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To celebrate #DonaldDuck's 85th birthday, I am gonna watch every DD theatrical cartoon in chronological order (minus the ones I just covered in my #Mickey90 megathread)

Mute the thread NOW if you would like to avoid seeing all of this!
Day 1: "The Wise Little Hen" (June 9, 1934)

Donald's 1st appearance, as a scene-stealing supporting actor in this Silly Symphony cartoon. He is paired w/Peter Pig, who will never have a role this good again. DD becomes an instant star, while Peter is demoted to background player
I think they know they have something here; they save Donald's intro for last, and give him a great entrance.

Also, WLH's singing voice is perfect, and Peter Pig's speaking voice is a true nightmare. You can feel his cartoon career ending the moment he opens his mouth.
1) Donald is immediately hilarious. His fake stomach ache sounds, voiced by the legendary Clarence "Ducky" Nash, are super funny
2) Leaving our selfish villains, the film briefly becomes just "cute agriculture gags"
3) I assume DD is VP of the Idle Hour Club bc it's less work
1) I love that they shake hands over their mutual belly ache deception
2) the next section is Food Porn, specifically Corn Porn
3) They do not bother to repair their broken clubhouse
4) WLH throws some shade with her final move
This cartoon is pretty perfect, and I really like the vocals throughout, especially when they get into the food, and this last part where they repeat the closing lyric as if it is the most important thing in the world.
I count two #DisneyAssGags in Donald's debut, both involving Donald. The first one happens mere seconds after he appears, before he has said a word

1) Donald bounces off his boat on his ass, then bounces once more before saying hello
2) Donald's debut ends on a major #DisneyAssGag, as Peter Pig & Donald Duck agree to kick one another in the ass repeatedly to punish themselves for their short-sightedness
Almost immediately after his Silly Symphonies debut, Donald Duck was deputized as a supporting player in Mickey Mouse cartoons, where he instantly stole Mickey's thunder

I just covered all these shorts in my Mickey Mouse megathread, so I'll skip them: 12 films from 1934-1936
Day 2: "Donald & Pluto" (September 12, 1936)

Donald's 1st starring role is still technically released as a Mickey Mouse cartoon + he shares top billing w/Mickey's dog, who quite predictably dominates almost all of the short's running time.

PLUS: a whopping 47 #DisneyAssGags!
We get a solid temper tantrum from Donald but then the focus quickly shifts to Pluto and we won't see the duck again until well past the halfway mark...
I will catalog the #DisneyAssGags in a moment, because there are so many that it is almost hard to calculate where one gag ends and the next one begins. This entire short is basically one long extended ass gag and nothing else.
1) the kitchen section feels like it was a direct inspiration for the opening segment of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
2) Donald returns! I find his frustration more enjoyable than Pluto's. DD was designed for us to enjoy his misery.
A happy ending for Pluto & a miserable one for Donald, as it should be.
FORTY-SEVEN #DisneyAssGags might be a record. It could be more or fewer, depending on how you count when one gag ends & the next one begins. But my count is 47.

1) Pluto swallows magnet drawn to metal dish, dish affixes itself to Pluto's ass
2) Pluto realizes that a metal dish is stuck to his ass
3) Pluto tries shaking his ass to remove the metal dish
4) Pluto chases his ass and bites at the dish
5) Pluto chases his own ass in circles
6) Pluto runs upstairs but this does nothing to remove the metal dish from his ass
7) Pluto's ass is bombarded with metal things
8) Pluto's ass is chased by the metal disc until he turns his ass away
9) Pluto's ass magnet squooshes him from the other direction
10) I think this is still an Ass Gag but it also counts as Cronenbergian Body Horror
11) Pluto's ass is drawn to the pendulum of the wall clock
12) Pluto's ass destroys the wall clock
13) Another clock! This cartoon should've been called "Ass Time"
14) Pluto hears the clock following him but he surely has no idea it has anything to do with his ass
15) Pluto pivots and nearly gets an alarm clock on his ass
16) Pluto gets an alarm clock on his ass
17) TFW an alarm clock targets your ass and u don't know why
18) Pluto realizes, for the first time, that all of this chaos has SOMETHING to do with his ass
19) Pluto uses his ass to test the theory that the clock is drawn to his ass
20) Like a good scientist, Pluto does more than one test to make sure the first ass/clock test wasn't a fluke.
21) Pluto attempts to remove his ass from the vicinity of the clock but is thwarted by an unexpected rolling pin
22) Pluto's ass isn't even in the frame but make no mistake, this shot is all about his ass anxiety. That clock wants his ass and he has no idea why.
23 & 24) The clock attaches itself to Pluto's ass again, and he escapes it by entering a bearskin rug via the mouth and exiting via its ass
In slow-motion, so you can clearly see that Pluto escapes through the dead bear's ass:
25) Pluto's ass once again attracts the metal dish
26) Pluto's ass is pulled back into the kitchen where greater dangers await
27) Pluto realizes that his ass is in danger
28) Pluto's ass being relentlessly pursued by flying sharp knives
29) The flying knives change directions on midair, so strong is the pull of Pluto's magnetic ass
30) Pluto's ass finally escapes the flying knives
31) Pluto escapes to the basement, metal dish still attached to his ass
32) Pluto's magnetic ass sucks the nails out of Donald's wooden ladder
33) Can you believe it? Nails being drawn to Pluto's ass causes Donald's ass to be attacked by a giant suction cup! Ass Gags causing Ass Gags!
This is a #DisneyAssGag that should be played on a loop somewhere, forever
34) Donald is now literally pulled into Pluto's never-ending ass disaster
35) Pluto's ass on the roof causes problems for Donald down below
36) Pluto's ass drags Donald along the ceiling
37) Pluto's ass (unseen) is the cause of all Donald's onscreen problems
38) Pluto's magnetic ass + Donals's sledge hammer + a ceiling fan = fast spinning for Pluto & Donald
39) See what I mean about the difficulty of calculating where one gag ends and the next one begins? But all of it is because of Pluto's magnetic ass
40) Now Donald causes an electric current to run through him & his sledge hammer into Pluto's ass
41) It is impressive how often they don't even need to show Pluto's ass in the shot for us to know that his ass is causing specific problems we are seeing happen
42) Donald drags Pluto's ass across the roof
43) Pluto's ass drags Donald across the ceiling in the most painful way
44) Donald & Pluto finally realize what is going on and that his ass is at the center of it
45) Maybe this isn't technically an Ass Gag but I am going to count it simply because it is a single frame where Pluto's face smashes deep into Donald's downy crotch
46) A ladder hits Pluto in the ass and the magnet is finally removed
47) I forgot this one, right at the beginning! Donald pulls the sledge hammer towards him using the magnet, indelicately grazing Pluto's crotch/ass area in the process.
One more thing: I hope a ton of classic animated shorts find their way onto Disney+, but I am also sensitive to the idea that they need to be careful about what is "all ages."

I kept thinking throughout this one that "swallowing a magnet" might be a kind of dangerous gag in 2019
Am I being oversensitive? I dunno. I'm normally of a mind that kids can process a lot in terms of cartoon violence, but something about this one feels like it plants a dangerous idea that is kind of "household" convenient in a way that makes it different than an ACME explosive
Hey, here is a commemorative plate my parents got me in 1984, celebrating Donald Duck's 50th birthday. For reasons I can't articulate, it is one of my most prized possessions.

I love the 5 specific images they chose to represent the phases of DD's career.
Day 3: "Don Donald" (January 9, 1937)

Donald's first full-on solo short, but it was still released originally as a Mickey Mouse cartoon, even though MM doesn't even make a cameo.

Featuring the only screen appearance of Donna Duck, also voiced by Clarence "Ducky" Nash.
1) I *believe* these are reissue titles at the beginning, and that Donald had not yet gotten his face card at the top of the short. I think it would've still been a Mickey face to open it
2) Within the first 30 seconds of his premier solo short, he has already done something bad
1) Donald & Donna have an extremely unhealthy & violent relationship.
2) Donald is unforgivably cruel to hus burro
3) This short is meaner & more cynical than a Mickey Mouse short and yet there is something more fun in the dread of knowing that things are going to end badly
1) Donald's car goes crazy!
2) This is a terrible date
3) Donald's ex-burro follows him all the way out into the desert to witness & enjoy his humiliation, which is this cartoon's version of a happy ending
Duck loses girl
Duck murders car
Car shrinks sombrero
Burro laughs at duck
While we may never again scale the heights of #DisneyAssGags achieved in "Donald & Pluto," the Disney animators clearly love emphasizing duck butts, so we are still in double-digits with this one

1) Donna appears and is almost instantly twerking
2) Donna turns her back to Donald and makes a kissing face while presenting
3) Donna kicked in the ass repeatedly by Donald's feisty burro
4) Donna gets ass stuck in Donald's sombrero
5) Donna also uses her ass to express dismissal/rejection
6) I am not counting burro gags as ass gags unless they involve the burro's actual ass.

Donald's car does seem to also have an ass, so I am counting this:
7) Cactus ass getting buzzed by Donald's car
8) Burro brings ass as close to camera as possible for no discernible reason
9) Donna angrily pushes Donald's ass, which he does **not** appreciate one bit
10) Donna is trapped in what I consider to the ass of the car and then the car expels exhaust at Donald. I'm going to count all of this as a single ass gag.
11) Donald hit in the ass by his own crazy car
12) ass for a head and a head for an ass
13) note the sound effect for Donna's ass skipping over the water
14) Donald laughs with head under hat and ass in the air
15) ass smashed against cacti
16) once again, an ass gesture from Donna to indicate dismissal
17) watch as Donald's ass visibly pulls away from the cacti
Model sheet for "Don Donald" featuring all 4 main characters
February & April 1937, Donald appeared in 3 more Mickey Mouse cartoons. In two of them, he was a badly behaved foil, and in Moose Hunters he was part of a team with M&G.
Day 4: "Modern Inventions" (May 29, 1937)

Donald sneaks his way into The Museum Of Modern Marvels & finds himself tormented by various inventions, including a robot butler who keeps stealing his hat(s).

Carl Barks wrote gags for this, years before his legendary Duck comics.
While Mickey can be playful & mischievous-- especially early Mickey-- DD is a rule-breaker with a bad temper. Even when he's having a good time & laughing it up, it feels like it has an edge to it.
1) Carl Barks would go on to reinvent Donald for comic books & create the city of Duckburg + Uncle Scrooge & many other classic characters, including Gyro Gearloose who could've easily invented everything in this museum
2) Donald REALLY gets into pretending to be a baby
This moment with the robot actually kind of scares me. I remember being frightened by his intensity as a kid and I still sort of feel it. (I think it's the edit and the slight punch-in when his light starts blinking that does it.)
Matt Groening has said that this short was the inspiration for the "suicide booths" in Futurama.
It's easy to imagine this short working well enough with almost any other Disney character bc the invention gags are solid but no other character would've been as satisfying as Donald, whose frustration hits all the right comedic notes.
How many #DisneyAssGags in this one? Hard to say. A conservative estimate would be 2, but I'm going to say that the final sequence feels more like 10 gags.

1) Donald pretends to be a baby and gets powdered for a diaper
2) Donald's diapering continues with more powder & a pin
3) Donald is in the mechanical barber chair upside down so his ass is treated like his head. This is not a throwaway ass gag, it is the extended climax of the entire film.
4) Donald's ass gets a haircut
5) Donald's ass gets a scalp massage
6) hot towel makes Donald's ass too hot
7) combing Donald's ass
8) parting Donald's ass with a comb
9) styling & perfuming Donald's ass
10) Showing Donald's ass its reflection in a mirror
11) Putting a hat on Donald's ass
12) Donald noticing hat on ass
Quick rundown of the inventions we see in the museum: mechanical onion peeler & pea splitter (plus one more I cannot read the sign on), robot butler, old razor blade mangler...
Hitch-Hiker's Aid
Mechanical Bottle Opener
Automatic Bundle-Wrapper
Magentic ________?
Potato Sheller
Potato Peeler
Automatic Picture Hanger
Robot Nurse Maid
Pnuematic Pencil Sharpener
Hydraulic Potato Peeler
Mechanical Barber Chair
Sept/Oct 1937 saw the release of two more Mickey shorts where Donald is a supporting character, both of which I covered in the MM thread: "Hawaiian Holiday" & "Clock Cleaners."

His ass catches on fire & he fights a clock's mainspring
Day 5: "Donald's Ostrich" (December 10, 1937)

Donald's 1st official solo cartoon, in which he works at the Wahoo train station and finds himself dealing with a live ostrich and a lively radio.
1) Donald hears mention of a recipe for "roast duck" & reacts badly but also this is a world in which there are "real" animals + humanoid animals & Donald does eat the former
2) The ostrich is clearly more of a "real" animal & it's not hard to imagine DD eating an ostrich burger
Donald Duck will eat a bird as long as that bird can't talk or put on some clothes and he will ENJOY IT
1) Donald rejects the ostrich's seemingly romantic advances. Would it've been taboo if he had consented?
2) This all feels pretty cutesy
Balloons lead to "hiccoughs" which lead to a tuba blast which leads to eating the radio which leads to all manner of destruction.
Could any of this have been avoided? Maybe if Donald hadn't rejected the ostrich's romantic advances, yes.
An ostrich automatically means lots of #DisneyAssGags

1) flirtatious ostrich turns ass to Donald flirtatiously
2) Donald's head stuck in container, ass-out
3) head in hose, ass-up
4) hose bumps Donald's ass
5) Donald blows tuba at ostrich ass
6) ostrich head in tuba, ass-out
7) Donald stuck in tuba, with ass sticking out
8) radio inside ostrich causes ass to hop and move around
9) radio inside ostrich causing ass to bump and slide
10) ass-up/head down + radio causing ass to fly high into the air
11) I mean this is all just one radio-ass gag but there are so many variations that they need to be counted separately
12) ostrich bounces ass-first onto Donald
13) Donald is now head-down/ass-up, with ass flipping back & forth
I am sure I must have seen this short when I was a kid, but I have no memory of it. It felt like I was seeing it now for the first time. I wonder how many more of these will feel like that, and how many will feel familiar...

Here is a model sheet for "Donald's Ostrich":
Here is a one-page version of "Donald's Ostrich" that appeared in Good Housekeeping magazine in 1937 which added Mickey and gave him top billing!
And here is a book version that was published in the UK:
In the same month that Donald made his official debut as a solo star, the cartoon trio of MD&G was basically peaking in "Lonesome Ghosts."

