SaHyo au - "Ruins of the Heart"
Jihyo is a victim of a car accident. She wakes up inside a hospital being watched over by a woman named Sana, who she can't remember. Sana, her best friend finds out Jihyo has an illness. She hopes to help Jihyo regain her memories, or even more..
Jihyo - a reliable school president who always put others before her. Got involved in a car accident for a certain reason.
Sana - Jihyo's best friend who always cared for her in her times of need. Knows Jihyo the best. Part of the dance club.
Nayeon - one of Jihyo's childhood friends along with Jeongyeon. Eventually had a relationship with the latter. Feisty but very caring.
Jeongyeon - Jihyo's other childhood friend. She's the go-to person when you're looking for practical advice. Student council vice president.
Momo - transferred to Korea at the same time as Sana. Ace of the school's dance club.
Mina - a quiet transferee who works part time at a café in front of the campus; Jihyo's go-to place whenever she wants to chill.
Dahyun - a popular student known to be very friendly to everyone. Usually goes to the same café.
Chaeyoung - Secretary in the student council. She's very outspoken and is best friends with Dahyun.
Tzuyu - the most popular girl in campus known for incomparable beauty. Daughter of the café owner Mina is working in.

Setting: Winter in Seoul. Temperature's on an all time low. The elite university doesn't have much people wandering around due to the harsh weather.
Everything was blank, she opened up her eyes and saw nothing but white. She realized she was laying in a bed that seems inside a hospital. She looks to her right and sees a young woman with radiant blonde hair browsing her phone as she uttered her first words, "Where am I?"
The woman then quickly looked at her, still in shock and said, "Jihyo! I'm glad you're finally awake!", shouting as she rushed in to hug her.

Confused with what's happening, Jihyo responded, "Jihyo?"

"Still not fully awake? It's me, Sana silly!" Still hugging her ever so tight.
JH: "Sana? Who's Jihyo?"

This response stopped Sana's celebration of her best friend's awakening. She moved back surprised as to what is happening now.

SN: ".. You don't remember?"

JH: "I'm sorry.. I don't know who you are and what you're talking about."
Worried as to what is happening, Sana called the doctor immediately to have Jihyo checked up. In a minute, the doctor arrived and checked up on Jihyo. Sana then, called her friends to tell the news of Jihyo finally waking up.

Phone: "Really!? I'll head there with Nayeon ASAP!"
The doctor finished checking up on Jihyo as Sana rushed to ask the doctor what happened.

"I'm sorry." The doctor said as Sana felt an ache inside her heart. "Based on what you've said about her, I don't think she's the same person."

Confused, Sana asked, "What do you mean?".
D: "She told me her name was Jisoo, and she didn't know who you were."

SN: "What? Jisoo was her old name. She changed that to Jihyo a long time ago."

D: "I see. She may have developed D.I.D."

These words shocked Sana realizing she may have already lost her best friend.
Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is what the doctor informed Sana. They're still not sure about it but it is the likely illness she has.

Jihyo is right there, but is she still that Jihyo she knows of? She felt physically close, but it seems that she's so faraway.
"Your friend needs you to regain part of herself." These words made Sana realize what she must do in order to bring back the person most important to her right now.

Sana then approached Jihyo, who wondered how she ended up there. Sana whispered, "Jihyo... I'm here for you..."
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JH: "Stop calling me Jihyo. I'm Jisoo. You're starting to annoy me."

SN: "Do you really not remember anything?"

JH: "I do but not really anything that you're talking about. Who are you supposed to be anyway?"

This made Sana silent, it's Jihyo but she speaks so differently.
SN: "I-I'm.."

JH: "Well, I guess you're supposed to be special to me or something since the doc said you've been with me for the past 3 days."

SN: "Ah. Y-y-yeah hHa-haha.."

This Jihyo is really straightforward. Sana felt really nervous talking to Jihyo in this kind of way.
SN: "Umm, can you tell me more about you?"

JH: "Well, like I've been telling you, my name is Jisoo. I'm studying Theater Arts in university. Though I don't really like going to school. I usually spend time alone at a café drinking coffee. Oh, and I hate summer. So... we good?"
These were all surprising to Sana, as if Jihyo really had a completely different life. She then tried to explain to Jihyo who she really was.

SN: "Well, just to tell you, you're Jihyo, studying Music, and the student council president."

JH: "Ha! Me? President? That's funny!"
SN: "It's true. You also like drinking coffee but not really on your own. And you love summer, it's winter that you don't like."

Both were in silence, one shocked of this new person she's talking to, the other surprised as to who she used to be.

JH: "Hey, listen to me.."
JH: "Whoever I was before isn't me anymore, okay? I'm living my own life."

SN: "Wait, that's going to be tough! You can't just shift degrees or leave the student council!"

JH: "Then what? You want me to live a life of another person? We only live once, Sana. That's not easy."
Sana then realized this, what she was said definitely true. She left her country to be free from expectations from her parents and live her life the way she wanted to. Still, this was Sana's only hope of bringing Jihyo back.

SN: "You can still be you, but don't ruin your life."
Jihyo then realizes she might really have no choice but to do so.

JH: "..Fine, just that. But don't expect me to be the same person as you think I am."

SN: "..Thank you, but can I ask one more request?"

JH: "What?"

SN: "Please let me continue calling you Jihyo."
Suddenly, both can hear running from the corridor heading towards their room. The door was slammed open as two girls appeared in front of them.

JY: "Jihyo! You're finally awake!"

JH: "I'm assuming I know these two, am I right, Sana?"

SN: "Yes, they're your childhood friends."
JY: "Wait, what's going on? Hey, get a grip Nayeon."

NY: "*Pant* we didn't *pant* need to run you know."

SN: ".. I'll explain everything."

Sana started to tell the two about Jihyo's condition. The more the conversation went on, the more the two were in silence as well.
SN: "That's about it.."

There was a minute of silence in the room. Then Jihyo broke it all up.

JH: "So, do you plan on introducing yourselves to me?"

NY: "I'm Nayeon, she's Jeongyeon. It feels weird introducing ourselves to you."

JH: "Don't worry. It's weird I know you too."
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JH: "Anyway, can I know why I ended up here in this hospital?"

SN: "It was a car accident. You were cruising at Bucheon and crashed near the park."

JH: "What? I know how to drive?"

JY: "Yeah. We got our licenses together. Your ID is right there at the table."

JH: "I see.."
SN: "Unnie, maybe we should let Jihyo rest for now. She just woke up and this might stress her out."

JH: "What? No, I'm okay really. I'm just surprised of everything happening.

NY: "No, it's okay. Well go back here some other time. Besides, we still have school duties to do."
Nayeon and Jeongyeon said their goodbyes for now and left.

SN: "You must be hungry. I'll get you some food okay?"

JH: "Wait, Ms. Sana."

SN: "Just Sana is okay. What is it Jihyo?"

JH: "Umm, thanks.. For taking care of me."

SN: "No worries! I'm just happy you're back!"
Outside, Nayeon and Jeongyeon were walking in the cold.

JY: "Why didn't you tell them school was cancelled today?"

NY: "I don't know. I'm just surprised about everything that's happening. You heard her awhile ago right?"

JY: "Yeah. So, it's really like not her huh."
NY: "It's really cold now. I could use some coffee."

JY: "So, wanna get one?"

NY: "Why else would I bring that up? Idiot."

JY: "Well sorry for being so slow Im Nayeon."

NY: "That's fine. Thanks. The air just feels so heavy.."

JY: "I know. Let's go to the usual place."
Back at the hospital, Jihyo was checking out her personal belongings.

A driver's license, a cafè membership card, a notebook filled with stuff about schoolwork and projects. She must've been really active before. She also saw her wallet. There were some group photos inside.
She immediately noticed the first one. It was her and Sana. They look really close with each other. Sana wasn't blonde haired yet.

JH: (Best friends? Or maybe.. No probably not..)

She also looked at the next one. It was a different girl she hasn't seen before. She looks amazing
JH: (A foreigner? She could be a great candidate for a beauty pageant.)

The next photo was with another girl.

JH: (She also looks foreign. Japanese maybe?)

She recognized the next one. It was with those two she meet before. They look really close too.
As Jihyo was about to look at the other photos, she heard footsteps heading towards the room. She immediately put everything back in the bag. Why did she do that? It isn't like she's snooping around. It's her stuff.

Sana then entered the room.

SN: "Sorry to keep you waiting."
Sana approached Jihyo and brought some fruits and some water from the canteen.

SN: "Did you wait long?"

JH: "No. But you did wait for long time for me to wake up."

SN: "That's nothing! Anything for you Jihyo!" (I'd do anything to make you remember me.)

JH: "Really huh..."
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Nayeon and Jeongyeon entered the cafè in front of their campus. As expected, only a few people were there. Nayeon went directly to their usual spot, while Jeongyeon went to the counter. There waited the elegant worker from the cafè.

MN: "I'm glad seeing the two of you today."
JY: "Good to know you're open as well."

MN: "What would you like to have?"

JY: "Two caffè macchiatos. And.. a slice of cheesecake.

MN: "Alright. I'll serve them to your table in a bit."

JY: "Hey, Mina."

MN: "Yes?"

JY: "Come drink coffee with us. There ain't so much people."
Jeongyeon went towards Nayeon and sat down.

NY: "Hey.."

JY: "Yeah?"

NY: "How bad is D.I.D.?"

JY: "I don't know."

NY: "Thought so."

JY: "Then why do you ask?"

NY: "Aaagh. I don't know! I want to know but I don't know where to start!"

Mina then approached the two girls.
MN: "Here you go."

JY: "Hey, Mina."

MN: "Yes?"

JY: "Don't be so formal. We're all friends here. Sit down."

MN: "Okay."

A minute of silence was in the air when suddenly Jeongyeon said.

JY: "Jihyo finally woke up."

MN: "What? Then that's good news. But why are you frowning?"
JY: "She's awake, but it's not her who is awake."

MN: "Eh? What do you mean?"

NY: "Have you heard of D.I.D. before?"

MN: "Oh.. Yes, I know about that."

NY & JY: "Wait, you do!?"

MN: "Yes, well I'm studying Psychology. I've read about it in our Diagnostic State Manual."
NY: "Oh, wow. Can we know more about it?"

MN: "Sure, unnie. It's more commonly known as multiple personality disorder, the person would usually switch between two or more identities. The identity can have a different name, mannerisms gender, etc.

NY: "But how did Jihyo...?"
JY: "Was it her accident?"

MN: "Probably."

NY: "But isn't it strange? Jihyo is a good driver, she usually doesn't drive alone and to top it all off, all the way to Bucheon? That's quite a distance from here and Jihyo doesn't go there too."

MN: "..Maybe she had a fugue state.."
NY: "What's that?"

MN: "It's like a state of losing awareness and the person would sometimes wander around with no particular destination.."
JY: "So, she didn't get it from the accident?"

MN: "Maybe more than that. A head trauma is possible, but if she did end up somewhere without knowing.."

NY: "There's a different cause?"

MN: "Dissociation can be a defense mechanism for physical and emotional pain of some sort."
NY: "It's likely not physical.. So.. emotional?"

JY: "Jihyo was pretty quiet prior to her accident.."

MN: "That could be. Sometimes you get this kind of feeling not being aware of what's happening around you when you're depressed.."

NY: "I think I get what you mean now.."
JY: "Wait, Mina. When you said switching between personalities does that mean the real Jihyo is still there?"

MN: "Yes, unnie. But it also depends between her and the other personalities if they would switch or not."

JY: "It doesn't sound easy, but at least she's still there."
Things are making more sense now but they reached a dead end. What caused Jihyo's emotional pain to this point?

NY: "I need a breather.. I'll go to the restroom."

Nayeon went to the restroom, stared at the mirror and thought..

NY: "Jihyo, was it.. was it because of me..?"
Jeongyeon's still in deep thought.

JY: *sigh*

MN: "Are you okay, unnie?"

JY: "I don't know. Probably not.. Maybe I just miss our mom friend."

MN: "I miss her too. Everyone's been down ever since her accident.."

JY: "I guess everyone's feeling the same way, especially Sana.."
MN: "How was she?"

JY: "She's doing her best. She's been staying at the hospital all this time."

MN: "That's amazing."

JY: "You're amazing too you know."

MN: "Eh?"

JY: "You know a lot of complex things, and yet you also do part-time work."

MN: "Don't flatter me, unnie."
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Back at the hospital, Sana was peeling some fruits for Jihyo. While doing so, Jihyo was staring at Sana wondering what is her relationship with her.

SN: "Hey, Jihyo."

JH: "..."

SN: "Jihyo!"

JH: "Oh! Yeah?"

SN: "You're spacing out. Is everything okay?"

JH: "Yeah, I'm fine."
SN: "Okay. Anyway, is it alright if someone else comes here to visit?"

JH: "Another one? (Is it one of those from the photos?)"

SN: "Yeah. She's been helping me with my stuff while I'm staying here."

JH: "You really didn't leave here?

SN: "Yup. She'll arrive here in a bit."
JH: "If she's already on her way then what's the point of asking me?"

SN: "Ah, well I asked her earlier before you woke up so I couldn't tell it to you yet."

JH: "Makes sense. Fine. Who is it?"

SN: "Momo! Not that you know her I guess. We went here to Korea a few years ago."
JH: "I see. (Momo, is that the Japanese I saw in one picture?)

SN: "Anyway she'll be really surprised you're already up. I haven't told her yet."

After a few minutes, someone knocked at the door. Sana opened it and there came in a girl with long jet black hair and bangs.
SN: "Hi, Momo!"

MM: "Hey, Sana. You're pretty cheerful today. Did something happen?"

SN: "Well, yes! Right, Jihyo?"

MM: "..Jihyo?"

Momo looked at Jihyo's bed and saw her sitting there. Momo then realized Jihyo was finally conscious.

MM: "..Aah! Jihyoooo! You're awake now!"
JH: "Ah, yeah hi. (So it's not her. Probably on some of the other photos. The other me must've had a lot of friends.) Err, Sana? Can you tell her everything?"

SN: "Oh right!"

MM: "Eh? What's going on?"

Sana told Momo everything about Jihyo's condition. Momo too was in shock.
MM: "Really? So after that, you don't remember your other self?"

JH: "I don't. And I remember different things instead."

MM: "Woah, that sounds amazing."

