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Feb 25 23 tweets 6 min read
Let's be clear about something.

Trump does his own fundraising.

He has for years.

He's is not and never has been fundraising for the f**king RNC.

I see a lot of people out there still confused into thinking Trump gives dump trucks full of $$ to the RNC.

NO, HE DOES NOT. Trump has been actively engaged in a HOSTILE TAKEOVER of the RNC for some number of years now.

I **fully understand** that many Conservative, Inc. news outlets out there HIDE THIS FROM YOU and will ARGUE ABOUT THIS WITH YOU should you bring it up to them.
Feb 17 4 tweets 2 min read
There are tons of documented evidence proving the Biden Crime Family’s bribery schemes.

If one particular FBI informant told a believable bribery story to the FBI while knowing the Biden’s were being investigated for Burisma bribery, but that particular bribe never happened, he was making it up to GET PAID, this is exactly what would happen.

He could have passed many other ACCURATE stories. To get paid. But he lied about THIS PARTICULAR BRIBE. To get paid.

Weiss would discover during his exhaustive and detailed investigation that the informant made up this particular bribe story.

Quit reacting emotionally to headlines. This is what people don’t understand about FBI informants.

It can be a VERY LUCRATIVE THING, being an FBI informant.

You hit that first big payday with the agency, handing them a story they look at and it appears to check out, you know what happens next?

Feb 8 9 tweets 2 min read
Isn't it kinda funny how this Hur report that's gonna exhaustively detail all the evidence of how still-classified material was taken years ago and illegally stored in Joe Biden's house is dropping RIGHT AFTER the federal courts made a ruling on PRESIDENTIAL IMMUNITY? I mean, it IS kinda funny when you think about it.

Which of course, most people are not going to do.

But that's OK, that's why I'm here.
Feb 8 5 tweets 2 min read
Why, do you suppose, did Garland **highlight** in this letter the section about the Special Counsel's investigation, that the AG **has carefully reviewed** the Special Counsel's conduct during the course of the investigation and FOUND NOTHING OBJECTIONABLE in any planned course of action the Special Counsel plans to take?

"inappropriate" and "unwarranted"? Everybody's assuming based on anonymous leaks to the Fake News Media that Hur's shut down, released his report and...nothing further is coming. If so...why would Garland include THAT paragraph?

In fact, all Garland is saying is that Hur's **investigation** has ended.

He's reviewed any further actions or plans Hur's Special Counsel's Office may be planning to make and he finds nothing 'inappropriate' or 'unwarranted' in any such plan of action.
Feb 5 4 tweets 2 min read
Ye was trying to tell you all something.

Don't just watch. THINK.

What was he **trying** to tell you?

He could see what they were planning for her even back then.

If you think about it, he was trying to show everybody they were grooming their new slave princess.

Once they're done with Taylor, she'll be replaced by another slave princess to drive their messaging into the pop culture.

That girl is likely around 10 years old right now.

Every single star in Hollywood has no illusions. They saw what happened to Ye when he got uppity.

When he stopped doing and saying what his handlers were telling him to say and do.

He got tossed ass-first into a mental hospital. For over a year.

"Read the script we give you or ELSE."…
Feb 5 5 tweets 1 min read
Drugs make the slave princesses easier to control.

They’re addicts.

I know you all hate Taylor.

But she’s not running anything.

She is a drug addict slave to some pretty ruthless people.

She does what she’s told.

Don’t fall for the illusion that the slave princess is in charge. Study Brittany Spears.

You’d learn a few things.
Feb 1 14 tweets 17 min read
The last 9 months has been exceedingly strange for me.

While I had already figured out the FDA food pyramid was garbage, and had watched in real time as all the federal "medical" "health" "science" agencies played a direct role in suppressing accurate information on COVID-19 and C-19 origins, treatments, vaccines, etc., it took me the better of part of 3 years to begin critically and logically examining what these self-same propagandists disguised as 'experts' have been telling all of us about food and what supposedly comprises a healthy diet.

/1Image I'd struggled with my weight since I was a young man of 24. I am soon turning 60.

I'd spent the past few years talking about losing weight and the all the issues I was dealing with from lugging around over 100+ pounds of useless bodyfat.

But I was still eating 4-5 times a day, at least two of those meals being sizable. And though I cut down on the sweets and was eating what I was told were 'healthy whole grains', the weight not only refused to go down, it kept going up.

I would go through the same cycle several times from when I was around 26 to last year:

Start working out religiously, while eating what I was told was mostly 'healthy' food. I'd add some muscle, my weight would drop maybe 20 pounds or so...and then after 3-4 months, hit the wall. No changes, and despite working out, the weight crept back up. Quit working out, gain all the weight back, a year goes by...then start the cycle again.

