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28 Sep
Big if true.

Remember, an indictment is when somebody turns DOWN a plea bargain.

They tell the US Attorney "I think me and my lawyer can beat your case at trial."

It's taking chances with a jury. If convicted after a trial you get far more time

Something else a lot of commentators need to pay attention to: a prosecutor does not have to show the grand jury ALL THE EVIDENCE; this isn’t the trial.

Only sufficient evidence to sustain a criminal charge is necessary.
Though they are not seeing **everything** the US Attorney has until the discovery phase begins prior to the trial, oftentimes the defendant & lawyer **realize the prosecution has ENOUGH evidence** that escaping conviction is extremely unlikely if goest to the courtroom.
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28 Sep
The dumbasses literally think they've got Trump at last!

This is gonna be SO MUCH FUN.

Note the claim Trump paid only $750 in taxes in those two years is 100% false.

LOL. They are gonna run with this already debunked story because all they have left is desperate gaslighting. Image
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27 Sep

[Googles quickly to remember who Tom Ridge is]
I just remember THE LAST TIME I ever paid attention to Tom Ridge.

It was...the Kermit Gosnell case.

Because Gov. Ridge at the time **relaxed** the clinic inspection laws.

I wrote about that here back in the day on my old blog:

drawandstrike.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-ke… Image
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27 Sep
People who got used as sources both on & off record spent over a year telling Bartiromo & Dobbs that the DOJ & AG Barr were perfectly fine railroading @GenFlynn's ass all the way to prison and gee what a shame that was.

Until April of this year.

Since they can't spin their usual off the record bullshit about Barr personally escorting the General to prison any longer, this is the kind of stuff you'll be hearing until the indictments actually drop.

It is what it is.
One particular person who I won't name publicly got on Bartiromo's and Dobb's shows repeatedly in 2018 all the way through April 2020 and in every appearance raged at AG Barr for not doing anything to stop the railroading of General Flynn.
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27 Sep
Biden literally says he’s not going to say what his position is on the Supreme Court while **he’s running for the job of President of the United States**.

Not only has he called an early morning lid 11 times in September, he’s hiding his positions on vital issues.
“Vote for me because I ain’t telling you shit about what I’ll do with the Supreme Court!” is a pretty bold strategy, I’ll give Biden that.
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26 Sep
Me right now
Democratic socialist enterprise to stack the courts with liberal activists for the past 60 years and in their greed Obama and Clinton paved the way for Trump to COMPLETELY DESTROY THE STRATEGY IN JUST ONE TERM.

I am in AWE.
Obama **intentionally** left HUNDREDS of judicial appointments unfilled so Hillary could sell the seats to cronies who of course would have all been far left judicial activists.

RBG put off retiring so HRC could replace her.

I still can't believe they were that goddamn stupid. Image
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26 Sep
🎶It's a Deep State after all,
It's a Deep State after all!

It's a Deep Deep State!

It's a Deep Deep State
with a deep, deep plan
and with all their power
they couldn't nail The Man

So remember what we saw
as they all began to fall
It's a Deep State after all!🎶
🎶It's a world of failure,
A world of tears,
A world of fading hopes
And a world of fears!
We're now so very scared
We need to make everyone aware
It's a Deep State after all!🎶
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26 Sep
Great work here by @shipwreckedcrew about how the Mueller SCO completely botching the Roger Stone trial so badly, their handling of it is now the subject of a DOJ investigation:

I would just like to state for the record of posterity that I made this meme months ago FOR NO PARTICULAR REASON WHATSOEVER.

[Aaron Zelinsky is on the bottom row, 3rd from left] Image
Something ship doesn't touch on in that column: the Mueller SCO tried to **deliberately sandbag** AG Barr.

Recall Barr said he and others at DOJ **received a briefing** from these Mueller prosecutors as to what their sentencing recommendation for Stone would be.
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26 Sep
Yeah hold that thought.


Oh hey. Another one bookmarked.


Note they don't say WHEN Huber did the handoff to Durham.

Remember, we just found out THREE DAYS AGO Durham was already investigating the SpyGate leaking campaigns back in April of 2017.

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26 Sep
Fun fact: I followed the sport of bodybuilding back in the 1980's. Was in OK shape in college, lifted weights off & on all through the 1990's, early 2000's. Quit in 2003.

That sport took a serious wrong turn in the 1990's. Guys are now dropping dead before 50.
I recognize some of these names in this video.

I don't think the human body was designed to get THAT big. It puts major stress on your heart carrying around 50-60 extra pounds of muscle just like 100 pounds of fat does.

At the time I started following the sport, Joe Weider & the IFBB & top guys like Arnold were still being extremely cagey about the use of steroids in the sport. They insisted they 'tested' & most of these guys were 'natural'.

It was a scam.
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25 Sep
The fact Sessions handled an insurgency inside the very same DOJ/FBI he was in charge of DIFFERENTLY FROM HOW YOU WOULD HAVE HANDLED IT does not mean he was 'useless'.

