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It was last August that Antifa members in Portland, Oregon were caught ON CAMERA using a deadly weapon - a home made spring-loaded TRENCH CLUB - to hit a man in the head from behind.

Portland Police did NOTHING. They didn't care.

Let's not pretend violent assaults on people is something new in Portland Oregon, shall we?

This has been going on for some time now. The violent gang assault on @MrAndyNgo is just the latest example, it's not the start of a new trend or anything like that.
Another incident where Antifa protesters in Portland are determined to block traffic by marching in the middle of the street. When a driver tries to go around them, they attack his car.

This is from last October.

Antifa in Portland regularly throw rocks at police and assault them.

Note the key phrase at the end of that video description: after violently rioting, property damage and assaulting police, NOBODY WAS ARRESTED.

There's a big honking part of the problem right there.
As you can probably guess, Portland has a massive police personnel problem. Cops are quitting and nobody is replacing them.

"Portland, Oregon is facing a severe shortage of police officers due to “the intense anti-police sentiment in our City that City Council seems to share,” Daryl Turner, the head of the Portland Police Union said in a press release on Monday."

That's the head of the Portland police union publicly saying that the CITY COUNCIL is part of the problem, that it has a well known anti-police sentiment and it's affecting the city's ability to recruit new officers.
To grasp just how dysfunctional a city Portland is right now, here's a 'listening session' from last February hosted at a local church by the Portland PD.

Journalist @MrAndyNgo shot the footage.

Imagine trying to be a police officer in a city that allows masked goons to hang out everywhere.

Imagine having to deal with this shit almost every day.

Go ahead, imagine it.

This is from October 2016. A whole lot of these protesters became violent when the city RENEWED THE POLICE CONTRACT.

Apparently, a lot of these protesters want the police department DISBANDED, and they were not happy about this. So this scene resulted:

From May 2017, masked antifa rioters vandalize stores and destroy a Portland police car.

For some strange reason, these true American patriots who want to smash fascism or something are committing all this vandalizing mayhem on....May Day.

Go figure.

Love the touch of the black-clad goon attacking the police car with his red commie flag.
And let's not forget this shameful episode when Antifa protesters surrounded the ICE facility in Portland, mayor Ted Wheeler told the ICE personnel there that they were on their own.

FEDERAL AGENTS had to be sent in because Ted Wheeler told the Portland PD to stand down and stay away.

These are NOT state or local police.

These are DHS personnel.
Here's a member of 'Rose City Antifa', the group that violently assaulted @MrAndyNgo and several other people with weapons in Portland Oregon, explaining what his group is about. To hear him tell it, 'self defense'.

A major American city still let's masked goons like that creep in the last video I linked form gangs and MARCH AROUND THEIR CITY where they commit vandalism, assault people, and even attack their own police officers.

This is Portland Oregon mayor Ted Wheeler.
This is Portland Oregon Chief of Police Danielle Outlaw.
This is Portland Oregon City Council Member Chloe Eudaly.
This is Portland City Council Member Nick Fish.
This is Portland City Council Member Amanda Fritz.
This is Portland City Council Member Jo Ann Hardesty
And this is City auditor Mary Caballero. She's not listed as being an official member of the council, but has an elected office.
Portland is obviously a city that has a lot of problems if it's gotten to the point that masked goons are regularly allowed to form gangs and run amok in the streets.

And I believe these problems started at the TOP.
As the videos I've linked in this thread demonstrate, the manifest problem of masked rioters in Portland is not a recent development.

Whatever measures the leaders in that city have undertaken to handle this growing problem, they clearly are not working.
Since these local officials have demonstrated they can't deal with the problem, I'm with @RichardGrenell.

It's time to send in the Feds. It's time for the Justice Department to step in and handle this.
If local law enforcement can't [or won't] maintain civil order, then it's time for the Feds to step in and start filing federal charges.

This has already been done surreptitiously in cities like Chicago, where then-AG Jeff Sessions set up task forces.
Gun violence has gone way down in Chicago because the Feds stepped in to break they dysfunctional local system of revolving door violent gun crime by filing FEDERAL charges against repeat offenders.

The media does not discuss this because it does not help them attack Trump.
They should also step in and assert control over this clearly dysfunctional local government in the city of Portland Oregon.

Let's hope this happens soon, before the locals mismanage the situation to the point people start getting killed.

ADDENDUM: I don't care HOW "enlightened" you might think you are. You've FAILED AT YOUR JOB if you run a city where THIS is allowed to roam your streets.
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