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A #Yoonmin AU idea where-

Yg is struggling to finish his masters, he’s struggling with his last semester’s tuition, his rent, his two jobs…basically he has no choice but to take his best friend’s stupid idea and go with it. He signs up on the sugadaddy/babie app reluctantly. + Image
He talks to a few candidates on video chat but he’s not even surprised with the choice of men, all older, talking to him like he’s a damsel in distress. He is absolutely not and none of these men would be happy with him as a baby. He’s self aware enough to know that.
That’s until a young and heartbreakingly cute man shows up on his screen. Yg has to go through the profile a few times to make sure this isn’t a mistake. Park Jimin. 28. Self-made and family money. Looking for someone to spoil.
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— #yoonmin au

jimin has a dollar and a dream. yoongi has a shitty home security system

- yoonmin won the poll 🫡
- ignore typos and timestamps
- had an epiphany (what if yoongi was ke/ith Iee) so here is food blogger!yoongi and restaurant owner!jimin
- we ball
0.5 ImageImage
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A Helping Hand🙌🏼

Jm wants to try something new and has one possible person who he can ask for assistance.

#yoonmin bp!jm🔞 Image
🖤🙌🏼 Image
• nsfw, ~1,7k
• bp!jm x yg
• fingering
• best friends to lovers

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OMG these are interesting and perfect !!

#Yoonmin au where Jimin is assigned the dorm with the senior Alpha who's rich and already self sufficient whereas Jimin still need to complete his studies to get a job and make a living. His Alpha ego doesn't help with how, ImageImageImageImage
The elder Alpha seems to want to and helps him, in any given instant making the younger always perceive the situation in a wrong way until Yoongi ghosts him not physically but emotionally for a while being done with the bratty Alpha and his endless insecurities until
Jimin goes into rut and every omega's scent that's supposed to be enticing makes him nauseous until he's in his dorm, locking his door and then it hits him..

How Yoongi's warm bed beacons him with his strong mint pinecone scent and soothes his senses, shocking and surprising him
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Kitty's Sippy Cup🐾

#yoonmin | 1,6k | little!yg

Jm discovers something in the Gеniиs Lab and doesn't understand why it freaks the fvck out of his hyung. Image
• sfw, ~1,6k words
• canonverse
• little!yg
• yg gets really upset
• jm cares for yg without really knowing the ropes
• soft yoonmin
• good ending

The bags were heavy and he was happy it wasn't a long distance to his destination. Jm would most certainly fail as the employee of the month if he tried himself in delivery.
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#taekookau in which Kim Taehyung signs himself up for a dating agency, hoping to find the perfect boyfriend. Instead, he finds Jeon Jungkook, the ambitious, strict CEO, whose heart has gone cold ages ago. (+) Image
(+) Their interactions are initially rough and full of tension, but as the two begin to open up to each other, they realize that love or feelings don't stay hidden for long.
💜 Prologue 💜

Somewhere in the heart of Seoul, there was a lavish, decadent restaurant with a spacious area and large glass windows. The rich and prominent society often visited the place to have business meetings or romantic dates with their companies.
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i have a purely self-indulgent #yoonmin #yoonminau thought because i’m sick but

Omega Jimin is sick, his chest burns with each cough and every breath feels that little harder than the last— lungs constricting and exhales falling shaky. All he wishes for is his alpha beside him, ImageImage
to hold him tight and press petal-soft kisses against his pounding head, sweet assurances when his skin burns, but Yoongi doesn’t.

Yet Yoongi knows the best cure for his sweet omega is warm soup and tea, freshly made by a careful hand and honey-lined to soothe his throat, +
and whilst his alpha all but growls to hold his mate in his arms, the brief moment apart will be far better, he deduces. It isn’t long before the soup is made— chicken and sweetcorn Jimin’s persistent choice— and carried into the bedroom on a tray.