Putting people on notice: start talking about Durham on the job by April of 2017 or I'm gonna CALL YOU OUT.
It's **right there** in the Flynn filing from yesterday.

Stop pretending you didn't see it.

"Should I keep my interview with John D?"

"I'm going to continue postponing my interview with Durham."
Durham was already investigating the **strategic leaking** going on inside the DOJ/FBI to target Trump, his family members and his associates by April of 2017.

His investigation of the LEAKS led him straight to the RussiaGate Hoax.

He started **long before** May of 2019.
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25 Sep
OK outsourcing this.

I need a longer clip to establish the context.

Along with the where, the when, to who.

OK verified it.

It's from 2016 and Biden is attempting a lame joke here.

Trump has said one day he'll tell us about everything the O'Biden admin. did to our military.

I'm looking forward to it.

Including making our service men & women listen to speeches where a bombing Biden said "C'mon man!" a zillion times.
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25 Sep

And I'll tell you why.

BECAUSE ALL THE USUAL SUSPECT POLITICAL ACTIVIST GROUPS are cut out of getting any of this $ and siphoning it off to themselves. Sharpton & the Gang & CRT grifters aren't getting 1 penny of it.

This money will go STRAIGHT TO THE BLACK COMMUNITIES in these cities.

Which means it won't be running through the usual federal /state/local channels which Democrats use to play middleman and take their exorbitant cuts of it.
Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, BLM, Critical Race Theory grifters all watching this sweet, sweet $500 billion just passing by them and they can't touch any of it:
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25 Sep
Despite the fact Twitter has been playing around with my account for over 2 years now, I will still cross the 250,000 mark sometime in the next few hours.

I appreciate the fact I am followed by a quarter of a million people and I will do my best to make it worth it.
Was it something I said? :(
I don't even know why they bother with that.

I can pass the captcha and get the text message to my phone in less than 2 minutes.
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25 Sep
In a 302 only a month old, the DOJ continues to redact both @RealSLokhova and Stefan Halper’s names.

Guess what that means?

It means Halper’s story aboutLokhova and Flynn is still classified. They’re not ready to unredact the names even though we’ve known for two years now it’s Halper as the FBI source and Lokhova who was claimed to have left the event with Flynn.
That’s an issue still being investigated.

Remember, they insisted on redacting Pientka’s name for two years even though we knew it was him. They only stopped redacting Pientka’s name recently.
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25 Sep
I want to take just a moment and THANK Judge Sullivan for leaving the case open ALL THIS TIME so AG Barr & DOJ & US Attorney Jeff Jensen could hand over MORE EXCULPATORY DOCUMENTS to @SidneyPowell1 & @molmccann! 🥳🇺🇸👍


**This** is why the switch to a counterintel op & why they HID they did this switch.

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24 Sep

I keep saying there's more US Attorney's involved here than they have publicly revealed thus far, and the scope of this thing is MASSIVE.

That's why I tweeted this last night.

A lot of people didn't get it.

But they are going to start getting it...soon.

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24 Sep
Now, here’s “inside the Beltway “ take on how this is just smart campaign strategy by the Biden camp:

Traditional politics-as-usual people of course think Trump is running a bumbling disaster of a campaign.

Trump trolls the media & Dems, these people say “There goes Trump again, putting his foot in his mouth, hurting himself! His opponent just needs to stay quiet to benefit!”
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24 Sep
Who knows what an intelligence operation boomerang is?

Because my theory is you are watching one unfold.
Thanks, Obama/Biden era DOJ/FBI & Mueller SCO for the **extensive education** you gave us all on the vital importance of the FARA Act for national security and to prohibit official corruption.

You guys have been swell, really.

Barr, Durham & others will take it from here.
I'll just add 1 more thing here:

Remember: **tapes** of Biden and Kerry discussing **some** of the corruption they were actively involved in enabling and participating in were made public months ago.

Those weren't all of the tapes, either. There are more.

Sweet dreams!

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23 Sep
In case you're wondering why I limited myself only to RT'ing the claims she was making and never commenting on them:

At least Bannon found a creative way to make some bank on the pandemic and generate a little lockdown hysteria.

BTW, just to state on the record again: if SDNY has the evidence they claimed in the indictments, Bannon is headed for prison for deliberately lying about not taking a salary or using any of the donated money for himself.

Should've just been up front, "I'm paying myself."
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23 Sep
Who didn't see this coming? As the evidence comes out OF COURSE the Fake News Media is going to spin it by saying "By jove, all this money changing hands was PERFECTLY LEGAL!"

Sure it was.

Let me just ask one question, if I may?

When did Hunter Biden file under FARA? 🤔
Remember, the Crossfire Hurricane investigation at the FBI started as a *criminal FARA investigation*, not a counterintelligence probe.

They were attempting to **find evidence** Trump & associates were taking money to act as foreign agents without disclosing it.
At what point did Hunter Biden or the Biden family or any of their associates **disclose** these millions and millions of dollars running through their hands from these foreign sources?

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