JH: (Amazing? That's a first. She thinks differently.)

MM: "But how do you get back?"

JH: "Get back? Do I have to?"
These words startled Sana. Of course, this new Jihyo wouldn't want to not live her life. It isn't easy to just let someone else take over your life.

SN: "That's not easy Momo."

MM: "Oh, I thought she just needs to hit her head or something."

JH: (..She's pretty simple minded.)
SN: "Momo!"

MM: "I'm joking. Calm down."

SN: "Sorry, Jihyo."

JH: "Haha. No, it's fine."

MM: "By the way, when will you be discharged?"

SN: "The doc said in two days. They just need to run some tests to confirm Jihyo's status."

MM: "Oh, okay. Tell me when you're leaving."
SN: "Wait, are you leaving already?"

MM: "Yeah, there's a few things I have to do so I just dropped your stuff on the way. I'll see you again soon. You too dark Jihyo."

JH: "Dark Jihyo?"

MM: "Yeah, it's because you talk differently. You have some shady atmosphere around you."
Momo then hurriedly went out the door. Sana and Jihyo were left alone again. It got kind of quiet. Jihyo broke the silence.

JH: "By the way, Sana. How about the car and hospital bills?

SN: "Oh, don't worry about it. Your parents know already what happened. You have insurance."
JH: "Oh, I guess I better thank them."

SN: "Well, they're YOUR parents, so they'll definitely take care of you. They're overseas right now though."

JH: "I see."

SN: "Anyway, I do hope things turn out well on your check up tomorrow!"

JH: "I'm fine. Don't worry about it."
SN: "So, anything you want to know about?"

JH: "Hmm, we'll get there. For now I feel like taking a nap first."

SN: "Sure! Rest well, Jihyo."

JH: "Thanks. Take a break. You deserve it."

SN: "Then maybe I'll stroll around the hospital. I'll be back later!"

JH: "See you."
Sana went out of the room. Jihyo was then alone. She couldn't really rest yet, but just really wanted some time alone. She had a lot of things in her mind.

JH: (So, am I not real? Just some kind of personality the real me made up? Am I suddenly going to disappear one day?)
Sana, too had a lot of things in her mind.

SN: (I'm glad that Jihyo's awake. But it's not the Jihyo I know. Still, I feel the same way towards this Jihyo.. But what if the real Jihyo doesn't return? What can I do to bring her back? I don't think my heart can handle it..)
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A few blocks away from the hospital, Momo was on her way to meet someone. She entered this cake shop and check if she arrived yet.

She noticed this particular girl staring at a strawberry shortcake. Momo sneaked in for a surprise attack.
MM: "Aha! I knew it you'd be around here!"

CY: "Ahh! Unnie you startled me!"

MM: "How are you Chaeyoung-ah?"

CY: "I'm doing fine. How about you?"

MM: "Fine!"

CY: "How was Sana-unnie?" Did you check up on her?

MM: "She's good. Jihyo's awake."

CY: "That's good.. Wait what!?"
MM: "Yeah, she's awake."

CY: "Wow, that's good then! Just in time."

MM: "But she's not Jihyo."

CY: "What?"

MM: "Ah, I mean it's Jihyo, but she's not Jihyo."

CY: "You're not making sense. Unnie is conscious now but it's not her?"

MM: "Uhh, I'll tell it to you later, okay?"
CY: "Okay. So, which one do you think she'd like? I think this shortcake is good."

MM: "Hey, that's what YOU like. Sana said to me before to get a chocolate cake."

Chaeyoung looked sad as she wanted to really try that strawberry shortcake. Momo saw this.

MM: "Next time, okay?"
Chaeyoung looked so excited about it like a child.

CY: "Promise?"

MM: "Yeah, I promise. Come on."

CY: "You always seem busy, unnie. It's a holiday. Why are you rushing?"

MM: "I just thought of a new choreography and wanted to try it out before I forget."

CY: "That's cool."
MM: "But look who's talking? Yeah it's a holiday, but why do you have your stuff from the council with you?"

CY: "Ah, I was just thinking of doing preparations for the school event in advance to save time, especially since Jihyo-unnie wasn't here."

MM: "Then, you're busy too."
CY: "I guess. Sorry."

MM: "That's okay. We all are. At least we have a reason to get together."

CY: "Yeah. It's been tough without her. She's always keeping us together."

MM: "You can say that again."

CY: "Yeah. It's been tough without her. She's always keeping us together."
MM: "..."

CY: "..."

MM: "You need to work on your puns."

CY: "Aaah! I'm so embarassed!"

MM: "That's fine. You're cute that way."

CY: "Now you're teasing me!"

The two broke in laughter. It's been awhile they were able to laugh. They know because their beloved Jihyo is back.
They both bought the cake with Momo carrying it with her.

MM: "I'll hide this at the dorm. What will you do now?"

CY: "I might drop by at the cafè and work from there."

MM: "Oh, okay. See you then."

CY: "Wait unnie, you haven't told me about the thing with Jihyo-unnie."
MM: "Ah, next time okay? I still have stuff to do and Sana might explain it better too."

CY: "Oh, okay then."

MM: "Be careful on your way, Chaeyoung."

CY: "You too, unnie."

Both parted ways to continue what they must do, but with a brighter smile right after.
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Back at the cafè, Nayeon and Jeongyeon were thinking of their plan especially now that Jihyo is back. Mina was tending to some customers who just came in.

JY: "So, do you think this would be a good place?"

NY: "Yeah. She likes it simple as always so I think this place is good."
JY: "You're forgetting that she's not the same Jihyo."

NY: "Oh. Well, doing it here might help here regain her real self."

JY: "I guess so."

While talking, there came in the cafè an astounding beauty that many people hope to see when they go here.

NY: "Oh hey! Tzuyu!"
TY: "Oh, good afternoon unnie."

JY: "Great seeing you today, Tzuyu. How are things?"

TY: "Still the same. But I'm surprised you're all here. Chaeyoung and Dahyun are on their way here too."

NY: "Oh, that's perfect! There're some things I'd like to ask from all of you too."
TY: "What is it?"

NY: "Let's wait for the others. What time will they get here?"

TY: "In about 10 minutes or so."

Not so far from the cafè, a girl with skin as white as snow was on her way to that place. It was Dahyun.

DH: "Ah! It's really cold today. I'd love some coffee."
CY: "Dahyunie!"

From a distance, Dahyun can hear a friend's voice calling to her.

DH: "Oh, Chae! Great to see you! Where have you been?"

CY: "You too! I met up with Momo-unnie to pick up the cake."

DH: "With Momo-unnie again? You've been meeting with her a lot."

CY: "Why?"
DH: "Oh, nothing! Just wondering."

CY: "..Are you jealous?"

DH: "What? No!"

CY: "Don't worry. You're always my best friend."

DH: "I said I'm not jealous!"

CY: "Okay, okay. Don't get mad."

DH: "Geez. So anyway, why did you call out for me to go with you to the cafè?"
CY: "Nothing. I just wanted some company while working."

DH: "But Mina will be there for sure."

CY: "She might be busy you know."

DH: "Or are you shy to go there alone?"

CY: "Hey I'm not! School's out so you're free!"

DH: "Fine. No need to be so defensive, okay?"

CY: "Hey!"
DH: "Haha! Okay I'll stop now. Let's hurry, it's real cold."

CY: "Yeah, by the way. Have you heard? Jihyo-unnie is conscious again."

DH: "Really? Wow! That's a relief."

CY: "But Momo-unnie was saying something strange. She said it's Jihyo, but she's not Jihyo."

DH: "..What?"
CY: "I don't know either. She said Sana-unnie can explain it better."

DH: "That's real strange. I hope that doesn't get in the way of her birthday."

CY: "I hope so too."

Dahyun and Chaeyoung went on until they arrived at the cafè. Mina saw them immediately and smiled to them.
MN: "I'm glad to see you two again. Come warm yourselves up."

CY: "Hi, unnie! You look great today."

MN: "You too, Chae. It's great to have almost everyone here."

DH: "Everyone?"

Dahyun looked to her right, and saw all of her close friends at campus.

DH: "Ah! Unnies! Tzuyu!"
TY: "Hi, Dahyunie."

NY: "Hey, girls!"

JY: "Wow, almost everyone's here."

MN: "Have something to warm you up first, you two. There are some things we'd like to share to you."

CY: (Something? Is this about unnie?)

DH: "Okay!"

Everyone sat at their corner. Mina joined as well.
TY: "...Somehow it still feels incomplete."

JY: "Yeah. Jihyo usually leads our conversations too."

NY: "I'm glad that you're all here. I'd like to share something. Some of may know, Jihyo is finally conscious again."

TY: "Oh! That's good news!"

NY: "However..."

DH: "Hmm?"
Nayeon then shared what happened to Jihyo. Mina helped her explain things that are not so easy to understand. As they got deeper in the discussion everybody became more silent.

NY: "That's pretty much about it.."

CY: "That's horrible.."

DH: "..Will she ever get back to us?"
MN: "That depends on her self and this new Jihyo. One may be more dominant than the other. Or one wouldn't want to go back yet.."

TY: "Can we do something about it?"

MN: "It really depends on her, but we might be able to in some way."

NY: "That's why I have a suggestion.."
Everyone was then all ears to Nayeon.

NY: "It's Jihyo's birthday in two days. I already texted Sana earlier. She said Jihyo will likely be discharged on her birthday. I'd like us to celebrate it here in the cafè and find ways to regain her real self. Is that okay, Tzuyu?"
TY: "I'll tell my mom about it."

NY: "That's great. Thank you."

DH: "I guess we need some decorations and stuff now. We almost celebrated unnie's birthday with her still sleeping."

JY: "That's true. But remember, she doesn't even know it's her birthday."

DH: "Oh, right!"
CY: "That might feel uncomfortable with this new Jihyo-unnie."

NY: "That's true, so we have to be very careful and make her feel comfortable."

JY: "For now, it's best we really celebrate. We might notice a few things about her that will give us ideas on how to bring her back."
MN: "I agree."

DH: "This will all be for Jihyo-unnie."

CY: "I'll call Momo-unnie about our plans."

NY: "Tzuyu, can you call Sana and tell her all about it?"

TY: "Okay."

Tzuyu then brought out her phone. She dialled Sana's number which rang for awhile. She didn't pick up.
At the hospital, Jihyo was still in deep thought when suddenly, she heard a phone ringing. She checked and noticed it was not the phone in 'her' bag. It was Sana's. She checked who was calling.

JH: (Tzuyu? What an unusual name.)

She hesitated to answer and the call was missed.
The phone rang again. This time, she thought about answering it.

JH: (She's calling again. Must be important. I better pick this up.)

Jihyo then answered.

JH: "..Hello?"

Tzuyu was surprised with the voice. Is it Jihyo? She sounds different. She moved further from the others.
TY: "Umm, hello? Is Sana-unnie there?"

JH: "Sorry, she went out. This is Jisoo er- I mean Jihyo. You're Tzuyu?"

TY: "A-ah hi, Jihyo-unnie. Yes, it's pronounced as chu-wi."

JH: (She called me unnie. I probably know her.) "Oh, sorry for that."

TY: "It's okay, Jihyo-unnie."
JH: "So uhh, is it important or should I just take a message?"

TY: "Oh, it's alright. I'll just call back."

JH: "Oh, okay. I'll tell her you called."

TY: "Umm, thank you unnie."

JH: "Uh, sure."

TY: "..."

JH: "..."

TY: "...Umm bye."

JH: "Bye."

Tzuyu then dropped the call.
JH: (Tzuyu huh.. she's probably the other foreigner in the picture?)

Jihyo then accidentally saw Sana's wallpaper on her phone. It was the same photo on the wallet.

JH: (We must be really close then.. I wonder why that girl called Sana though?.. No, I must be overthinking..)
Back at the cafè. Tzuyu felt uneasy after talking to the current Jihyo. She went back to the group and sat down.

NY: "Hey, Tzuyu. What did Sana say?"

TY: "Oh.. I didn't get to talk to her. It was Jihyo-unnie who picked up the phone."

Everyone else were surprised to hear this.
CY: "What? So how was unnie?"

TY: "It felt really strange.. I hear her voice.. but she speaks so differently. She didn't know me.. it was awkward talking to her.."

JY: "So, Sana wasn't with her?"

TY: "No, she said she went out."

DH: "That's not like her to forget her phone."
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NY: "I hope Sana is okay. She must be hurt as well of what's happening.. Alright! Let's plan things out her Jihyo's birthday!"

Back at the hospital, Sana was just sitting by a bench while watching birds flock on the feed given by some people.

SN: "..Maybe I should get going."
Sana left and went back to Jihyo's room. She entered and there she saw Jihyo looking like she was waiting for her.

SN: "Hi, Jihyo! Did you get bored waiting for me? Sorry to keep you waiting."

JH: "I'm alright. Don't worry. By the way, a girl named Tzuyu called you earlier."
SN: "Oh! What did she say?"

JH: "I don't know. I just told her I'll tell you that she called."

SN: "Ah, I better call her then."

Sana then picked up her phone and dialled Tzuyu's number.

Back at the cafè, Tzuyu just finished talking to her mom and got their request approved.
Tzuyu's phone started ringing. She looked it up and saw it was Sana. She then answered.

TY: "Hello?"

SN: "Tzuyu-yah~ I heard you wanted to talk to me?"

TY: "Oh, yes unnie."

Tzuyu started talking about their plans for Jihyo's birthday. Sana did her best to not make it obvious.
SN: "Alright! I'll tell her all about it. See you all soon!"

Sana dropped the call. Jihyo noticed how Sana was all smiles right now after that call.

JH: "You seem happy."

SN: "How can I not? Everybody is in a good mood because you're back!"

JH: "Everyone? Sounds like a lot."
SN: "We are nine altogether. You met a few of them already. Anyway, everyone would like to see you after your release. Is it okay?"

JH: "I guess. I'd like to also know what kind of people the other me hang out with. But I have one condition."

SN: "Hmm? Condition? What is it?"
JH: "I want to go somewhere to do something first. You can't decline. Alright?"

SN: "What? Hmm.. As long as its nothing dangerous, okay?"

JH: "It's not. We got a deal then."

SN: "Okay, but I'll accompany you too, okay?"

JH: "Well, I'm not sure where I am. I might get lost."
SN: "Okay~ So, what is it?"

JH: "I'm not telling you. You might change your mind."