“Hi, baby.” Yoongi draws +
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Break Time🪞

Jm comes to Yg's room to have their usual after performance ritual.

day 7 #shytopygweek23 #yoonmin Image
• nsfw, ~2,1k words
• top!yg/bttm!jm
• rockstar yg x stylist jm
• established relationship
• hair play
• body worship
• lingerie
• blowjobs
• strength kink
• manhandling
• wall sex (?)
• consensual rough sex
• aftercare
#yoonminnsfw #yoonminau

There were fingers massaging his scalp and untangling his hair gently. It became a mess in one night on stage, creating a bird's nest from all the shaking he did. Probably him ruffling it every five minutes didn't help to keep it tidy either.
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King Size👑🔥

King Min is due an evening visit from the entertainment house, cursing his ministers for such unwanted gifts, only it turns out to be someone he didn't expect.

day 4 #shytopygweek23 #yoonmin Image
• nsfw, ~2k words
• king yg x dancer jm
• top!yg/bttm!jm
• king size yg x queen size jm
• slick as lube
• alpha yg x omega jm
• mentions of escorting
• come eating
• stomach bulge
#yoonminau #yoonminnsfw

The day turned sour pretty quickly. He only had one meeting scheduled, going through the issues with advisors like knife through butter.
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Plug Me Up🎀

Jm has a request his alpha is unable to deny him.

day 3 #shytopygweek23 #yoonmin Image
• nsfw, ~2k words
• top!yg/bttm!jm
• alpha yg x omega jm
• established relationship
• sex toys
• yg gets plugged up
• slick as lube
• knotting
• stomach bulge
#yoonminau #yoonminnsfw

- Do you think people will be able to shift fully again in the future? - Jm asked all of a sudden.

They were staying together in his hotel suite in Paris during Jm's performances there.
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It Won't Fit🍑💦

Jm knows his lover's cock is big. Yg thinks it's way too big. Jm is determined to take it anyway.

day 2 #shytopygweek23 #yoonmin Image
• nsfw, ~2k words
• top!yg/bttm!jm
• confident jm x shy yg
• blowjobs, fingering, rimming
• communication 💗
• canonverse or au

#yoonminau #yoonminnsfw
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First Time🌼

After a Run performance Jm and Yg take advantage of the empty dorm to advance their relationship.

day 1 #shytopygweek23 #yoonmin Image
• nsfw, ~2k words
• top yg/bttm jm
• established relationship
• first times
• jm guiding shy yg
• riding
• canon compliant
#yoonminnsfw #yoonminau

Cheers blasted around along with cheering pats on their backs from the overjoyed staff members. It was time to change into the regular clothes after taking a group photo and before going back to their dorm.
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Feeding each other food is a love language.. a yoonmin thread.

#yoonmin ImageImage
yg is so lucky he has jm 🥲

Making sure his hyung eats well.

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◇Body of lies◇
#taekookau #yoonminau

"Where were you?" Jimin rushes forward. "What the fuck is wrong with you? Where the hell have you been?" He grips the collar of Jungkook's blazer, attempting to shake the alpha, though his slight frame struggles to budge him even an inch. Image
Jungkook's face is ashen as he looks around, the heart monitor by the hospital bedside bleeping erratically a weak, ominously slow in its rhythm.
A nurse draws vial after vial of blood frantically from Taehyung's limp arm, the omega unconscious, pale, his lips tinged blue, his body eerily still under piles of warm blankets.
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#yoonmin 🔞 Jimin feels ill during class and decides to leave, calling an uber to save walking. It happens that the driver is Yoongi, his brother's friend, aka the perfect alpha that he’s been in love with for years. What happens when they get stranded in a blizzard… - Image
- and it turns out that Jimin isn’t ill, but going into heat…

#yoonmin #yoonminau #yoonminnsfw #sujim
Tags - a/b/o, omega Jimin, alpha Yoongi, friends to lovers, love confessions, stranded, car sex, snow storm, heat sex, unsafe sex, mentioned/speculated mpreg, knotting, slick, Jimin’s has a hand kink ft Yoongi’s hands, fingering, multiple orgasms, breeding kink, praise kink
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#yoonminau #yoonmin

“Alright kid, fun’s over,” Yoongi says from the top step. “Get lost.”

Jimin turns his head and frowns. “Kid?” He scoffs. “I just dismembered this dude for you.”

