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L’État peut désormais activer à distance la caméra ou le micro de votre portable ! #Orwell n’aurait pas osé l’imaginer. Mercredi 7 juin, le Sénat a validé une disposition controversée du projet de loi #Justice proposé par le garde des Sceaux, Éric Dupond-Moretti. Thread 1/6 ⏬ Image
Ainsi, l’article 3 du projet de loi autorise le déclenchement à distance des caméras ou micros des téléphones dans certaines enquêtes, à l’insu des personnes visées. 2/6 ⏬
Cette disposition suscite les inquiétudes légitimes de la gauche, d’avocats et de plusieurs associations qui dénoncent une « surenchère sécuritaire ». On connaît la chanson : « ces mesures seront réservées aux affaires de terrorisme », etc. 3/6 ⏬
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"Traditional American Values and Principles of Justice".
The "Power of the People" is The Rule of Law and due process.
That is the ONLY power of the people.
#god #values #law #justice #America #education #commonlaw
American Justice Foundation® is a non-profit trust providing Justice Education for EVERYONE ... absolutely EVERYONE!
Common Law that protects the Common Man.
#god #values #law #justice #America #education #commonlaw
Rules that shield the innocent in court.
Knowledge we make easy to learn and use.
Knowledge you and your children have a God-given right to know!

"Tell Everyone to Tell Everyone"
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J2 des #DGA2023 🌱 !

Prêt.e.s pour une nouvelle journée de #creativite et d' #engagement avec le @DeauvilleGreenA ?

C'est parti ! 🤘🏾

🧠💭 Première activité pour bien démarrer la matinée : une #Fresque du #Film !

Inspirée de la Fresque du Climat, celle-ci sensibilise aux enjeux environnementaux des activités de l'industrie du #cinéma Image
#transition #environnement

Du constat aux actions concrètes, la #FresqueDuFilm, créée par #LaBase/@juvigoureux, s’appuie sur des rapports scientifiques (#GIEC/@IPCC_CH, @theShiftPR0JECT), des études sectorielles (@LeCNC) et des données empiriques de terrain 🔎
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🧵Thread: Thousands Battling Post-COVID Vaccine Injuries & Seeking Compensation via CICP🩺🦠

While the pandemic ends, a grim subplot unfolds: thousands battle post-COVID vaccine injuries, seeking compensation. Let's dive into their story. #COVID19…
CICP data reveals 12K claims, but only 706 processed. Just 22 approved, 3 compensated so far. Most face denial. The backlog is staggering. #CICP
Allen Storey, a vaccine injury victim, faces roadblock after roadblock in his pursuit of compensation. Many are trapped in a purgatory of waiting. #PostVaccine #Compensation Image
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1️⃣ "Recognize the divine spark within all beings." 🙏
Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught us "Na ko bairee, nahee bigana" - There is no enemy; there is no outsider. Let's embrace the beauty of diversity and see unity in all. Spread love and acceptance! ❤️ Image
2️⃣ Guru Angad Dev Ji emphasized the significance of education and literacy. "Let there be one language of the learned and the illiterate," he proclaimed. Education is a catalyst for growth, empowerment, and understanding among people. #EducationForAll #GuruAngadDevJi Image
3️⃣ Guru Amar Das Ji highlighted the value of selfless service, or "seva." "Selfless service is a treasure of virtue," he taught. By serving others without any expectations, we can create a positive impact in our communities and uplift those in need. #Seva #GuruAmarDasJi Image
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Ce fut une longue journée (09H48 à 03H19 du matin). Des débats boudés par La Défense, une plaignante sans pudeur et un Juge maître de son audience, de sa salle…
L’histoire retiendra que les avocats de la Partie civile n’ont versé aucune preuve matérielle Image
…Attestant du Viol subi par leur cliente dans le défunt salon « Sweet Beauté ». Les vidéos, photos et audios obscènes annoncés depuis plus de 2 ans par le camp de l’accusatrice n’ont finalement pas été présentés à la Chambre criminelle.
À propos du Certificat Médical ! Le Dr Alphouseyni Gaye qui a consulté la plaignante établit qu’il n’y a pas eu de trace de violence qui renverrait à un viol/agression sexuelle. La nouveauté, ce sont les résultats du prélèvement effectué sur la victime présumée et qui 👇🏾
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As #Russia and #China torture their populations, the fire of hearts stoked by the remembrance of history, which they deny and attempt to obfuscate/distort, spreads and engulfs.

The fire hurts, but the hurting is right, it is good.

It is direction; it is to be trodden.
No other direction brings #Humanity further.

The #Holocaust happened; The #Holodomor happened, the #Uyghur genocide is happening, the #Tibetan genocide is happening.

Through painful turmoil, we toil. A great many other foul conflicts rage; their fires of the heart hurt too.
#Palestine and #Israel both claim to want peace, neither can be first to stop the violence, neither wills to turn a cheek or implement full reconciliation where little ever sprouted.

