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Senator @ChuckGrassley penned this op-ed that sums up where it's all going:

FARA prosecutions.

"If lobbyists or public-relations firms are peddling policy preferences at the behest of foreign powers, we ought to know about it."

Remember what I've been saying for months: whatever Democrats & DNC Media and even MUELLER'S OWN SPECIAL COUNSEL TEAM believed about where this investigation was going to end up, MOST of the prosecutions have been *guided* and *led* uncover/prosecute unregistered foreign agents.
In case you missed my columns on the fact that MOST of the Mueller prosecutions set the precedent for the entire country that being an UNREGISTERED FOREIGN AGENT is A Very Bad Thing From Now On:

Here's the first time I brought it up:

Here's where I spelled out at length and in detail how the DOJ was now specifically focusing on going after the hidden foreign lobbying that goes on in DC:

And finally, this column from early in May:

All this hidden bribery to sell US foreign & domestic policy to deep-pockets foreign countries reached greater and greater heights during the Bush and Obama administrations.
It took an outsider becoming President to engineer a 2 year set up of the DC establishment that thought it was taking HIM out when in fact his people were getting ready to unleash Hell on their corrupt lobbying/influence peddling.
I've spent 2 years telling people demanding to know why Trump didn't lock up the SpyGate plotters 10 minutes after he was sworn in if he already knew eveyrthing that they have no grasp of the SCOPE of what is being set up.
Why **just** lock up the SpyGate plotters when you can use your people inside the DOJ to **turn** the "witch hunt" that they hope is gonna TAKE YOU OUT into a massive takedown of the entire DC foreign bribery industry?

Trump thinks/plans BIG.

Many people can't do that.
Here's why I never had any sympathy for Manafort: I suspected from the very beginning he was a Clinton plant sent to help establish the narrative that Trump was preparing to engage in **exactly the same kind of secret under the table foreign deals** everybody else in DC does.
Literally everybody in DC knew what a slimy corrupt unregistered foreign agent guy Paul Manafort was at the time it was SUGGESTED TO TRUMP THAT HE MAKE THIS GUY HIS CAMPAIGN MANAGER.
What **clearer** signal could be sent to illustrate the kind of corrupt, illegal hidden foreign deals facilitated by massive hidden bribes that Trump was **planning to do** than hiring well known foreign lobbyist Paul Manafort as his campaign manager?
You know why the SpyGate coup plotters were so HOT to get surveillance of the entire Trump campaign? So they could find evidence of all that **secret deal-making** with foreign leaders they just **KNEW** Trump was going to be doing in case he won.
These same SpyGate officials had just spent more than EIGHT YEARS covering up/hiding all the secret foreign deal making that went on during the Obama/Clinton crime spree.

They FULLY EXPECTED Trump to be JUST AS CORRUPT if not even more so than the Obama admin.
So the Steel Dossier & it's fake "evidence" was used to **start** the process & get the surveillance going until they could find **THE ACTUAL EVIDENCE** of Trump selling out US foreign & domestic policy.

Only as the months dragged on after Trump won, they ran into a PROBLEM.

They looked and looked, they spied and spied with increasing desperation as November 2016 turned into January 2017 turned into May 2017 [bye Comey!], etc.
At the end of all this they **never** found any real evidence and they were forced to end up defending that goddamn Steele dossier, which was supposed to quietly fade away after it was replaced by the actual evidence they were planning to find.
Trump **pretended** to fall into their trap.

"Hey, make Manafort my campaign manager! WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Yeah, I love it! Get him on the phone, tell him he's hired!"

Then Trump staked Manafort out in his yard like a goat for the wolves, then discared him.
EDIT: Then Trump staked Manafort out in his yard like a goat for the wolves, then discarded him.

Jared Kushner was **always** the real Trump campaign manager/top election strategist. Lewandowski, Manafort, then Conway were front people, PR handlers.
Not only did Trump not fall into the Manafort trap, he let these idiots think they were getting **exactly what they wanted** with that Comey-approved Special Counsel team set up by The Great And Powerful Mueller.
There was nothing to worry about! Mueller would take Trump down, at the very least Trump's chances of reelection would slide by the month to the point he might even resign!

For two years as they got everything ready Trump & his team strung these dumbasses along.
While exposing the SpyGate plot, shoring up public opinion to demand proper investigation of it, as well as justice for the plotters, Trump has **also** been simultaneously preparing to expose all the prior secret deal making & the shutting down of the foreign bribe industry.
And today we get this op-ed from @ChuckGrassley, yet another clear indication of where Trump and his allies are headed.

Be of good cheer.


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