“And now there’s blood all over my goddamn floor because you were so incompetent doing it.” ImageImage
tw// blood and kinda squeamish descriptions (g0re)

there may be canon mentions but don't take em seriously alright? *smiles in jimin*
and also face-off was my saving grace for this…
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#Yoonmin au where dainty omega Jimin is the most capable officer in the whole of the Asia Pacific Police headquarters, unknown to many in the office that he's the omega husband of the newly appointed Director of the APP Headquarters. Their shenanigans make them seem rivals but++ ImageImage
Nothing could be further away from the truth.

Min Yoongi is an extremely protective and possessive Alpha who's ruthless anyway, but with the cases involving Jimin, he's merciless.
Jimin is always adorned with multiple pieces of jewelry, giving a pretty trophy husband vibes over a police officer making the petty Alphas in the department always catcall him and probe his job in such a dangerous place. The condescension continues until Yoongi enters the place
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#taekook #taekookau
Where Jungkook suffers through a massive heartbreak and gives up on everything. ImageImageImage
= Short Au
= Office worker Taehyung x Uni student Jungkook
= Stranger to lovers
= side ship #namjin #yoonmin
= Hurt comfort, a bit angst with happy ending, cheating (not between Taekook)
= It's a work of fiction
= Ignore time stamps and typos
= please Interact via qrt
Let's start

#taekook #taekookau ImageImageImageImage
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A #yoonmin #yoonminau where recluse detective MYG investigates a series of attacks in the city of Seoul only to find out that the people associated with it are all different versions of himself from other universes that somehow ended up in MYG's world. ImageImageImageImage
Not only that but he meets a strange dealer named The Butterfly who has a series of gibberish tattooed all over his body. They two are forced to work together because now everyone accuses MYG for some of the most attrocious crimes in thw city.

But this is only the beginning as+
the true villain is a man named Agust who has been plotting this for a long time and who is no other than Min Yoongi's most dangerous alter ego out there.

And of course the reason for Agust's revenge is one: somebody took away his lover, a man named Jimin who had a series of+
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Please vote for which of the following #Yoonmin Aus to be started, given I have time to write these with my ongoing Maf!a #yoonmin Aus

The prompts are in the thread below for reference; please vote after going through them all!
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#yoonmin Ex rapper Agust D left the entertainment business 5 yrs ago for his enlistment just returned, having chosen to spend an extra 3 years in the military. He's unaware of current popular idols & has no idea who Park Jimin is. That is until he sees the omegas performance on -
- TV, the flash of his collarbone and neck as he looks seductively at the camera. Yoongis canines ache, his eyes flashing without even knowing it. All he knows is that the omega is his.

He never expected to have a fated mate, let alone South Koreas sweetheart, omega Park Jimin
Tags -

a/b/o, alpha Yoongi, omega Jimin, idol Jimin, ex idol Yoongi, military service, buff Yoongi, first meetings, fated mates, love at first sight, pseudo heats/ruts, mating bites, anal sex, slick, knotting

#yoonmin #sujim #yoonminau #yoonminnsfw
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#yoonmin au where

jimin is a bit confused on what his boyfriend’s job is.

yoongi thinks it’s funny.
- commission!!
- th, sj, yg are doctors
-nj, hs, jk, jm are college students
- est. yoonmin/namseok
- just some fun lil jokes!!!
- mini au
- exact ages not mentioned by taegijin are a bit older
- time stamps are not accurate
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Au #yoonmin |Primera dama|

Jimin tiene un crush con el nuevo presidente de corea, y hará lo posible para encontrarse con el “casualmente” ImageImageImageImage

Park Jimin: estudiante de baile
24 años

Min Yoongi: Presidente de Corea
28 años
Varios enemigos por su forma libre de pensar ImageImage
Amigos de Jimin

Taehyung: Fotógrafo con complejo de psicólogo
Dice que le gustan mayores pero miente
23 años

Jin: Estudiante de abogacía y hermoso 24/7
25 años

Jungkook: Estudiante recién graduado
Hermano de Jimin
18 años
Tiene un crush con el amigo de su hermano ImageImageImage
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