Sana was pouting in disappointment, but still agreed to Jihyo's request.

The day is about to end. Jihyo looked out the window and saw the sunset.

JH: "It's beautiful."

SN: "Just like you.."
JH: "Did you say something?"

SN: "A-a-ah N-n-nothing! Hahahaha. It's almost dinner time! Let's eat!"

JH: "Alright."

They had dinner. Sana was more silent than usual. Jihyo can clearly sense it.

SN: (Oh God.. I feel so embarassed! She's not Jihyo. She won't think its a joke.)
JH: "You've been quiet Sana. Everything okay? You're usually lively."

SN: "Ah! Sorry. Is it bothering you?"

JH: "Not really, I'm just getting used to your energy earlier."

SN: "Maybe I got a bit tired. Ehehe."

JH: "Better sleep early then. Where do you sleep here anyway?"
SN: "Umm, just at this chair beside you. Leaning on the bed."

Sana felt embarrassed after telling this to her.

JH: "Are you crazy!?"

SN: (Is she mad?)

JH: "Your body will ache a lot if you don't lay down. You've been doing that for three days! You should be resting here."
Sana was shocked to hear her reaction, and smiled a bit after.

SN: (She's still very caring..) "I'm happy that you care.."

JH: "Geez, or at least sleep on that sofa there."

SN: "I will! Don't worry."

Despite being scolded, Sana was happy that some things are still the same.
JH: "Use this pillow. I have another one here."

SN: "Thanks, Jihyo."

JH: "You've done a lot for me when I was out. That's the least I can do."

SN: "You've done a lot for me too."

JH: "What do you mean?"

SN: "When Momo and I transferred here to Korea, you were always there."
JH: "Well, we could talk a bit more before sleeping since we just ate. You don't mind telling it to me?"

SN: "Sure! It was 2 years ago. Momo and I got a scholarship grant to study overseas. I didn't know her at first but I was happy that there's someone else from Japan with me."
JH: (I see. So it's been quite some time I've known them too. The other two were childhood friends as well.)

SN: "It was difficult. We both don't know how to speak Korean."

JH: "So how did I end up helping you?"

SN: "It was really cute actually. You were observing us a lot."
JH: "So, what happened?"

SN: "You were the first person to approach us. You talked to us in Japanese. You were struggling a lot but you did your best with it. That made you our first ever friend here. You helped us fit in and learn Korean. We also helped you speak in Japanese."
JH: "Oh, so I can speak Japanese?"

SN: "Yeah! You took it seriously and that made me admire your determination. Because of you I got to know Nayeonie and Jeongyeonie too. We were motivated by you to continue our studies overseas."

JH: "Wow. And you're fluent in Korean too."
SN: "That's thanks to you."

JH: "So that's why we're really close to each other."

SN: "Ah.. Yeah! We spent time together whenever we are free!

JH: "How about the others? How did we end up in this group of nine people?

SN: "Hmm, maybe it's better if they say it themselves!"
JH: "I guess you're right."

SN: "There's one thing I can say though."

JH: "Hmm?"

SN: "You're the reason why everybody is together. You're like our leader."

JH: "That's a strong word."

SN: "It's true. Plus, you were the student council president."

JH: "..."

SN: "Thank you."
JH: "Thanks for sharing it to me."

SN: "Shall we rest then? You need to be in good ocndition for tomorrow's check up."

JH: "I guess, get plenty of rest too Sana. Good night."

SN: "Good night, Jihyo."

Sana turned off the lights and lay herself on the sofa, but couldn't sleep.
Sana is happy that Jihyo is back, but she's not the real Jihyo. She's not there, yet the smell of her pillow emits Jihyo's scent. She felt that the pillow isn't letting her rest. It wasn't that it was uncomfortable, rather, it was too comfortable and smells so wonderful for her.
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The next day, Sana woke up, still feeling sleepy but still had more rest than the past few days. She sat up and stretched a bit, only to see that Jihyo wasn't on her bed. She panicked and looked around the room to check what happened. Eventually, she saw a note on the bed.
"You're still sleeping. The nurse came in and I went ahead to have myself checked. Don't worry."

Sana felt relieved that it wasn't something serious.

SN: "Whew.. But she didn't say which room she went to."

While waiting, Sana decided to take a shower there and fix herself up.
An hour has passed and she still hasn't received any news from Jihyo. It was really boring. She wanted to go to Jihyo but she has no clue about it.

Suddenly, her phone rang. She looked it up and saw it's Mina. She answered the call.

SN: "Hi, Minari!"

MN: "Good morning, unnie."
Sana is glad to talk to her. It's been awhile when they last had the chance to do so.

SN: "How are you? Why did you call?"

MN: "I'm fine, thanks. I'm just wondering how is Jihyo-unnie?"

SN: "She's fine. I'm alone right now though. She woke up early and is doing her check up."
MN: "That's great to hear. I hope she gets released tomorrow then."

SN: "I hope so too! By the way, why did you call?"

MN: "Oh, just checking up on you both. I'm also interested in knowing more about the new Jihyo-unnie."

SN: "She might sound rude, but she's actually nice!"
MN: "I look forward to meet her tomorrow then."

SN: "Sure! I'll message you if she's cleared. See you soon!"

MN: "See you."

Sana dropped the call. In a minute, footsteps can be heard at the hallway and stopped by the door. There went in Jihyo alongside a nurse.
SN: "Ah! Good morning Jihyo!"

JH: "Oh, hi Sana. You're finally up."

SN: "Sorry, I slept extra last night."

JH: "That's not a problem. You deserve the rest."

SN: "So, how is she miss nurse?"

N: "She's really fine actually. We're surprised she's pretty stable right now."
SN: "Wow. That's good!"

N: "We'll give you the official results after a few hours. I'll be leaving now miss."

JH: "Thanks for the help."

The nurse left.

SN: "I'm happy you're able to move now Jihyo."

JH: "They said it was just a minor bump in the head. I'm pretty okay."
SN: "Yeah. So, what do you want to do for now?"

JH: "Hmm, the doctor said moving around would help me since I've been at bed for quite some time. Maybe we could walk around the hospital."

SN: "Sounds good!"

The two went out of the room to walk around the place.
The hospital was quiet. There was not much to see. Time to time, Sana was stealing a glimpse on Jihyo and just admiring how she's okay now.

Jihyo noticed the emptiness of the hospital. She had a lot of things in her mind. It's just like her, all alone in a life she doesn't know.
JH: "Sana?"

SN: "..Oh! Yes?"

JH: "Have you ever felt being trapped in something that you don't know what to do?"

SN: "What do you mean?"

JH: "I feel like that right now. I have different memories, but somehow I'm supposed to live the life of someone else instead."

SN: "..."
JH: "Am I a burden to you?"

SN: "No, you're not.."

JH: "But I'm not the person you hope to be."

SN: "No, you're Jihyo. That's that."

JH: "But-"

SN: "No more buts! You're still Jihyo and I don't want you to think that I don't want to be with you. Regardless, I care for you!"
JH: "..Sorry. I'm overthinking things."

All of a sudden, Sana suddenly hugged Jihyo. Jihyo can smell Sana's hair and felt the warm embrace of this caring person.

SN: "Jihyo, please understand. No matter what happens, I'm here for you. Even if the world rejects you, I'll stay."
Jihyo was out of words. Sana just hugged her for a minute and both were silent. She finally responded.

JH: "Thank you.."

Sana finally let go of her. Looked at Jihyo directly and smiled at her.

SN: "Good! That made me hungry. Let's go to the cafeteria. It's your treat, okay?"
JH: "Wait what?"

SN: "You almost made me cry. It's your punishment!"

JH: "But I don't have the wallet."

Sana then raised Jihyo's wallet.

JH: "Hey, when did you.. Is this a set up?"

Sana went ahead to the cafeteria which was right at the next corner.
Jihyo was surprised with what's happening.

JH: (She really would cry for a person she just knew yesterday?)

Regardless if it was a prank or not, Jihyo can't help herself but smile. She's glad that Sana is there to support her.

JH: "Hey, Sana. Wait up! Nothing expensive!"
At the other side of the hallway, there was one person who was able to hear everything they've talked about. She did not reveal herself as she wanted to do an unplanned visit to check on the two. She decided to no longer go.

??: "They're both doing okay. I guess that's good.."
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At the cafeteria, Sana was browsing what's available for today. Jihyo finally caught up with her.

JH: "You're pretty energetic Sana."

SN: "Of course! It's been awhile since we were out of that room."

JH: "Have you already picked what you want?"

SN: "Hmm.. This one!"
JH: "Sashimi set? Very Japanese of you."

SN: "Hey! What do you mean?"

JH: "Nothing."

SN: "Well, how about you? Are you allowed to eat regular food now?"

JH: "Yup. I'll take this then."

SN: "Seolleongtang?"

JH: "Yeah. That check up made me hungry you know."

SN: "Alright!"
They both went to sit at a table and had their meal.

SN: "I'm glad they still have sashimi today! They ran out of this for the past few days."

JH: "It looks good. Hope you don't mind if I get one."

SN: "Ah wai-"

Jihyo grabbed on a piece, dipped it in the sauce and ate it.
JH: "Oh! It tastes pretty good. Hmm? What's wrong?"

SN: "..Oh, nothing!"

JH: "Oh. Maybe I should've asked you first. Sorry."

SN: "Ah, no it's okay!"

Sana wasn't bothered with Jihyo grabbing one without permission, but because she grabbed one. She couldn't eat raw food before.
SN: "..Are you fine?"

JH: "Yeah! Feels good to eat something different."

SN: "That's good to know. (I need to accept the fact that some things will really be different right now..) Say Jihyo, what's your favorite dish?"

JH: "Noodles! Something to warm you up on a cold day."
SN: "Oohh, wanna get some one once we're out? I know some good places to eat."

JH: "Is that your way of asking me out?"

SN: "What? No! Not like that!"

Sana blushed so hard she couldn't hide it.

JH: "Haha, sure I'd like that."

SN: (She'd like it? The noodles or going out?)
They both spent a good time chatting, finished up their meal and went back to Jihyo's room.

JH: "Haa. That was great. I feel way better now."

SN: "Good to hear that Jihyo!"

JH: "I just hope that there won't be anything negative about the check up earlier.

SN: "Of course not!"
After awhile, the nurse earlier went inside the room and handed the results of Jihyo's check up to Sana.

SN: "Let's see.. Wow. Everything looks good! We're really cleared to be out the hospital by tomorrow."

JH: "Finally. I just hope the day would pass so we can get out."
The two spent the rest of the day talking to each other with Sana asking more questions to the new Jihyo to get to know her more and understand the things that may be different with her too.

Sana understands that she need to accept this Jihyo, no matter what happens.
Elsewhere, Jeongyeon is doing some grocery shopping to make some home-made cooking for tomorrow. She's not good at it, but Jihyo always liked how much effort she puts into it and the thought counts for her.

Chaeyoung was doing extra council work today to make sure they're free.
Everyone else was busy, but it's all connected to Jihyo's birthday. Both excited and worried, as they've waited for her recovery, yet things might not be as same as what they're thinking of.

The day has finally passed, Sana and Jihyo are getting ready for their release.
JH: "By the way Sana.."

SN: "Hmm?"

JH: "Where will we meet up with the others? Will they all go here tomorrow?"

SN: "Ah, no. There's too many people the hospital might get angry. We'll meet them at our favorite cafè."

JH: "Oh, okay then. But we'll go somewhere first, okay?"
SN: "Yes, just as promised. How long would that take? They might wait for quite some time."

JH: "Hmm, maybe an hour?"

SN: "Alright! Then let's get plenty of rest. It's going to be a good day tomorrow."

They both went to bed, looking forward to getting out of the hospital.
The next day, Sana woke up early. She started to fix herself up while Jihyo was still sleeping. She knows that things won't be easy for Jihyo. Knowing no one else in this world and taking on a challenge to live a life she isn't used to. She has to be there to support her.
Jihyo woke up pretty soon as she heard some noise from Sana's preparations.

SN: "Ah. Good morning, Jihyo!"

JH: "...It's morning already?"

SN: "Yeah! We'll be leaving in about 2 hours. Better get ready!"

JH: "Alright.. just.. 5 more minutes.."

SN: "Hey! Better wake up now!"
Soon, they were both finished, and are about to go out. They settled everything else needed for the release and exited the hospital. It is Jihyo's first taste of the sun for quite some time. It's still cold and snowy, but nonetheless, it felt good to not be trapped inside there.
SN: "Congratulations, Jihyo!"

JH: "Thanks, Sana."

SN: "So, where did you want to go?"

JH: "I asked it to the nurse before. She said it's about 15 minutes from here. Let's go."

SN: "Okay!"

Sana wondered where they're going. Eventually, they reached their destination.
SN: "..Here?"

JH: "Yup."

SN: "B-but-"

JH: "Hey, you promised me, you won't reject. I've wanted to do this since I woke up."

SN: "I-Is there no way to talk you out of this?"

JH: "Nope. Besides, it's a burden for me."

SN: "..Okay, but nothing wild, okay?"

JH: "Don't worry.."
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At the cafè, almost everyone was there except for Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, and Jihyo.

NY: "What's taking them so long? Sana and Jihyo might arrive soon."

MN: "Don't worry, Sana-chan told me they'll be late for an hour."

NY: "Geez. What are Jeongyeon and Momo doing?"
TY: "Jeongyeon-unnie told she she plans on cooking something for everyone. I'm not sure about Momo-unnie."

DH: "She has the cake, right?"

CY: "Maybe she's just being careful."

NY: "Must've been a bad idea to let Momo do it."

After 10 minutes, Jeongyeon finally arrived.
JY: "Hey, sorry. It was difficult to pack up earlier."

NY: "You look messy. Tidy up first. What did you make by the way?"

JY: "Tteokbokki, Jihyo likes this when we eat it as a group, right?"

NY: "..You put anything weird on it?"

JY: ""

NY: "Okay."

Mina giggled.
CY: "What's funny, Mina-unnie?"

MN: "Oh, nothing Chae."

Around 20 more minutes, Momo finally arrived.

DH: "Momo-unnie! It's been awhile."

NY: "What took you so long?"

MM: "Hi Dubu! Oh, well.. I forgot to bring the cake halfway. So I went back to the dorm to get it."
JY: "Wow, Momo. You almost blew it."