#Iranian women remain targets, victims, punished; men remain slavers, cherished, what is holy?
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As an advocate for fairness and justice, I strongly condemn the American government's recent accusation against South Africa for allegedly providing arms to Russia. It is deeply hypocritical for the US to level such allegations while simultaneously engaging in similar actions... Image
... by providing arms to Israel, a country with its own record of human rights violations.

The refusal of the American government to hold the Israel regime accountable for its crimes against humanity is deeply troubling...
... The ongoing oppression and displacement of Palestinians demand immediate attention and accountability. We must strive for consistency in our condemnation of arms deals and human rights abuses, regardless of geopolitical alliances...
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🧵 1. Stop denying #racism exists.

2. Be educated on racism as a grave issue of prejudice, harnessing and abuse of power, and manipulation of privilege.

3. Commit to being informed on systemic issues.
4. Pay attention to those who say they are being violated by systemic #racism/discrimination.

5. Care.

6. Study the global and national impact of racism and white supremacy.
7. Honestly examine systems constructed with and infiltrated by racist ideals.

Examples: Healthcare, education, criminal 'justice' (school to prison pipeline, prison industrial complex), housing, etc
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(Twitter please do ur MAGIC)

Bagaimana Kejelasan Kasus Saya?


izin tag Om :

Di hari yang berbahagia ini, selayaknya orang-orang yang meniup lilin,
pada hari ulang tahunnya dengan memanjatkan doa serta harapan dalam lubuk hatinya, saya, Josep terus bersyukur dan pasrah dengan mengingat kejadian pada pertengahan tahun 2022 lalu yang membuat kaki kanan saya cacat. Image
Doa dan harapan saya berlipat-lipat dari orang kebanyakan saat berulang tahun. Yaitu, memohon kepada Bapak-bapak berwenang yang kami homati agar dapat membantu terus menyelesaikan secara bijaksana dan adil untuk proses hukum yang sedang kami tunggu sebagaimana kelanjutannya.
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I just spoke (and listened) at #DevEngage2023 conference.

A gathering of bright, thoughtful people grappling with the big questions:



And how to build bonds of #trust between the public in rich and poor countries..

Here are five things I learnt.

A 🧵 Image

👉🏿Talking to the public about supporting aid and development only really works when they feed it’s the right thing to do.

👉🏿Making a foreign policy or a trade argument doesn’t.

#DevEngage2023 Image
2️⃣ TRUST ⛓

👉🏿The public don’t often believe that institutions are going to be able to change things.

👉🏿A charity mindset of helping people isn’t empowering. Better to build bonds of solidarity and learning between people.

#DevEngage2023 Image
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#lymeDisease is being #imprisoned in a life of brutal symptoms for YEARS! It IS a sentence of #imprisonment. The corruption of #lyme medicine=innocent people convicted & unjustly punished for crimes committed by federal “health” agencies & #bigPharma representatives.For profit 2/
The CDC & #vaccine makers KNOWINGLY made #lymeDisease testing fail & reversed #lyme medicine science (began lying about all its impacts) in the 90s & then for the next 30 years told doctors not to test for Lyme & if they do, to use the test they made fail for their #vax trials.3/
For 30 YEARS, fed agency & #bigPharma representatives have continued to corrupt #lymeDisease medicine so their past remains hidden & can continue to make money off all the medicines sold to those suffering from illnesses CAUSED by the #lyme those reps caused to go undiagnosed 4/
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Given the current state of affairs, maybe take some time to listen to the stories of #trans folks, and hear what they have to say.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransWomenAreWomen #nonbinary
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Yesterday, April 4, marks the sixth anniversary of the Khan Shaykhun massacre when the Syrian government used sarin gas against the city. To this day, the perpetrators of this targeting remain without #accountability or trial.
Syrian civil society has been working tirelessly toward justice for the victims of #ChemicalAttacks. SCM along with @syrian_archive, @OSFJustice and @crdefenders filed a complaint based on this attack in both #Germany and #Sweden under the principle of #UniversalJurisdiction
@mazenadarwish3: "The international community should take serious steps against those implicated in the use of chemical weapons in #Syria, to send a clear message that they will be held accountable, and to ensure that such atrocities won’t be repeated ever again.” #Justice
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(1/7)In a historic decision, investigating judges ordered the indictment before the Paris Criminal Court of three senior Syrian officials for complicity in crimes against humanity and war crimes. For more info, visit the following link. #Syria #Justice…
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नैनीताल जिले के भवाली से लगभग पांच किलोमीटर की दूरी तय करने पर आप "घोड़ाखाल" पहुंच सकते हैं जो न्याय गोलू देवता के मंदिर के लिए प्रसिद्ध है। समुद्र तल से 2000 मीटर की ऊंचाई पर स्थित इस आकर्षक मंदिर को "घंटियों का मंदिर" भी कहा जाता है।

