I just came across a film YouTube channel I love on LinkedIn. They are hiring for a certain segment and in the fine print you basically have to agree that they may potentially steal your ideas without compensation.
Now I have to re-think every single gem I've seen from that channel. Have they been stealing hopeful writers' stuff for years under the false guise of exposure and industry connects?
It's absolute garbage and I hate how blatant they were that "similar, identical ideas" would be used and that if your material was chosen they had every right not to credit or "compensate" you because your submission was firmly their property.
I'm sorry for the rant I am just...so disgusted by this practice. Seriously, they can't keep one creative on retainer? Why would you blatantly advertise that you are stealing people's ideas and they should be happy just for the privilege to have their work stolen by you?
What is even going on inside these so-called powerhouse corporations anymore? Why would you do this to people? You could ruin someone's life. Or worse, make it so that they never want to work in the industry again.
I've seen that happen before - a girl who after a bad experience and internship completely quit the industry and left the country. Myself and someone else tried to talk her into staying, but she completely left and changed majors and her career trajectory.
And she happened to be the nicest girl who got burnt for no reason.
So in theory, you could submit an idea - and a current employee could take credit. You can't dispute, and they get the credit because they've had so many past "brillinat" ideas. You never get a foot in the door, they stay in power. It's bullshit.
This is why I firmly stay indie, or thoroughly vet who I work with. I'd stay away from these conglomerates and immoral businesses that have brought up YouTube. It's not right. It's not right at all.
Stay safe out there everyone, and please read the full application details and fine print before you ever submit your work to anything! Know what you're getting into before just diving in to take a chance, please!
#bloggerstribe #writingcommmunity #Influencer

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Just found out a YTuber I really used to like has now created his own cult. And the thing is, his little fans actually think it's a joke but they are doing actual rituals, surrounding themselves with the actual imagery, and making the actual hand signs these secret societies use.
It's so blatant and in your face and a lot of these kiddies think it's just something edgy while they are legit chanting in latin over the videos. It's a spell. And these kids are unknowingly repeating and charging it.
There's a lot of sick shit in this world but the fact that those individuals are exploiting their young and impressionable audience really makes me sick. I couldn't even stand skimming through a few videos without a headache. Imagine letting all of that into your psyche?
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Sep 9, 2020
So I was going on a website I frequent fairly often and came across a graphic I made months ago. I kind of got excited and clicked the article and of course, no credit.

At one point in time, this was my pin with the highest impressions on Pinterest. But I made a rookie mistake:
I never put any sort of '@' or credit on it. I was so happy when it went viral, but because I didn't put any sort of identifier on it just anyone can use it and not be traced back to my content. Specifically, my Itaewon Class Reviews.
So just as a simple psa, if you make something cool online remember to put some sort of signature or identifier on it.

I used to think it was tacky - (as I didn't create the tv show associated with it) -
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Aug 10, 2020
@USPS @USPSHelp @FedEx @FedExHelp
Is there a reason why you are no longer delivering packages inside of my gate? A few days ago the grass was kind of high in my yard so I wrote that off as the reason the delivery driver literally just threw my package out of his truck.
Now that the yard is maintained again, I walked past my front window to see a box lying directly at the gate.

...Do you realize how easy that makes it for someone to walk by and steal my package, while I am none the wiser that anything was even delivered?
When I was heading outside to go grab it I saw someone eyeing it before they saw me in the doorway and quickly walked off.

Is there a reason you are doing this? A legitimate reason?
Is there a reason tracking says something is out for delivery, but never comes?
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