MM: "Hey at least I'm still on time."

They all waited for the time the two arrive at the cafè, Dahyun and Chaeyoung were staring outside for quite some time, while Mina was hoping that Sana would message her.

Finally, Sana sent a message.
"We're almost there! Give us 10 minutes. Excited to see you all! 😘😘😘"

Mina showed this to everybody and they all felt excited. They decided to not look outside and just wait for them.

Meanwhile, Jihyo and Sana are already on their way. Sana kept on staring at Jihyo.
Sana can't help but just admire Jihyo right now. At first she didn't agree to it, but now that she has seen it, she's somewhat happy too. She knew that even before this new Jihyo came, her best friend always wanted to try short hair. She didn't realize it would look this good.
JH: "Is there something on my face?"

SN: "Ah. No! It's okay."

JH: "Do you find it weird? It just felt heavy so I really wanted to cut my hair short."

SN: "No, it's good really. (Honestly, it's so good Jihyo. You look amazing! Ah! I'm screaming inside!)

JH: "Glad you like it."
SN: (Ah! Don't be like that to me Jihyo! I might take it the wrong way!)

Sana tried to hide that she's blushing again with Jihyo's comments.

SN: "Umm, we're almost there! It's that cafè over there."

JH: "Alright."

They both came in the cafè and everyone was finally together.
SN: "Everyone~!"

Everybody heard Sana, but they were all in silence when they saw Jihyo with short hair.

MM: "Hi Sana-chan! Wow, Jihyo cut her hair? It looks good!"

JH: "Umm, thanks. Momo, right?"

MM: "Wow, you remembered?"

JH: "Yeah."

Jihyo started to observe everyone.
JH: (I notice some of them. That's Nayeon and Jeongyeon I think. The two over there are from the photos. This tall girl is probably Tzuyu? Wow she looks more amazing in person. That other girl beside Jeongyeon is the one from the photo. I don't recognize the other two though.)
JH: "So, uhh hi. I hope some of you don't mind introducing yourselves. Let me start.. my name is Jisoo, but I'm okay being called Jihyo. Glad to meet you all."

TY: "Hi, unnie. I'm Tzuyu. We talked over the phone before."

DH: "Umm, glad to meet you unnie. My name is Dahyun."
CY: "Great seeing you unnie. I'm Chaeyoung, you can call me Chae. I'm also in the student council."

MN: "Hi, Jihyo-unnie. Please call me Mina. I'm also from Japan and I work here part-time."

JH: "I guess it's a bit awkward to make introductions."

SN: "It's not. Don't worry!"
NY: "Yeah, Jihyo. Don't worry. Anyway, we're all here right now to celebrate your recovery and also-"

MM: "Today's your birthday!"

NY: "Err yeah, so, congratulations!"

Jeongyeon brought out her dish for everyone and Mina took the cake from the chiller.
"Congratulations!" Everyone was happy and Jihyo herself was so shocked about what's happening.

JH: (Wow.. So this is how it is to have lots of friends? It's pretty fun..) "I don't know what to say.. but thanks everyone!"

SN: "Don't worry, Jihyo. You're always one and the same!"
MN: "Let me get some plates."

JY: "I'll help, Mina. You don't need to work today as well."

MN: "Thanks, unnie."

MM: "I ordered pizza too! Let's enjoy!"

They started eating.

DH: "Unnie, your hairstyle looks amazing."

JH: "Thanks. Dahyun, right?"

DH: "Yes! You remember!"
Nayeon pulled Sana into a corner.

NY: "*whisper* Hey Sana. Why did you let her cut her hair?"

SN: "*whisper* I can't help it. She only agreed to go here for that condition. Isn't it great though?"

NY: "I'm not complaining about that though, but what if the real Jihyo returns?"
SN: "It'll be alright. She used to want to try short hair, so that's fine."

NY: "Okay. But yeah, she looks amazing.."

SN: "Let's go to everyone then."

NY: (Never thought Jihyo would be this attractive.)

JH: "Oh, this Tteokbokki tastes pretty good! You made this Jeongyeon?"
JY: "Yeah, I thought you'd like it for today."

JH: "It's great. I guess you're a good cook."

MM: "She's not. It's either a hit or miss."

JY: "Take that back or I won't let you have anymore."

MM: "Hey, I'm just joking!"

MN: "Unnie, would you like some tea?"

JH: "Oh, thanks."
TY: "Unnie, how do you feel right now?"

JH: "Pretty fine. Tzuyu, right?"

TY: "Yes. Umm, sorry for the awkward call last time."

JH: "Ah, no it's fine. So, you probably called Sana about today, huh?"

TY: "Ah, yes unnie."

JH: "I see. Thanks, I guess."

TY: "It was Nayeonie."
JH: "Hmm?"

TY: "It was her idea to surprise you on your birthday."

JH: "Oh, I better thank her later."

CY: "She's a bit tied up with Jeongyeon-unnie right now."

JH: "They're really close huh?"

MM: "By the way Jihyo~ I hope you don't mind me asking."

JH: "What is it, Momo?"
MM: "When is your birthday that you remember?"

Several of them got surprised about Momo's question. Sana somewhat panicked and wanted to change the topic.

SN: "Aah! Let's prepare the cake now! Let's prepare the cake!"

JH: "..It's okay, Sana. Thanks for trying to cover up."
Nayeon elbowed Momo on the side.

MM: "What?"

JH: "Don't worry. That question will come out sooner or later. I know that I'm not the usual me you're used to. But honestly, I don't know when I was born.."

NY: "Jihyo.."

SN: "Of course! Your birthday is today! Okay?"
JH: "Sana.."

CY: "Yeah! You might say you're different, but you're still the unnie I admire."

JY: "That's true. So don't go sulking now. Today is your birthday!"

MN: "Everyone missed you. That's because you're important to us."

JH: "You guys.."

Jihyo smiled.

JH: "Thanks."
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Everybody had a blast. The new Jihyo grew to like the people around her. They're all so friendly and she's surprised by how much her other self is loved by these people. Still, this somehow made her jealous. She couldn't have met these people if it weren't for her past self.
SN: "Heeey, Jihyooo~"

JH: "Oh. What? Sorry."

SN: "You're spacing out again. Everything okay?"

JH: "Yeah. Just that a lot of things are happening."

NY: "Don't push yourself too hard. You just woke up you know."

JY: "Yeah there's two days before school so everything's fine."
JH: "I see."

CY: "There's lots of things to work on for the upcoming festival too unnie. But don't worry. We can manage."

JH: "Festival?"

MN: "Our school has a festival in two weeks. There's usually a lot of activities each department does and they set up booths or games too."
JH: "That sounds interesting."

CY: "As part of the council, we need to be able to check every booth and department to see if it's within school guidelines."

JH: "Actually sounds tough."

JY: "It will be in two weeks."

NY: "Let's think about that next time. For now, we enjoy!"
Their party went on until midnight. Everyone was happy as it's been a long time since they were all together. It's like the good old days when they weren't all so busy. Everybody is about to go home.

NY: "Hey, Jeongyeon. Let's go."

JY: "Wait, we can't just leave this mess."
MN: "That's alright, unnie. I'll take care of it."

JY: "No, you need a break from these things."

DH: "Hey Chaeng, we're going on the same direction, right?"

CY: "Yeah, we'll take our leave then. See you guys again soon!"

TY: "Take care you guys."

MM: "Are we done partying?"
SN: "You still want to continue, Momoring?"

NY: "Save it for next time, Momo. We'll definitely try to see each other more."

MM: "Aah. That better be soon, okay? It's more fun with everyone."

JY: "Okay, I'm done. Let's go. You're coming along right, Momo? See you all then."
SN: "How about you, Mina-chan. Are you leaving now?"

MN: "Oh, I'll stay here overnight with Tzuyu."

JH: "Stay here?"

TY: "Umm, yes. I live here."

JH: "Oh, wow."

MN: "I asked her yesterday about it because there are some things I want to do too after the party.

SN: "Okay~"
JH: "I guess we're gonna go now?"

SN: "Yup! Don't worry, I'll take you home. I live at the same apartment complex as Momo, but we live close so it's okay!"

JH: "Okay. Well, thank you for everything guys. It's been a lot of fun."

TY: "Take care, unnie."

MN: "See you."
Tzuyu and Mina were left.

TY: "Everyone's gone."

MN: "Yeah."

TY: "What did you want to do, unnie?"

MN: "I was planning to try out some blends for the festival. My class plans to make a mini coffee shop."

TY: "That sounds nice. Don't stay up too late, unnie."

MN: "Thanks."
Tzuyu went up to her room and Mina started to experiment on mixes. She also had thoughts about what happened today.

MN: (Jihyo-unnie.. Must be hard for her right now. Will her real self ever go back?)

Sana and Jihyo were now on the way home. Both were quietly walking, and then.
SN: "Say, Jihyo."

JH: "Hmm?"

SN: "Did you have fun?"

JH: "Yeah, I did. Everyone was nice."

SN: "That's good then."

JH: "..."

SN: "..."

JH: "Sana?"

SN: "Yes?"

JH: "It's a bit cold, but can we stay at that park for now?"

SN: "Oh, sure! Let me get something to warm us up."
Jihyo waited at a bench inside the park. Soon, Sana joined her and brought two cups of hot chocolate.

JH: "Thanks, Sana."

SN: "What's on your mind, Jihyo?"

JH: "How should I put this.. Well, I just feel uneasy right now on how I'm supposed to face my life starting tomorrow."
SN: "What do you mean?"

JH: "I understand that you're all there for me. But at the end of the day, I'm still alone and not so sure how I'll carry on with these things. I'm the student council president, I study a different degree, so I don't know if I can handle the pressure."
SN: "Jihyo, I know it's going to be hard for you, but you have a lot of people supporting you. Jeongyeon-unnie and Chaeyoung are on the council too. Dahyun also studies Music, and we can always see each other when we're free!"

JH: "Sana.."

SN: "I'll visit you as much as I can!"
JH: "You've been a great help. Thanks a lot, Sana."

SN: "Anything for you, Jihyo!"

The next two minutes, both of them were just sipping their drink. Then finally, Jihyo spoke up.

JH: "Sana, there's something that I've been wanting to ask you."

SN: "Yes?"

JH: "What are we?"
The question suprised Sana so much that she almost spilled all of her drink.

JH: "Oh hey! Are you okay?"

SN: "Ahaha y-yeah! My hand just slipped, that's all!"

JH: "Are you sure? I think you spilled some-"


JH: "If you say so.."

Sana didn't expect her to ask.
JH: "Sorry for the sudden question. I was just wondering what's my other self's relationship with you."

SN: "Ah! So that's why. Hahahaha.."

Sana is going crazy about the situation. Her mind tells her to say they are best friends, but her heart wants her to say something else..
JH: "I'm probably your best friend or something."

With that statement, Sana's hopes of starting a relationship with Jihyo all fell down. She'd be lying anyway and that won't have a good outcome. She knows she has to admit it to Jihyo one day.

SN: "Yeah. That's right. Ehehe."
JH: "Thanks, Sana. I feel a bit better now."

SN: "Great!"

They both went on their way to Jihyo's apartment in silence. In a few minutes, they arrived.

SN: "We're here, Jihyo! Your unit is 328."

JH: "Thanks for all the help, Sana."

SN: "You're welcome, Jihyo! See you soon!
As Sana turned back to walk and leave, she felt Jihyo's hand grab hers.

JH: "Wait, Sana."

This is all new to her, she knew Jihyo hasn't even done something like this. She was the one who always initiates on Jihyo, but now that it's her starting to do so, she couldn't handle it.
SN: "W-what is it, Jihyo?"

Sana is trembling, but it's not because of the cold. It was all because of Jihyo's actions. Sana knows she's madly in love with Jihyo, but she never expected things like this to happen. She realized she's not yet ready, but she doesn't know why.
Words are powerful. This moment could make or break her for a long time. What if she hears it now? What if she won't ever hear it from her? She might be not the Jihyo she knows, but she still sees her the same. Finally, Jihyo then said to her.

JH: "Please stay with me tonight.."
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It's already 1am, Sana is in Jihyo's room. She's nervous, but why? It isn't her first time there. But this would be her first time spending the night together with Jihyo. Just the two of them.

JH: "Thanks for agreeing, Sana. Sorry for asking so late."

SN: "It's okay! Hehe."
JH: "It's kind of selfish of me too. I'll return the favor next time."

SN: "Don't worry too much about it."

JH: "Thanks. Anyway, let's go to bed."

SN: "Yeah."

JH: "Come on."

SN: "Hmm?"

Jihyo was signaling to Sana to hop on the bed. Upon realizing it, she started to blush.
SN: "..I'll sleep beside you?"

JH: "Well, yeah. It's pretty spacious. Besides, I don't want you to not sleep on a bed this time. You've been sleeping uncomfortably the past few days, right?"

SN: "Ehehehe.. T-thanks, Jihyo!"

Sana hopped on the bed, nervous about the situation.
She's nervous because she never slept beside Jihyo, on the same bed. She's not even sure if she can look at her, if she can sleep, or even if she can control herself. The bedsheets were so soft, and Jihyo is so close to her that her scent is all that she can think of.
JH: "Are you comfy?"

SN: "Yes, it's really comfortable Jihyo."

It's been so long since Sana last laid on a bed. Plus, it's Jihyo's bed. She's in a state she wouldn't want to miss in her life right now.

JH: "Good to know. Let's rest now."

SN: "Yeah, it was tiring, but fun!"
JH: "Goodnight, Sana."

SN: "Goodnight!"

Jihyo turned off the lights and they both tucked themselves in. The two of them tried to sleep. Sana closed her eyes, but she knows she can't easily sleep in this kind of situation.
Sana tried to check on Jihyo. She noticed she was looking the other way. She could only see Jihyo's short hair and neck. It looked so beautiful she wanted to touch it. Still, she had to resist. One false move could ruin this moment for her. She just wanted to stare at her back.
After a few minutes has passed, Jihyo suddenly spoke.

JH: "..Sana?.. Are you still awake?"

SN: "..Yeah?"

JH: "Can I talk to you a bit?"

SN: "Sure."

JH: "Thanks. I was just thinking, how can I prepare myself to a life I don't know about? It's hard just thinking about it."
SN: "I'm sorry if you feel burdened about it. It's real tough but it won't be if we try to work on it slowly."