#nainital #Almora #Kumaon #Uttarakhand
#GoluDevta is considered to be an incarnation of #GaurBhairav (#Shiva), and is worshipped all over the #Kumaon & #Garhwal region. He is worshipped as the god of #justice and he serves it well. His mantra is following: "Jai Nyay Devta Goljyu Tumar Jai ho. Sabuk lije dain haije"
#GoluDevta is seen in the form of #Shiva, while his brother Kalva Devta is in the form of #Bhairava and Garh Devi is in the form of #Shakti. Golu Devta is also prayed as a key deity (Ista/Kula Devata) in many villages in #Kumaon and #Garhwal regions of #Uttarakhand

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Médias et gens mal informés : Les grévistes, les éboueurs et ceux qui luttent ne sont pas des << extrémistes», ils sont au contraire fidèles aux grands moments de revendications égalitaires et d'abolition des privilèges qui ont scandé l'histoire de notre pays.
Ceux qui luttent sont les héritiers des révolutionnaires qui ont aboli les privilèges dans la nuit du 4 aout 1789, cette grande promesse révolutionnaire française de renversement des ordres établis.
Pendant que des gens bien nés décident dans un bureau de l'#Elysée de jeter toute ambition de justice sociale à la #poubelle, des #éboueurs, des #grévistes et des manifestants font à nouveau résonner la promesse d'égalité et de solidarité qui structure notre #Histoire.
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Une arme en moins pour les détracteurs de #FI. Les médias gonflent des affaires aux dossiers vides. THREAD sur affaires FI qui ne mènent à rien, sur fond de dépendance accrue de la #justice au pouvoir macroniste : loi Anticasseurs, affaire #Legay, #loiDarmanin #nupes 1/20
Des perquisitions si énormes pour si peu, c'est surprenant. Des années d'enquête sans avancées concrètes, un Parquet qui demeure silencieux aux demandes sur la matérialité des faits reprochés. 2/20
Une nouvelle enquête tenant à peine debout est alors lancée, afin d'espérer enfin condamner sur une affaire. Finalement classée sans suite en plus, au sujet du volet sur le paiement des dommages et intérêts à la suite de la perquisition. 3/20
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When @TruthCuresLyme met with @US_FDA investigators in Oct 2021, it was a hybrid in-person/virtual meeting conducted on their premises and with their virtual meeting platform. Our attorney and a well-known clinician participated virtually.
We were on premises for 3 hours with 2 investigators & an administrative employee. We were told of only one other FDA employee participating virtually. However, something very telling happened prior to the meeting.
The virtual meeting invitation they sent was rescinded and replaced, causing confusion for our remote representatives. The new invitation included only their names. The old one contained the names of about 10 other FDA employees.
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Looking forward to our #BlueSky seminar this afternoon on 'Starting young: How does #education shape #criminal #justice'?

See you on Zoom 4-5pm UK time!👏
Dr Ryan Motz kicks-off with results from the @ERiskstudy showing that the twin in touch with the criminal justice system had higher #deliquency score, and #official #crime at 18y, compared to the twin that did not come into contact with CJ system. #labellingargument
"Does contact with the justice system lead to more deliquency?"

"We need to recognise that justice system made be biased and we need to offset this.."

"Let's focus on what works."
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During his State of the Union Address, President #Biden announced his 4-part Unity Agenda. It includes “Supporting America’s Veterans and Their Families, Caregivers, and Survivors.”…) #veterans #SOTU #SOTU2023
Last year the #Biden Administration expanded benefits for #veterans, #caregivers & survivors. In 2022, @DeptVetAffairs processed an all-time record 1.7 million @VAVetBenefits claims & delivered $128 billion in earned benefits to 6.1 million veterans & survivors. #POTUS
Priorities include reducing #veteran #suicide with the following proposed actions:

•Support states and territories.
•Increase lethal means safety
•Expand outreach to #justice involved veterans.
•Expand Access to #Legal Support Services.
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My experience with @DominicRaab after
discussing my case that stopped the PM putting themselves above the law, on @BBCr4todayed shocked me. He was aggressive, said I was a naïve, stupid woman. That I'd had my 5 mins of fame!

Another encounter made me think he's also racist
Preparing for @bbcquestiontime with @DominicRaab @MrNishKumar - Mr Raab displayed his ignorance, arrogance and racism.
I recant the encounter on P74 of my book Rise: Life Lessons in Speaking Out, Standing Tall & Leading the Way 2019…
On his political record, #DominicRaab numerous failings, including on #brexit #justice shame him.

Remember this is the man who wanted to decimate our #HumanRights in a new Bill!

If #RishiSunak has any integrity left - he must sack Dominic Raab ASAP!
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