They would work together again, of course, but honestly it won't be long before Donald & Goofy start making duo films without Mickey.
Day 6: "Self Control" (February 11, 1938)

Donald attempts to control his temper, following the advice of "Smiling Uncle Smiley," a musical philosopher with a radio show

This is DD's 2nd solo short; this time he is in conflict with TWO "real" birds, along w/a fly & a caterpillar
1) the return of Donald & Peter Pig's catchphrase from "The Wise Little Hen": "Who, me? Oh no!"
2) Smiling Uncle Smiley leaves nearly 30 seconds of dead air within the first 2 minutes of his broadcast
3) Donald loves this show and is totally on board to take SUS's advice
1) People always talk about Donald's temper but I think good mood, pre-tantrum DD is delightful
2) Smiling Uncle Smiley is comfortable leaving a full minute of dead air on his show, singing a little song, then settling in for another full minute of silence. That is CONFIDENCE
1) Based on this short & the previous one, Donald Duck's main enemies are the radio and other birds
1) Donald goes for his gun, because OF COURSE HE DOES. (By this point in his screen career, DD has already been an active shooter during a live radio broadcast)
2) I really love that they allowed time for Donald to break down emotionally before he destroys the radio
I count a mere 6 #DisneyAssGags in this one, but I have to say that, as one of Disney's pantless characters, sometimes all he has to do is pose or move slightly for it to be an Ass Gag.

1) caterpillar crawls along the underside of the hammock, tickling Donald's ass
2) hen goes to bite caterpillar but gets Donald'a ass instead
3) Is this enough to count as #DisneyAssGag? I think it is. The emphasis is there. Just a hen's ass, to-camera, jumping.
4) hen's ass lands on Donald's face
5) Donald sleeps ass-up
6) Donald wiggling his ass while he sleeps
Carl Barks was in the story department at this time & is listed on imdb as writer/co-writer for a lot of Donald shorts of this era

I'm sure @biryanifan knows more details about who contributed what & why & when & how; will @taschen put out an enormous book for Donald's 90th??
This statue, inspired by the short "Self Control," was produced in a limited edition and sold out immediately even though it cost $1800. (If you look closely, Carl Barks' name is on the little book)
I really like this statue but my life would have to change in an unfathomable amount of ways for me to enjoy owning this statue for $1800. I'm glad it exists and hope the people who bought it display it nicely in their homes.
If you are one of the people who bought one of these $1800 Donald Duck statues (or you know someone who does) please reply to this tweet with a pic of it!

Or if you own ANY statue of Donald Duck! Esp if you display it proudly in your home!

I keep saying statues. Figurines??
Or you can buy this one for $11,224.99!

With no free shipping, sorry! $11K plus seventeen bucks extra for shipping!…
The same month as "Self Control," Donald appears in the MD&G short, "Boat Builders."

At this point, Donald is a successful solo artist while also being a member of one of the best trios in animated cartoons, but the latter is about to taper off...
Day 7: "Donald's Better Self" (March 11, 1938)

Donald's inner angel & devil try to influence his behavior. Also: Donald is a CHILD in this one, even though he looks and acts no different and he seems to live alone in his own house.
1) great set-up for Donald's angel/devil personas; in the "waking up" scenario, I find the devil more appealing
2) the way the devil sneaks out the window is intriguing; where is he going? Does he do stuff on his own, unrelated to Donald's life?
3) does Donald live alone??
1) I am really appreciating how much fun this character is when he is excited about something
2) Whatever the devil is whispering to Donald makes him laugh & say, "Boy! Hot stuff! Hot stuff!"
3) This cartoon, combined w/maybe 2 others, made me never want to smoke
1) Disney really liked the scenario where the angels refuse to fight until provoked, and then destroy the devil. This feels very similar to the shorts where Pluto wrestled with his inner angel/devil
2) impressive visuals when the angel goes in for the kill
It is an interesting convention of cartoons from this era to sometimes decide to make a character into a child with no effort to change their voice or appearance or even their behavior. When I watched these as a kid, I never believed any of these characters were children.
The details of child Donald's room indicate an interest in violent entertainment but the most upsetting thing is the axe in the footboard of his bed. Oh, and the SHOTGUN.

The Drake University pennant on the wall & the stop sign seem to be the indicators of his virtuous side
In his pajamas: cards, dice, a kife, a gun, etc
I count roughly 8 #DisneyAssGags in this one.

1) Donald strikes a match on his ass
2) Donald's ass on fire
3) the devil laughs ass-up, revealing his pointy devil tail
4) The devil laughs ass-up, again. It is his preferred way to laugh
5) devil tricks angel into lifting gown as a trick to get a punch in (the garment somehow makes this play as a minor ass gag, I think)
6) devil pulls gown over head, kicks angel into the water
7) ass of garment taking on and then losing water
8) angel kicks donald in the ass
Here's some production art from "Donald's Better Self," which despite some weird elements (or who knows, maybe because of them) is yet another top-notch DD film.

Donald is just such a great character & is actually even better as a leading man than he was as a supporting player.
Day 8: "Donald's Nephews" (April 15, 1938)

This cartoon is the debut of Huey, Dewey & Louie, who in their 1st appearance are uncontrollable sociopaths, a far cry from the honorable Junior Woodchucks they would evolve into later...
1) Donald went from schoolchild to uncle in one month
2) DD lives in Hollywood & his sister's name is Dumbella (both facts will change)
3) DD struggles to read, stumbling hard on the word "visit"
4) Despite this, he owns a lot of books. Why does he own "Modern Child Training"?
1) Donald really is trying his best here
2) HD&L are monsters but also musically talented
3) Donald had prepared an entire cooked bird before he even knew his nephews were going to be there?
1) Donald makes the boys say grace, which is something I don't know that I've ever seen goody-goody Mickey Mouse do
2) Even though his tears are fake in this instance, I really like the full range of emotions they allow Donald to have
3) HD&L are terrifying in this
I think later shorts tend to allow the wronged party to get revenge; here, all DD does is try to do right by his nephews & they get away with every horrible thing they do. I feel like shorts like this often aren't factored in when people think of what a "Disney" cartoon is.
I count 2 #DisneyAssGags in this one

1) Dewey shoots apple at piano, knocks the lip prop away, the lid falls on Donald and his head gets stuck inside the frame, leaving him with his ass sticking up & out of the piano. #AssOverApples
2) Huey uses his bass violin to fire the bow directly at Donald's ass, repeating the apple scenario a 2nd time. #cloaca
Donald appears in another classic MD&G short ("Mickey's Trailer") filled with great sight gags & action sequences. This comedic trio is on its way out, however, as Mickey is about to get the heave-ho...
Donald & Goofy now appear as co-stars in the first of a handful of shorts to be made over the next decade with no sign of Mickey whatsoever. What brought this on? Was there debate about it? Seeing the two of them together on the opening image feels pointed...
I don't know why but these title cards make it feel like a big deal. MD&G will still make a few more films together as a trio, but this seems like someone making a move to sideline Mickey and prove a point about how D&G were the real stars of Disney now...
Day 9: "Polar Trappers" (June 17, 1938)

Donald tries to kill penguins while Goofy tries to kill a walrus, in a film that has a lot I admire but still feels like a step down from the recent run of MD&G films...
Goofy is preparing to catch a walrus while Donald cooks beans.

This is the 2nd short in a row where Donald craves cooked bird meat.

Donald trying to chop off a female penguin's head with an axe is perhaps him at his least sympathetic.
1) Goofy is so dumb that he isn't even matching wits with a dumb walrus, his main foe here is ICICLES.
2) I like how sparse the musical score gets at times in this
3) Some really great moody atmosphere in this short
Is Donald's plan to kill ALL of these penguins? Because it seems like that's his plan. Yet another twisted/dark comedic take in a Disney cartoon. Even the tiny cute penguin's tears are just a trigger for a huge rolling snowball disaster.
Is the "we bring 'em back alive" slogan entirely false advertising? Because Donald definitely tried to kill that penguin earlier. In any case, nothing worked out well for either DD or G. But I have to admit I miss Mickey in the equation, even though this is a fun cartoon.
This short is one where there is overlap between #DisneyAssGags and #DisneyIceGags

1) Large icicle lands directly in the middle of Goofy's ass
2) Large icicle lands on Goofy's head, pushing his entire ass through the ice below
3) Goofy pulls his ass out of the ice, leaving an ass-shaped ice hole
4) Goofy has an ice-ass
5) Goofy realizes he has an ice-ass and goes through multiple stages of processing it emotionally
6) Goofy copes with (and finally accepts) the idea of having an "ice ass."
7 through 14) Penguins stepping on Donald's ass while marching
15) & 16) Donald kicks tiny penguin in the ass, penguin lands ass-up with head stuck in snow
Day 10: "Good Scouts" (July 8, 1938)

In the 2nd film to feature HD&L, the unca/nephew dynamic is a little more recognizable-- they are not quite so poorly behaved and Donald is not such a saint...
1) What is the song they're singing? Whatever it is, I think I've only ever heard this version & I like the overall quackiness of it
2) Now Donald has zero patience/won't listen, setting him up to deserve the eventual outcome of this short
3) not yet Junior Woodchucks, but close!
1) the can of beans feels like a callback to "Polar Trappers" & Donald's hatred of beans
2) Donald's prank with the ketchup sets up such a great spiralling disaster
This whole short is another great example of why Disney cartoons of this era need to be given another look. I feel like the post-Roger Rabbit era has been dominated by the pacing & style of Looney Tunes & Tex Avery but this is every bit as good as any of that stuff.
I think this is a perfect ending, but I have to admit that as a child endings like this really stressed me out.
I count 9 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) extreme full-frame close-up of Donald's ass while walking
2) Donald's vibrating ass
3) Donald grabs his own ass to make it stop vibrating
4) Donald gets his ass stuck in a geyser
5) Donald realizes that his ass is stuck in a geyser
6) Donald desperately tries to get his ass out of the geyser before it (the geyser) erupts
7) Donald gives up, preys; geyser erupts and shoots his ass skyward
8) Donald gets a stick up his ass
9) 3 tiny boulders hit Donald in the ass
Hey, guess what-- Hallmark has a "Good Scouts" XMAS tree ornament coming out for 2019!…
Day 11: "The Fox Hunt" (July 29, 1938)

Another D&G short, this time with a CAMEO by Mickey! Something about the rhythm of these duo shorts feels off to me, less satisfying then any MD&G short or Donald or Goofy solo effort.
I think it is simply a matter of the rhythms-- in a MD&G short, it feels satisfying for the trio to splinter off into 3 separate strands, but as a duo I feel like I want to see D&G interact more. This feels like two different solo shorts that got squished into one.
It's not that there's really anything wrong with this short (I'm just nitpicking) but with the exception of one brief overlap, Donald & Goofy's worlds don't really collide in this. I know there are a couple of D&G team-ups to come where their chemistry is better utilized...
1) Goofy basically vanishes for the last couple of minutes, his story just sort of stops
2) I feel like Donald vs. the foxes sets the template for a whole lot of late 40s/early 50s DD shorts where he battles Chip & Dale or Spike The Bee
1) this skunk beat sort of comes out of nowhere instead of tying Goofy back into the action somehow
2) cameos by Mickey, Minnie, Horace Horsecollar & Clara Cluck!
All those cameos in shadow at the beginning of the cartoon-- I wonder, were 1938 audiences excited to see Horace or Clara?
Mickey & Minnie & Horace & Clara -- I wonder where Clarabelle is???
I count 12 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) Dogs pulled out of water, butts-first
2) heads-under-butts, to-camera
3) six dog butts squished together around Donald's neck
4) all 6 dog butts tied together, up high as they run
5) Donald crashes through wooden fence, ass-to-camera
6) Goofy hitting his own ass, repeatedly
7) hat-on-ass
8) goofy watching horse ass swim in circles
9) goofy ass-up, underwater
10) Goofy soaking wet & ass-to-ass with his horse
11) Donald blows horn into hole, ends up with head in hole/ass in the air
12) Donald emerges from hollow log, ass-first
Production art for the poster & model sheets; it appears that an early title for this was "Master Of The 'Ounds"
Less than a month after "The Fox Hunt," another MD&G short was released ("The Whalers") which featured Donald fighting with birds again but also a much more satisfying balance of the 3 characters compared to the duo D&G shorts so far
Day 12: "Donald's Golf Game" (November 4, 1938)

A 3rd screen outing for Donald & his nephews finds DD at his worst while HD&L are closer to the prankster mode of their debut. The tone of this one feels nasty to the point where I couldn't fully enjoy it-- it's a fine line!
1) "Here We Go Gathering Nuts In May" dates back to the late 1800s:…
2) Donald is a jerk to the kids before they start pranking him, but they were also pre-planning by bringing "Goofy Golf Clubs" along
1) the Goofy Golf Clubs are impressively designed
2) Donald threatens to SKIN HIS NEPHEWS ALIVE if they ever come back
3) more close-ups than usual in this short
4) that cricket is too big, right?
1) The dynamic between D & his nephews at this point is beyond toxic
2) impressive underwater shot (both in terms of the film's look and in terms of Donald as a golfer)
3) Does Goofy have any connection to the Goofy Golf Clubs company?
1) "I'll break your necks!" he yells before throwing a golf club directly at his nephew's heads. Should Donald Duck be in prison?
2) Some of these cartoons are absolute masterpieces but this one feels unpleasant!
I have no idea what the budget was for "Donald's Golf Game" but the current estimate for @realDonaldTrump's golfing during his presidency is 188 days and a cost of 104 MILLION DOLLARS of taxpayer money.
Speaking of asses, I count 8 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) Donald jingles his ass, pre-swing
2) clothespin-to-ass
3) Donald notices golf ball in net after it hits his ass 8 times
4) Donald's ritual pre-swing ass jingle
5) deflated inner tube caught on tiny slingshot stump snaps to hit ass, propelling him forward
6) Donald gets a golf ball making a back to front journey
7) Stepping on head makes the ass go up, then they step on ass to push it back down, all the while singing "Nuts In May"
8) Final shot of Donald's screaming ass: "The End"
Some production art from "Donald's Golf Game"
And a Good Housekeeping magazine adaptation featuring Goofy + a bull and no sign of the nephews!
EXTRA: a Donald Duck cameo in the Silly Symphony "Mother Goose Goes Hollywood" which feels much more like a Warner Bros Merrie Melodie than a Disney cartoon. It's also packed with racist stereotypes, so I'll leave it to this 15-second clip:
This actually marks Donald's 3rd and final appearance in a Silly Symphony cartoon. The first was his debut, and the 2nd was as a background player in 1936's "Toby Tortoise Returns":
Day 13: "Donald's Lucky Day" (January 13, 1939)

Donald is a messenger unknowingly delivering an explosive device on behalf of some gangsters on Friday the 13th.
1) a great sinister mood up top
2) even though Donald is most famous for his temper, I think he is at his most fun when he is in a good mood
3) radio plays such a huge role in these early shorts, it makes me think that modern cartoon characters should always be on their phones
1) I like this cartoon's conceit of a broadcaster treating the remaining hours of Friday the 13th like a storm warning
2) Sometimes I genuinely cannot understand things DD says
3) I love the timing of the film's reminder to us that Donald's package contains a bomb
The back-and-forth between Donald & the cat on the plank feels like it goes for at least a beat too long, doesn't it?
This is one of the only cartoons so far that I have no memory of ever seeing before. I wonder if I am just forgetting, or if it really wasn't among the rotation back when I was a kid watching The Disney Channel...
There are zero #DisneyAssGags in this cartoon.
The posters for all of these cartoons are great. I wish there was a museum with just movie posters for animated shorts.
Promo art + another Good Housekeeping adaptation
Day 14: "The Hockey Champ" (April 28, 1939)

Another classic, this is one I vividly remember seeing dozens of times on TV and on VHS. I think this one has a great balance-- Donald wins his nephews' respect & then blows it, setting himself up for well-deserved humiliation.
1) I only know who Sonja Henie is from watching Donald Duck cartoons, but I knew enough to get the point of it as a kid; the joke holds up long after the reference stops clicking
2) Is Duck Swamp ever referenced again?
Donald's Sonja Henie also serves as a call-forward for her future cameo in "The Autograph Hound"
They are not so different:
Chuck Jones used a system for Bugs Bunny where he required a wrong of some sort in order to activate BB's attack mode; I think a similar system works well for HD&L

Once DD deliberately sprays them with ice, laughs & says "you boys are AWFUL!" he has earned what happens next...
1) Why doesn't any modern animation look like this? There is something about this that, to my eyes, looks like the absolute peak of the craft; nothing looks better than this to me
2) "I'll skin you kids alive!"
3) "Unca Donald is the devil!"
4) waterfall moment is a fun fake-out
I count 8 #DisneyAssGags in this one; the film's entire finale is built around ass gags!

