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🧵 For anyone working on a book, I thought I would pass along the questions I provided reviewers for a manuscript workshop. Some might be self-evident, but they generated a lot of constructive feedback, and several were not on my mind when I began writing in graduate school.
On structure: How does the manuscript read as a book? What do you make of the narrative arc? Do the chapters logically build upon one another? Would you make any changes to the order of them? Is the use of themes, as an organizing principle, successful?
On writing style: What are your thoughts on the authorial voice? Is it accessible? Authoritative? Engaging? Is there too much signposting or summarizing? Upon completing a chapter, did you wish to keep reading? What was the strongest chapter and why?
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#WritingCommmunity This is

From Me to Mommy

There was something very specific about feeling my only daughter have the hiccups while she was inside my body that made me study her. I had to, she was making ME uncomfortable.
There is an intimacy I have only found in motherhood.
I felt it deeply start when my girl had relentless hiccups. Who knew? It wasn’t the kicks or feet outlined on my belly; her diaphragmatic spasms made me detail her motions.
I had to study what made her uncomfortable, as I was her comfort or discomfort. Mentally, I had one job.
One, only; I had to comfort my joy.
The selfishness of youth is one that can be held onto for life, causing crisis or crash when we are half-way over it. Hell, you may crash, anyway. Selfishness need not be why.
Hiccups can set you free if you study who you impact.
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Why would a publisher prefer/choose to endorse and publish a white author's book on BIPOC magic and culture (hoodoo, voodoo, folklore, Afro-Caribbean, etc...) when they could publish a real author of color.

A thread 🧵 #witchtwt #writingcommmunity
I was having this conversation while drinking coffee w/ two priestesses who are planning to write a book in the future: BIPOC, books, ghostwriters, con-artists, marketing, and publishers.

#witchtwt #occulttwitter #writingcommmunity
Before getting into statistics (below) the first reasons why this happens are obviously:

1st MONEY because the big bookstore chains and publishing companies are in the hands of white men who prefer to keep it that way.
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What can I say to those writers seeking a traditional publishing contract but not accepted for their debut full-length publication? ( A thread, and feel free to contribute your own thoughts.)
1. In my job, I've read many manuscripts that should be published, but for one reason or another, have not yet found their home. You have to keep going, be that with your current project, or by starting a new one.
2. The industry is risk averse. As a writer, you could try to too deliberately 'fit' the mold, but do that too deliberately and you may as well be stacking shelves. Writing fiction so often requires a leap of faith, whatever the outcome.
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Sometime in the past, read 15 years ago and re-calling on my senior role experience, I was hired to be an interim manager (temporary crisis control manager). In a semi-governmental organisation that needed to deal with austerity measures, policy changes, and non-conforming staff.
They gave me six months to analyse risks, write a proposal, consult on, and implement said proposals. The first few months, because I managed to play 'the being an outsider card', everybody was my friend. The following months, when in the process of writing the proposal different
concerning parties tried to influence me into adding their opinions and trying to secure to their jobs. Which did not always go down well, to an extent that I was berated, bullied and sometimes hated. Even sitting management and board members made their sometimes strong argument.
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Have you ever heard of skim stoppers?
I know I didn't.

Since I've learned about them, they've improved my writing so much.

I bet you could benefit from using skim stoppers in your writing as well.

Let's get into it..
Nowadays, people don’t read online.

We’re either too busy, too bored, or too impatient.
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Finding #writing opportunities and development jobs has never been easy. So, I’m starting this thread of jobs & script calls out in the hopes it helps level the playing field and may open doors for everyone.

#writingcommunity #scriptchat #writers
First up, the BBC has several script editor & story roles going on Eastenders. More info available here:
The @MotherTongues Award opens on 1st Nov. They’re offering a £10k development for films set in the UK, and a different language. Run by @ShudderFilms, @ManonArdisson & @ColdAsIceCream – three of the most exciting UK indie film producers. Deets at:
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I just came across a film YouTube channel I love on LinkedIn. They are hiring for a certain segment and in the fine print you basically have to agree that they may potentially steal your ideas without compensation.
Now I have to re-think every single gem I've seen from that channel. Have they been stealing hopeful writers' stuff for years under the false guise of exposure and industry connects?
It's absolute garbage and I hate how blatant they were that "similar, identical ideas" would be used and that if your material was chosen they had every right not to credit or "compensate" you because your submission was firmly their property.
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I’ve been asked to start my #CSISchoolForWriters up again #writingcommmunity
I’m glad you all have missed it. If you want to be tagged or Untagged let me know. I’m starting back up w/ a bang or a pop depending on temperature and going right for it...
On Human Decomposition: 1/
Tagging: @PaulaMHunter1 @authorkayn @dragonspleen @Mara_A_Miller @MBWorkhouse @AuthorPrime01 @ChuckRothman @Wrightdj21 @sharagodwinson @JerichoSWayne
Feel free to tag anyone you want to be in on this. I’ll try to do it a few times a week. Trigger earning here. Decomp= gross 2/
First off it really annoys me to read a book and have a murder victim showing parts of all 5 stages of decomposition. Seriously annoying. I will throw the book across the room.
By that you probably guessed that there are 5 Stages of Human Decomposition. I will explain each. 3/
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Now, if you'd like to see what and who in our community is up to no good, please refer to the following tweets with vital information so we can STOP attacking the victims involved in this situation.
First up! Introducing Author Lissa Gromley (@AuthorLissa) who was part of the Sassy Literary Ladies, a group consisting of several authors across genres that eventually turned on her and caused the chaos taking over the #writingcommunity today, see here:
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