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12 Jun 19
To celebrate #DonaldDuck's 85th birthday, I am gonna watch every DD theatrical cartoon in chronological order (minus the ones I just covered in my #Mickey90 megathread)

Mute the thread NOW if you would like to avoid seeing all of this!
Day 1: "The Wise Little Hen" (June 9, 1934)

Donald's 1st appearance, as a scene-stealing supporting actor in this Silly Symphony cartoon. He is paired w/Peter Pig, who will never have a role this good again. DD becomes an instant star, while Peter is demoted to background player
I think they know they have something here; they save Donald's intro for last, and give him a great entrance.

Also, WLH's singing voice is perfect, and Peter Pig's speaking voice is a true nightmare. You can feel his cartoon career ending the moment he opens his mouth.
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3 Jan 19
Would love to get the # of followers for @GLucasTalkShow up to 1138 & somehow keep it at that number forever, even if it means randomly blocking people to maintain it. (Would that work? Or is there an easier way?)

Please help us reach 1138 in time for our next show on 1/11!
We broke 1000! 138 to go. Can we do this by 1/11?
OK, we are down to the final 89!

I really want to get @GLucasTalkShow to 1138 followers and keep it there forever.

I think we can do it!

[📸: @photojuicebox]
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3 Jan 19
R.I.P. Bob Einstein

This is probably my favorite scene in my favorite film of all time, Modern Romance. I remember the first time I saw it, realizing that it was Super Dave Osborne (whom I knew from his great deadpan talk show appearances) & later realizing he was AB's brother
Einstein had maybe the single best deadpan of any late night guest, better even than Grodin at his peak maybe! His bits were always great but my favorite parts were always when the audience would laugh and he would stop and glare at them, or at Dave.
It's just tremendous the way he times those reactions, feeding off Dave's timing and the energy of the audience...
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29 Dec 18
Honestly, I think all the headlines about Holmes & Watson being the worst comedy of the year are going to end up making it a film that people discover later on & are pleasantly surprised that it isn't the worst movie they've ever seen. It is a C- comedy that is getting F- grades
I think all the articles about audiences walking out and it being so bad that even Netflix wouldn't save it give a false impression of it. I also think that critics are always angrier when a movie isn't screened (esp. if it means they all had to spend XMAS day watching it)
This is perhaps an uncool opinion but although the movie is a mixed bag and suffers in comparison to the previous to Ferrell/Reilly pairings, I don't get a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes feeling from this movie. (I guess it's up to 7% now, but still.)
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17 Dec 18
It's too late for 2018, obviously, but I wanna make a XMAS wish that @Disney put out A Muppet Family Christmas on blu-ray, unedited.

Music rights perhaps make this unlikely, but right now we live in a world where this classic is out-of-print, and it shouldn't be.
If you haven't seen A Muppet Family Christmas, it is one of the very best Muppet things that has ever been made. I think it is as significant/important as the original Muppet movie trilogy. It's also one of the last major Muppet things Jim Henson did.
Aside from anything else, it is notable for being the Muppet Cinematic Universe equivalent of Avengers: Infinity War (but with the holiday charm of A Charlie Brown Christmas).

It features characters from The Muppet Show, Sesame Street AND Fraggle Rock, all together at XMAS.
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15 Dec 18
Just read this interview from a few weeks ago where @aimeemann talks in detail about her early records and when it got to the end I wanted the conversation to keep going all the way up to the present day. It's a really great conversation.…
I remember "discovering" @aimeemann's music in 1996, when I was living in Liverpool and the album I'm With Stupid made me feel less creatively lonely at a time when I was frustrated & angry. The opening lines to this song hit me like a ton of bricks, in a good way:
That album remains one of my favorite records of all time, and back when I first got it I listened to it obsessively. Every song on it sounds great to me, and I feel like I learned more about the way the world is from the sentiments on that record than I ever learned in school.
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14 Dec 18

I was SO excited when @springsteen announced he would be doing shows all week long, every week, for over a year in the town I call my home.

Now I work down at the car wash, where all it ever does is rain.
Dammit, I should've made it so my @RollingStone article reviewed 40 XMAS albums + @Springsteen on Broadway.

I thought of this idea too late.
@springsteen, I know u are busy tonight but if u are free NEXT Friday at 9pm, I'm inviting you to see The Stepfathers @ucbtny Hell's Kitchen.

We usually sell out, too, but I can get you in, easy.