1) ass-shot
2) puck up the ass
3) ass-sweep
4) butt-shot
5) Donald's ice-butt
6) puck in the butt
7) Donald's nephews attack his ass
8) Donald's nephews' ass attack escalates
A Good Housekeeping adaptation. I believe I had this reprinted in a book when I was a kid, but I do not remember which book it was...
This image is gorgeous:
Some production & promo art for "The Hockey Champ"
I think this whole short is really well-directed. I especially like little touches like this, where the squabbling nephews appear to multiply in front of our eyes
Or just look at every moment of this-- the timing is perfect, and every little detail is slightly surprising, from the movement of the nephews' heads watching him play to the way the ice sprays onto them & their eyes open in shock
Even the final 2 seconds is filled with so much tiny detail, as multiple Donald heads appear in his final moment of fury
Day 15: "Donald's Cousin Gus" (May 19, 1939)

The screen debut of Gustave ("Gus") Goose, who shows up to eat Donald out of house & home.
1) Donald cooks a lot of food just for himself to eat alone
2) Donald's Aunt Fanny (like his sister Dumbella in "Donald's Nephews") sends a note
3) Her note is deliberately dishonest
1) Donald's initial reaction to Gus' gluttony is actually pretty tolerant
2) Gus is a nightmare, surprisingly aggressive-- but he is so well-animated that it makes all of this fun to watch
The sudden turn that occurs with the introduction of Bow-Wow Hot Dogs almost makes this into science fiction. They deserve their own film, instead of being used to solve a plot problem in the final act of this short
This is a cartoon that has a great first half and then seems to lose its way despite great character animation and pacing.

Bow-Wow Hot Dogs + Gus' 2nd clock both feel like ideas that should've been replaced with different/better ones.
They seem to have put a lot of work into the design of Gus Goose, whose every movement is at least kind of funny.
I mean, all the Disney shorts of this era feature excellent character animation-- frame by frame, these drawings just ooze personality.
I count 9 #DisneyAssGags in this one, although it could be even higher depending on how you calculate it. Gus Goose seems to have been designed with ass gags in mind

1) Gus waddles his ass to-camera
2) ass-bounce up stairs + ass-sweep

(See? I probably could've/should've counted this as two separate gags!)
3) Gus honks his own ass for the first (but definitely not the last) time
4) sniff + ass-honk activates super-speed
5) Not every Gus Goose ass-honk sounds the same but I don't always know specifically what they are meant to communicate
6) Donald pushes ass
7) Gus Goose, ass-in-the-air thanks to the blind obedience of Bow-Wow Hot Dogs
8) Bow-Wow Hotdogs make Gus Goose roll over, keeping his ass in-the-air
9) Gus gives his final ass-honk of the film
This promotional image LOOKS like it is a still from the film but it's not! It doesn't quite match, in a lot of ways big & small
Day 16: "Beach Picnic" (June 9, 1939)

It's another Donald & Pluto short! Donald plays pranks on Pluto, some ants show up, and then the use of flypaper leads to exactly what one might expect by now. ALSO: 1930s Native American stereotypes within...
1) Starting off with Donald Duck happily singing a popular song ALWAYS effective. They should make new DD shorts and always use this trick, with contemporary songs
2) Donald once again prepares a huge meal for just himself
3) Pluto asleep drinking the tide is such a sad image
1) a familiar rhythm: Pluto shows up and the rest of the world just vanishes
2) the ants as stereotypical Native Americans feels much more like a Warner Bros move, as does this whole sequence
1) Donald returns! But then he brings out the flypaper, so you just know that Pluto is about to return and dominate the rest of the film
2) Pluto + flypaper always frustrates me as a comedic physical comedy sequence, but they seem to love returning to it
1) At least Donald gets back into the mix.
2) Genuinely surprised that the ending is Pluto happy to lick Donald instead of going after all that food
There are 15+ #DisneyAssGags in this one, mostly courtesy of Pluto...

1) Donald pulls up his bathing suit bottoms and bounces his ass on the beach
2) "Seabiscuit" blows on Pluto's ass
3) Pluto feels Seabiscuit's ass against his own
4) Pluto & Seabiscuit, rubbing asses
5) Pluto knocks Seabiscuit into the air using his ass
6) Seabiscuit's ass in Pluto's face
7) Seabiscuit's face in Pluto's ass
8) Pluto's ass stuck in washed-up ship's hull
9) Pluto's ass on flypaper
10) Pluto realizing that his ass is stuck to flypaper
11) Pluto chases flypaper-on-ass
12) flypaper sticks ass-to-face
13) face-to-ass flypaper dance
14) the moment when Pluto's ass smashed into Donald'd ass and now they are ass-to-ass
15) Eighteen seconds of Donald & Pluto ass-to-ass.

I don't know whether to count this as one extended gag or as 8 or 9 gags back-to-back (literally)
Alternate poster for "The Beach Picnic"

"Boy, oh, boy-- what the wild waves say when this gang of goofies gets going! Take a 'dip' from the ocean and 'sea' all there is to laugh at and get excited over in this jamboree of joy! Don't miss it when it plays your favorite theater!"
Model sheet for "The Beach Picnic"
I keep looking up animation art for each of these as I go along and most of what I discover is from auctions that already happened for things I couldn't afford and wouldn't want to pay that much for even if I could. But this is a nice background for those long panning shots:
And THIS watercolor background for the opening shot to "The Beach Picnic" sold at auction for like $1500 and I really like it and if the person who owns it sees this and wants to give it to me I will give them free improv classes until they feel they have been compensated fairly
Day 17: "Sea Scouts" (June 30, 1939)

Donald is the captain of a ship and HD&L are his crew; when things start to go wrong, Donald is targeted by an aggressive shark
The dynamic between Donald & his nephews is unpredictable. In this instance, they seem a little lazy but not at all mischievous. Donald is bossy and prideful but not as mean.
Donald is bad at this. He seems to mainly be in it to strut around wearing that hat.
1) The shark is only slightly goofy and in a way that doesn't detract from how genuinely menacing he is
2) HD&L are in good boy mode doing their best but are not yet Junior Woodchuck-level competent
3) Anytime they cut to a high or low angle it is impressive to me
This feels closer to the finale of a Popeye cartoon, but I'll take it
I count 9 #DisneyAssGags in this one, although this first one could technically count as 2 gags multiplied by 3

1) asses in PFDs, wearing hats
2) ass lands on shark nose, makes honking noise
3) shark fin splitting log, heading for Donald's ass
4) shark tries to bite ass
5) shark tries to bite ass AGAIN
6) shark keeps trying to chomp ass
7) shark remains determined to chomp ass, donald flips ass-over-ankles
8) shark finally gets Donald's ass in his mouth but the PFD saves him
9) ass-honk
I miscounted! Here is an ass gag that counts as two, both visual and verbal! Also, any time a Disney short ends on an ass gag, the closing title card counts as its own gag.

10) Donald's ass in PFD
11) "Rear Admiral"
12) "The End"
A "Sea Scouts" postage stamp from Bhutan commemorating Donald's 50th birthday in 1984
Another vintage poster for "Sea Scouts"
Another print adaptation for Good Housekeeping:
Day 18: "Donald's Penguin" (August 11, 1939)

I haven't seen this cartoon in decades and had only the vaguest memory of it.

It starts out super-cutesy but by the end there is a legitimate character death toll and a very serious gun accident. This is a crazy cartoon!
It takes a while for Donald to fully understand the situation: Admiral Bird at the South Pole has sent him a live penguin, packed in ice.

It should be noted that DD's address here is Hollywood, as Duckburg has yet to be created.
1) Donald's basic math skills seem to track with his reading abilities
2) nice fake-out with Donald punishing Tootsie for something he didn't do, especially since this story beat thoroughly set up my expectations for the remainder of the short, which would then be upended
1) Fish eaten? For real?
2) Donald has mousetraps! #mickey90
3) Dead fish in his fridge already!
4) Donald points a gun at Tootsie's head and makes her face the wall
Yes, Tootsie really ate those 3 pet fish and they are DEAD DEAD DEAD and this is the happy ending, that Tootsie was not shot in the back of the head
There are only a few #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) ass-honk as it bumps against wall; Donald is amused by this ass gag
2) another ass-honk
3) Not an ass gag at all, really, but an upsetting sequence in which Donald gives Tootsie a severe spanking as punishment for eating his pet fish, which Tootsie hasn't even done yet (but she will!)
Vintage book! I wonder if this telling of the tale is equally gruesome?
Illustrations for Good Housekeeping magazine:
Day 19: "The Autograph Hound" (September 1, 1939)

Donald Duck tries to get autographs from movie stars while being chased by a studio security guard. The twist at the end is that DD is, himself, a movie star. I never really understood the logic of this cartoon, but I like it.
This was one of the cartoons I owned on VHS as a kid, so I watched it a LOT.

These tapes meant so much to me back then. I could not even conceive of a world in which so much content would be streamable/downloadable, or even on disc.
1) I didn't know who almost ANY of these movie stars were
2) Even when I did, Mickey Rooney was an old man-- this version was unrecognizable to me
3) Garbo visual gags work even if you have no idea who she is
4) Was young Mickey Rooney this much of a dick?
1) The food gags in this (egg, roast beef) really gross me out
2) I only know who Sonja Henie is from this + the earlier film where DD imitated her
3) I assumed from this that The Ritz Brothers were aggressive/less funny than The Marx Brothers-- was I right?
1) The Ritz Brothers as portrayed in this frightened me. They seemed violent/confusing/not fun. Maybe that's unfair, but that was the vibe I got watching this as a kid
2) Cartoon Shirley Temple gives me the creeps also!
3) This clip is a nightmare: there is a racist part, too
Here is a clip of The Ritz Brothers singing "Here, Pussy, Pussy."

1) I think only the middle Ritz is real & the 2 side ones are puppets he made of himself
2) I shudder to think of how they handled having that many actual cats on set 1938. They seem freaked out
I watched this film so many times & never understood why it's a "reveal" that Donald Duck is actually a bigger movie star than all these other celebrities. Why did no one recognize him? Why did HE not realize this? It always felt like a weird, dumb cheat, but I still liked it.
I think there are approx 3 #DisneyAssGags in this one

1) Donald getting kicked out of the studio-- this whole 2-shot sequence is framed around him getting kicked in the ass. They even sort of manage to have him both land on his ass & somehow also end up with his ass-in-the-air.
2) The Ritz Brothers violently autograph Donald's ass
3) I am only highlighting part of this, because it's creepy. Donald & young Shirley Temple exchange autographs, and for some reason this sequence is framed to focus on both of their butts. Donald's more than Shirley's, yet I am still not gonna make a gif of the whole clip.
Billboard at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park:
An ad from 1928 plays up the surprise element of the various Hollywood cameos in the film:
Some production art of Donald being manhandled by the studio security guard, plus the guard's model sheet
Celebrity model sheets from "The Autograph Hound"
Day 20: "Officer Duck" (October 10, 1939)

Donald is a cop pretending to be a baby in order to catch a violent criminal. I have no memory of ever seeing this one as a kid.
1) It hasn't been so very long since Donald was a cop & Mickey was his partner
2) Tiny Tom is Pete
3) Donald is authorized to kill Tiny Tom
4) Donald seems to not have a gun, onlu a nightstick
5) We never find out what Tiny Tom is charged with
1) Instead of calling for backup, Donald pretends to be a baby
2) Donald is better at being a pretend baby than he seems to be at any normal police things
3) Tiny Tom is more nurturing than I would've expected, which means Donald is also good at behavioral profiling, I think?
1) Tiny Tom is a complicated guy
2) Wait, there was a PARADE? And that's why Donald had to go apprehend a dangerous criminal without backup? Because all the other cops were marching in a parade??? This is shocking.
Donald risked his life for a police department that doesn't know how to manage its resources. Here, we seem him abuse a prisoner in full view of everyone and it is portrayed as a moment of triumph! Tiny Tom may be a bad guy, but he has rights!
I'm going to say there are 7 #DisneyAssGags in this one

1) Donald shakes ass to remove broom, blanket and sock
2) Donald sticks sharp 2-prong fork into Tiny Tom's ass
3/4/5) Pete repeatedly hits himself in the ass with ball & chain while running
6) this fade implies a large number of additional hits in the ass by the ball & chain
7) Donald kicks his prisoner in the ass, mid-parade
Model sheet + more production art!
Day 21: "The Riveter" (March 15, 1940)