JH: "I guess."

SN: "..Do you want to go around tomorrow?"

JH: "Where?"

SN: "I'm not sure. Maybe around campus? I'll help you familiarize yourself around there."
JH: "That's a good idea. Is it okay?"

SN: "Sure. I don't have much to do. I'll just get changed at my place and we can do that."

JH: "Thanks a lot, Sana."

SN: "Don't worry about it."

Jihyo understands in herself, Sana is very important in her life. She'd be lost without her.
Sana too realized the extent of her responsibility for Jihyo. She shouldn't be thinking about starting a relationship with her right now. She needs to help her in adjusting with her current life.

SN: "Jihyo, please don't hesitate to ask anything. I'll help you with what I can."
Sana wanted to hug Jihyo, comfort her and make her feel more loved. She knows the new Jihyo fears the extent of what she needs to carry on.

SN: "..Jihyo, can I tell you also something?"

JH: "..Hmm?"

SN: "I understand how you feel, I had a lot of fears in facing a new life.."
SN: "I was really scared when I decided to go here.. But because of you, I'm happy I made that decision.. This time, It's my turn to help you.. I'm always here for you."

JH: "..."

SN: "..Jihyo?"

JH: "..Zzz.."

Upon hearing her sleeping, Sana smiled.

SN: "Goodnight, Jihyo.."
The next day, Sana woke up early. She decided to leave a note for Jihyo to check later since she'll leave early to unpack her things and get changed.

As she was heading to her apartment, she saw a familiar face going towards her.

SN: "Oh, good morning Momo!"

MM: "Sana-yah~"
SN: "Where are you going this early?"

MM: "To the gym. I want to work out a bit."

SN: "Oh, okay."

MM: "How's Jihyo?"

SN: "She's doing her best. I'll tour her around campus later so she'd feel comfortable once we start school tomorrow."

MM: "Oh, good idea. See you later!"
The two separated ways to do what they must for the day. After a minute or two after seeing each other, Momo realized something.

MM: "Ah! I think I'm forgetting something to tell Sa-tang.. Nevermind, I'll just tell her when I remember."

Sana finally arrived at her apartment.
It's been a long time since she came back to her place. It's been a rough week. So many things happened, and there's so many things to do. She started to freshen herself up for the day.

Jihyo also woke up just now. She realized that Sana left a note by her pillow and read it.
"My turn to leave a note! 😋 Hehehe did you sleep well? Don't worry I just went back to my apartment to freshen up! I'll go back there around 10am! ❤ See you!"

She remembered she did something similar not long ago. Jihyo then decided to get ready as well before Sana arrives.
It's only now she realized, it's her first time here in her 'other' self's room. She wants to look around for a bit.

She first looked at her closet. It looks neat. There's a good variety of clothing but didn't really have a specific style.

JH: "I wonder what I should wear.."
Next she looked at what looks like a study desk. There were several books, and some paperworks that looks school related. She also saw some photos posted there.

It was her friends. New ones she hasn't seen before. It feels strange as she can't really remember all these things.
Despite that, all she can understand is that they were all really close to each other. A feeling of happiness and sadness at the same time.

JH: "Am I supposed to fill in for their friend's role?"

She also wanted to know more about her past self. To also understand her position.
JH: "..I better get ready."

Jihyo started getting ready and entered the bathroom. As Jihyo was busy preparing, Sana was already done and is about to leave her apartment.

SN: "Alright! Time to head back. Jihyo must be awake already. I hope she's fine on her own right now."
Sana went down her apartment. She brought extra clothes because she thought she might stay with Jihyo for the meantime; not that she hopes to. As soon as she's down, she saw a familiar face that she didn't expect to be there.

SN: "Oh, you surprised me! What are you doing here?"
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She was right there, standing as if waiting for her to show up. Sana did not expect her to be alone as she has always been sticking with Jeongyeon since they became a couple for the past 2 weeks.

NY: "Hi, Sana. Do you have some time to talk?"

SN: "Umm, sure unnie."
Nayeon looked like she had a lot of things in mind. The only thing Sana could think of is this is related to Jihyo. Everyone did enjoy yesterday, but going back to reality, it's not just Jihyo who'll have difficulties. Everyone will one way or another. They sat at a nearby bench.
NY: "Sorry to suddenly barge in your plans today."

SN: "No, it's okay! I'm still pretty early. What do you want to talk about, unnie?"

NY: "..It's about Jihyo."

Sana expected Nayeon's answer.

NY: "I was just thinking, do you have any idea why Jihyo got into that accident?"
SN: "I don't really know. I only knew of her accident because the medics called me on her emergency contacts.."

NY: "I see. Do you know how Jihyo got her condition? Mina was it was possibly due to an emotional pain.. Any idea what she's been going through prior to the accident?"
SN: "Not really, but I did notice she wasn't her usual self. She did not really try talking to me."

NY: "..I miss her. It's just now I realize how important that girl is to us. I want to find a way to bring her back."

SN: "..."

NY: "Was she doing fine when we left last night?"
SN: "She had a lot of things in mind. She talked about not being sure how to go on. But I want to help her adjust again. She's still Jihyo and I don't want her to feel she's unwanted.."

NY: "I guess you're right, Sana. But for now, I'll try to learn how all of this happened."
SN: "What do you plan on doing, unnie?"

NY: "Maybe I'll ask the investigators of the accident. There might be some evidences in the car or something that's been recovered. I'll tell you whatever I find out."

SN: "Thanks, Nayeon-unnie."

Nayeon stood up.

NY: "Take care, Sana."
Nayeon already left. Sana was still sitting at the bench thinking what she wanted to do. Of course she wants to be with her best friend, but she also values this Jihyo the same way.

SN: (It's best I support her for now. I can't just leave her alone right?)

Sana went on her way.
In a few minutes, Sana arrived at Jihyo's apartment. She knocked on the door.

JH: "Is that you, Sana? Come in."

Sana entered and saw Jihyo who's still drying up her hair. She can still smell the scent of her shampoo which made her feel better.

SN: "Hi, Jihyo~ Did you miss me?"
JH: "Yeah, I guess. I'm used to seeing you right after I wake up."

SN: "Ehehe. By the way, are you hungry?"

JH: "Kind of. Let's have breakfast first. Oh! You promised to take me to a good noodle store!"

SN: "Yup! Once you're done, let's eat first before going on our tour~"
Elsewhere, at her parents' house was Jeongyeon. She's been texting Nayeon to know where she went.

JY: "That's weird. She usually responds to me immediately. I wonder where she is. Guess I'll try calling her."

She attempted a few calls, but they were still left unanswered.
JY: "Agh. Nevermind, she'll call me when she needs me. Guess I'll do some council work for the meantime. Better go to school. I won't be able to concentrate here."

She started packing up to head to campus. Chaeyoung was also on her way and hopes to be more productive today.
CY: (I hope there's no other distraction today. It was really fun yesterday but I have to speed up on our paperworks.)

Chaeyoung passed by outside the cafè and saw Mina there preparing. Mina saw her as well and waved at her with a smile. Chaeyoung smiled amd waved back to her.
She kind of wanted to spend time at the cafè, but resisted in doing so. She signalled to Mina she'll go to university to work. Mina smiled and waved goodbye to her. She went on her way to the student council room.

Meanwhile, Sana and Jihyo are on their way to a noodle shop.
SN: "We're here, Jihyo!"

JH: "A ramen house, huh? Looks good and is pretty close to school."

SN: "Yeah, let's go in! I'm starving."

Meanwhile, Nayeon was on her way to find out more about the accident.

NY: (Why am I doing this? Am I feeling guilty of everything happening?)
Nayeon is definitely concerned. Of course they are childhood friends, knowing each other for a long time. However, she feels that it's beyond that. She may have neglected Jihyo in favor of Jeongyeon. They've always been together, except when she fell in love with the latter.
NY: (This is.. the right thing to do, right? I really feel responsible for this. I should've really considered her as well.)

Finally, she noticed she hasn't looked at her phone for awhile. There were a few missed calls and text messages. They're all from Jeongyeon.
She read through them.

"Hey, where are you?"

"Are you okay?"

"You usually reply immediately. Did I do something?"

"I don't know what happened, but if you need me, I'll be at the student council for the meantime. Message me once you're available."

NY: "Jeongyeon is worried.."
Nayeon replied to Jeongyeon.

"Hey, sorry. I just wanted to do a few things by myself. I'm fine, don't worry. I'll message you again when I'm done."

NY: "..And sorry for the trouble."

She received a reply immediately.

"I'm not worried. Idiot."

NY: "..I take that back."
Back at the ramen house.

JH: "Wow. This is really good!"

SN: "Right? I'm glad you're enjoying!"

JH: "I'm really starting to like Japanese cuisine. Maybe we could travel to Japan during vacation?"

SN: "Oh, that sounds nice. Then all of us need to save up some money!"
JH: "Thanks for the recommendation, Sana. I'm stuffed."

SN: "Anytime, Jihyo! Shall we get going then?"

JH: "Yeah."

The two went on their way to go to the campus. Upon arriving, Jihyo herself was amazed of the prestigious looking school though everything was covered in snow.
JH: "Wow, I study here?"

SN: "Yup! It's a bit big, let me help you familiarize yourself around here then~"

Sana acted like a tour guide for Jihyo. She remembers the time she was the one being toured around by Jihyo. They went around the places in the order she was toured too.
SN: "Here's the cafeteria! The food here is pretty good."

JH: "Right."

SN: "This building over here is for the performing arts. The dance club is also here. Momo and I are part of it!"

JH: "Oh, so you're a dancer?"

SN: "Yeah, but not as good as Momo. She's the ace in school!"
JH: "That's interesting. I want to see you two dance someday."

SN: "Ehehe. Next time, okay?"

JH: "Sure."

SN: "We're also studying in the same building, so we could see each other time to time! Dahyun also studies here."

JH: "That's great."

SN: "Oh! let's go here next!"
JH: "Hmm?"

SN: "It was right h- Ah!"

JH: "Sana be careful!"

Sana lost her balance and almost slipped. Jihyo was able to catch her in her arms.

JH: "Are you okay?"

SN: "Umm, yeah."

Sana was very close to Jihyo. She stared at her eyes and her head was drawing closer to hers.
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Sana woke up from her daydreaming of Jihyo. Jihyo also noticed Sana's face was a little too close to hers as well. Before Jihyo could even react, Sana spoke.

SN: "..Your soft nose mole is so cute, Jihyo."

JH: "W-what? Hey! What do you mean by that?"

Sana bursted in laughter.
JH: "Geez. Don't scare me like that."

SN: "Thanks for saving me~"

JH: "So, what is this place you brought me to?"

SN: "This is a very special place for me."

JH: "Why is that?"

Sana was playing around the snow pile with her feet. Then looked straight at Jihyo with a smile.
SN: "This is where I met you, where you first talked to us, and when our school life began to be more fun."

JH: "Oh."

SN: "It was under this tree. Momo and I were having lunch. You suddenly talked to us and that was the first time we met."

JH: "..Can you tell me how it went?"
-start of past memory-

Jihyo was curiously observing the two Japanese transferees.

JH: "Alright. Today's the day I'll talk to them."

She moved forward, and the two immediately noticed her.

JH: "O-ohayo! Watashi wa.. Jihyo desu. Y-yo-yoroshiku!.. Ah, anata wa.. dare desu ka."
Sana and Momo were surprised to hear this Korean girl talk to them in Japanese.

SN&MM: "Ehh?"

JH: (Oh.. Did I say it correctly? Looking at them now, I guess they're surprised that I talked to them.)

Sana and Momo started whispering to each other. Jihyo hopes everything's okay.
Sana started to talk.

SN: "Konichiwa, Jihyo-san. Watashi wa Minatozaki Sana desu~ yoroshiku!"

JH: "..Okay, I'm kind of lost. Uhh.. Benkyo wa.. nani desu ka? Oh wait that sounds wrong."

After hearing that, Sana and Momo smiled. It's their first time talking to another student.
-end of past memory-

SN: "That's how it went~"

JH: "It's kinda embarassing just thinking about it.."

SN: "Not really. I'd say it was cool too!"

JH: "Really?"

SN: "Yeah. Come on. There's lots of places to still check!"

They went on their way to check out the other buildings.
Finally, their tour is coming to an end.

JH: "What's this last one?"

SN: "This is where you usually stay. It's the student center! The student council room is on the 3rd floor. Let's go in."

JH: "Hey, wait Sana!"

They both entered the building and headed to the 3rd floor.
Unlike the other places, there were some people there doing club activities. Sana particularly gets a lot of attention because of her appearance. However, a lot of the students there were very shocked seeing the council president's new hairstyle and became the talk of the town.
"Wow, is that the prez?"

"She looks so good"

"Oh my, I can't believe I'm fangirling right now."

"Maybe I should try short hair too."

Jihyo can hear some of the comments. She felt awkward as she's getting a lot of attention because of her status in school.
SN: "Over here, Jihyo."

They entered the elevator and went straight to the 3rd floor. They turned right, walked to the far corner and saw the room.

JH: "The lights are open?"

SN: "Maybe someone's inside."

Sana knocked, entered the room and found two of their friends there.
JY: "Oh, hi Sana!"

CY: "Unnie! That's a surprise. What brings you here?"

SN: "Hi~! I didn't expect you two to be here. I'm actually touring Jihyo around school."

JH: "Heya."

JY: "Oh, Jihyo! How are you?"

JH: "Pretty well. So, this is the council room?"

CY: "Yes, unnie."
JH: "It's pretty spacious. I guess I need to be familiar with some of these things you're doing."

SN: "Oh, would you like to stay here for a bit? We're pretty much done going around for now."

JH: "Yeah, I have to I guess. So, can you help me with these Chae?"

CY: "Yes!"
SN: "Do your best, Jihyo!"

JY: "Hey, Sana. Can you come with me for a bit?"

SN: "Oh, sure! I'll be back, Jihyo."

JH: "Sure."

Sana and Jeongyeon left the room.

SN: "Where are we going Jeongyeonie?"

JY: "Nowhere, really. Just wanted to talk."

SN: "Oh, okay. About Jihyo?"
JY: "Yeah, that's one. So, is she any trouble to you?"

SN: "Not really. She's really easy to get along with!"

JY: "That's great then."

SN: "What's the other one?"

JY: "About Nayeon, have you seen her?"

