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yoonmin 🥑 social media au 🔞

Yoongi has a boyfriend now, and it comes as a shock for the group of friends. They wonder how this will affect his clingy relationship with Jimin, but the latter will do everything in his power to remain his hyung's favorite.

#yoonminau #yoonmin
🥑 nsfw
🥑 Yoongi has kept his new relationship as a secret
🥑 he and Jimin are really close
🥑 Yoongi, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, Hoseok and Namjoon are a group
🥑 Taehyung is Yoongi's friend from uni
🥑 there will probably be written parts

so let's start! 💚
Jungkook and Jin share the tea 🍵
Jin's not having Yoongi's favoritism
Jungkook tries to reach out to Joon but...
Joonie, sweety...
The fellas
Jimin's the last one
Jimin needs to rant
He said move
Just yoonmin being besties
Deal with it
Trust Minie
A vague memory...
Jimin needs to talk to Jungkook again
He goes for Namjoon's help
My Minie
I'll take it
Back to normal
Meanwhile, Yoongi's other group
Jimin is intimidating?
Jimin texts Yoongi
I can go
It's innocent
A little change
A little possesive
Another rant with Joonie
That's what I thought
Something special
Yoongi tells Jimin some stuff...
Jimin's advice
Jimin totally doesn't wanna fck him
Some nights later 🥑
Ask nicely
Just saying
Meanwhile in the group chat
Yoongi's favorite
Jimin is wearing his light blue skinny jeans, with a white shirt with short sleeves. He's chewing a strawberry gum and making bubbles as he waits for Yoongi to open the door for him. He got into the building when a cute guy with red hair was heading out, and offered him to come
in instead of waiting outside, in the dark and empty street.

When the doors opens after knocking on it three times, Yoongi is on the other side with a confused look on his face.

"What if I was a murderer?" Is the first thing Jimin says, and enters the apartment as if it was
his own.

Yoongi closes the door behind him. "Even worst, you're the person who came to eat all my food. Who let you in?"

Jimin's already getting comfortable in the bed of his friend's cosy and stylish studio apartment, where the box of pizza is still lying, like in the twitter
picture he uploaded some hours ago, but with five slices left.

He gives the first slice a big bite and replies with his mouth fool. "A cute guy with red hair. Who is he by the way?"

Yoongi shakes his head in amusement. "You always find the time to check guys out."
"I mean, I have eyes."

"Anyways, want some beer" Yoongi asks with his hand reachong out to open the refrigerator, but waiting for his answer before opening it.

"Water's fine." But Jimin stands up from the bed and fix himself a glass of water from the tap, still holding his
slice of pizza.

The distance from the bed to the kitchen is not that big, but still, the apartment is not that small. Jimin just likes to call it 'cosy', and Yoongi likes to agree on that one instead of his own definition, a mouse's hole.

They stay silent for a moment while
Jimin eats and drink, and Yoongi throws some paper napkins away, and cleans some of the mess he had made while eating. The silence is comfortable, as if they were longtime roomates that have nothing new to say to eachother after a long day together.

Then Jimin notices Yoongi's
notebook on the bed with the headphones plugged in. "How is the track going?"

"It's going." A long sighs leaves Yoongi's mouth. "I find it hard to concentrate."

Jimin stays quiet, just staring at the other, that seems fidgety standing beside the bed.

"Are you still worried?"
Yoongi breathes a little laugh. "About what exactly?"

"Well, what are you worried about now?" Jimin's not eating anymore, he is giving his whole attention to his friend.

He smiles. Probably because he is nervous. "First, I can't get this track done because I'm worrying about

"Fair enough." Jimin moves closer to the bed and sits there, staring up at Yoongi. The muffled voices on the tv right in front of the bed can be heard, but they are not a distraction.

"I'm worried about Jisung."

"You are worried about, not being able to get it done?"
Jimin moves his hands exasperatedly while saying the last words.

Yoongi thinks, looking down. "I'm worried about Jisung."

They don't speak further on that subject. Yoongi sits on the other side of the bed, with his legs crossed. "Did you meet with big dick again?"
Jimin giggles and turns to face Yoongi better. "Not yet. Still thinking of what I should wear."

Yoongi looks down again. He is thinking a lot, as if he was having a discussion with himself about what his next words should be.

"That thing." He starts, and his cheeks turn a
little pink even if he is trying to hide it. "It will surely cause the effect you want."

"In who?" Jimin gives him a side smile. It's probably more of his teasing.

Yoongi finds it hard to bite back, he just shrugs it off with a laugh.
"What they said, the guys. They are stupid." He laughs nervously again. Why did he bring that subject up? He is not sure. Probably turn the attention away from Jimins teasing. But this is not a better thing to talk about.