Another short I definitely recall watching dozens upon dozens of times on a VHS tape: Donald gets a job as a riveter, is bad at it then punishes his boss (who deserves it)
1) Pete switches from criminal to boss, but he's in construction-- coincidence? Or can we assume there is an unsavory connection implied?
2) Donald singing "Heigh Ho" in a moment of corporate synergy
3) Donald's reading skills have improved a little
1) This is an unsafe work environment
2) Almost every cartoon character of this era worked a construction job at LEAST once
Donald is a screw-up-- applying for a job he doesn't know anything about, assuming he can do it, causing damage + injury to his co-workers almost instantly-- and yet Pete is portrayed as such a violent monster that Donald is our hero by default. The bar is set VERY low!
In the film's final moments, Donald is transformed into a Bugs Bunny-style trickster demon, which is inherently satisfying but also not Donald's most natural mode
I count 9 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1&2) Pete & Donald pull up their chests and bounce their butts on the ground
3) butt flies up & smashes down
4) ass-in-the-air while he runs and holds tight
5) ass-in-the-air while he tells Pete to shut up
6) another gut-lift butt-bounce
7) ass-in-the-air momentarily becomes multiplied
8) the ass of this pig's pants are riveted to the beam
9) Donald's ass on Pete's face
Production art for "The Riveter"
Day 22: "Donald's Dog Laundry" (April 5, 1940)

Donald builds a machine to give baths to dogs and tries to force Pluto to be his test subject. This poster falsely implies that he will succeed & doesn't even come close to representing the intricate nature of Donald's invention:
1) Donald has no right to force Mickey's dog to take a bath in that machine
2) the leaves are ALIVE!
Part of Donald's machine is a side unit containing two pieces of "Dog Bait": a squeaky fake bone and a cat puppet. I wish more of this cartoon was about the machine itself and Donald's thought process in developing it.
Donald comes across as a dick in this one, so it all makes sense that he ends up the victim. All-in-all, I would be fine if there were no more Donald/Pluto pairings, I think these shorts make me like Donald less.
1) is that one of the whistles from Steamboat Willie?
2) Pluto gets electrocuted and does not deserve that; it shoulda been Donald who experienced that
3) I wish Donald's machine had malfunctioned horribly instead of working correctly
I count 5 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) Pluto turns his ass to insult Donald, while remaining inside his house
NOT a #DisneyAssGag, but this image of a squeaky dog toy stuck in a crack in a rock looks suggestive
2) Pluto's ass is electrocuted
3) Donald's ass machine-washed
4) Donald's ass is flea-powdered
5) hung up by his ass
This blueprint does not 100% match the final design
Production art for "Donald's Dog Laundry" including a full model sheet for that cat puppet
Promotional art for "Donald's Dog Laundry"
Donald makes another short subject with Mickey & Goofy, but this trio is about to basically call it quits as a comedic combo. DD's next short will be another where he pairs with Goofy alone, and there will be more Donald/Pluto shorts to come, too. The Mouse's star is fading.
Day 23: "Billposters" (May 17, 1940)

Another short that is brand-new to me! Donald & Goofy hang up ads for canned soup. Goofy battles a windmill while Donald fights with a hungry, poster-eating goat. It's a simple short, and the two strands meet & blend together at the end.
Ok, I think this one is a slight improvement on the Donald/Goofy pairing, in that it doesn't feel like it is missing a Mickey strand. It feels less epic than the MD&G shorts but I think it works. Goofy & Donald face adversaries that compliment their personalities.
I wonder if the reason I never saw this cartoon on TV is because Donald is just violent & mean towards this goat? It feels like another short where their approach to DD makes him unlikable.

Goofy battling inanimate objects is much more appealing.
Parts of the physical comedy in this feel too threatening to be fun. That goat with the stick end of Donald's brush pressed against Donald's sternum feels viscerally painful to watch.
Basically this entire short is leading up to this final goat/windmill infinite #DisneyAssGag-- I like how it ties together both strands but I can't help but feel that Goofy doesn't deserve this outcome, even though Donald does...
I count a whopping 19 #DisneyAssGags in this one, most of them leading to/setting up the final infinite loop at the end.

1) Goofy's head-under-ass
2) windmill hits Goofy in the ass
3) Donald laughing and looking through legs, ass-to-goat and ass-to-cam
4) goat tries to hit Donald in the ass. Intense yellow/orange motion blur lines are animated to indicate a very close call as his legs speed up
5) goat butts donald's ass
6) goat butts donald's ass AGAIN
7) goat butts Donald's ass a 3rd time
8) goat rides Donald's ass; they both realize it at the same time
9) Donald hops on Goofy's ass
10) goat butts Goofy's ass
11-19) The short concludes with 9 ass gags in succession, alternating between Donald & Goofy; a cross-fade brings is from day-to-night, implying literally hundreds more unseen ass gags, as it becomes clear that the whole point of this short was to build to this
Model sheets for the goat from "Billposters" which was at one point called "The Bill Posters"
Day 24: "Mr. Duck Steps Out" (June 7, 1940)

The screen debut of Daisy Duck, this film is a lot of fun, as Donald dances his way over to Daisy's house and nephews tag along, ultimately resulting in a back-and-forth that leads to Donald with an ass full of exploding popcorn.
Donald locks HD&L in a closet; the respond by cutting a hole in the side of his house. This summarizes their current dynamic splendidly.
Donald wants alone time with Daisy. There are parts of this cartoon which I assume would cause popcorn to start flying if viewed by The New Yorker's Anthony Lane.
The nephews musical virtuosity, as established in their screen debut, comes into play in a big way here.
Daisy Duck's enjoyment of the chaos makes her an instantly appealing character. I also like that she is voiced by Clarence "Ducky" Nash, though that is something that will never happen again, apparently.
I count approximately 15 #DisneyAssGags in this one, but it is very hard to calculate where one gag ends and the next begins...

1) Daisy beckons Donald using her tail feathers
2) Donald's nephews hit a hot cob of corn down his throat and it goes straight through to his ass
3) Donald's inner popcorn starts his ass popping
4) Donald's popping ass makes his whole body dance
5) The hot corn cob in his ass makes his body move
6) Donald's ass keeps popping
7) Donald cannot stop his ass from popping
8) Slapping the ass of the dress form mannequin
9) Donald's ass keeps popping
10) I mean, the whole dance sequence is propelled by Donald's ass being full of exploding popcorn, I could be counting even more of these
11) Donald seems confused as to why his ass is popping but Daisy does not even pause to question it once
12) Donald bouncing on his ass
13) Donald's ass lands in front of the fire
14) Donald's ass heats up and pops even harder than before
15) Riding the dress form mannequin & slapping her ass
Model sheets from when the short was titled "Donald's Date"
More production art from "Mr. Duck Steps Out"
A 1984 postage stamp from Bhutan commemorating "Mr Duck Steps Out" for Donald's 50th birthday...
Artwork for a Good Housekeeping adaptation:
Promo for "Mr. Duck Steps Out"
I owned this cartoon as part of this VHS collection, which I watched over and over as a kid in the 1980s.
Day 25: "Put-Put Troubles" (July 19, 1940)

Another Donald & Pluto team-up, one that I have never seen before and it's another swing & a miss for me with this particular combo. This feels like two solo shorts smushed together for no good reason.
1) I never feel like Donald & Pluto are a natural pairing-- why is he with Mickey's dog? It's not bc they have good chemistry
2) Pluto & a frog, Pluto & a spring-- it makes no difference, it's always the same basic vibe
3) I don't think I could withstand doing a Pluto megathread
1) Underwater animation in Disney cartoons of this era always looks impressive to me
2) I don't think I would've liked this much better as 2 solo shorts, there's just not much to enjoy
1) It all seems to lead up to this kind of thin finale, with Donald out-of-control and Pluto water skiing behind him
2) Pluto has two gags in this short that are kind of offensive now and they both feel more like they belong in Looney Tunes than in Disney
There are 8 #DisneyAssGags in this one, but they are all pretty dull...

1) Donald's boat bumps into Pluto's ass
2) Frog under ass
3) oil sprays on ass
4) shaking exhaust from ass
5) ass sticking up with head under water
6) springs on ass
7) ass crash
8) ass-bouncing
Artwork for a Good Housekeeping magazine adaptation
Promotional artwork for this short:
One feature I really like in this era of Donald Duck shorts is how often they begin with him singing a popular song. His vocal quality transforms any song he attempts.
Day 26: "Donald's Vacation" (August 9, 1940)

Donald goes camping alone and brings too much food. He fights with a chair, and later a bear.
1) I love how committed they are to opening these shorts with Donald singing a song to himself
2) Donald fighting with new-fangled equipment & technology always feels right. He is an early adopter with a short fuse.
3) Donald always has 10x more food than one person should have
These chipmunks are pre-Chip 'n' Dale; soon they will not have to animate so many of these to cause grief for Donald
Donald vs. A Bear is a recurring conflict, it happened previously in "Good Scouts."

Later, when it is Donald vs. Humphrey The Bear, the power dynamic will be significantly different
I have always been struck by the fast-paced visuals of this ending being slightly undermined by the low-key musical score in its final moments.
I count 8 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) umbrella pokes Donald in the ass
2) chipmunk jelly roll ass-splash collision
3) chipmunks eat eye & mouth holes but the nose hole chipmunk gets stuck ass-out and gets a slap
4) this is more of a set-up than a full gag, but I'm counting it-- Donald turns his ass to-cam
5 & 6) Donald's ass droops down & then gets pineappled
7 & 8) Donald rubs his ass on a bear & then realizes that it IS a bear
Artwork for the Good Housekeeping magazine adaptation
Production art for "Donald's Vacation"
Day 27: "The Volunteer Worker" (September 1, 1940)

In this very short short, Donald struggles to raise money for the Community Chest, a fund-raising organization which collected money and distributed it to community projects (it would eventually become The United Way).
1) Donald singing "Heigh Ho" again
2) Donald is on the right side here, and everyone is being an asshole
3) Does Donald cool his hot feet in whatever liquid is pooled in the gutter???
1) Is this kind-hearted worker meant to resemble anyone famous? He looks/sounds like he is patterned on SOMEONE.
2) This short is already over!
Implied but impossible-to-confirm #DisneyAssGag-- those seem likely to be tail feathers in that dogs mouth
Day 28: "Window Cleaners" (September 20, 1940)

Another Donald & Pluto team-up, and one which honestly could've been a Donald solo short. Pluto literally sleeps through almost the entire cartoon while Donald washes windows and battles a bee.
1) great opening title music + title card
2) what is the song Donald is singing at the beginning of this? Up to now, I have assumed these were all popular standards but I cannot find info on this song!
3) Does Mickey know when DD is using his dog as part of a business venture?
It is fascinating to see these early versions of conflicts Donald will later have regularly with established character versions of various animals-- bears, chipmunks and, in this instance, a bee
I would've cut out all the time wasted on Pluto and had more stuff involving Donald & the tremendous height he is working at.

I just have very little interest in Pluto as a character and my disinterest grows stronger each time he appears.
This final sequence with the bee reminds me of the sequence where Leonardo struggles to crawl to his car in The Wolf Of Wall Street
There are more than 10 #DisneyAssGags in this one but I find it hard to arrive at a final tally...

1) shearing Donald's butt
2) Pluto's ass itches
3) dog bites ass
4) hook lifts dog butt
5) dog butt blown
6) drain brush hits dog butt
7) bee attacks butt
8) #DisneyAssGags have become so central to these cartoons that they are now elaborate set pieces, lovingly presented and paced. Here, Donald's tail feathers transform into a hand as we ready for an extended sequence of ass-related hijinx
9) bee tries & fails to sting butt
10) Donald blows bee to prevent butt sting
11) exhausted bee lunges at ass, misses
12) a bee in the shadow of Donald Duck's ass
13) bee looks up at Donald Duck's ass
Finally, 31 seconds of a bee struggling mightily to sting Donald Duck's ass. This feels like more than one #DisneyAssGag, but I don't know how many it should count as. Two? Five? For one thing, it involves two asses.
I stand by my comparison between Barrington Bee's struggle to sting Donald and the Wolf Of Wall Street sequence where Leo tries to make it to his car. Both equally committed performances, deliberately paced.
Production art from "Window Cleaners."
Adaptation of "Window Cleaners" for Good Housekeeping Magazine.

How many of these did @Disney do, anyway? Enough for a coffee table book?

cc: @DisneyBooks @TASCHEN
Day 29: "Fire Chief" (December 13, 1940)

Donald is the fire chief and he is terrible at it! His nephews are pranksters but Donald also ignores them at crucial moments when he shouldn't.
1) Donald has a framed portrait of himself as fire chief hanging on the wall next to his 4-poster canopy bed; this does NOT bode well
2) the continuity of this firehouse is all over the place in this cartoon; I will detail in the next tweet...
1) Donald at the lockers, upstairs-- note the chair & lamp
2) nephews next to the lockers
3) there is that chair & lamp, but no lockers
4) nephews downstairs, identical to the upstairs

These can all be explained, I suppose, but if this is all one firehouse it is kind of crazy
1) Donald is straight-up terrible at this, he almost instantly sets the fire house on fire
2) Counterpoint: maybe this is just him on his worst day bc all the days he was just a solid firefighter would've made for a boring cartoon
3) Whoever designed that truck ladder is also bad
1) Stove Donald is fun
2) Bicycle Donald is intense
3) Gasoline Donald tops them all
1) that painting of Donald also was destroyed in this fire
2) is Donald supposed to resemble anyone famous at the end of this?
I count 9 #DisneyAssGags in this one, and that is a conservative tally...

1) 5 bounces of the ass
2) ass to-cam for marching
3) The @nbc theme song, played by Huey, Dewey & Louie's butts on Donald Duck's head
4) Huey's ass HITS THE CAMERA LENS and feathers go flying
5) ladder segments hit truck, chair hits ass, fire helmet ends up on ass
6) ass falls towards camera and then ass destroys chimney
7) hose bulge hits ass
8) nephews take cover, helmets on butts
9) fire chases ass, burns ass
2 model sheets, a production cel & some promo art for "Fire Chief"
Day 30: "Timber" (January 10, 1941)

Donald steals food from Pierre who then puts him to work for his logging company, and a lot of violent things happen!
1) Donald starts out singing, as always
2) Donald is seemingly living the life of a drifter, bindle and all
3) Donald is fully in the wrong when he reaches in the window to steal food, but Pierre escalates things SO quickly
1) Pierre seems like a psychopath
2) "Doggone it... I might just as well be in a concentration camp" - actual quote by Donald Duck, January 1941
3) the rhythms of this whole short feel crazy
1) there is actual continuity to Pierre's damaged clothing, which feels like a rare thing
2) Donald says the title, also a rare thing
3) SO many ass gags, NOT a rare thing
I kind of don't feel like Donald earned this "win." I would've been just as satisfied to have Pierre still be chasing him at the end of all this...
There are more than 10 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) Donald honks the butt of a dead cooked bird
2) Pierre's dynamite explosion knocks him over, ass in the air
3) Pierre's uniform is damaged and the ass of his undergarment is revealed (flap closed)
4) another ass-up fall for Pierre
5) ass-bounce
6) rapid ass-bounce on Pierre's head
7) ass-kick
8) another ass-bounce
9) extreme close-up of Donald's ass, pumping up-and-down
10) extreme close-up of Pierre's ass, also pumping up-and-down
11) Now Pierre really starts targeting Donald's ass
12) a 2nd ass-grab attempt by Pierre
13) several more precise attempts to grab Donald's ass, which proves nimble in evading Piere's grip
14) an upsettingly effective ass attack
15) Pierre attempts an ass-stab
16) Donald's ass to-cam again while he looks from below
17) another attempted ass-stab
18) Pierre now attempts a heated ass-stab; Donald spits on it to cool it off
19) Donald's ass heats up; he uses his tail feathers as a fan to cool down Pierre's hot ass-poker
Day 31: "Golden Eggs" (March 7, 1941)

When the price of eggs skyrockets to $0.85/dozen, Donald attempts to harvest eggs from his henhouse but is thwarted by a protective rooster; he then uses a hen disguise to trick the rooster.