(My offer stands regardless of whether u decide to let me see your show tomorrow.)
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14 Dec 18
NEW SINGLE OUT NOW! Two brand new Secular XMAS songs that Mikey Erg & I accidentally wrote & recorded this week.…
"I Listen To The Holiday Radio"

This song was partly inspired by me binge-listening to 40 new XMAS albums in a row for @RollingStone. I love XMAS music but holiday radio stations need to work hard to mix it up & get creative with song selection. (The best of them do, obvsly.)
LYRICS for you to sing-along:
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13 Dec 18
I managed to sneak @ElvisCostello's latest record, the brilliant Look Now, into my list of 40 new XMAS albums for @RollingStone.

(It's not a XMAS album, but that doesn't stop me from from making the flimsy-but-persuasive case that it kind of *is.*)…
First of all, red vinyl/green vinyl? Maybe you can do one of those without invoking the spirit of XMAS, but BOTH?

Throw a "heavyweight knit cap with pom" and SOCKS and you have yourself a full helping of holly/jolly holiday cheer.
But the crux of my argument is my controversial take that one of the best songs on the album-- the Bacharach/Costello instant classic, "He's Given Me Things"-- could be about Santa Claus.

Apologies to @ElvisCostello, Burt, @SebastianKrys & all involved for what I have done here:
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13 Dec 18
Some pics from last night's Spirit Of Ratliff XMAS Spectacular taken by our pal @each1teach1.

@Mikeyerg & I took the stage armed with a handful of our XMAS songs and a table full of cool gifts that very few people seemed to actually want...
Nobody wanted my spare copies of the soundtrack to the wonderful TV series Over The Garden Wall. If you came to this show, you could've had it, easy!

I barely was able to get someone to take my extra John Coltrane LP. These were sealed, brand new records!
One person finally reluctantly took this DVD box set of amazing cult series The Prisoner but it took some convincing

I don't know who ended up w/these vintage Walt Kelly Pogo figurines bc at some point I just started passing them into the audience, hoping someone would keep them
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11 Dec 18
I wrote this article for @RollingStone where I reviewed 40 new XMAS albums and sort of lost my mind a little!
If you put out a new XMAS album in 2018 but I didn't mention it in the article I wrote for @RollingStone, let me know and I will post additional updates in this very twitter thread between now & 12/25.

I already know of 3 albums I missed & will be posting about those here soon
Here is a nearly complete Spotify playlist of almost all the albums I listened to for the Rolling Stone article.

(If/when I get a chance, I will create a "curated" one that is just highlights.)…
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11 Dec 18
This is a cassette I purchased in the UK in 1999. It features Father Christmas saying my name, telling me that when he came into my room last night, I was "fast asleep." He then asks if I was "excited."

Please come to my XMAS show w/ @Mikeyerg Wednesday @ucbtny Hell's Kitchen!
• The way Santa cues the elves to transition instantly to "Jingle Bells"
• His mirthless laugh
• The way he bellows "C'mon!"
• His vocal entrance on the LAST word of the song: "...SLEIGH"
• The elves are absolute professionals, Santa is barely holding it together
The b-side of this cassette does not mention me by name in the songs, but it does feature XMAS songs I have never heard of before. "Santa's Castle" tells us, for instance, that Santa *has* a castle, something I was previously unaware of.
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10 Dec 18
Hey so I know I tweet a lot about my new XMAS album (The Spirit Of Ratliff with @Mikeyerg) but that doesn't mean I'm not paying full attention to everybody else's new XMAS records! Here is @ingridmusic's limited edition 7" picture disc single feat. 2 holiday song demo recordings
I will have more to say shortly about a great many of 2018's holiday albums but in the meantime this is available at independent record stores.

It features one unreleased XMAS song demo + the demo for a terrific song off @ingridmusic's new XMAS LP.
I could easily imagine @ingridmusic
singing one or two of the songs @Mikeyerg & I wrote for our XMAS record and I could also imagine Mikey & I performing "Happy, Happy XMAS" in our XMAS show this Wednesday at UCB...…
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9 Dec 18
This Wednesday's Spirit Of Ratliff holiday show at UCB Hell's Kitchen got mentioned by @brooklynvegan but they said I am a writer for @LateNightSeth, which I never have been.