SN: "Yeah, I met her earlier today. She talked to me too about Jihyo."
JY: "I guess she's concerned about her as well."

SN: "You didn't know about that?"

JY: "No, she didn't really reply but did message me eventually and said she wanted to do something by herself."

SN: "Oh.."

JY: "Please don't tell her I asked, but do you know where she went?"
SN: (She must be really concerned.) "She did tell me she wants to learn more about the accident because there might be hints with what was in the car.."

JY: "I see. Thanks. Let's head back so the council in a bit."

Back at Nayeon, she has arrived at Bucheon police station.
NY: "Alright, let's see what I can find out."

She entered the station and talked to the officer by the reception. She explained about the situation hoping that she can be given a chance to know more about it. She also showed a written document of Jihyo's case from her doctor.
She planned out everything, she went to Jihyo's doctor ahead of time to make sure she can gain access to the recovered items.

P: "Thank you. We understand your concerns. Please wait at that room over there and we'll show you what we've retrieved."

NY: "Thank you so much!"
Things are going well so far. Nayeon entered the room and waited there. She's hoping that she'll be able to make everything clear, but she's also in fear of what she may find out.

The investigators arrived and they brought a written report of the incident and some bagged items.
NY: "So, it happened around 10:15pm.. We didn't really see her that day. The car crashed not due to a problem with it but really on the driver's side. An estimated speed of 70km/hr based on collision. She doesn't drive that fast.. and it's a new place so she really wouldn't."
Nayeon is definitely convinced that what Mina said is true, it's as if it wasn't her.

She then looked closer at the bagged items. First one was some council papers. The next one was the car registration.

NY: "These don't seem that important.."

She then looked at the others.
The next one was her school coat.

NY: "Doesn't look like there's anything in the pockets."

The following bag was a notebook.

NY: "Is this for her studies? There are some notes.. She also composed a song at the back page.. is this important? I better take a picture.."
She took a photo of the composition just in case she learns something.

NY: "Alright. Two bags left."

The next one was a movie ticket.

NY: "Hmm? A romance movie? Did she go alone or with someone? This is at the cinema in Seoul.."

She then turned her attention to the last one.
It was a red clutch bag.

NY: "This is hers? I've never seen this bag before.."

She opened it, but her hand slipped. She dropped the bag and most of the contents scattered on the floor. Upon seeing the mess, Nayeon was in shock.

NY: "W-wait.. Why..? Why does she have these..?"
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Back at the university.

JY: "How's everything for you, Jihyo?"

JH: "Not bad. I thought it'll be some hard work but it's mostly reading some proposals and giving approvals?"

JY: "Yeah, for now. The school festival will happen soon. That's when we'll be really busy."
CY: "But Jihyo-unnie is really amazing. She got everything quickly so we finished up all pending papers."

SN: "Wow, that's great Jihyo!"

JH: "Umm, thanks."

JY: "That's really great. We can relax a bit. It's almost time for dinner, want to grab something to eat?"

SN: "Yeah!"
JH: "Where though?"

SN: "Where else? At Tzuyu's cafè~"

JY: "Alright. Let's clean this place up and head there in a bit."

CY: "Okay!"

JY: (Nayeon didn't get back to me. Better send her a message I guess.)

"I'm done with council stuff. I'll be at the cafè if you need me."
They packed up their belongings and went on their way.

Back at Bucheon police station.

P: "Miss, is everything okay?"

NY: "A-ah, y-yes.. Sorry officer.. I dropped it."

Nayeon put everything back in the bag. She's still in shock of what she saw and didn't want it to be true.
P: "Miss, our superior said you can bring the items with you now. We'll just need to keep the report."

NY: "I-is that so? Okay.. I'll bring them with me. Thank you for all your hard work."

The officer gave her a big bag to bring everything. Nayeon went on her way to the exit.
Upon exiting, she headed on her way to the bus stop. However, she saw a familiar face she didn't expect.

NY: "W-wha.. What are you doing here?"

At the cafè, Jihyo, Sana, Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung just arrived. Mina saw them and greeted everyone.

MN: "Good evening, everyone."
SN: "Hi, Minari~"

CY: "Hi, unnie."

MN: "What would you like?"

JY: "Same old."

MN: "Oh, Nayeonie isn't with you today?"

JY: "Yeah, she's busy I think."

MN: "I see."

SN: "What would you like, Jihyo?"

JH: "Hmm, some coffee I guess. Wanna share a plate of pasta?"

SN: "Okay~"
CY: "I'll have some iced tea and a calzone, unnie."

MN: "Sure, I'll bring them to you later."

JY: "Take it easy, Mina."

MN: "I'm okay, unnie. Thanks."

They all went at the corner and sat down.

CY: "It's school again tomorrow. Will you be okay, unnie?"

JH: "I don't know."
SN: "Don't worry! I know you can do it!"

JH: "Thanks, maybe I'll try reading some books when I get home."

JY: "Sounds good. But don't overwork yourself and take your time."

JH: "Would be tough without you guys though, I appreciate all the help."

CY: "You're welcome!"
After a few minutes, their food arrived.

MN: "Sorry to keep you waiting. Here you go."

CY: "Thanks, unnie!"

SN: "Wow, it looks good Minari~"

MN: "Thanks."

JH: "Is this my coffee?"

MN: "Yes, Jihyo-unnie."

Jihyo took a sip and became silent.

JH: "It tastes nostalgic.."
SN: "Jihyo?"

JH: "It feels like I've had this blend before.."

MN: "Is it? I made it the way you liked it before."

SN: (..Does this mean..?)

JH: "I see. It tastes great! Thanks, Mina."

Mina smiled.

MN: "I'll get back to work for now."

JY: "Thanks. Talk to you later, Mina."
Back at Bucheon, Nayeon is still in shock of everything happening one after another. First, the clutch bag's contents, which is still affecting her now; this time, seeing one of the least people she'd expect to go there. She thought it would be Jeongyeon, but it was their maknae.
NY: "T-Tzuyu? What brings you here?"

TY: "Unnie, did you go to the police station?"

NY: "Ah, yeah. I wanted to know more about what happened."

TY: "Is it okay if you tell me more about it too?"

NY: "Umm, sure. I plan on going to the place she crashed. Let's go there first."
Back at the cafè.

CY: "Ah! That was great! I'm full now."

SN: "That wasn't much Chae. Are you on a diet?"

CY: "Ah, no. It was just satisfying."

JY: (I wonder how Nayeon is doing.. Did she find out anything?)

JH: "Thanks for the meal."

Jihyo stood up.

JY: "Are you leaving?"
JH: "Yeah, I was thinking of reading some books for class."

JY: "Oh, alright."

SN: "I'll come with you, Jihyo."

JH: "Thanks, Sana."

CY: "I'll be going now too, I still need to finish up some plates for class."

JY: "Take care you guys."

The three left, and Jeongyeon stayed.
Mina also said her goodbyes to the three.

MN: "You're not leaving yet, unnie?"

JY: "I'm kind of worried about Nayeon."

MN: "It's unusual for you two to be separated from each other."

JY: "Care to chat for a bit?"

MN: "Sure. I'll just finish my shift in about 30 minutes."
Meanwhile, not far from the cafè.

CY: "I'll be heading this side, Sana-unnie, Jihyo-unnie. Thanks for today!"

JH: "Thanks! You've been a great help Chae."

SN: "Take care!"

Chaeyoung went on her way.

SN: "Shall we head home then?"

JH: "Home? Are you staying with me again?"
SN: "A-ah! I mean w-we live in the same direction right? Ahahaha.."

JH: "Oh.. So you'll just drop me off then.."

SN: "U-umm, do you want me to stay with you?"

JH: "Well, if it's a bother for y-"

SN: "OF COURSE NOT! I actually got some clothes earlier to stay with you longer!"
JH: "..Oh, really? Umm, thanks Sana. You're really thoughtful."

SN: "Y-yeah! Ehehe.." (Whew!)

JH: "Let's get going."

SN: "Yes!"

Back at Bucheon. Nayeon and Tzuyu arrived at the accident area. Everything was cleaned up already.

NY: "I guess it was a bit useless to go here.."
TY: "That's okay, unnie. Can I also know now what you've discovered so far?"

NY: "Yeah."

Nayeon shared everything she remembers in the report to Tzuyu.

TY: "That's really terrible."

NY: "They also recovered a few items from the car."

TY: "Really? Like what?"
NY: "Some school papers, her coat, a notebook. She did compose a song behind it but I'm not sure if it's important. Oh, there's a used movie ticket too."

TY: "Oh, maybe we can check out the song later. The ticket might be of help though. Is there anything else, unnie?"
Nayeon remembered the clutch bag. However, she hesitated in talking about it to Tzuyu, as she wants to know more about why Jihyo had it before anyone else.

NY: "A-ah.. I guess that would be it."

TY: "Oh, okay."

NY: "Anyway, why are you here? I didn't expect to see you."
Tzuyu paused for a bit, then told Nayeon.

TY: "..I want the real Jihyo-unnie to comeback."

NY: "I understand.. It's real tough without her."

However, Nayeon wasn't completely convinced.

NY: (She could've told us she had plans to go here.. But I guess I'm just as guilty.)
NY: "Let's head back for now. It's getting late.."

TY: "Yes."

Sana and Jihyo are on their way home.

SN: (Jihyo said the taste of Mina's coffee was nostalgic.. Does that mean anything? Does it have a connection on how she can return?)

JH: "Hey, Sana."

SN: "..."

JH: "Sana?"
SN: "..."

Jihyo suddenly moved in front of Sana and faced her.

SN: "Ah! Jihyo?"

JH: "Are you okay?"

SN: "Yes, sorry."

JH: "You must be tired. Let's hurry home."

SN: (Jihyo.. There might be a connection. I won't rush it.. The right time will come..)

SN: "Let's go~"
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Sana and Jihyo both arrived at the latter's apartment.

SN: "We're finally back!"

JH: "Yeah. It's been a long day."

SN: "Did you enjoy yourself today?"

JH: "Yeah. It's really going to be challenging, but thanks to you guys I think I can manage."

SN: "That's great to know!"
Sana looked at the cupboard, and remembered again about the coffee. She tried to ask Jihyo.

SN: "Say Jihyo.. Do you-"

Upon looking at Jihyo, Sana noticed she was getting undressed.


Sana 'tried' to look away and 'covered' her face.
JH: "Hmm? I want to change into something more comfortable. It's been a tiring day."


JH: "Oh, why? We're both girls here. It's okay. Go get changed too."

Sana couldn't handle it. She never saw Jihyo do something like that.
Despite always being the one being all clingy to Jihyo before, seeing this other side of hers is something Sana doesn't expect. She doesn't hate it though.

SN: "U-umm, tell me when you're done!"

JH: "It's alright now. I'm done."

SN: "Ah-I'll g-go get changed then!"
Sana took her change of clothes and hurrily entered the bathroom.

JH: "Err, don't take too long." (..Sana is kind of shy I guess?)

Sana was blushing so hard. Her heartbeat is jumping like crazy. All she could think of was Jihyo.

SN: (Aahh! Control yourself! Minatozaki Sana!)
In a few minutes, Sana went out of the bathroom.

JH: "I must've surprised you. Sorry. I'll avoid that next time."

SN: "Ah. No no! IT'S OKAY!"

JH: "..If you say so. Anyway, I'll try reading these books for a bit. Get some rest."

SN: "Ehehe. Then I'll just lay in bed for now."
Sana relaxed at Jihyo's bed while Jihyo was reading through some school books.

Meanwhile at the cafè. Mina was done with her shift.

MN: "Sorry to keep you waiting, unnie."

JY: "Ah, no it's okay. Is Tzuyu there?"

MN: "She left earlier today. I haven't seen her return so far."
JY: "Oh, anyway there's something I want to ask you, Mina."

MN: "Yes?"

JY: "Earlier you gave Jihyo her usual coffee, right?"

MN: "Yes."

JY: "You saw her reaction, didn't you? Does that.. mean anything?"

MN: "I'm not so sure too, but it's possible she's still inside herself."
JY: "What do you think of the new Jihyo? Are you fine with her?"

MN: "Umm, she's fine. I'm glad she isn't completely different as her real self."

JY: "..I actually heard from Sana that Nayeon went to Bucheon today to learn more of the accident."

MN: "Eh? What did she find?"
JY: "I don't know yet. She went there on her own without telling any of us.. She only said it to Sana when they talked in the morning. I mean, if Nayeon's really concerned, she could've told us so we could all work on it together."

MN: "That's true.. I hope she found something."
JY: "I'm kind of worried about that idiot too.."

MN: "You care for her a lot, unnie."

JY: "W-what? N-no! I'm just.. You know.. concerned?"

MN: "Are you getting shy? But aren't you a couple?"

JY: "Ah. Forget it!"

Mina giggled.

JY: "Anyway, how about you then?"

MN: "Eh? Me?"
JY: "Any love interest or something?"

MN: "Umm, why are we talking about that?"

JY: "Nothing.. Just curious."

MN: ".. I can't say so myself."

JY: "Why?"

MN: "I don't know.. Maybe it's hopeless, or just not a good thing right now. I'm happy the way things are. Don't worry."
JY: "That's okay. I'm not forcing you."

MN: "Thanks, unnie."

JY: "There's another thing I'm curious about."

MN: "Hmm?"

JY: "Why are you working part-time? I know you're from an affluent family, so it's not really about money.."

MN: "Oh.."

JY: "So, is there something else?"
After recalling why, Mina smiled.

MN: "It was Jihyo-unnie."

JY: "Hmm? How?"

-start of past memory-

About 1 year ago. Mina was sitting at a bench close to the Science building. She was just sitting there while looking at her phone not doing anything. Jihyo approached her.
JH: "Hi there! Do you mind if I sit here?"

MN: "..Sure."

JH: "Thanks! By the way, are you a foreigner? Japanese maybe?"

MN: "Yes."

JH: "Wow. You're beautiful. A few months ago, I also met some Japanese transferees at school. I'm learning nihongo from one of them!"

MN: "Oh."
JH: "Wow, you can understand Korean very well too. Amazing!"

MN: "..Thank you."

JH: "By the way, my name is Park Jihyo. It's nice talking with you, miss..?"

MN: "..Myoui Mina."

JH: "That's a nice name! We're friends starting today, okay?"

MN: "..Friends? But we just met.."
JH: "Yeah, but I can tell you are a very nice person."