I don't know who I was rooting for in this one.
1) Donald was a drifter in the previous short, now he has a henhouse and reads the newspaper
2) Who is in charge of the layout for the Farmer's Gazette? It's bonkers!
3) even putting aside real bird/humanoid bird issues, the power dynamic of this farm is pretty intense
Donald Duck plays a @recordstoreday exclusive: "Lazy Daze"/"Hot Stuff" (artist unknown)
I guess I am most invested in that little worm, it seems like he has the most to lose
I don't know why this particular short falls so flat for me. I guess it just feels kind of dull? I don't care if Donald gets those eggs and I don't care if the rooster sees through his disguise.
Everyone loses! Donald escapes with the eggs but breaks them all. The rooster is humiliated. The chickenwire on the gate will need to be repaired.

I guess that worm got away alive, that's something.
Production art for "Golden Eggs"
I count a mere 2 #DisneyAssGags in this one, and they are both the same gag.

1) Donald-as-chicken shakes ass to fake-out seduce the rooster
2) more ass-shaking in disguise as a hen; it is working, the rooster is interested
Day 32: "A Good Time for a Dime" (May 9, 1941)

This feels like a kind of carnival sequel to "Modern Inventions" and I think I like it even more. Includes Donald attempting to watch pornography for a penny.
1) the opening title music from this era is fantastic
2) This was one of the cartoons I watched a LOT on VHS
3) Donald watching pornography is the kind of comedic sequence Disney doesn't get credited with when Looney Tunes get all the comedy acclaim
Penny Arcade titles include:
"Fly Ballet"
"Plant Life"
"13 Steps"
"Old Boston"
"The Grand Banks"
"At The Circus"
"Our Bird Friends"
"Scenice View Of Niagra"
"Tulip Time In Flanders"
"A Day With A Busy Bee"
"Home Life Of The Ant"
"Over The Andes"
"Custer's Last Stand"
"China Seas"
Donald vs. Machines is always great territory.

It's an area that allows for a nice balance btw his enthusiasm for gadgets & his frustration w/them. I saw this cartoon before I ever encountered a real "claw" machine in real life & it definitely affected my feelings towards them.
Donald vs. the airplane ride is especially well-structured in the way it clearly lays out the specific way he causes his own misery.
The phrase "a good time for a dime" is always lodged in my head and I think it's because of the way they have the animatronic announcer clown repeat it at the end here
I count 5 #DisneyAssGags in this, not including this single frame capture of the final photo from "Dance Of The Seven Veils," which proves that they didn't sneak in subliminal nudity into the film:
1) Donald pounds machine with his ass
2) ass-up, looking for control stick
3) propeller going for ass
4) graphic near-miss with propeller, ass becomes its own propeller
5) propeller ass attack
Also around this time, Donald Duck makes a cameo in the behind-the-scenes at Disney Studio staged documentary, The Reluctant Dragon.


Here, Donald teached humorist Robert Benchley how cel animation works:
Plus, his cameo with Daisy & the nephews in the Mickey Mouse period piece, "The Nifty Nineties"
Day 33: "Early to Bed" (July 11, 1941)

Donald has trouble getting to sleep thanks to a noisy clock and a rollaway bed. I am finding that some of my favorite sequences in this series feature Donald alone, fighting objects & machines. He does not need other characters.
1) GREAT opening shot
2) Of course, a song. I will be sad when any of these shorts begins without him singing
3) Donald's pre-sleep ritual is fun to witness
4) Donald fluctuates from homeowner to apartment-dweller to farmer to drifter from film to film
I am always fascinated by what these characters hang on their walls. Why does Donald own such a large print of "Whistler's Mother"?
The contraption Donald builds at the end looks lethal
The ending veers quickly from borderline supernatural to cultural stereotype
I count 11 #DisneyAssGags in this one

1) Donald rolls over, ass-up.

NOTE: The sound you hear is Donald sighing contentedly as he prepares to fall asleep, but removed from context I realize that this 100% seems like something else is happening:
2) Donald's tail starts moving in rhythm with the ticking clock
3) Donald realizes he has an ass-clock
4) Donald kicks his own ass
5) Donald pounds his own ass against the wall in an attempt to break his ass-clock
6) Donald listens to his silent ass, shakes his ass but then his ass-clock starts ticking again
7) smashed in the ass by a piece of flying wall
8) ass hanging out of the wall
9) defective rollaway bed smushes Donald's ass into his face
10) spring-under-ass
11) ass hanging out of chandelier
Day 34: "Truant Officer Donald" (August 1, 1941)

Donald is a truant officer, rounding up his nephews to take them back to school! He tries to smoke them out of their clubhouse! They fake their own deaths!

PLUS: a twist ending which alters the meaning of the entire film!
1) Donald catches kids and puts them in a large burlap sack
2) Who provides him with these resources? His vehicle and badge? Does he report to an office? These questions will be more important by the film's end...
1) why do HD&L have so many watermelons? Did they buy them & carry them to their clubhouse? How long have they been there?
2) HD&L cause thousands of dollars worth of property damage in this film
3) Where did HD&L buy those birds to cook? Did they murder their own LOOPERS???
1) Donald should go to prison for what he does in this film
2) HD&L faking their own death using cooked birds is funny
3) posing as their own angels just to kick their Uncle in the ass is also funny
Wait, so HOW did Donald not know it was summer vacation? Wasn't there a MEETING or a MEMO? Or even common sense? Who does he work for? Who is his supervisor? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?
I count 6 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) suction cup attaches to ass
2) one of the most graphic #DisneyAssGags yet
3) ass-bullseye
4) Donald bows down and turns his ass to what he believes is the angel/ghost of the nephew he has just murdered
5) Donald believes his murdered nephew's angel-ghost has returned to kick him in the ass
6) Donald does not seem at all surprised that an angel immediately appeared and wanted to kick him in the butt mere moments after the apparent death of his nephews; it is almost as if this confirmed what he already believed would happen
Good Housekeeping magazine adaptation of "Truant Officer Donald"
Storyboard & model sheet for "Truant Officer Donald"
Production art for "Truant Officer Donald"
Later in the summer of 1941, Donald would appear in a color remake of an earlier B&W Mickey Mouse cartoon, part of a planned series of remakes that never went further than this short

@Disney should now remake it a 3rd time w/Mickey & Donald & the orphans as CGI-realistic animals
Day 35: "Old MacDonald Duck" (September 12, 1941)

Donald is back in Farmer mode. This time he milks a cow and fights a fly. It is roughly 3 months until the attack on Pearl Harbor and the USA joining WWII.
Donald of course opens with a song, as always. This time it serves as a montage to survey a little bit of his farm, including some chickens, a feisty goat, some hungry/thirsty piggies and finally a cow who is up in a tree.
1) shorts where Donald is a farmer always feel like there is something a little weird about the way he runs his farm
2) he really seems to like the milking process
I can't help thinking that Donald's battle with the fly feels like America is bracing to enter a war. Am I reading too much into this?
I do not find myself getting emotionally invested in Donald vs. Farm Animals. I prefer it when he fights technology.
I count approximately 5 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) Donald turns to deliberately wiggle his ass to the camera
2) Donald's ass is once again the filmmakers' focus as he milks the cow
3) Donald is smacked by a tail when he moves his head near the cow's ass
4) Unexpected emphasis on the ass of the terrified fly
5) Donald is stuck in the milk bucket, ass-up
Notice the moment when Donald hits the saw so hard that it turns into a GHOST SAW
Day 36: "Donald's Camera" (October 24, 1941)

Donald buys a camera to take pictures of animals, but has a terrible experience so instead he buys a bunch of guns. Less than two months until the attack on Pearl Harbor...
1) Donald does NOT begin this short by singing a song
2) this film begins with an anti-gun stance but it is all just a set-up for a reversal at the end
3) it's a shame that his chipmunk encounter ends poorly, bc that little guy is more than willing to cooperate
1) the constant threat of camera damage in this film stresses me out
2) is this the same woodpecker he battled in "Self Control"? I think yes. He is uncharismatic!
3) why did Donald have a tube of toothpaste with him?
1) the thing about putting salt on a bird's tail always confused me as a kid when I saw it in cartoons, and I have not thought about this SINCE I was a kid
2) Donald's camera damage is surprising
3) Donald & guns are always a terrible combination
This film ends with Donald armed to the teeth. Soon the United States will join WWII. You can almost sense it on the horizon here...
The only thing even close to a #DisneyAssGag in this is the bit with salt on the tail feathers. I'm not gonna count it, it doesn't feel like one to me...
Day 37: "Chef Donald" (December 5, 1941)

Donald attempts to make waffles, following along with a cooking show on the radio, but a single mistake makes things go very badly.

This cartoon was released 2 days before the attack on Pearl Harbor.
1) No song at the beginning, but just you wait
2) Donald's scrapbook of recipes! He is INTO this!
3) the real duck/humanoid duck conflict reappears, with Donald's objection to roast duck; he has no issue with killing/cooking/eating other birds
1) a song! 2+ minutes in!
2) Donald's 1930s conflicts with radio should mean that 21st century Donald is constantly being frustrated by instructional videos on YouTube
1) I like how the organ music is an elegant fix for the problem of the radio program in "Self Control" that has full minutes of dead air
2) Donald's entire house is damaged by a single axe chop to the ceiling, suggesting there were bigger structural problems to begin with
This ending is terrifying; Donald never realizes his mistake, blames Mother Mallard's radio program-- which did NOTHING wrong-- and he rushes to the radio station and commits what sounds like a series of major violent felonies on the air.
I count 7 #DisneyAssGags in this one..

1) we open on a shot of Donald's ass, dancing to the music
2) gratuitous ass shot; not really a gag, just another moment where they really focus on Donald's ass
3) rubber waffle batter propeller attacks ass
4) head in bowl/ass-up
5) ass in waffle iron
6) Mother Mallard hesitates before the word "waffle" as if she somehow senses that listeners have cooked their own asses insead of making waffles
7) head-under-ass
Day 38: "Donald's Decision" (January 11, 1942)

This WWII propaganda film was already in production prior to Pearl Harbor, and it features animation re-used from older Donald shorts, but the main point is that Nazis should be killed, and that message holds up in 2019.
1) Donald's last film ended with him terrorizing a radio station, but he is on good terms with radio again now that the USA is at war
2) "What would YOU be worth if the United Nations lost this war? NOTHING!"
3) Note the swastika imagery when the devil makes the mailbox flag spin
1) the "spend less" message is striking and brings to my mind that in the wake of 9/11, the Bush administration's message was to "go shopping."
2) this cartoons ends with a plane full of Nazis being shot down in flames, an ending which holds up nicely.
Day 39: "All Together" (January 13, 1942)

Another WWII propaganda film using recycled animation, this one is less dynamic than "Donald's Decision" -- it is basically just a parade of characters, and no Nazis airplanes are shown being shot down
Donald & his nephews are part of the parade which includes most but not all of the big Disney cartoon stars, and features an old Mickey Mouse design instead of his more modern look
This is the beginning of an exciting era of Donald Duck cartoons as Donald fights the Axis. I was obsessed with WW2 cartoons when I was a kid, as the darkness of the real world smashed up against the imaginary world of cartoon characters in a way that confused & fascinated me
Day 40: "The Village Smithy" (January 16, 1942)

Donald is a blacksmith, and based on the two things he tries to do in this short, he is not great at it. (Presumably, this short was in production well before the United States joined the war effort.)
1) No song! Instead Donald begins by reciting Longfellow:

Under a spreading chestnut-tree
The village smithy stands;
The smith, a mighty man is he,
With large and sinewy hands;
And the muscles of his brawny arms
Are strong as iron bands.

2) I love the animation in this intro
1) I don't know if it is the print or intended as a lighting effect, but Donald is closer to yellow than his usual white, and I like it
2) 1st half is Donald vs Machine, 2nd half Donald vs. Nature (aka Donkey); I always prefer DD up against objects or technology
I think I would've liked this short better if there had been a 3rd thing. Did the Comedy "Rule Of 3's" exist back then?
It feels like a weird ending, as if another beat or two got cut.

Still, I love the overall "look" of this particular short. And that first part with Donald is among my favorite bits of "personality" animation yet.
It's really more than 4 #DisneyAssGags but they are in long-ish sequences so I am counting them as only 4. Also, they mostly involve an actual ass (burro)

1) when Donald tries to "fix rim" he ends up with a nut stuck on his ass. (There are worse ways I could've phrased this.)
2) ass-to-ass fail
3) lifting ass
4) ass bouncing ass-on-board
Day 41: "The New Spirit" (January 23, 1942)

Donald stars in a WW2 propaganda film co-produced by the U.S. Treasury Department and released by the War Activities Committee of the Motion Pictures Industry.

The film's message is that paying one's taxes is an act of PATRIOTISM.
1) opening song sun by Cliff Edwards (aka Jiminy Cricket)
2) Disney had to fight to get Donald this role; Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr didn't think the duck was likable enough
1) We know more about Donald Duck's income taxes than we do about @realDonaldTrump's
2) Trump has bragged about paying as little as possible even while he pretends to "love" this country & likes to hug flags
2) Donald's occupation: actor!
3) When did he officially adopt HD&L?
1) Donald exits the film; things get intense
2) This short was seen by 60 million people & was credited with helping to double the number of income tax filings from the previous year
3) "Pay Your Taxes To Beat The Axis"!
4) Anti-Nazi propaganda is evergreen
1) This was one of TWENTY-FIVE (!) nominees for a Best Documentary Feature Oscar in 1943
2) Despite its success, Congress refused to pay for it
3) It was made in just 4 weeks and cost $80,000
4) There will be a sequel/remake in 1943
Andy Warhol created a series of paintings for Donald Duck's 50th birthday based on imagery from The New Spirit
You can find a lot of Warhol prints of The New Spirit going for a lot of money (and you can also find some nice postcards and notebooks more reasonably priced)
Here is a signed Warhol original ink & watercolor sketch of Donald on ebay for $4,139 (or Best Offer)

(I scare myself that at 3am I could click several buttons and make a very classy mistake.)
This film raised real money to kill actual Nazis, which is just one of the many reasons Donald Duck will always be awesome
February & March of 1942 saw Donald make appearances in 2 Mickey Mouse cartoons: dancing & having fun at Mickey's birthday party and then threatened at gunpoint by Mickey during a symphony orchestra concert.
Day 42: "Donald's Snow Fight" (April 10, 1942)

Donald & his nephews engage in an impressively epic battle in the snow; Donald starts the fight but HD&L finish it.

