζουν δημόσια τις δικαστικές αποφάσεις ανώτατων δικαστηρίων και να μην τις έχουν διαβάσει καν ή να μην τις έχουν κατανοήσει αν τις έχουν διαβάσει.
Το άρθρο του κ. Λυμπερόπουλου ξεκινάει με το "καλημέρα" με κραυγαλέα ανακρίβεια. Ουδέποτε έκρινε το Ανώτατο Δικαστήριο των ΗΠΑ ότι η άμβλωση είναι παράνομη.
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Le déni de la pandémie est un luxe validiste

Le Tribunal Administratif a suspendu l'arrêté municipal du Maire de #Nice qui rendait obligatoire le port du #masque dans les transports en commun.

Notre réaction ⬇️

2/19 - Le TA reconnaît que le port du masque dans les transports "ne paraît pas dénué d'utilité", mais estime que les pièces apportées par le Maire de Nice "ne permettent pas de caractériser l'existence de raisons impérieuses propres à la commune rendant indispensable l'édiction
3/19 - de la mesure (...), ladite mesure n'apparaissant ainsi pas adaptée, proportionnée et nécessaire à l'objectif poursuivi".
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Having fun with cyberstalking #UKGOV, attacking organisations, universities & individuals connected to the justice system, UK #military against #NCSC, treating #intelligence & #GCHQ as jokes to your 15- 20 yrs malicious #hacking for #China & #Russia inside #Britain, @Animez_UK?01
Converting #traditional crime to cyber-enabled crime and becomes a malicious #cyberattacker against the UK, for

1- #financial income,
2- #sexual desire and #harassment with #pornography sent to #women,
3- attacks for #politics against the #UKGOV.

@Animez_UK @NCSC

02 Image
1st stage- early life:
-Experienced #exclusion/#discrimination.
-Didn’t learned to communicate with #women.
-favours #authoritarianism.
-enjoys to #control targeted women & whom against his will.
- Expresses hidden #hatred & #violence on through cyberattacks.

@Animez_UK @NCSC Image
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@NPR is doing its annual reading and tweeting of the #DeclarationOfIndependence. 246 years ago a group of men felt it so important that they risked everything to defy a King & start a path for a democratic republic. Today we’re seeing those values attacked by the stolen #SCOTUS
The #AntiDemocraticParty of the GOP passing laws & ideas to circumnavigate the will of #Americans. On this #IndependenceDay2022, it is time to not celebrate what happened 246 years ago, but to honor it by standing up for our #FellowAmericans ensuring that #Rights and #Freedoms
Are actually for all of us. #Autonomy is a #Right. Not being shot because you look dangerous or are frightened or just went to school #Right. Loving yourself & having your ability to have your own family is a #Right. #Healthcare is a #HumanRight (#AbortionIsHealthcare)
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Affaire #Blessing: le Procureur Général confirme le déni de #vérité et de #justice

Un refus particulièrement succinct, qui se fonde sur deux arguments.
Thread ⬇️

Extraits du communiqué de presse conjoint @tousmigrants et @BorderForensic
1. «Les contradictions évoquées dans le mémoire entre les déclarations des gendarmes quant au déroulement de la recherche à #LaVachette des 3 personnes en fuite n’apparaissent pas pertinentes, dès lors que chaque gendarme décrit son intervention et son positionnement»
2. «L’existence du témoin prénommé Hervé était connue; les enquêteurs avaient eu 2 contacts téléphoniques avec lui en mai 2018 et il n’avait pas évoqué de guet-apens. La chambre d’instruction avait indiqué que son audition n’était pas utile à la manifestation de la vérité.»
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#Handicap #Justice #Accessibilité #ProcèsToulouse

Je vais essayer de le retranscrire moi-même sachant que (vous ne serez pas étonné) je l'avais préparé et écrit 🧶
On m'a demandé de confirmer mon identité, âge, profession.

Elisa ROJAS, 43 ans.

Je suis avocate au Barreau de Paris
J'ai demandé combien de temps j'avais devant moi. Le président m'a rappelé que je n'étais pas là pour plaider.

(bien essayé...)

J'ai indiqué que c'était pour savoir.

(c'est une précision qui est toujours utile).
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#Handicap #Justice #Accessibilité #ProcèsToulouse

La journée s'annonce longue et difficile. Je ne sais pas du tout comment les choses vont s'organiser à la Cour d'appel de Paris.

Il pleut.

Je vais essayer de vous tenir informés ici et sur Insta.
J’y suis. C’est bo la technologie !
Le contact a été établi avec la Cour d’appel de Toulouse mais je ne serais entendu qu’à 14h15.
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🔶 Si ces rencontres sont probablement bénéfiques dans le cadre de conflits simples, elles deviennent très problématiques dans un contexte de #violencesconjugales et #violencesfamiliales.
#violencesfaitesauxenfants #ProtegerLesEnfants #violencesfaitesauxfemmes #violences Image
🔶 Quand on force des #enfants qui dénoncent des faits de #violences à revoir régulièrement le parent accusé ou condamné, la justice ne fait que rajouter de la violence dans leur vie.
#ProtegerLesEnfants #droitsdelenfant #enfants #violencesfaitesauxenfants #violencesfamiliales Image
🔶 Pourquoi imposer à des enfants qui dénoncent un parent violent (parfois reconnu coupable et condamné) de le revoir ? Le revoir, c'est perpétuer la torture. Comment peuvent-elles guérir de leurs traumatismes si on oblige les victimes à revoir leur bourreau tous les mois ?
3️⃣ Image
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Investigation into the identity of David Nwamini Ukpo and Sonia Ekweremadu.