34 years or so I ran on this hamster wheel.

When this picture was taken, I'd just started writing for The Epoch Times in mid-2018. I was 350 pounds or so. Hadn't weighed myself in a while. I was too scared to look anyway.

Jan 30 14 tweets 7 min read

On April 25, 2017, Rod Rosenstein was confirmed as Jeff Sessions #2 at the DOJ, stepping into the role of Deputy Attorney General after his confirmation vote of 94-6 in the US Senate.

Man did he hit the ground running.

Jeff Sessions recusal

James Comey firing

Robert Mueller **fake interview ** for FBI director with Sessions and Trump also in attendance

Then appointing Mueller as a "surprise" Special Counsel to investigate Trump as both Trump and Sessions pretended to be SHOCKED by this development

Chris Wray appointment as the new FBI Director

Very busy man.

Everything was not what it… Trump himself would later **stress** Mueller WASN'T THERE** that day to interview for the vacant FBI Director position?

Everybody remember that?

Mueller may have TOLD PEOPLE that's why he was there.

But that's....not why he was there.

He was there for...something else.
Jan 29 39 tweets 15 min read
Nobody looks too closely until AFTER the thing collapses.


**WHY** would you LOOK too CLOSELY?!

Take FTX.

A buncha college age kids, including head slob SBF, living in a FREAKING PENTHOUSE in a luxury hotel in the Bahamas scammed and grifted billions for several years and nobody caught on what they were doing?


It was a huge freaking money laundering operation.

They were protected.

Until suddenly....they WEREN'T.

Same thing is gonna happen to Tether. Just a question of when.… Say what?

Usefulness to intelligence agencies, you say? Image
Jan 26 5 tweets 3 min read
No joke.

Pay attention here.

No, really. I mean it.


They **told you** at the Maxwell arrest press conference that....

[you're really paying attention now, aren't you? 😬]

...they NEVER lost track of ol' Ghislaine. For the 9 months she was supposedly 'in the wind' and 'missing', they'd **always known exactly where she was** and that they were 'keeping tabs on her'.

Now I know what you're thinking.


Oh, but its TRUE.

The FBI agent in charge at the presser came right out and said this.

I wrote it about at the time.

And nobody remembers it because 99% of the Fake News coverage and CON Inc. coverage of the Maxwell case thinks a MASSIVE COVER UP IS UNDERWAY.

Read this and see for yourself. I wrote about the startling statement that FBI SAIC William Sweeney made at that press conference in two different columns when I was at The Epoch Times:

They never lost track of Maxwell. They always knew exactly where she was because they were keeping 'discreet tabs on her'.

And who she was meeting with and in communications with, I'm sure.

And when they were ready, and pretty much had it all mapped out they swooped in snatched up up at "Tucked Away".

Ain't life grand?…… Really strange nobody ever seems to point this out, isn't it? Image
Jan 25 10 tweets 5 min read
Currently researching:…
Image I gotta admit...about a year and a half ago, even as I had already been seeing just how badly the federal gov't 'health' and 'science' agencies had been misleading and lying to the public about COVID-19 virus origins, and the C-19 vaccines, I hadn't realized yet just how much they ALSO mislead/lie/misdirect about something so foundational to our lives: FOOD.
Jan 24 21 tweets 8 min read
One big reason for the Obama/Clinton regime's delicate handling of the Benghazi terrorist attack that killed 4 Americans was because they simply could not have it come out how Benghazi was being utilized to arm, equip & train ISIS for its attacks all over the Middle East. Think of how many problems it would have created for the war mongering in the Middle East, the escalation of US forces in the region to help 'contain' ISIS as it took over vast swaths of real estate in Iraq and Syria if ISIS was traced back to our own CIA & government.
Jan 4 4 tweets 2 min read
My favorite picture of Bill Clinton.

Ask me why. Image Answer:

He's seeing @atensnut, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones seated in the audience just yards away from him at the 2016 debate between Donald J. Trump and The Witch, Hillary Clinton.

Google those names if you don't know who they are.

This is the moment Bill Clinton realized Trump was SERIOUS about winning that election.
Jan 4 33 tweets 19 min read
April 6, 2018 was a key date in the Q drops.


How about I show you? Now, I can't LINK any of this directly. The powers that be still suppress all Q info by now allowing any direct linking.

But I **can** do screen shots for you.

This only began happening under Trump.

Why? Image
Dec 25, 2023 4 tweets 3 min read

and I mean this, so pay attention...

NOBODY...loses 2 trillion dollars.



