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🩸🖤 Blood, Bullets, & Betrayal 🖤🩸

Being an Omega Mob Boss brings a litany of obstacles and problems in such an alpha-biassed society. Yoongi knows this, but that’s not his most prominent issue right now. No. That happens to be his -

#yoonmin #jimsu #yoonminau #jimsuau Image
- personal security official alpha Park Jimin. A man who gets on every one of the omegas last nerves. A man who he has known for years and whom his inner omega can’t seem to stop thinking about. A man who happens to get injured the day that Yoongi’s preheat starts… causing -
- their relationship to change in ways neither could predict…

A remaster of my previously posted fic Blood & Bullets.

TW - depictions of attempted sexual assault on a minor - nothing happens. There is also implied/referenced sexual assault mentioned throughout in little detail
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◇ Hungry Like the Wolves ◇

#yoonminau #yoonmin #jimsu

It's ironic really, how the one territory he has always sworn never to step foot on, the one territory he fears, has now become his only safe haven, his only choice of sanctuary. Image
The shore is soft, cool beneath his seared paws. Limping forward, he finds shelter in the undergrowth of hedges and saplings, hoping against all hope that he remains undiscovered. 
Whatever punishment awaits him for trespassing on another pack's territory, will far outweigh the lifetime of misery he has left behind.
He won't stay around long enough to find out what cruel fate awaits him at the hands of Pack Alpha Park. 
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◇ Thorns Of Love ◇

Jimin knows Yoongi is his soulmate. He feels it with every fibre of his being, down to the painful thorns that lodge themselves in his throat, draining his life away.

Yoonmin Hanahaki Soulmates au 💐
#yoonminau #yoonmin Image
-Mentions/depiction of illness
-Hurt without comfort
-Happy ending
-Explicit 🔞
Jimin waits. Jimin had always waited, for Yoongi. Waited for a glimpse of his soulmate, waited for the soft brush of hands as their fingers intertwined, waited for recognition to dawn in Yoongi's beautiful cat-like eyes.

#yoonminau #yoonmin
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🔞 #yoonmin ~ Let's just say Jlmin is 99% straight but this 1% is something about Y00ngi that, Jlmin just wants to be taken by his hyung right on that practice floor in front of all those mirrors, in fear that they can get caught any minute.
#yoonminnsfw #yoonminau ImageImage
"And cut!Great job guys, we think, we got it" Shouted the cameraman after dance practice for their latest song. It was the third time that day that they tried to record the choreography in one go, but considering the number of dancers and the hectic dance, it was quite difficult.
But third time lucky, as they say! The third time, they managed to shoot the entire choreography without a single mistake.
All 7 were panting from the heavy choreography and spread out to get water bottles and towels to wipe the sweat from their foreheads and necks.
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#yoonminau where when a wolf presents as an alpha they are gifted with the mark of Luna - sigils of moon phases inked into their skin. The location of the marks varies but one thing stays the same - the amount of moons and their sizes signify the strength of the alpha and their - Image
- connection with the Goddess Luna. The Min pack has never had an alpha with more than 3 moon sigils… but what happens when a rogue wolf turns up with 5 large moons running down the length of his spine and the alpha asks to claim the pack leader's omega son who is already -
- betrothed to another…

#yoonminau #yoonmin #jimsu #jimsuau
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a #yoonmin au


Yg was pregnant and he was really happy about it, he couldn't wait to reach home and share the good news with his alpha.

"whose filth are you bearing inside you and how dare you say this is mine?" -the alpha said accusingly pointing fingers at him
and in no time Yoongi was thrown out of the house to the streets, discarded from the pack.
He doesn't know what went wrong and how could Myunghee, his alpha ever accuse him of cheating because he knows he has never entertained any other alpha, even never let them touch him.
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When Jimin was in shower, Yoongi confronted him for his rude behavior, making him understand how wrong it was of him to behave like that. He also told him that Jimin was his friend, so he should ask for his forgiveness for his behavior.
When he didn't get any reply from Jimin, he thought of introducing himself to him instead because that's what his father told him to do.

So, he put on his best smile and then turned to look at Jimin.
His smile made Jimin stupefied because of how identical it was to Yoongi.
" I'm Min Yoonjun."
He says his name proudly, slowly putting out his tiny hand for a handshake.

He waited patiently for Jimin to return the hand shake. But the kind of reaction that Jimin had made the boy more afraid of him.
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Professor Min - Yoonmin au

Communication became a fundamental part of Jimin's and Yoongi's relationship - preventing them from getting into heartbreaking arguments.

That is until someone from Jimin's time in Japan makes an unexpected entrence into their lives. Image
As always, mb created by the one and only
Thank you @taekoominimini🥰for reading this one-shot in advance and giving me feedback on the storyline 🥰
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[ B For Buff ]

Or a tale of warm hugs and bulging muscles.

#yoonminau #yoonminnsfw Image
💪🏼 nsfw, ~2,5k words
💪🏼 handyman yg x witch jm
💪🏼 yoonmin age difference: 10yrs
💪🏼 jimilkers 🍈🍈
💪🏼 first time handjobs
💪🏼 come tasting
💪🏼 strength kink
💪🏼 manhandling

#yoonminau #yoonminnsfw
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#yoonmin abo au- '𝑰 𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒓𝒆𝒎𝒆𝒎𝒃𝒆𝒓. 𝑫𝒐 𝒚𝒐𝒖?'

" He even used to carry a box of tissues with him everywhere."
Jimin says looking directly at Yoongi, hoping that this information might embarrass him somehow.

But this time Yoongi was ready for a counter attack.
" That's because you would get teary eyed by the most random things. I carried them for you."
He says while holding eye contact with Jimin. His words made Jimin's heart race.