"What thing?"

"About us, you know."

"Fcking?" Now Jimin
has a full grin on his face.

Yoongi smiles too. "Yes."

"I'm used to it. Is not the first time they said it to me."

"What? They really think that?"

"Namjoon thinks we should be friends with benefits by now." Jimin moves his shoulders up and down and puckers his lips.
"Are they serious?"

Jimin leans his body near Yoongi, his body weight in one of his arms. "Would it be so bad to fck me?"

Yoongi pinches his eyebrows. "The worst."

"Maybe I could teach you some things, remember I'm Dr. Phil."

Yoongi chokes a laugh. "That's really...not
very hot."

Jimin laughs too and throws his head back. He pushes further. "What would be hot?"

Yoongi leans back. "Minie." He looks embarrassed.

"I mean, if you know that, maybe you could make your...thing work."

"You mean dick."

"Yes, your dick."
"I don't know, Minie." He scratches the back of his head.

"Everyone knows!" Jimin crosses his legs and faces Yoongi completely. "And you are not a virgin, so you must know about something you liked a little more."

"Is not- is not that I can't get...turned on. Is just that,
my dick has other plans."

"But you get hard by yourself?"

Yoongi covers his face at how straightforward his friend can be. But answers anyway, with a muffled sound that Jimin can make out as a 'yes'.

When the older looks at Jimin again, through a little gap between his
fingers, he is serious. He can tell Jimin is treating this subject with an extreme professionalism that makes Yoongi a little uncomfortable.

"Then is strictly a fcking with Jisung problem. Does he intimidate you?"

"I don't think so."

"That's not a no."

"No...it's not."
Jimin plays with his bottom lips in between his teeth, then he asks. "What gets you hard when you're alone?"

"Jimin, seriously." The nervous laugh is back, and this time Jimin smiles just to ease Yoongi's tension. It doesn't seem like teasing anymore. Suddenly Jimin looks
genuinely interested. All in good plan to help Yoongi, he assumes.

"Maybe, think about why those things turn you on, but makes you nervous when you are with him." Yoongi opens his mouth to say something but Jimin keeps talking. "Think about, if it would only happen with Jisung
or with, anyone."

"I- I don't think he is the problem. He had, sent me pictures. And that, was enough."

Jimin blinks and it seems long. "One picture is enough?"

Yoongi looks like he is trying to find the right answer in his head. Like he suddenly doesn't think he knows
what the younger is talking about exactly.

He clears his throat. "Yes."

Jimin stares at Yoongi for a while, studying him. He thinks about white lace and delicate ribbon gracing his shape. He thinks about his picture. About what a picture like that could cause to Yoongi if
he found him attractive, if he wasn't just a friend. If he was more like Jisung.

He shakes his thoughts away.

"You need to relax, Yoon. Relax, I promise is not that bad."

"If I was more like you, things would be totally different." Yoongi sighs.
"If I was more like me, things would certainly be different." Jimin adds.

'I don't think he is the problem', lingers on Jimin's mind. But what if he is? Jimin doesn't think a guy could feel the way Yoongi does about Jisung, about Jimin himself. Jimin doesn't think he could not
make a man aroused just by his touch. Maybe his ego is taking over every single part left of his reasoning, and maybe the fact that he is horny helps too, but Jimin can't find it as a valid point.

He could totally make Yoongi hard. Is what goes through his mind now.
"Well, but I'm me, and you're you. And that's how it is I guess. I can live the rest of my life without fcking, I totally can." Yoongi jokes, bringing Jimin back to reality.

The elder is now with his back thrown back into the bed's headboard, his legs untangled and
straighten, and his arms behind his head, in a much more laid back position. His also white shirt is a little lifted because of it, exposing a bit of tummy and a hip bone. His black jeans look uncomfortable for being in the bed, where one should wear more comfortable clothing.
"Do you mind if I take off my jeans so I'm ready for bed?" Jimin suddenly blurts out.

"Since when you ask?" Yoongi looks at him with a lifted eyebrow.

Jimin smiles and proceeds to strip off of his tight jeans. It takes him a while because of it. He is in his blue boxers now,
the jeans discarded on the floor.

"You wanna sleep? I'll try to finish this damn thing."

Jimin doesn't wanna sleep. He is not sure of what he wants. But he knows that he doesn't want this moment to end.

"I'm not sleepy." He announces.

"Well, little baby, I do have to
finish this track, or at least make some progress." He chuckles.

"First, talk to the baby a little more." Jimin plays along.

"It's past the baby's bed time." Yoongi fixes him and reaches to his notebook, but Jimin toses it aside, gently, along with the long forgotten pizza

"Jimin." Yoongi warns, but Jimin knows he's not really mad.