Still-- nice to be mentioned, and if there are to be errors, at least it makes me sound more impressive!
I have appeared on LNSM twice, briefly, in bits written by @benwarheit. And I have done comedy things outside of LNSM with ppl like @salgentile, who writes for LNSM. And maybe they are confusing me with former LNSM writer @conner_omalley?

Who knows? Embrace the mystery.
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8 Dec 18
Last night, The George Lucas Talk Show held its 5th annual "Life Day" celebration with guests David Harbour, John Levenstein, Chris Barron and Rachel Antonoff!
We gave away toys & gifts to the audience, many of them generously donated to the show by @CraigShemin & @DAbruzzoTweets & the rest paid for by "George Lucas."

While we did this, Chris Barron volunteered to play the riff from "Two Princes"! That counts as a Life Day miracle!
All these pics by the great @thatarin, including this action shot of "George" running out to high five the audience, which is always my nod to the final season of The Larry Sanders Show.
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7 Dec 18
TONIGHT! Come celebrate Life Day with this terrific line-up of guests!
This clip of @DavidKHarbour tells you everything you need to know to fully understand the meaning of the Star Wars holiday, "Life Day":
And this clip will make you ask yourself, "did Spin Doctors write the 1991 song 'Two Princes' in anticipation of 2015's Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire (the 5th Digital Expansion to the BioWare MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic)?"
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27 Nov 18
I'm going to make a wish that I have made here before, but this time I'm gonna address it directly to @DAVID_LYNCH & @mfrost11: if the idea of a 4th season of @SHO_TwinPeaks is too daunting, consider making XMAS IN TWIN PEAKS, a holiday special, set in Whatever Year This Is.
Another 18 hours seems like it would be too much, right? I can't believe you guys did it for S3! So I'm guessing the thought of another full season would be exhausting, maybe? But to never return to Twin Peaks is also sad, yes?

One tiny glimpse of how delightful a Twin Peaks XMAS could be-- this small piece of set dressing showing The Brennan Family in front of their tree, including young Wally Brando.

Imagine seeing some version of The Brennan Family at home during the holidays...
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22 Nov 18
Bored lazy coward @realDonaldTrump just said "say hello to everybody in the navy" from his fucking GOLF RESORT.
Coward @realDonaldTrump didn't even visit the border where he sent troops for his dumb racist stunt
When asked if he is going to ever visit the troops in Iraq & Afghanistan, lazy coward @realDonaldTrump replies that he will be doing "some interesting things, at the appropriate time."

Then he touches his mouth & looks away.

TODAY would've been appropriate, coward.
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18 Nov 18
To celebrate #MickeyMouse's 90th birthday, I am gonna watch every MM theatrical cartoon in chronological order (and maybe a few other things, too).

I'm gonna try to limit it to one per day, which means this will take MONTHS.

I have seen a lot of the classic shorts, but certainly not all of them. And it's been a while. So this should be fun, watching the way the MM character changes & develops over time.

(I have owned these DVDs a long time now without watching most of what is on them.)
"The World's Funniest Cartoon Character" is how he was billed in the early days, but on the recent #Mickey90 TV special did anyone talk about MM being funny? (I genuinely don't recall, maybe someone did. But they definitely no longer tried to argue that he's the "funniest").
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13 Nov 18
There are 21 pages of liner notes that @ElvisCostello wrote for the new LP #LookNow which journalists & PR people have had access to.

I hope it won't be too long before they go up on so more people who love the new album can read what he wrote about it!
I mean, I love the socks and all that, but beyond the music itself the big thing all Costello fans want is to read the excellent liner notes he writes for his albums, and I think it will be a long wait for any kind of "deluxe reissue", right?
I feel lucky that I became a fan during the era of the Rykodisc reissues, with my first purchases of @ElvisCostello's early albums accompanied by liner notes-- brief ones at first, but getting longer & longer with each new batch...
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13 Nov 18
The Spirit Of Ratliff LP ships at the end of this week!

The first 100 pre-orders will include this special bonus gift: Make-Your-Own Spirit Of Ratliff Shrinky Dink XMAS Ornaments!

There are only a few left now!

Pre-order link:…
I have never made Shrinky Dinks before. It looks like fun. This set makes 7 ornaments, including one of me and one of @Mikeyerg. Also a sad XMAS pizza, and evil Winter Sun, and a #TeamEndlessWinter snowman.
There are tiny instructions on the sheet that tell you what to do, but you can also just google info on how to make Shrinky Dinks.
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