" Oh yeah. So why did you always carry a jacket with you even in summers? "
" Because you get cold easily."
Jimin hates how he's there trying to embarrass Yoongi, while Yoongi is like he's confessing his underlying love for him.

" You always got drenched in rain because you never remembered to bring an umbrella."
His tone is now desperate and furious.
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#yoonmin abo au - ' 𝑰 𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒓𝒆𝒎𝒆𝒎𝒃𝒆𝒓. 𝑫𝒐 𝒚𝒐𝒖? '

After spending years abroad to heal his broken heart Jimin finally comes back to his hometown, thinking he'll be fine now. But what he didn't expect was to meet Yoongi once again- his alpha, the love of his life, Image
the person who used to own his heart. And the person who was also the reason behind his heartbreak & why he left Seoul in the first place.

But this time Yoongi wasn't alone, he had a little child clinging to his side, who looked like a spitting image of him & called him 'appa'.
Tags :
• implied mpreg
• abo dynamics
• omega Jimin
• alpha Yoongi
• past relationship
• exes to lovers
• angst with happy ending
• parent Yoongi
• rich heir Jimin
• hurt / comfort
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Glimmering Lust🌸✨

Jimin reaches his faerie maturity and his hyung offers to help him control the production of special sex dusting, not knowing it's just the start of their magical story.

#yoonmin #yoonminau Image
✨ nsfw, ~1,2k words
✨ faeries yoonmin
✨ frottage
✨ first times

#yoonminau #yoonminnsfw

Life in a Faerie colony is always busy and hectic.

It was just as bustling as a busy megapolis, with dozens of people going into various directions to fulfil their duties or to go back to their habitats to rest.
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Magic Tea 🍵🍄

Life in a small town would be so boring for Jimin if not for one Min Yoongi with his adventurous hobby.

#yoonmin #yoonminau Image
🍵 nsfw, ~2,7k words
🍵 top!yg/bttm/jm
🍵 friends yoonmin
🍵 consensual drug use
🍵 dubcon | no explicit consent
🍵 hair pulling
🍵 outdoor sex
🍵 biting

#yoonminau #yoonminnsfw
When am I going to move out already?

Jimin's thoughts floated through his mind as he was made to sit and hear yet another lecture from his parents.
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🍂Kinktober Results !!🍂

I'm ending this month with 2 completed series with the joint total of 62 moodboards, 62 chapters and 66,665 words of dom/sub #yoonmin and dom/sub #jimsu

And almost completed semester😅
Thank you all for your support🥺💗

Links in replies!
This is kind of my gift to all people who prefer not to engage in penetrative sex, who prefer outercourse and its variants using different means. Thrive and enjoy your own preferences that are as valid as any 💗
(one ch is exception and it was a dream anw)
For the extreme schedule I again, with no patronizing but rather caring, urge you make communication and safety in your practices your main priorities.

Stay safe and happy reading 💗
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[🌸 31. Hybrids 🌸]

Witch Jimin and his cat hybrid familiar.

#kinktoberbts22 #yoonmin #kinktoberbts_sd31 @kinktoberbts
🌸 nsfw, ~1,1k words
🌸 sex toys
🌸 nipple play
🌸 grinding
🌸 come eating
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#yoonminau #yoonmin

Yoongi, a terribly humble alpha, falls head over heels for his new hire, jimin - a single omega who has a baby bump.

“You’re not disgusted?”

“No. Why would you think that?”

“Most alphas-,”

“Let me make one thing very clear. I’m not like most alphas.” Image
403 of you said YES so I BETTER see some interaction
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[ A For Accidents ]

Or about attraction and apple pies.
#yoonmin #yoonminau
~ Tags ~

🍎 nsfw, ~2,5k words
🍎 handyman yg x witch jm
🍎 yoonmin 10yrs age difference
🍎 jimilkers 🍈🍈
🍎 first time handjobs
🍎 intercrural sex
🍎 come as lube

#yoonminau #yoonminnsfw
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[🌸 30. Breathplay 🌸]

Yoongi likes chokers, especially on Jimin.

#kinktoberbts22 #yoonmin #kinktoberbts_sd30 @kinktoberbts Image
🌸 nsfw, ~1k words
🌸 hand kink
🌸 chokers
🌸 frottage
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[🌸 28. Overstimulation 🌸]

Jimin comes to his dom and gets more than he was looking for.

#kinktoberbts22 #yoonmin #kinktoberbts_sd28 @kinktoberbts
🌸 nsfw, ~1k words
🌸 bondage
🌸 sex toys
🌸 handjobs
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A Yoonmin AU where-

One can see the future and the other one can read minds. What happens when they meet?

#yoonminau #yoonmin
One is a successful CEO and the other is a popular Idol. Following his visions of a beautiful singer, the CEO goes to see him in concert one night. What happens next was fated right?

- Music Label CEO YG
- Idol JM
- Some Super powers?
- Hurt and comfort
- possible nsfw content 🔞
- strangers to lovers

Will update tags as I go since I don’t know where this story will go…
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[🌸 24. Strength Kink 🌸]

Dance practice turned sparring match and then morphed into...

#kinktoberbts22 #yoonmin #kinktoberbts_sd24 @kinktoberbts
🌸 nsfw, ~1k words
🌸 sparring
🌸 mirror sex
🌸 grinding
🌸 handjobs
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[🌸 23. Impact Play 🌸]

Jimin gets his promised reward after the rest of the members leave.

🌸 dom/sub switch day! 🎂

#kinktoberbts22 #yoonmin #kinktoberbts_sd23 @kinktoberbts
🌸 nsfw, ~1,2k words
🌸 spanking
🌸 hair pulling
🌸 frottage
🌸 canonverse
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