FYI: Donald will join the military for real in the very next film...
1) Donald's reaction to the snow is adorable
2) bold use of "Jingle Bells" in an April release, for it is NOT a XMAS song but a winter song originally intended for Thanksgiving
3) this cartoon looks great
1) One thing I really like about this one is that it allows both Donald & his nephews to be impressive in their battle tactics
2) the nephews fort is something but even more amazing that Donald was able to build an ice ship that quickly
1) It's kind of amazing that no one is injured badly in all of this
2) why do the nephews have so many mousetraps in their ice fort?
A bad outcome for Donald (who in reality could've easily been killed by this final move) followed by a culturally problematic/insensitive ending with HD&L doing a tribal dance.
I count 4 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) pre-sledding ass-wiggle
2) Donald's ass bouncing on ice sounds like a laser gun
3) flagpole splits to beat all 3 nephews' asses
4) snowballs land on ass and one of the moustraps within closes on Donald's ass
Day 43: "Donald Gets Drafted" (May 1, 1942)

The first in a series of 6 shorts which show Donald joining the army to fight in WWII. This was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, because I was fascinated by how real historical events overlapped & affected cartoon characters.
I am only just now learning that the great Carl Barks was behind this short, and he even co-wrote the song with Leigh Harline, who wrote "When You Wish Upon A Star"!

This is fascinating to me:
1) we learn Donald Duck's middle name in this (it's on his draft notice)
2) the promise of sex is implied as part of the pro-Army propaganda
3) I love how the general at the desk is just writing the word "Army" off-center on a blank sheet of paper
1) I loved the gag of the always-pantsless Donald covering his crotch with his hands once his shirt is removed
2) Donald can still barely read and might be color blind
It is always important to note that while Donald Duck complied with the draft, @realDonaldTrump lied about bone spurs to avoid serving in Vietnam, recently arguing that he wasn't a "fan" of that war even though he never protested it + fandom of a given war is 1000% irrelevant.
It is interesting that although it is Disney canon that Mickey Mouse fought in WWII, all of Disney's army cartoons star Donald instead. I feel like it would've been easy to make a really good Mickey Mouse cartoon during this era, or a MD&G... it feels like a lost opportunity.
I count 4 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) The U.S. Army stamps Donald's ass with its seal of approval
2) Ants on ass, ass-hand flicking them away
3) ass wiping ants away until it becomes too much
4) Donald shoots his commanding officer in the ass, repeatedly
I knew that Carl Barks' Uncle Scrooge comics had influenced Lucas & Spielberg's Indiana Jones but I also see two things in this short that may have been at least a subconscious influence.

(Donald & Indy both fought Nazis!)

Even the music at the top of this clip sounds familiar:
The Disney/Kubrick mash-up you never knew you needed until now, feat. Donald Duck & @vincentdonofrio:
Day 44: "Donald's Garden" (June 12, 1942)

Donald battles a water pump and then a greedy gopher who takes over half the film. I honestly wish that they would've kept Donald in the army for all of WWII instead of switching back-and-forth between wartime & civilian antics.
1) Donald is back to opening with a song, which I am ALWAYS in favor of
2) I love it when Donald is fighting technology of any kind, even something as basic as a water pump
3) Donald yelling "YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME!" is as relatable as any character has ever been in anything
1) I really did not need this film to ever move away from Donald vs the water pump. I would've enjoyed seeing this escalate
2) this dopey gopher does not charm me, and I miss Donald once he disappears like Mickey in a Pluto cartoon
1) More Donald singing!
2) I like all of Donald's reactions
3) I really feel bad for Donald in this short. He does nothing to deserve what happens to him here.
I hate this dumb greedy gopher. This is a Trump gopher.
I only count one real #DisneyAssGag in this one, but it happens at least 10 times in-a-row...

1) watermelon butt bumping (x10)
Some production art from "Donald's Garden"
Day 45: "Donald's Gold Mine" (July 24, 1942)

Donald is working in a mine! We have once again, disappointingly, strayed from the arc of Donald being in the army, and even worse, there isn't even a reference to this being a help to the war effort.
1) We begin with a song, and one which will later be claimed by Huckleberry Hound as his signature tune
2) this begins as Donald vs. Animal (burro, again) but will segue into Donald Vs. Machine eventually
1) The physical struggle with the pickaxe is actually painful to watch in parts
2) Donald's selfish lust for gold while there is a war on is a rare moment where he veers towards being as bad as draft-dodging coward @realDonaldTrump
Suddenly, this turns into an ACTION FILM!
Disney loves fake-out deaths
I count 9 #DisneyAssGags in this one... (As always, double-points for any ass gags involving a burro)

1) Donald kicks cart into ass
2) ass full of coal or rocks or whatever
3) shaking rocks in ass
4) this is multiple ass-full-of-rocks gags but I am only counting it as one
5) kick-ass
6) pickaxe ass bounce
7) pickaxe ass shenanigans
8) squeezing ass out of pickaxe
9) brush-ass
Day 46: "The Vanishing Private" (September 25, 1942)

Back to the war! The 2nd of Donald's six WWII films veers into science fiction, as Donald uses an experimental army invisibility paint and ends up causing a major incident with serious consequences.
1) Donald is singing the Barks/Harline tune "The Army's Not The Army Anymore," as heard sung by others in the previous army short
2) Sgt. Pete is not wrong about Donald's 1st paint job, which resembles the flag of Lithuania
3) the security in the experimental lab is inadequate
1) Bad communication between private & sergeant; Donald should explain what is going on rather than fleeing his commanding officer
2) Sgt. Pete also has anger issues and has no business being in command
1) it is hard to keep track of who breaks more rules in this short, Donald or Pete, but there are multiple assaults/attempted assaults in both directions
2) who leaves pies cooling with the window touching the top of the pies??
3) it looks like Donald eats a part of the pie PAN
1) Donald was in the wrong many times in this film, but Pete escalated to throwing live grenades too quickly
2) As propaganda, it's a wash: it suggests that the US has advanced secret tech in development but other than that the Army seems like it is in shambles, personnel-wise
There are only 4 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) falling over, hat-on-ass
2) singing while painting a canon and shaking ass

(What is this song? Does anyone know?)
3) big time cactus-ass freak-out
4) invisible Donald stabs his commanding officer in the ass with the general's sword (it should be noted that Pete was holding an armload of grenades, watch them go flying)
Production art for "The Vanishing Private"
I owned all 6 of Donald's WWII army shorts on this VHS tape, which I cherished and watched over and over until the tape wore out, and yet it has been so long since I last saw this cartoon that nearly all of it felt like a surprise to me now.
Day 47: "Sky Trooper" (November 6, 1942)

The 3rd of Donald's 6 Army films, and one which has partial continuity with the previous ones. However, Sgt. Pete does once again behave in a way that demands a full court martial.
1) No opening song this time, instead we pick up the "I wanna fly!" theme already established 2 shorts ago, plus Donald peeling potatoes is now a runner
2) Donald's dialogue and Clarence "Ducky" Nash's reading of it are both really terrific in this era
1) Notice the continuity error when Pete goes to the window; when Donald re-enters the room, his hands are empty for one shot
2) Pete takes a turn into full-on Big Bad Wolf villain once he enters the airplane
Here's where the continuity nitpicking becomes more significant-- in some shots, Donald's parachute disappears, which makes it look like Sgt. Pete is attempting to straight-up murder Donald by throwing him out of the airplane
1) Donald's takeaway from this major on-base incident was "Boy, was that big shot surprised!"
2) Sgt. Pete was in a straightjacket at the end of the previous short, and was shot repeatedly in the ass in the one before that
I count 7 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) Donald sticks a pin in Sgt. Pete's ass
2) "Did I stick it, Sarge?"
[Sound Effect]
"Yeah. You stuck it."
3) parachute against ass
4) Donald clings to chair, ass-out
5) Donald clings to arm, moaning, ass-to-cam
6) Donald sits in the ass of Sgt. Pete's pants while Pete's long thermal underwear is exposed
7) Donald throws bomb to ass
Day 48: "Bellboy Donald" (December 18, 1942)

Another break in the wartime continuity, as we find Donald not in the army but working at a hotel as a bellboy.
1) Instead of a song, we open on Donald being lectured for being a bad bellboy
2) Pete is rich! And has a son now!
3) What is in those bags & why are they heavy to Donald but not to Jr? I was expecting an asnwer but never got one in this film. What am I missing? I feel stupid.
1) That luggage is flimsy.
2) Everything is fixed, including the damaged clothing & luggage. Are we to assume it was repaired/replaced? Or just the flexible reality of an animated cartoon?
Cronenbergian body horror
More Cronenbergian body horror
It is hard to unpack exactly how that elevator works
1) This short features more Donald Duck/Donald Trump parallels than usual: hotels, bad behavior, "you're fired!" and also not serving in the military during wartime
2) ending is brutal but earned
I count 4 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) kicking bellboy butt
2) kicking ass from the revolving door
3) elevator electricity butt
4) obstructed view ass spanking
Day 49: "Der Fuehrer's Face" (January 1, 1943)

Donald Duck's only Oscar win, and it's for sticking it to Hitler in this anti-Nazi propaganda cartoon.

WARNING: racial/ethnic stereotypes (if you've ever seen Dr. Suess anti-Axis drawings from WWII, you know what to expect...)
1) Opening on the title song by Oliver Wallace
2) the WWII-era racial stereotypes are pretty ferocious up top
3) the original title of this short was "Donald Duck In Nutzi Land"
4) still shocking to see a Donald Duck in this setting, even when you know the reveal at the end
Oliver Wallace's song was a hit for Spike Jones before the film was even released
1) Out-of-context images from this film are constantly used to falsely suggest that Disney was rooting for the Nazis during WWII
2) stale bread or bread made of wood? I have seen this referred to both ways, but bread made of wood makes no sense so I hope it's not that
There is a lot of striking (and shocking) imagery in this cartoon and I can't remember how old I was when I finally saw it, but just knowing of its existence when I was a kid meant it took up a lot of real estate in my mind; I think for a long time I only saw still images from it
Looking at it now, it feels like a pretty narrow critique, mostly related to bad working conditions. Still, a pretty fascinating time capsule from the beginning of 1943.
I count 7 #DisneyAssGags in this short, and all of them are specifically Nazi Ass Gags

1) trombone in Nazi's ass
2) Nazi stabs Donald Duck's butt
3) Nazi kicking Donald Duck in his butt, repeatedly
4) Off-screen Nazi stabs upside down Donald Duck in his butt
5) Terrified Donald Duck salutes framed picture of Adolf Hitler with his ass
6) Falling Donald Ducks exit Nazi nightmare with asses coming closer and closer to the camera
7) Nightmare dream Donalds re-enter his body by float-falling into his butt
Promotional/production art for "Der Fuehrer's Face" + an ad celebrating its Oscar win
Day 50: "The Spirit of '43" (January 7, 1943)

A sequel/remake of "The New Spirit," this WWII propaganda film is anti-Nazi & stresses that paying your taxes is an act of patriotism.

[Cut to 2019: we have a fascist/white nationalist president who refuses to show his tax returns]
1) early proto-versions of both Scrooge McDuck & Gladstone Gander
2) taxes as a gesture of patriotism is concept that has slowly slipped away since WWII
3) @realDonaldTrump still refuses to release his tax returns but he will dry-hump an American flag if he sees one nearby
The Idle Hour Club makes its 2nd appearance! It has changed a lot since Donald's screen debut. Is Peter Pig still affiliated with it?
1) Donald punches a Nazi
2) The 2nd half of this film is just recycled footage from "The New Spirit"
3) This short is in the public domain!
Donald doesn't appear again after punching that Nazi in the face
The closest thing to a #DisneyAssGag in this film is when the Nazi spendthrift mimes the silhouette of a woman's figure
"Because of celluloid quotas there is a limited supply of prints," says the promotional one-sheet given to exhibitors. "A SWELL REEL GRATIS FOR A BIG WAR JOB!"
Day 51: "Donald's Tire Trouble" (January 29, 1943)

Donald spends an entire film trying to change a tire, and it's great.
It's another Donald vs. Machine film; I have yet to tire of this dynamic, in part because Donald is such and emotionally resonant character; the beats of frustration in this will later be the core of the Coyote vs. Acme rhythms of the Road Runner films
This is also, I think, a great-looking film. Donald's design in this feels perfect in this era, and there are a lot of individual moments within this that are really fun.
I think one of the things I like about this is how much they manage to get out of committing to one simple idea and being patient with it. Sometimes, there is a tendency to get to the halfway point and introduce a new element; this feels more confident
Donald losing his mind and somehow summoning a kind of partial victory out of all this failure feels like the perfect ending to a Donald Duck short
I count 6 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) Ass-up, looking for tools to change a tire
2) ass-up, rolling around & struggling
3) ass popping up out of tire
4) tire patch stuck to ass
5) removing tire patch from ass
This *looks* like a #DisneyAssGag at first but it is not, it's a belly gag
6) squeezing the rim down past his butt
Production art, including sketches of Mickey in the same scenarios, suggesting that this was perhaps almost a Mouse film instead of a Duck one?
Day 52: "Saludos Amigos" (February 6, 1943)

The first of two "package" feature films featuring Donald as part of a good neighbor initiative with Latin America, underwritten by the U.S. government at a time when Disney was in bad shape financially.
At 42 minutes long, this is Disney's shortest feature film and was billed in 1943 as "his gayest musical technicolor feature."
The film features 4 segments, and Donald is in two of them, "Lake Titicaca" & "Aquarela do Brasil," the latter featuring the debut of a brand-new character, José Carioca...
I was obsessed with Saludos Amigos as a kid, largely because I had no way of seeing it. I used to stare at this image in my copy of The Art Of Walt Disney and wonder what the movie was like.
I think I have false memories of seeing this on home video when I was young when the reality is more likely that I only saw fragments of it at various points before I would eventually see the whole thing many years later. I do not recall if it ever aired on The Disney Channel.
The truth is that I thought about this movie so much precisely because it seemed unattainable to me as a kid. In a world where so much is on-demand now at the click of a few buttons, it is almost hard to imagine what that used to feel like.
Even if I had been able to see the original theatrical trailer for Saludos Amigos as a kid, I probably would've watched this over & over until I knew every frame of it:
Title song over the charmingly handmade-looking opening credits, then a brief prelude setting up the film:
I'm sure someone more sophisticated than myself can make an argument for this framing 16mm footage being culturally condescending and/or problematic but in the current era of Trumpian ugliness all I can see when I watch this is that its basic intention is kind and open-hearted...
Finally, Donald makes his 1st appearance, as a "celebrated North American tourist."
It's notable that in this segment, Donald's famous temper is mostly kept in check; his in a good mood & on his best behavior when interacting with the locals
1) I still find this sequence utterly terrifying, funny but also it legit makes me nervous every time I watch it
2) I wonder if this suspension bridge sequence was anywhere in the minds of Lucas or Spielberg when they made Temple Of Doom? I always link them in my mind
The 4th segment (and the 2nd with Donald) is the delightful "Aquarela do Brasil."