MN: "But I don't really talk to people.."

JH: "I'd like to hang out with you sometimes. I usually see you just sitting right here or that bench over there during your free time. I'd like to know you more!"

MN: "..Okay."
JH: "Great! Oh, I have to go now. My class will start in about 10 minutes. See you tomorrow, Mina!"

MN: "..See you."

After Jihyo left, Mina had a simple smile on her face. It was her first time to talk to someone there in Korea who wanted to be friends with her. She was happy.
Jihyo met up with Mina for the next few days at the same place whenever their schedule is free. Mina started talking more and is finally able to smile when talking with Jihyo.

JH: "Ah! I knew it!"

MN: "Eh?"

JH: "You have a very nice smile! You should do that more."
MN: "Umm, thanks unnie."

JH: "I'm really glad to know someone like you. We share similar interests! You should try to talk with others too."

MN: "Eh? But I'm not good at it.."

JH: "Well, you're able to talk with me now right?"

MN: "But you were the first one to approach me.."
JH: "Oh, right. You shouldn't really force yourself. Hmm, ah! I have an idea. The cafè in front of school is hiring part-time. Why not do that?"

MN: "Working part-time?"

JH: "Yeah. You'd get to talk with people more so you'd be less anxious. It won't be long conversations too."
MN: "I guess I can try.."

JH: "Yeah! I like going there too. Tell me if you'll do it, and I'll be your first customer! I'll also bring my other friends there. I'd like you to meet them all too!"

Mina smiled again.

MN: "Thanks, unnie. I might give it a try."

JH: "Great!"
-end of past memory-

MN: "And here I am now."

JY: "Wow, I didn't know that."

MN: "That's why I owe a lot to Jihyo-unnie too. I wouldn't be able to overcome my fears, and wouldn't have met you all."

JY: "I guess so.. I miss her."

At Bucheon, inside a bus was Nayeon and Tzuyu.
NY: "Are you okay, Tzuyu?"

TY: "Yes, unnie."

NY: (Oh, I better text Jeongyeon.)

Nayeon brought out her phone and saw her message.

NY: (She's at the cafè? Better reply to her.)

"Hey, I'm done with stuff. Are you still in the cafè? Let me know so I know where I'll be headi-"
The bus suddenly stopped awkwardly due to the slippery road. Nayeon lost her balance and dropped her bag. Some of the items she had scattered on the floor.

NY: "Ah!"

Nayeon picked them up and Tzuyu helped out.

TY: "Unnie, what's this?"

Nayeon saw Tzuyu holding the clutch bag.
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Nayeon's eyes widened upon seeing that Tzuyu was holding what she was trying to hide awhile ago.

NY: "Ah, t-thats mine!"

TY: "..Inside the bag of Jihyo-unnie's stuff?"

NY: "Y-yeah!"

TY: "..You're lying unnie."

NY: "No, I'm not."

TY: "You don't like red."

NY: "I do now!"
TY: "What other red things do you have right now?"

NY: "..Okay fine! I give up. That is Jihyo's. It was also inside her car."

TY: "Why didn't you tell me?"

NY: "..."

TY: "What's inside th-"


Nayeon forcefully snatched the bag away from Tzuyu's hands.
TY: "You're hiding something.."

NY: "Please.. Not here.. Not now.."

As Nayeon pleaded, tears started to fall in her eyes. Tzuyu was shocked to see her cry.

TY: "Unnie.. I don't want to be the bad person here. But if this is something that harms Jihyo-unnie.."

NY: "It won't.."
TY: "..Okay. I trust you unnie, but you have to trust me as well."

NY: "..I'll show it to you at the right time.. But for now, I don't want people to know about this."

TY: "Alright. I'll keep it a secret."

Tzuyu knows that Nayeon is deeply affected based on her actions.
NY: "Thank you, Tzuyu.."

The two of them were silent for the rest of the journey. Nayeon was feeling emotional on what was happening. Tzuyu was thinking as to what Nayeon may be hiding.

Back at Jihyo's place, she's still reading a few books. She noticed Sana was quiet.
She looked behind her to check on Sana and found out that she's already sleeping. Jihyo decided to take a break from reading. She sat at Sana's bed corner and observed the girl sleeping on her bed. She stared at her for a few minutes and noticed how innocent she looks. And then.
SN: "..Ji..Hyo.."

JH: (Sleep talking?)

SN: "Ji..Hyo.."

JH: (I wonder what she's dreaming about?)

SN: "N-no.. don't.."

JH: (Huh?)

SN: "Don't.. leave me.."

JH: (Sana..)

Jihyo realized that Sana still misses the other her. She's there, but she can't replace that person.
JH: (Maybe I also need to find that person inside me.. They all miss their friend. I need to know more about her. But if I try to bring back my other self.. what will happen to me?)

Sana felt that someone was watching her and woke up.

SN: "...? Jihyo..? Sorry, I fell asleep."
JH: "No, Sana. It's okay."

SN: "Is everything okay?"

JH: "Yeah, I'm just taking a break from reading."

SN: "Don't push yourself. You're still the same. Very hardworking."

JH: "Really?"

SN: "Yeah. You might be a bit different, but you retained a lot of good things about you."
JH: "..Please tell me more about the other me next time."

SN: "..Sure, Jihyo. I love talking about you."

JH: "Thanks, go to sleep now. I'll join you later."

SN: "Goodnight, Jihyo."

JH: "Goodnight."

Sana slept and Jihyo continued studying. This time, with a smile on her face.
It's already late, but Tzuyu and Nayeon finally arrived at the cafè. Jeongyeon was relieved to see Nayeon. She immediately hugged her upon seeing her again.

JY: "Thank goodness you're okay! Don't worry me like that."

NY: "..Sorry."

MN: (..She apologized to Jeongyeon-unnie?)
JY: "I didn't know you were with her Tzuyu."

TY: "We just met each other on the road, unnie."

JY: "Well, everything's good then. Shall we go home now? We still have school tomorrow."

NY: "Yeah, let's go."

MN: "We'll be leaving now, Tzuyu."

TY: "Thank you for your hard work."
The three left and Tzuyu went up her room, still thinking what made Nayeon react like that.

Outside the cafè.

MN: "I'll go ahead this way unnies."

JY: "Take care, Mina. Thanks for keeping me company."

Mina left the two.

JY: "So, let's go?"

They both headed their way home.
The two were in silence for a few minutes. It was deafening. Jeongyeon knows what Nayeon did, and Nayeon didn't know how to start the conversation. Jeongyeon finally spoke.

JY: "So.. where did you go today?"

NY: "..."

JY: "Well, it's okay if you don't wanna tell me about it."
NY: "..."

JY: "Just remember if you need to talk about anything, I'm always here okay?"

After a few more minutes of silence.

NY: "I went to Bucheon today.."

JY: (She's telling it to me?) "..Oh, what did you do there?"

NY: "I went there to find out more about what happened.."
JY: "You could've told me about it. You don't need to go alone."

NY: "..I didn't want to trouble you. You had lots of things to do."

JY: "Idiot. You made me worry."

NY: "Sorry."

JY: "So.. found out anything?"

NY: "Yeah. But can I talk about it with you tomorrow? I'm tired.."
JY: "Sure. We're here now. Get some rest, okay?"

NY: "Thanks.."

Jeongyeon left her.

NY: "..and sorry, Jeongyeon.."

Nayeon wanted to say more, but didn't know how to say it, not after discovering what's inside the bag as Jeongyeon's the other person who needs to know about it.
The following day, at Jihyo's place, Sana's already up. She's fixing herself up as they will start classes again. Upon checking the time, Sana decided to wake Jihyo up.

SN: *poke*poke*

JH: "..Mmm?"

SN: "Wake up, Jihyo~ it's already morning~"

JH: "..Is it?"

SN: "Come on~"
JH: "..Just five.. more minutes.."

SN: "No, you'll be late!"

Sana snatched Jihyo's blanket.

JH: "Agh.. Fine. What time is it?"

SN: "About an hour and a half before your first class."

JH: "Alright."

SN: "Go take a shower. I'll fix up something for breakfast~"

JH: "Thanks."
Elsewhere, Momo was already up and checked Sana's apartment if she's there. She knocked but there's no response.

MM: "She didn't go home? She must be staying with Jihyo. Guess I'll go ahead."

On her way, she saw a few kids also heading their way to school.

MM: "Oh, how cute!"
She noticed one of the kids was holding an accordion.

MM: "Oh.. AAAHH! I REMEMBER NOW! It's Dubu's recital! I have to tell Sa-tang!"

Momo hurrily went to Jihyo's apartment to tell Sana about it.

Back at Jihyo's place, she's done getting ready.

JH: "..Ramyeon for breakfast?"
SN: "Ehehe, sorry~ I'll learn how to cook soon!"

JH: "Err, no it's okay. I don't know how to cook too."

Both of them are eating their meal for the day. In a few minutes, they heard footsteps running to them.


SN: "Eh? Momo?"

Sana opened the door and saw Momo.
SN: "What are you doing here? Why are you in a rush?"

MM: "I remembered! Dubu's recital is starting soon! She invited us because our classes start later, right?"

SN: "Ah! I forgot! But was it necessary for you to run here? You could've called me."

MM: "..Oh yeah. Oh hi Jihyo!"
JH: "Uhh hi."

SN: "What time will it start?"

MM: "In 15 minutes."

SN: "WHAT!? LET'S HURRY! Jihyo, sorry but I'll go ahead for now. You know the way to school right? Message me if you have any questions, okay? Bye!"

Sana brought her school bag and left with Momo.

JH: "Wai-.."
JH: "What a way to start the day."

Jihyo readied herself, finished her meal, locked the door and went on her way too.

In 30 minutes, Jihyo reached her university.

JH: "Alright, let's do this."

Upon entering the gates, she heard a man's voice call her.

???: "Ms. Park Jihyo?"
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Jihyo was surprised to hear a man's voice as all the friends that the other her she knows of are girls. She turned around to see who called to her.

JH: (Oh God. Just right at the time Sana isn't with me. Let's see.. a man in his late 40s? He called me Ms. Park Jihyo.) "Uhh, hi."
???: "Hi? Are you sure sure you're okay to be up already?"

JH: (Agh, wrong greeting. Let's see.. he's wearing smart casual, a professor maybe? Oh, he has a nametag.. Park Jin Young? My dad? No, Sana said he's overseas. He's probably a professor..) "Umm, sorry sir."

She bowed.
JYP: "I heard you got released from the hospital 2 days ago. If you're still not fully recovered, why not take a rest first?"

JH: "I'm okay, sir."

JYP: "Okay, do come to my office later at 2pm to join the meeting. I'll expect you there."

JYP went ahead.

JH: (..Who was that?)
Still puzzled on what's going on, Jihyo hurried to her first class.

JH: (Guess I better ask the others about that guy.)

Elsewhere, Sana, Momo and Chaeyoung were watching Dahyun's recital.

CY: "Dahyunie's amazing.."

SN: "That's true, I'm glad we are able to see her perform."
The performance ended with a huge round of applause.

Afterwards, the three went backstage to congratulate Dahyun.

MM: "Dubu! Good job there!"

CY: "You did really great!"

SN: "We were there watching you. Did you see us?"

DH: "Everyone, thanks! I'm glad you all made it."
Sana elbowed Momo.

MM: "Hehe, sure! Let's celebrate later!"

CY: "Yeah!"

DH: "Thanks! I'll see you guys later. We'll get our evaluations in a bit."

CY: "Okay, I'll hurry to my class now."

MM: "You need help with those canvases, Chae? I'll carry them. I still have an hour."
CY: "Thanks, unnie."

SN: "Take care! I'll go check on Jihyo, she's probably at her classroom right now."

They all separated ways. Sana went to the third floor of the building to check on Jihyo. She took a peek in her classroom and saw her there sitting by the window listening.
SN: "Looks like everything is fine. Let's see, her class ends in 20 minutes.. I guess I can wait a bit for her."

After 20 minutes, Jihyo's first period ended. The professor left the room and Sana called to her.

SN: "Jihyoo~"

JH: "Oh, Sana!"

Jihyo stepped out of the classroom.
SN: "How was first period?"

JH: "Dodged the bullet, I guess? The prof. knows I've been out for a week so I guess he won't call on me."

SN: "Ohh, great!"

JH: "Although.."

SN: "Hmm?"

JH: "A lot of people are trying to talk to me. I feel kind of awkward talking to them myself."
SN: "Well, you did cut your hair and you look amazing! You were also out for a week so people would ask about you. Plus, Jihyo is very sociable! She naturally attracts people around her."

JH: "Uhh, right.. This is tougher than I expected. Any advice though on what I can do?"
SN: "Hmm, just remember that everyone looks up to you, but you're still a very down to earth person. She has strong leadership and is friendly to everybody. She's also very selfless and always puts others first before her. She's very hardworking and always gives her everything."
JH: "..Is she for real?"

SN: "Eh?"

JH: "She sounds too perfect!"

SN: "But everything about that is true!"

JH: *grumble* "Any weaknesses though?"

SN: "Hmm.. Oh, Jihyo is scared of a lot of things like bugs. She's allergic to pineapple, can't eat raw food, and a cries a lot!"
JH: "Hmm, okay."

SN: "She's also ambidextrous, likes to sing a lot, very protective of others, has a habit of pulling the side of her upper lip when thinking, likes smoothies and chicken, but hates brocolli. She also likes surfing the internet like Mina, and has the best aegyo!"
JH: "..Sana?"

SN: "Yes?"

JH: "You seem to know an awful lot about her."

Upon realizing that she might have been exposed, Sana started to blush.

SN: "A-a-ahahaha!"

JH: "You seem to be.."

SN: (Ah! Did I blow it?)

JH: "..really close friends with her."

SN: "..Y-yeah!" (Whew)
JH: "I'll try to remember all these things. Thanks, Sana!"

SN: "Sure!"

JH: "Ah, I almost forgot. Earlier I met this guy named Park Jin Young. Who is he?"

SN: "Oh, he's the college Dean."

JH: "I see."

SN: "Why?"

JH: "He said I should go to his office for a meeting at 2pm."
SN: "A meeting? About what?"

JH: "I don't know too. That's why I'm asking."

SN: "Hmm, maybe something council related. Try to ask the others about it."

JH: "Alright. Got it. Thanks."