So the younger stops Yoongi as he tries to reach for his notebook and headphones again, and they fake wrestle for like a second until Jimin decides to put it an end by sitting directly on Yoongi's lap.
Yoongi's eyes go wide inmediately, and Jimin laughs a little internally at the sight. But then he realizes what he did.

He pushes Yoongi's torso into the headboard again. "Stop trying, you'll never win against me." He confirms with a confident smirk.

Yoongi is quiet.
He just stares Jimin back.

"I don't like seeing you so stressed, hyung."

Yoongi gulps, and it's pretty audible. His tiny cat-like eyes burning Jimin's half lidded ones with how fearcely he's staring. Jimin guesses he's afraid to look away. He's afraid to move at all.
"It should be easy". He murmurs. And they both know what he means. "It shouldn't be a burden. If it doesn't come as easy, maybe something ain't right."

It just comes out.

Yoongi is still silent. He stares, his hands gripping the sheets tightly.
Jimin is waiting for any kind of sign, just something so he can calculate his next move, because not even himself knows exactly what he is doing.

"What are you doing?" Is mostly a whisper, and bearly a question. But it's something.

"I don't know." Jimin replies.
"Ji-Jisung." Yoongi manages to blurt out. He sounds doubtful, as if he's not sure if he should be the first one to aknowledge what is happening as something more than a regular teasing between friends. Or at least their own definition of friendship they made.
'Jisung can't even make you hard.' Jimin thinks. But he can.

He starts moving his hips, leisurely. Testing.

As soon as he starts moving, it feels like everything he needed at the moment.

His thrusts are almost invisible, with the lowest of pressure, but he can feel it.
And of course Yoongi can feel it too.

When Yoongi doesn't stop him, he puts his hands on his chest for support, and also cause he thinks they look better there.

Yoongi is gripping the sheets with more force, and Jimin can tell he is really trying to keep a straight face.
So he starts grinding harder, and with movements that are more wide, but still very slowly.

He presses his own lips together so a moan doesn't come out, but completely fails at it when he finally feels the insides of Yoongi's pants growing bigger.
[I'm super late, but sorry for not putting a TW: for cheating, I mean is gonna get worst so beware!]
This encourages him to keep going, even when Yoongi is still not making any move to reach out and touch him, to hold his waist while controling his moves, like Jimin would like to.

Just the thought of it drives Jimin a little more insane, so he bites his bottom lip while
pressing himself into the other with round thrusts, and more force. He looks at his hands pressed on Yoongi's pecs through his shirt, and he thinks there couldn't be a better setting than this, something hotter than this moment. He is not even sure why.

Then he locks eyes with
him again, and he can't believe what he's doing.

What they're doing.

Jimin is pretty sure Yoongi is now fully hard, and he feels so accomplished, he doesn't even realize he has a smile on his face.

His moment of bliss comes to an end when he feels Yoongi's hands locking both
of his wrists to stop him abruptly.

They share a long stare, Jimin's smile long gone, before Yoongi is trying to speak through a hoarse throat.

"We are friends. Just friends."

Is the best he can bring himself to say outloud, Jimin guesses.

"And what about it?" Jimin knows
exactly what's wrong about it.

Yoongi lifts his body from the headboard, this makes them be a lot more closer. Their chests could be touching if it wasn't because Yoongi is a little tilted, supporting himself with his arms.

"Friends don't do this. Friends don't do what
we do." His voice is soft but it comes as a scream for Jimin. Like he is being kicked in the stomach.

"What does that mean? You never had a problem with the way we were. Why are you suddenly complaining about it?" Jimin whines, clearly annoyed.

Yoongi leaves out a breathy
laugh. "Because you are suddenly" he stops to think the word he's going to use, "grinding on me. That never happened before."

"It's happening now." Jimin affirms.

"This is, this is crazy. This is so wrong."

"Hyung-" There's something about the way Jimin is speaking.
He picks his words and tone carefully, he calls him hyung, because he knows he doesn't always call him like that. Because he knows the weight it has.

He comes closer to Yoongi's ear, Yoongi is frozen in place. He doesn't wanna react, but he isn't taking him off of him either.
"Hyung, you are hard. You're so hard." His voice is soft, just a whisper, a whiny whisper.


"You can't say you don't like it if you're so hard."

Yoongi sits straight and grabs Jimin's arms again, is supposed to make the younger stop, but now they are even closer,
and the fact of being secured like that, only spikes Jimin's desire further.

Yoongi is still hard, Jimin can still feel it, along with his own prominent bulge. And the current position doesn't help.

Jimin tries again, he begins with slow movements, while staring directly at
Yoongi's eyes.