I have always loved this era of Disney-- the "package" features made up of shorter segments. I feel like they were able to do more fun & experimental stuff in these movies.
1) The way Donald 1st appears in this segment is a career highlight
2) this is a full decade before Chuck Jones would wield a similar on-camera paintbrush in "Duck Amuck"
3) I have always liked José Carioca, he is cool & confident & (I always thought) a *little* bit of a bully
1) I love them walking down the stairs and then dancing together on the curvy stripes
2) drinking AND smoking!
Oh boy, I always forget how abruptly this film ends. This segment along should've gone for another 10 or 20 minutes! Thankfully, the sequel is not too far behind...
A French book from 1947. I have to track down a copy of this, I think.
The soundtrack to Saludos Amigos, on three 78rpm shellac records. I must own this, too.
I count 7 #DisneyAssGags in the Donald segments of Saludos Amigos...

1) we open on Donald's ass
2) ass-to-camera binocular drop
3) skipping-ass-along-water (with sound effect)
4) falling on ass
5) llama's ass controlled by music
6) a bee inside Donald's ass
7) Donald learns to dance once he realizes how his butt is moving
Day 53: "The Flying Jalopy" (March 12, 1943)

At first I thought, "this seems less like a Donald Duck cartoon & more like Warners or some other Disney competitor."

This led me down a cartoon rabbit hole that will end up at @HamillHimself, surprisingly enough... Follow along...
So, this short felt odd right away. Not that "Ben Buzzard" wouldn't fit in with the likes of Peg-leg Pete or The Big Bad Wolf, but the tone of how he is introduced feels different, less like Disney and more like almost any other studio.
It turns out this was the last Disney short directed by Dick Lundy, who was one of the people with a big hand in creating Donald Duck. After this film, he would go on to work for Walter Lantz, MGM & Hanna-Barbera.
Dick Lundy's imdb page leads with Snow White & Fritz The Cat. Now THAT is a resume.
Anyway, Ben Buzzard only appears once in a Disney cartoon, and it's this one. After all the effort spent in this cartoon to introduce him, it is his first and last Disney film.
I *think* you can spot him 45 years later in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" [That's him, isn't it?]
So, he shows up, tries to get rich by murdering Donald in a weird insurance scame, and ends up being hit on the head and serving as a makeshift airplane for Donald. But is this the end for Ben Buzzard? Sort of, but not quite! And what about Luke Skywalker? Hold on...
So Lundy goes to work for Lantz and basically takes this buzzard character with him, much like how Disney took Pete from the Oswald series and no one cared. This cartoon even uses a near-identical introduction to the character, re-named "Buzz Buzzard."
Cut to over 50 years later, and the voice of Buzz Buzzard in 1999 is... @HamillHimself!

[Sure, he introduces himself with a different moniker here, but you cannot trust him! He's a scam artist!]
I can only assume that this was a deliberate vocal callback by @HamillHimself:
Early production art for "The Flying Jalopy" when it was called "Mr. Duck Gets His Wings"
Poster for this short when it was accompanying the feature film, "Hitler's Children":
I count 4 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) Donald's ass falls through hole in the bottom of the plane
2) bouncing buzzard butt
3) buzzing buzzard butt
4) burning buzzard butt
Day 54: "Fall Out Fall In" (April 23, 1943)

Army life is exhausting & frustrating for Donald, who never really loses his famous temper in this short, and I'm not sure why. It's kind of hard to see him so beaten down by army life in this, the 4th film in Donald's army series...
1) we see Donald marching over 40 miles through all kinds of extreme conditions
2) Donald overheated is so vivid it hurts
3) I like that each of Donald's army films has been distinct
Cronenbergian body horror
1) Donald's "sweat helmet" is disgusting
2) over 300 miles!
3) No Pete this time, just an off-camera voice of authority
4) LOTS of photos of Daisy (are they all of Daisy? Is one of those DONNA???)
5) we never get the satisfaction of seeing Donald get to eat
1) all the human feet sticking out of tents look weird; it's unusual for a Disney short to be off with perspective or proportions like that
2) Tired Donald truly makes me feel bad; it's painful!
I feel like this film puts Donald through the ringer and none of it is deserved, which makes for a peculiar kind of "War Is Hell" vibe. He's a good soldier suffering constant bad luck. Also, the gag at the end with the tree feels weird, like they just needed a random "button"
I count 7 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) ass-to-camera drumming while marching
2) soggy ass figures out how to be dry again
3) jingle-ass icicles
4) tentpole bounces on ass
5) ass/head under-tent fake-out
6) face-to-ass shocker
7) head-in-hole, ass-in-the-air
Donald's WWII opening title card (Army variant)
Day 55: "The Old Army Game" (November 5, 1943)

Donald goes AWOL, pretends to be a bunny rabbit, gets caught, and then thinks his ass & feet have died and gone to heaven. The 5th of Donald's 6-part Army series.
1) I like how themes carry over in this Army continuity; the last short had an exhausted Donald craving sleep, now we see him skipping sleep to go AWOL & presumably have a night out on the town
2) That phonograph trick wouldn't have worked w/that record player, 78s are too short
Of all the many, many Disney death fake-outs, this one for Donald's butt is my favorite, and they commit to it fully
1) So THAT'S why I never saw this on The Disney Channel: Donald's Gollum/Sméagol-style back-and-forth as to whether he should blow his brains out w/a handgun
2) "Victory Speed Limit" est. by the U.S. Office of Defense Transportation to conserve gasoline/rubber for the war effort
I count 11 #DisneyAssGags in this one, but in fact a huge chunk of this short is ALL ABOUT the supposed death of Donald Duck's butt, which is shown to have its own angel that flies up to heaven

1) Duck butt disguised as bunny butt
2) barbed wire flat-butt
3) barbed wire butt-cut
4) Donald Duck's butt goes to heaven
5) Sgt. Pete contemplates the loss of Donald Duck's butt
6) Pete & Donald mourn the loss of Donald Duck's butt with the same intensity as the 7 dwarves mourned dead Snow White
7) Pete picks at Donald's butt
8) Donald realizes his butt is back
9) Donald celebrates the return of his butt
10) slow-motion bayonet stab at Donald's butt
11) iris out on Pete's bouncing butt, followed by "The End"
Day 56: "Home Defense" (November 26, 1943)

Donald & his nephews are on the lookout for enemy planes on the home front! No Axis fighters show up, but a bee does.
I'm not sure where this cartoon is meant to be set (outside Hollywood? The outskirts of Duckburg?) but I like that tiredness remains a wartime theme.
1) Donald's multi-gun rig looks unstable and makes me nervous
2) Donald begging for his life is an interesting window into his mind
3) I like how seriously this film takes the dishonorable discharge of HD&L
In any other era, Donald's many battles with bees feel frivolous compared to this; we see his fears and they are a post-Pearl Harbor nightmare
Look at the shot of Donald hearing the explosion with his headset on, it is genuinely disturbing, as if he will have permanent hearing loss
I only count 2 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) diving into flowers, ass-up
2) tiny cut-out paratrooper lands on ass, causing immediate surrender
Color model sheet for "Home Defense")
4 Donalds
Day 57: "Trombone Trouble" (February 18, 1944)

Veering from WW2 to a short in which Donald is annoyed by late night trombone practice should make this picture feel like a small-time affair, yet the presence of two Roman Gods makes this short seem more consequential
1) I was genuinely surprised by the opening minute of this film
2) I was surprised again when it was Pete practicing the trombone instead of Donald
3) I find it interesting how often Donald's living arrangements seem bleak; not always, but often enough that it's a trend
1) Donald is reasonable in his complaint, though he did not need to be so seemingly critical of the playing itself
2) this film wastes no time, these gods are quick to find a possible solution to their problem
3) Donald goes power mad SO quickly
1) fairly efficient revenge scenario
2) I like that Donald's playing is actually pretty good
3) Are those clouds comfortable? Can they move further away? We will never see this characters again, methinks. So many unanswered questions!
4) How many gods are ducks?
I count 8 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) Donald tries to sleep head-under-pillow, ass-up
2) lightbulb ass-shock, causes by jazz
3) the gods transfer power via the butt
4) one god slaps another god's ass
5) ass-shock in bed
6) ass-shock in bathtub
7) ass-shock through the window
8) water wheel ass abuse, seemingly infinite
3 Donalds
Day 58: "Donald Duck and the Gorilla" (March 31, 1944)

Yet another diversion from the war, when an escaped gorilla named Ajax breaks into Donald's home and terrorizes him & his nephews. (This is basically a remake of the 1930 Mickey Mouse cartoon, "The Gorilla Mystery.")
1) Donald is in cruel prankster mode
2) Huey almost curses/possibly does
3) This old house feels pretty empty and yet they have a full gorilla costume handy!
4) Donald starts his book from the middle, though it does SOUND like a beginning
1) they clear up any costume confusion quicker than I thought they would
2) Donald & HD&L team-up but then they are quickly dismissed! This short keeps abandoning things, losing momentum
3) They maybe shoulda just made it Donald vs Ajax, they don't really utilize the nephews well
The action sequences are the best thing about this. They never needed the costume fake-out or the brief team-up. They just wanted a gorilla to chase Donald. The only real purpose the nephews serve is to toss in the tear gas for the final gag, and anyone could've done that
I count 6 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) hot wax on ass creates ass-glove
2) low-to-floor-ass bobbing with hand gesture
3) hot ass wax causes door chopping
4) Donald chastises Louie for his ass making too much noise when he kicks it
5) Donald's ass feels tooth and explains the situation to Donald
6) Ajax squishes Donald's ass using table leaves, tries to eat Donald's ass but is poked in eye instead
Model sheet for Ajax compared to production art of Beppo from 1930
Day 59: "Contrary Condor" (April 21, 1944)

Another detour from Donald's WWII continuity, as Donald tries to steal an egg from a giant condor; this one feels like it may have been intended originally to be part of Saludos Amigos, maybe?
1) It's the narrator & opening shot that makes me feel like this was intended for Saludos, though I think it would've been perhaps the weakest segment if it had been included
2) the sequence inside the egg is INTENSE
1) Donald is pure villain in this one, it's hard to root for him
2) I am baffled by the raincloud gag. Am I missing something?
3) It is funny to see this short after the "I wanna fly" runner of the army films
Oh man, Donald fakes the death of her child AND steals her egg? And he laughs about it. It's a full-on heel turn.
What began as an Andes travelogue ends up as a kind of weird avian family drama with Donald stuck in a condor's nest, still scheming for how to steal that 2nd egg. I don't know why this short feels so weird to me, but it does. Maybe I'm just too eager to get back to the war...
I count 5 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) Not really a gag, I suppose, more of a plot point. But we'll count it. Condor ass-on-egg, with Donald inside the egg...
2) emergency ass-fan
3) ass cracks egg, ass bears down, Donald stabs ass
4) ass-hat deception
5) hat pulled off ass, ass flies back into hat
Day 60: "Commando Duck" (June 2, 1944)

Donald Duck's final WWII cartoon is also one of his most problematic, because it is loaded up with offensive Japanese stereotypes. It also ends with Donald accidentally destroying an enemy airfield.
1) no sign of Sgt. Pete; instead Donald's commanding officer has a narrator-type voice and we only see his arm & hand
2) were man-eating crocodiles a genuine threat in WW2?
3) F8 = "fate"
4) WARNING: ugly stereotypes kick in at the end of this clip, big-time
1) lots more offensive stuff right up at the top of this clip
2) Lone Ranger reference, followed immediately by Red Skelton reference
3) much of this film verges on sci-fi, in the sense that the Army-issued "emergency boat" is futuristic technology that still doesn't exist
1) It's a shame that so much of this short is so offensive bc the non-offensive parts are top notch action filmmaking. This final sequence is Raiders-level
2) Unless this was a totally deserted airbase, this seems like it ends w/Donald killing hundreds? Dozens? Thousands?
I count 4 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) knees up, ass down
2) shot in ass while disguised as tree
3) 2 ass-shots, almost
4) falling, ass-into-cam
Some additional Donald Duck WWII designs
Killing time between auditions today, almost bought a water bottle + cookie jar + notebook with sticky pads, none of which I need to own.
Day 61: "The Plastics Inventor" (September 1, 1944)

Donald listens to a radio broadcast which teaches him how to build a working airplane out of melted plastic but then midway through the show they reveal that it melts if you get it wet.

This cartoon is BONKERS & I love it.
First of all, I don't think the Donald Duck character gets enough credit for being a joyful enthusiast. When Donald is really excited about something, I think it is really funny.

2nd: Where does this cartoon take place? What is this radio show? Is the country still at war???
The fake "science" of this cartoon is so much fun. Donald melts a mountain of garbage in a big pot and makes an airplane. Were portable radios even invented yet? Who cares, he baked his helmet onto his head using a heat lamp!
It doesn't matter how ridiculous any aspect of this short is, because it is made with such energy & full-on commitment, it's a blast. The action sequences in this are delirious fun.

Donald as action star is delightful; these are scenes that were impossible in 1940s live action.
Amazingly, I don't think there is a single #DisneyAssGag in this short!

This is the closest I could find, and it's really a full body thing:
Also, is this just the first time I am NOTICING credits in the opening? Or is this a new development?
This is one of my favorite Donald solo shorts so far. Exciting, funny, unhinged, action-packed, and with just such a fun character energy even though Donald's trademark temper never really factors into it.