22 years ago our authority figures just CLAIMED TO US that they 'lost' 2 trillion dollars of our money.

And we believed them, and then were massively distracted by 9/11, in which a 'plane' flown by 'terrorists' from 'Al Qaeda' just happened by sheer cosmic coincidence to fly right into the side of the Pentagon where the accounting offices were located. You know, the same accounting offices tasked with finding out how this could've possibly happened.

Aw gee. Now we'll never know where any of that 'lost' money went.

You know what I assume was in those envelopes given to the Bushes at the GHW Bush funeral?

A picture of Barbara Olson.

Or perhaps The Falling Man.

What ever it was, it was an IMAGE and all of 3 of the Bushes who saw it, especially Jeb! **instantly** recognized what they were looking at and were stunned and HORRIFIED at the implications of it.

Outside chance: a picture of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas in 1963.

One led directly to the other.Image
W can't even look at them, won't make eye contact.

Dec 25, 2023 6 tweets 5 min read
Reminder, during the Revolutionary War, at a critical time that just happened to fall very late on the night of Christmas Eve, as Dec. 24 became Dec 25, George Washington and a bunch of patriots were paddling boats and crossing the river to give the Hessian troops and the British a big surprise.

Its why I'm up.

Remember: Q team told you what the KEY was that later unlocks the map.

They told us all in #11.

And in #14.

When you pay attention and ask the right questions, new vistas of understanding open up for you.Image
The BIG MISTAKE a lot of people have been making from the start is that they've been assuming since Trump and the Military Intelligence people behind him assumed full control after they somehow, by some MIRACLE still not fully understood, won the 2016 election, the civilian intel and LEO agencies have been in charge of everything, running everything, doing all the important stuff.

No, they haven't. You've been watching a fake movie.

You were TOLD who'd assumed command behind the scenes and why back in very late 2017. A very real and national crisis level emergency that involved the military intelligence and LEO apparatus taking over and achieving precedence from the civ 3 letter agencies.

Trump told you he was a wartime President.

That was not an exaggeration or hyperbole.
Dec 25, 2023 5 tweets 2 min read
"House of Cards" appears in 7 separate Q drops.

Most of what you're watching isn't real and hasn't been since Trump and the people behind him beat the cheat in Nov. 2016 and assumed full control and never relinquished after Jan. 20, 2017.

Some people are going to enjoy the show.

The rest are going to have the living fuck scared out of them.Image Image
Dec 24, 2023 6 tweets 2 min read
No matter how many years it takes

there will be justice. Image In case you don't know what you're looking at in that picture, here's the ground level view at the red pin from the picture in the previous post: Image
Dec 23, 2023 8 tweets 3 min read
Stop for just a minute.

Sit down. Turn off your TV.

Give this your full and undivided attention.

IF it is indeed true that there's a cottage industry in DC where powerful people with access have been filming and photographing themselves in unbelievably compromised sexual activity?

HOW in a town absolutely CRAWLING with desperate journalists looking for big juicy career-making political scandals to report on, does this activity manage to stay underneath the radar?

Answer is coming soon in the next post in this thread.

Its obvious why it remained hidden until now. I even provided the clue in the 4th sentence in this post. Addendum before I tell you:

Its important to ask the right questions.

When you start doing that, asking the right questions, you start getting CLOSER to where you want to go.

This is one reason Fake News is very effective at what it does.

Which is PREVENTING people from asking the right questions.
Dec 23, 2023 6 tweets 2 min read
Some of these Hollywood people got new handlers over the last several years.

And its not who you instantly would suspect they are.

Some are now in a position where they can start saying what they've always wanted to say but until now, were afraid to. Or not allowed to.

When does a blackmailed person lose their fear?

This is a train of thought a lot of people are going to be following over the next year. What I'm getting at is that there's an almost universal and unquestioned belief that all the people trapped in the Big Club never want out of it, they're happy as pigs in shit in there and they are all having a simply marvelous time.

This isn't true.

And you'd its not true if you actually stopped to question this belief.
Dec 23, 2023 15 tweets 6 min read

[see the next post...]
Image ...the powers that be in DC have **surgically joined themselves at the hip** to the totally FAKE and FALSE and COMPLETELY FRAUDULENT narrative that RUSSIAN HACKERS stole the DNC emails remotely.

Only ONE MAN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD...with more than eight billion people in it...


When their fake narrative collapses, so do they.

And that man who can make that collapse happen is...


Julian Assange **knows** who it was that **really** took the DNC emails via superfast transfer with a thumb drive from the DNC server.

And it wasn't the fucking Russians.

Do you understand that?

Can you comprehend and work out the implications of what I'm telling you?Image