A Thread

Image 1 (below): David Nwamini Ukpo has a page on @facebook called Davido Nwamini who recently moved to the UK. His in a relationship with Princess David (his sister actually). Image
Princess David's page claims to be in a relationship with Unstoppable. Please don't forget the hat in Image 1 above.

Image 2 (below): Unstoppable happens to be Davido Nwamini and the page's full name is David Nwamini Unstoppable. His Nigerian phone number is 09037585336. Image
Image 3 (below): A photo of Princess David and her brother Davido Nwamini.

The lady also has a Facebook account for a Davido Ukpo that matched the image of Davido. Davido Nwamini, Davido Ukpo, and David Nwamini Unstoppable are all the same person. Image
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Based on 2-yr meta-analysis, involving 61 international experts, we conclude that the UN #SDGs haven’t had much impact so far.

⬇️ Here’s what we have found in detail:🧵…
Our meta-analysis involved 61 experts, covering 3000 studies. Co-led w/ @HickmannThomas & @CASenit

We analysed whether #SDGs have brought about any discursive, normative or institutional changes in political systems.

Nationally & internationally.

(Photo K. Worth)
Regarding #globalgovernance and the #UN system, we found mainly discursive changes, often reflecting longer trajectories that were supported but not caused by the #SDGs.

No major changes in #UN institutions or programmes.

(UN Photo/Cia Pak)
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Opening session of the 4th OIC Conference on Mediation "Experiences and Prospects" hosted by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the OIC in Jeddah on 5-6 June 2022…
Secretary-General, Mr. #Hissein_Brahim_Taha: #Mediation is of great importance to #OIC, as the 4th session of the #Mediation Conference is being held at a critical juncture, and at a time when the world is in dire need of mediation, dialogue & negotiations to resolve conflicts. Image
Secretary-General: 60% of the conflicts in the world occur in the #OIC Zone, so OIC Member States have a strong commitment to resolving the outstanding conflicts in a peaceful and lasting manner. ImageImageImageImage
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For years, clients & community members have reported hellish conditions at the Workhouse—flooding, extreme temperatures, sewage, rodent infestation, & violence. Yesterday, the court declared that in addition to our 6 clients—we believe thousands of others were similarly harmed.
This means that the City could owe millions of dollars to compensate thousands of people for the harms and atrocities they experienced while detained inside of the Workhouse.
“It feels like the chains are finally starting to be lifted,” said Diedre Wortham, a plaintiff and grandmother of five from St. Louis. “I’m hopeful that they close the Workhouse and keep it closed.”
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May 21, 1991: Most people I know, and who are in my age group, remember vividly where he or she was and what he or she was doing because of the shocking news of #RajivGandhi's assassination. If it didn't happen, remember, #DMK would have continued in power in #Tamilnadu.
The next #Tamilnadu election would have been in 1994. There would have been an #AIADMK for sure, but not #Jayalalithaa's servile party. In fact, I doubt if she would have been this important at all. The triumvirates who protected J from harm would have been very powerful too
#Rajiv would have come to power with a fractured mandate, but would have continued his reform path because of economic exigencies of that time. It would have been very possible that #Congress made yet another proper comeback in 1996, on the government delivering promises...
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Thread 1/10 We’re excited to share with you the first part of a two-part Psychology in Society (PINS) Special Issue on #Psychology, Environment, and #ClimateChange: Foregrounding #Justice Guest Edited by Brendon Barnes, Lynn Hendricks and myself.
2/10 PINS is a peer-reviewed journal that was formed in September 1983 as vehicle for a critical and anti-apartheid stance in psychology. PINS continues to foster a socio-historical and critical theory perspective by focusing on the praxis of #psychology
3/10 Our editorial Psychology, Environment, and #ClimateChange: Foregrounding Justice for the Special Issue discusses the various submissions and shares views on how justice is foregrounded in #psychology…
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Deborah was stoned and burnt to death today @ sokoto state college of education for blasphemy.

In a voice note, she reacted against posting of religious contents in their class group chat on WhatsApp. Rest In Peace Deborah
All the Christians in the north on my list are asking “why did she say it?” and “ na she kill herself”.

You can't be in the north and not understand this simple safety tip. Do not say anything whether good or bad about their religion. Except you want to be killed.
Also, Nothing will happen to her killers, no waste your time with #justice for, just #RIP
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A female student of Shehu Shagari College of Education. COE Sokoto was been beaten and burnt to death for blasphemy. #Sokoto #COE #Justice
They confirm the act
Noticed from School
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Akdeniz ve Ege MEB ve Kıta Sahanlığı sorununa benzer UAD kararları;

1977-78 İngiltere-Fransa Kıta Sahanlığı Davası’nda "eşit uzaklık-özel durumlar" ifadesi birleşik kural olarak kabul edilmiştir.
#aegean #greece #EastMediterranean #EastMed #stillborn
Manş Denizi’ndeki kıta sahanlığı sınırının,iki devletin ana kara ülkelerinin kıyılarını esas alan eşit uzaklıktaki orta hat olmasına karar vermiştir. Adaların kıta sahanlığına sahip olamayacağı, sadece çevrelenmesi suretiyle bir tür karasuları hakkı kazanabileceği belirtilmiştir.
Libya-Tunus Kıta Sahanlığı Davası’nda da, UAD Sözleşme’nin 6 ncı maddesinin uygulanmayacağını belirtmiş ve özel şartların varlığını kabul etmiştir. Özel şartların varlığı, ayrıca 1984 Maine Körfezi deniz sınırının tespiti ve Libya-Malta ile ilgili kararlarda da kabul edilmiştir.
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