My review:
Day 62: "Donald's Off Day" (December 8, 1944)

A psychologically rich stew, as the gods above thwart Donald's golf plans and his abusive attitude provokes his nephews to give him a mortal health scare. In the end, Donald is punished by the gods.
Credits again! I guess this is a new development, a new trend, showing credits at the top of the film!
1) Donald no longer sings at the top of every film! I miss it; I hope that trend returns but I fear it will not.
2) Instead, an unseen female voice sings! Who is she, one of the gods?
3) The reason I keep mentioning the gods is bc they SHOWED us Jupiter & Vulcan a few shorts ago
1) Donald is horrible to HD&L in this short
2) Donald is constantly falling for radio scams, I feel like 2019 Donald should be similarly afflicted by the internet & social media
3) call Dr. Quack at MAINE-13-UH-OH
1) we are seeing how Donald would really behave if he was actually about to die
2) when did golf become *this* important to him?
3) I genuinely do love that they showed him mentally processing everything that we already saw in this short
1) How far would DD have gone in punishing his nephews if the gods hadn't intervened?
2) A lot of complicated dynamics popped up in this film: Donald's harshness with his nephews, his fear of death, their joy at seeing him suffer; all quickly forgotten once he is hit by lightning
I count only ONE #DisneyAssGag in this one, and it's right at the top...

1) Donald scratches his ass in his sleep
Day 63: "The Clock Watcher" (January 26, 1945)

WWII is still happening, but Donald is working in the gift wrapping department of Royal Bros Department Store.
1) Donald's way of getting to work is baffling
2) Another example of a short beginning with other people singing a song instead of Donald
3) This is a crazy place to work
It's weird how much this short resembles Donald's assembly line Nazi nightmare
Donald is terrible at this job, and it's also a terrible job.
1) Apparently, there is one part of this that gets edited out for some TV airings and it is easy to guess which part
2) The whole short could've been just him and the Jack-In-The-Box
3) I remember being fascinated by the way that pie looked when I saw this as a kid
Donald violently attacks his employer
I count 2 #DisneyAssGags in this one...

1) wrapped jack-in-the-box ass explosion
2) hanging out the window ass shot
Oh, also: CREDITS!
Day 64: "The Three Caballeros" (February 3, 1945)

The sequel to Saludos Amigos! Featuring the return of Brazil's José Carioca & the introduction Panchito Pistoles, who represents Mexico.
This was a movie I revisited again and again in the early days of VHS rental. I couldn't get enough of it.
1) Opening titles: this feels grand! I love this movie.
2) Donald Duck in enthusiastic mode doesn't get enough credit. This is the mode that gives meaning to his tantrums, his capacity for joy at the opposite end of the pendulum swing.
1) A movie in which the 1st thing Donald does is watch a movie. I love it.
2) 1st #DisneyAssGag arrives almost immediately
3) Right off the bat I like how kind-hearted this whole thing feels
4) "Professor Holloway" aka the great Sterling Holloway
1) I skipped the non-Donald segments of Saludos, but in T3C the framing device is Donald's birthday, all of this is connected to him
2) there's a certain kind of physical comedy that Disney does better than anyone else; it's more grounded, less cartoony, less hungry for laughs
1) Sterling Holloway could deliver just about any line and make it work. What a great voice.
2) This whole segment is a perfect start to this movie, whimsical and light but I am immediately invested. Even the sillier gags somehow don't undermine the base reality of it
It always bothers me that Pablo's "best friend" Smokey Joe, drowns and no one even cares.
1) more of the "Aves Raras" ("Rare Birds") section; all of this is great
2) "what a time two toucans have making love"
3) The Aracuan Bird is a highlight of this whole film (the fireys in Labyrinth remind me of him but they are the nightmare version)
1) I could watch Donald watching movies for a long time & never get sick of it
2) How much of this is problematic now? My gut keeps telling me that, on balance, this mostly holds up, in that its intention is to celebrate other cultures when we currently live in an ugly/angry era
Honestly, I know that Disney himself was dismissive of the "package films" of the 1940s but I think many of the segments in these films cast a spell that is often equal to the best of the Disney features, sometimes even besting them; these were impressive short story collections.
The comedy in these films is often light, everything is done with a gentle touch. There are some good gags here and there but storytelling is the priority. I often feel like films like this get unfairly compared to Warner or MGM shorts which had totally different goals
1) The ending of this is played sort of breezily but I remember it kind of haunted me as a kid-- NEVER SEEN AGAIN AS LONG AS THEY LIVED???
2) Donald is a good audience
1) The triumphant return of José Carioca! What a great entrance he is given here (tho it will be topped soon enough by the arrival of Panchito)
2) Have you EVER seen DD happier to see anyone?
3) Aracuan Bird pulling at the edges of the film itself (still years before Duck Amuck)
1) "Have you ever been to Baía, Donald?"
2) It speaks to the artistry of this film that this segment captivated me, because it SHOULD have bored me
3) For some reason, they spell "Bahia" "Baía"
4) Does José Carioca have the best singing voice of any Disney character?
1) What a tremendous follow-up to Saludos Amigos this is. The confidence to place this haunting slow, song here, knowing that they can snap back to a new pace whenever they want.
2) Donald perks up at the mention of Samba, which he learned at the end of Saludos! A callback!
1) great train sequence
2) José Carioca sometimes feels chaotic, as does Panchito, later; but the Aracuan Bird IS chaos
3) Is this movie the horniest we ever see Donald Duck? He is in pure lust mode anytime a woman is on screen in this.
4) "She sells cookies! COOKIES, my friend!"
Aurora Miranda (Carmen's sister!) as Yaya The Cookie Lady
The live-action/animation work in this is still impressive to me, esp the way the mix up the approach from one shot to the next-- live action in front of animated rear projection background, animated cels over live action w/characters walking towards the lens or away from it, etc
Honestly, there are so many impressively sly & subtle little tricks they employ to keep your eye from noticing one particular method of blending the live action & the animation. It's really extraordinary, not to mention just how generally fun all of this is.
When they combine TWO tricks at once-- a rear projection that is animated + live action people in front of it + animated cels on top of THAT, my brain just registers it as magic. This is really fun to watch.
The looseness of these films gave the freedom to kind of go crazy & do whatever they wanted. It's kind of amazing that they were able to pace this film so well given only the slightest narrative through line to hang it all on: Donald's birthday, opening gifts from Latin America
Donald's inflation nightmare ends and we finally meet the 3rd of our three titular caballeros, Panchito. The animated sound waves, and Donald becoming trapped inside them, is one of my all-time favorite sequences in film.
The title song! It has been building to this. There is much to enjoy in the staging of all this...
Out of nowhere, this becomes a XMAS movie! Specifically a religious XMAS movie, at least for this brief sequence, which is a quiet & elegant little mood-shift in between their boisterous theme song the the piñata antics which follow...
More piñata antics, followed by Panchito telling Donald the history of Mexico, which leads into another ballad... the mood shifts in this film just don't stop, from madcap to melancholy and back again...
I think one of the things I liked about this film as a kid was that I sensed that it wasn't entirely a kids' film; I always liked it, I think, when cartoons seemed to be striving for a higher level.
I'm reading that this movie got mixed reviews on original release for being more flash than substance. Personally, I'm fine with trading in a fairy tale narrative for a travelogue, I don't think one is inherently more substantial than the other...
Admittedly, this is a relatively long stretch of singing & dancing, but I don't mind a minute of it. This film is almost aggressively good-natured.
Donald blending his American style-dancing into this party, which he is then dragged screaming from
We shift to Acapulco Beach, where Donald goes back to being extremely horny for every women he sees. He is completely out of control now!
In The New Yorker, Wolcott Gibbs wrote that parts of the film "might disconcert less squeamish authorities than the Hays office."

This was, of course, many decades before Anthony Lane's viewing of The Incredibles 2 sent popcorn flying everywhere.
Donald calms down a little but still gets pretty worked up over singer Dora Luz's rendition of "You Belong To My Heart"
The film starts to go crazy now. This part turns into a kind of sex-fueled dream ballet: Donald is delighted when guitar sound holes turn into floating mouths that kiss him, he fills w/blood, shoots off like a rocket, pollinating flowers until his friends return to duckblock him
Wolcott Gibbs wrote this for The New Yorker: "It might even be said that a sequence involving the duck, the young lady, and a long alley of animated cactus plants would probably be considered suggestive in a less innocent medium."

I don't see it, Wolcott. This part seems tame.
I feel like once the film goes sex crazy and segues into the gentle cactus dance and then transitions into the bullfight, it does feel like "ok, it's time to wrap this film up." It has sustained so many whiplash changes of mood that an audience can only take so much...
How has @disney never made a Tiny Cactus Donald stuffed toy? These little guys look like they were created specifically to become toys.
It always disturbed me a little bit how these felt like Donald's two best friends and yet there is a Jackass-style dynamic of physical abuse for laffs that never strikes me as healthy. Maybe it's just not my speed.
Then again, Donald just as often seems "into it" so who am I to judge? When he charges the bull he looks as empowered as he ever has on screen.
What a spectacular movie. Experimental & kind-hearted (mostly) and bursting with energy, even in its quieter moments. Small stories, big imagery + dazzling effects that I don't think would be topped until Zemeckis, ILM & Richard Williams made Roger Rabbit possible.
Three Caballeros soundtrack & sheet music & comic book
Three Caballeros lobby cards
Three Caballeros posters
More Three Caballeros posters!
Promotional materials for The Three Caballeros
More promo stuff for T3C
There is so much promotional art for The Three Caballeros, and all of it is charming
More promo art + the model sheet for Panchito!
I joined the Disney Movie Club at perhaps the dumbest possible moment, right before they are about to open the Vault for Disney+... but I did it mainly to get their exclusive blu-ray of Saludos & T3C, the former of which is uncensored!

I count roughly 25 #DisneyAssGags in The Three Caballeros...

I may have missed a few here or there, or passed by some that were simply unremarkable. My apologies, either way.

1) TFW u project the movie onto your ass
2) from ass-to-screen
3) Pablo's cold ass warming
4) the cycle of ass-warming continues, as Pablo dreams of a place where his ass would always remain warm
5) Donald ass-bumps Jose off the screen
6) a chair traps Donald by the ass
7) total nudity followed by ass-head swap
8) hand-to-ass inflation reversal
9) multiple ass transformations
10) Donald's ass has never been so many different shapes
11) the ass transformations continue
12) ass deflation
13) stepping on Donald's ass, twice
14) bookshelf ass-bookending (with Donald as book)
15) Donald hits his own ass
16l Donald's ass attacked by pinata
17) Donald falls on ass
18) Donald presents his ass to a table full of women
19) more total nudity, with ass curling up to face cam
20) Donald floats with his ass-to-cam
21) Tiny Cactus Donalds trod upon his ass
22) Jose jams two sticks of dynamite into Donald's ass cheeks
23) fireworks bull attacks Donald's ass
24) more fireworks hitting Donald directly in the ass
25) the movie is literally seconds away from being done and they are still shooting fireworks directly at Donald Duck's ass
Day 65: "The Eyes Have It" (March 30, 1945)

Another Donald & Pluto short-- WW2 is still happening, but this one is all about Donald ordering a hypnotism kit & using it to torment Mickey Mouse's dog. Is Donald pet-sitting? That's always my assumption but we never know for certain
1) I don't like it when these begin without Donald singing a song to himself. They should not have stopped that.
2) I do like it when Donald starts out in a good mood.
3) "Hot diggity-dog!" I believe this is the first time we have heard Donald use this phrase
1) Pluto's transformation into a turtle is disturbing in a Cronenbergian way, because I do not understand how the shell is formed
2) When Pluto sits up like a hen, it is upsetting how much he looks like Goofy
3) Donald very excited to watch an angry rooster fight a dog-hen
1) I find this entire sequence genuinely frightening. I wonder how much of my fear of dogs ultimately stems from cartoons
2) I know it isn't the only damage caused but for some reason I am fixated on the fact that Donald is going to have to replace all his dining room chairs
I wish I had kept track of how many different places Donald is shown to live. Was it always easier to just invent a new location rather than having the same home every time?
I count 5 #DisneyAssGags in this one, which is LOW for a short with Pluto in it...

1) Pluto-as-mouse goes into mousehole, ass-last
2) Donald laughs on porch, ass-up
3) Pluto hit in ass, is shocked
4) ass preparations for sitting on eggs
5) Rooster bites tail, pulling at ass
Oh, and CREDITS!

• • •

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Oct 4, 2020
Given where we are now-- Day 3 of @realDonaldTrump in the hospital, infected with COVID-19-- it's worth a look back at the timeline of what happened with Herman Cain.

June 20th: attends Trump rally in Tulsa. No mask.
June 25th: no more lockdowns
June 26th: Biden wants a mask mandate. Cain disagrees.
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It is a symptom of how insane @realDonaldTrump has made things that ppl are confidently speculating on the possibility that this is a last minute piece of political theatre in which they are faking a full outbreak & quick recovery in order to change the subject yet again
I'm sure someone will write a clear-eyed breakdown of exactly how complicated it would be to stage something like this, and what is the minimum number of ppl who would have to actively/knowingly participate in the lie in order to pull it off.
It strikes me as far beyond his capabilities-- not that he wouldn't have the WILL to do it, or that he couldn't find ppl to go along with it-- but this would require a certain amount of discipline & self-control. An impressive amount.
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I never liked church as a kid, but when they passed around a petition asking everyone to boycott our local movie theaters if they showed Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation Of Christ, I was **done** with The Catholic Church and organized religion forever. (I was 12.) ImageImageImageImage
I didn't know anything about TLTOC and had yet to see a Scorsese film, but I remember the priest describing the film as "pornographic" and it sounded like bullshit to me. I had no interest in seeing the movie but there was no way in hell I was going to stop going to the movies. Image
Eventually, when I saw the film a few years later on VHS, it confirmed that they had been lying about the movie, which was better than any sermon I had ever heard. It's basically It's A Wonderful Life but with Jesus seeing what it would be like if he wasn't the son of God. Image
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Sep 8, 2020
Hi @jimmyfallon! I do a podcast called @DeadEyespodcast and I would love to talk to you for an episode! DM me! ImageImageImageImage
I was supposed to be in the same BoB episode YOU were in, @jimmyfallon!

Even if you only have 5 minutes to talk to me about your experience, it would mean so much.

[Previous guests include Seth Rogen, Jon Hamm, Aimee Mann, etc] Image
Oh yeah, the podcast is about how I was fired by Tom Hanks the day before I was supposed to film my scene; I was told the reason was that he saw my audition tape & thought I had "dead eyes"!

Here is a link to the podcast, @jimmyfallon/@FallonTonight:
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Sep 3, 2020
Beginning my personal re-watch of #Studio60ontheSunsetStrip in prep for the 9/20 @GLucasTalkShow 17-hour watchathon to raise money for @BCEFA bc I haven't seen it since it first aired & I wanna see it again as myself b4 watching it in character as "retired filmmaker George Lucas" Image
Also: @patrickcotnoir is working so hard in preparation for this one that the least I could do is watch all 22 episodes again before watching them a 3rd time for our show.

I think this is the watchathon Patrick was put on earth to produce. Image
Taking stock during my Studio 60 re-watch:

I have performed improv in front of 2 actors who were on Studio 60, and I was in a movie with 2 others.
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