"Just a little, just for a while." He moans. "Hyung, please." He begs while his thrusts get sloppier and faster. "Don't stop me, please."

Yoongi closes his eyes, his eyebrows pinched, he is still holding Jimin, and he is sure he will leave marks on him after
a while.

So Jimin doesn't stop, he keeps grinding, and after a while he is almost jumping on top of him. All of this while Yoongi only holds his arms and tries the best he can to keep all his moans to himself.

But he is breathing hard, and that's proof enough that he wants this
as well. That, and the fact that he is just not stoping Jimin.

The younger, on the other side, is whimpering to no end, and clearly searching for his release. Just a little more.

"Just for a while." Jimin assures him again. But that while lasts until he is coming inside of
his blue boxers, with a high pitched moan, and finding balance on Yoongi's shoulders with his hands, as the other still holds his upper body in place. He rides his orgasm away with messy and hurried thrusts, and once it's done, he supports his head on one of the shoulders, trying
to steady his breathing.

Yoongi just watched him as his moment of pleasure unfolded, not grinding back even once. If he thinks that's gonna make him less part of it, Jimin thinks, he's awfully wrong.

"Let me help you." Jimin finally speaks, on his ear again.

They stay quiet.
How would Jimin help him? Yoongi probably doesn't know. But he won't find out either.

"No, it's ok. I can take care of it myself." He fakes a smile that makes Jimin a little worried.

Maybe he fucked up their relationship. They both did, Jimin reminds himself once again.
He doesn't argue with him. "Can I use your shower?" Jimin stands up, trying not to make eye contact with the pretty visible erection on Yoongi's pants.

Yoongi bring the pillow to his lower half, covering it, and then supports his hands on top.

"Yeah. You can use any of my
underwear. Feel free." He points to his wadrobe.

Jimin smiles at him. Hoping to ease the tension. "Kay."

Yoongi smiles back.

After Jimin picks one of the boyshorts he himself bought for Yoongi, and heads to the bathroom, Yoongi immediately grabs his phone.
Help from Joon
You can't lie
After a while, Jimin comes out of the bathroom, he is already dressed up again.

"I washed my underwear on the shower and left it there."

Yoongi is still on the bed, on the same position. Jimin wonders if he took care of it.

"It's ok. You can use mine for now."
He smiles at him and then licks his lips.

"Jimin I-"

"I'm gonna go."


"I have to go, the guy from uni messaged me."

Yoongi looks at him confused. "They guy from uni?"

Jimin is still standing just two steps away from the bathroom door. "Yeah, you know, big dick."
Jimin laughs dryly.

"You're gonna go now? At one am?" Yoongi asks with a sarcastic smile. "If you wanna go you don't have to lie to me of all people. You can just leave."

Jimin should get mad at that, but he gets closer to Yoongi, rounding the bed, and brushes his hand
through his disheveled locks. "I don't have to lie to you, Yoongi. You're not my hook up. You're just my friend." Then he smirks and plants a peck on his cheek. "Thanks for feeding .e and keeping me company, hyung. I know I'm your favorite but sometimes you do too much for me."
He winks at him and sends him a playfull grin. As if it was the Jimin he always was. Just teasing him.

"I'll need you to open the door for me now, unless the cute guy is out there for me again." He jokes.

Yoongi's mind is still blank.

Of course this is how Jimin would react.
Of course he is unfaced about what just happened.

Yoongi stands up and directs himself to the counter, where the keys are.

Jimin tries not to, but he steals a glance at his lower half. He wonders again. Then looks up at him and smiles when he is standing right in front.
"Be careful, ok?" Yoongi's voice sounds raspy, as if he just woke up.

"I always am. You can work on your track now, I hope it goes well, I know you've been stressed about it."

Yoongi blinks. "Yeah."

Jimin gives Yoongi a quick once-over again, then chews his lip.
And then Yoongi does the same. He looks Jimin up and down, and then ruffles his own hair. He looks tired. His eyes tiny and his lips are on a small pout.

"Can you let me know when you get there? And when you're home safe? I don't wanna be annoying but-"

"Of course Yoongi.
That's what I always do anyway."

"I mean you already know this guy a bit, but still I-"

"I know." Jimin interrupts him again. "You don't bother me."

An awkward chat?
Everything changed now
Joon replies
Jisung feels something wrong
I need you
Yoongi confronts Jimin...kinda
Talk about what?
Kookie always knows
Better than talking to Yoongi, is indirecting Yoongi
Jungkook does his part
Yoongi reaches out first
Back to normal?
Always protective
Namjoon doesn't fck around
Can you give me your thoughts on cc? If it was a bad update I'd like to know 👁️👄👁️ just don't be rude lol
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