SN: "I'll head to my classroom now, Jihyo. I'll see you around 4pm~"

JH: "Thank you, Sana."
Sana left to go to her class.

JH: "Alright! Let's do this again."

Things are tough for Jihyo right now, but that conversation with Sana boosted her morale.

Elsewhere near the Science building, Mina just finished her 3rd class for the day. She headed to the park to have lunch.
When she arrived at her usual spot, she saw a familiar face waiting for her.

NY: "Hi, Mina."

MN: "Oh, Nayeonie. What brings you here?"

NY: "I'm about to go to my class but I have a favor to ask you."

MN: "Favor?"

NY: "Do you still need to use your diagnose book thing today?"
MN: "Oh, this one?"

NY: "Yeah! That."

MN: "I'm done with it for today."

NY: "..Can I borrow it?"

MN: "Sure. Here you go."

NY: "Thanks! I'll give it back to you at the cafè tonight. See you!"

MN: "Take care, unnie."

Nayeon left immediately without looking back at Mina.
MN: (Nayeonie.. I guess she's suffering a lot with what happened. Way more than most of us. What did she find at Bucheon?)

Mina started having her meal.

It's already 1pm, Jihyo's classes are finished for the day.

JH: (Whew, good thing the lesson wasn't as tough as I expected.)
She looked at the time to check what she can do next.

JH: (Hmm.. I should have lunch now. I'll buy something at the cafeteria and head to the SSC room. Jeongyeon might be there.)

Jihyo bought a sandwich and went straight to the SSC room.

JH: (Great, someone's inside.)
Jihyo knocked and entered the room. There she saw Nayeon and Jeongyeon.

JY: "Oh hey, Jihyo! Good timing."

JH: "Hi guys, do you mind if I have lunch here?"

JY: "Of course not. Right, Nayeon?"

NY: "Y-yeah."

JY: "She's not even part of the council and she's having lunch here."
NY: "Umm, I just remembered something I have to do. I'll see you two later!"

JY: "Wait, what? Hey!"

Nayeon left the room.

JH: "Must be important for her to suddenly leave."

JY: "Yeah." (Did she just leave because of Jihyo? I really need to know what she found out..)
Just outside the student center.

NY: (I can't.. I can't face her right now.. Just when I gathered up my courage to tell Jeongyeon about it, why did she show up?)

Back at the SSC room.

JH: "By the way, Jeongyeon. The dean asked me to join a meeting with him at 2pm today."
JY: "Dean? You mean JYP?"

JH: "Yeah, any idea what it's about?"

JY: "Yeah, it's for the coming festival. Try to read about these. Our proposal should be good for him."

JH: "Can't you do it instead?"

JY: "Well, he called to you personally so.."

JH: "Geez. I have no choice.."
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Jihyo began reading through the proposal and Jeongyeon assisted her.

Back at Sana and Momo, their professor left early so they have some free time.

SN: *sigh*

Momo sat closer to Sana.

MM: "Heey, Sa-tang. What's wrong?"

SN: "Oh, it's nothing. I'm just worried about Jihyo."
MM: "Hoooo.. You worry like a girlfriend."

SN: "M-Momo!"

MM: "Hahaha. You're blushing again. You're still in love with Jihyo-ssi."

SN: "Don't tease me!"

MM: "Why not confess to her now?"

SN: "N-now's not a good time!"

MM: "But isn't now a perfect time to do so?"

SN: "Eh?"
MM: "Jihyo depends on you a lot. I'm sure she knows how important you are to her right now. If you confess to her, who knows? You might become a couple!"

SN: "B-but-"

MM: "You don't like this dark Jihyo?"

SN: "D-don't call her that! Besides, she's still Jihyo and I like her.."
MM: "Who do you like more? The soft Jihyo or this darker Jihyo?"

SN: "I.. she's still the same! Why do I need to answer that?"

MM: "I'm just saying, what if you need to make a choice? If one can't stay, who do you choose?"

SN: ".. I don't want to think about it like that.."
MM: "That's boring, Sa-tang. But that's still up to you. I'll support your decision! Better hurry though.."

SN: "..Eh?"

MM: "Someone might go after Jihyo first."

SN: "..?"

MM: "Kidding! I'll grab something to eat first. What do you want?"

SN: "Ah, no I'm okay.."

MM: "Okay."
Momo left Sana to get some food. Sana was left thinking about it deeply.

SN: (I know Momo was joking around.. But what she said can be true as well.. Although, can it really work out? But if she rejects me, that will hurt her a lot more.. And who else might go after Jihyo then?)
At the library, Nayeon began reading Mina's book about Jihyo's condition.

NY: (Let's see, DID.. page 243, here.)

Nayeon read through the section for DID.

NY: (Damn, this is really hard to understand. And Mina is studying this? I can barely understand it! I need an easier one.)
Nayeon asked the librarian about a book that might be able to help her. Luckily, there is one.

L: "2nd floor, section 5, third shelf on the topmost row."

NY: "Thank you.."

She went to the right section, but upon turning on the corner there, she saw the girl suspicious of her.
NY: (Tzuyu!?)

Nayeon immediately hid herself before she got noticed.

NY: (What is she doing here? Is she trying to check the same thing as I am?)

Nayeon tried to peek on the book Tzuyu was holding, and it was the exact book mentioned to her.

NY: (Why did she have to be here?)
Nayeon decided to sit at the table and hold on a book as if she's reading it, but secretly spy on Tzuyu if she's done and will be leaving.

NY: (Tzuyu is likely checking out the same thing as I am.. Is she that concerned about Jihyo too? I didn't know they were that close..)
After about 3 minutes of waiting, she noticed Tzuyu was leaving.

NY: (Ah! Great, time to check it out too.)

Nayeon went to check out the book she's looking for.

NY: (It's too high. Where's the library ladder.. here. Let's see..)

She noticed that the book wasn't there anymore.
NY: (Why isn't it here? Wait.. Did Tzuyu end up borrowing it?)

Nayeon went to the librarian to confirm it.

L: "Ah yes. A tall beautiful lady borrowed the book just now."

NY: "I see. Thank you." (Sigh, what do I do now? Should I talk to Tzuyu? But she might ask about the bag..)
Nayeon needed to make a decision to get things done.

NY: (..I better go to class for now.)

Back at the SSC room.

JY: "..and that should be it."

JH: "Hmm, okay. It'a just a matter of making the presentation itself then."

JY: "Yeah. It's about time. Do your best."

JH: "Okay."
Jihyo went on her way to the Dean's office for the meeting. On her way there, she crossed paths with Dahyun.

DH: "Oh, hi unnie!"

JH: "Hey, Dahyun. I heard you had your recital today. How was it?"

DH: "It was great! I qualified for the inter-collegiate competition too!"
JH: "Wow, congratulations!"

DH: "Thanks, unnie! Good luck on yours too!"

JH: "Mine? Huh?"

DH: "Oh, your recital. It will be after the festival!"

JH: "..By that you mean.. I'll sing?"

DH: "Yeah."

JH: "..I'm screwed."

DH: "Don't worry, unnie. We'll help you practice!"
JH: "I don't even know if I can sing. I'm crying just thinking about it. But still, thanks for helping me out in the future."

DH: "Sure!"

JH: "I'll get going now. I still have a meeting to attend."

DH: "Take care, unnie!"

Jihyo hurried to the Dean's office for the meeting.
JH: "Made it on time. Let's do this."

Jihyo entered the office and joined the meeting with the Dean along with other reps from colleges in campus. It took a little over an hour. Luckily, the program was approved.

JH: (Whew. Now I can catch some breath.)

JYP: "Ms. Park Jihyo."
JH: (Oh no, what is it now?) "Yes, sir?"

JYP: "You seem a bit awkward today. Try not to push yourself. You need to be 100% for the school festival."

JH: "Yes, sir. I'm sorry."

JYP: "There will be guests from other schools too next week. Do your best to keep things organized."
JH: "I understand."

Jihyo left the Dean's office.

JH: "Glad that's over. Better tell Jeongyeon the good news."

Jihyo texted Jeongyeon.

"Hey, we got the approval."

She got a reply quickly.

"Great! I'll wait for you here. Let's pack up."

Jihyo hurried back to the SSC room.
JY: "Congrats, Jihyo. You made it out alive today."

JH: "..That was tiring."

JY: "Yeah, but you did well! Let's head to the cafè. The others might be there. It's my treat for today!"

JH: "Alright." (Better tell Sana.)

She texted Sana.

"Sana, I'm done. I'll be at the cafè."
JY: (I'll tell Nayeon about it too. I hope she comes.)

"Where'd you go? We're done with stuff and now going to the cafè. See you there."

They both went on their way to the cafè. Dahyun, Mina, and Chaeyoung were there already.

CY: "Hi, unnie. How did the proposal today go?"
JH: "All good, Chae. We got it approved."

JY: "Yeah, Jihyo worked hard for it."

CY: "That's great! Let's celebrate that and also Dahyunie's successful recital!"

DH: "Alright!"

JH: "Oh hi, Mina. Can I have the same coffee as before?"

MN: "Sure, let me prepare that for you."
Meanwhile, Sana and Momo just finished class.

SN: "Ahh. It's finally over!"

MM: "Don't tell me you'll skip practice today."

SN: "Ehh? B-but Jihyo-"

MM: "Yeah, it's okay. She needs you right now. Go now you lovebird~"

SN: "Aaahh! Stop that Momo!"

MM: "You're smiling though."
Sana checked her phone.

SN: (Alright. Time to head to the cafè.)

Sana went on her way to the cafè. However, she noticed someone familiar at the park's edge.

SN: (..Is that Tzuyu? What's she doing there?)

Sana looked closer to confirm, and she noticed that she wasn't alone.
SN: (Oh, she's with Nayeonie?)

Sana sneaked in closer as she got curious of what's happening. She overheard them talking.

TY: "Is this true? Are you serious unnie?"

NY: "Yes.."

TY: "I don't believe you."

NY: "It's true! I'm the likely reason for Jihyo's condition right now!"
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-About 15 minutes ago-

Nayeon finished her classes and finally made up her mind.

NY: (That's it. I'll have to confront Tzuyu about this. It's bound to happen sooner or later.)

Nayeon brought out her phone and sent a message to her.

"Hey, Tzuyu. Do you have some time today?"
Tzuyu replied.

"I'm free right now, unnie. Why?"

Nayeon responded.

"Can you meet me in about 10 minutes at the campus park near the field? I have some things to tell you.."

In a bit, Tzuyu messaged back.


NY: "Alright. No turning back now. This is still for Jihyo."
Nayeon went there already. Luckily, there weren't any people there. Soon after, Tzuyu showed up.

NY: "Hi, Tzuyu. How are you today?"

TY: "I'm fine, unnie. But why did you want to talk to me?"

NY: "..I'd like to talk about something to you, but I also want to know something."
TY: "Okay, you start first unnie."

NY: "Alright. As you know, this is going to be about Jihyo.. I want to do what I can to bring her back and I'm trying to find ways to do so. I actually saw you at the library earlier."

TY: "What? Then.."

NY: "Yes. I saw you borrow a book."
TY: "..."

NY: "Why did you want to know more about her condition? You could've told us."

TY: "What about you unnie?"

NY: "Huh?"

TY: "I'm just the same as you, right?"

NY: "I-"

TY: "Why didn't you tell us you were going to Bucheon on your own? You're just as guilty as I am."
NY: "You don't understand, Tzuyu. I'm more guilty than anyone else!"

TY: "..What do you mean?"

NY: "It's all my fault.."

TY: "Is this true? Are you serious unnie?"

NY: "Yes.."

TY: "I don't believe you."

NY: "It's true! I'm the likely reason for Jihyo's condition right now!"
??: "Ah!"

The voice startled Tzuyu and Nayeon.

TY: "Is someone there?"

Sana hid behind a big tree.

SN: (W-why am I hiding? And did I hear Nayeonie right? She said she caused Jihyo's DID?)

NY: "..Must be a bird or something."

TY: "..Unnie, you need to explain this to me."
NY: "I know.. but first, I want to know also from you.."

TY: "Hmm?"

NY: "Why are you so eager to bring Jihyo back to her old self as well? I mean, I have my reasons, but I don't understand yours."

TY: "I can tell it to you unnie, but only if.."

NY: "..The bag. Am I right?"
TY: "Yes."

SN: (Bag? What are they talking about?)

NY: "Alright.. In two days."

TY: "Huh?"

NY: "I want Jeongyeon to know about it too. Give me until Wednesday, and I'll show you what's inside."

TY: "You better keep your promise, unnie."

NY: "Yes, I promise."

SN: "..."
TY: "Okay. I'll see you later unnie. You go ahead to the cafè. I still have things to do for today."

NY: "Alright. See you later."

Nayeon left and Tzuyu walked the opposite way.

SN: (.. I don't understand and I don't want to understand..)

TY: "Please forgive me, unnie.."
SN: (Eh? What did she just-)

Tzuyu left.

SN: (..I'm so confused now. Jihyo, what should I do?)

Sana was at a loss, not knowing what to do.

Nayeon arrived at the cafè.

JY: "Hey, Nayeon! Took you long enough."

NY: "Sorry. Had some unfinished business."

JH: "Are you okay?"
Nayeon tried to smile while replying to Jihyo.

NY: "Yeah. I'm alright."

JH: "Good to know."

NY: "Where are the others?"

DH: "Momoring was going to practice today. Tzuyu has a project to finish. Sana-unnie was supposed to be here now, but I don't know where she is."
NY: "Oh, okay. Wait, I'll get something first."

Nayeon went to the counter and sneakily handed Mina her book.

NY: *whisper* "Here you go. Thanks."

MN: "You're welcome unnie. Was it helpful?"

NY: "It was a bit difficult for me."

MN: "Please don't hesitate to ask me anything."
NY: "Thanks. I'll just have a caffè macchiato."

MN: "Alright, I'll serve it in a bit."

NY: "Thanks."

Nayeon went back to the group.

DH: "Jihyo-unnie, can you tell us more about how your day went?"

CY: "Yeah, I'm curious too."

JH: "Sure. I actually went on my own today.."
Jihyo shared to everyone how she spent her day. Nayeon was just quiet, while carefully observing Jihyo. Whenever Jihyo looks at her while talking, she smiles back.

NY: (I want to be happy, but I need the real you to return..)

Meanwhile, Sana has almost arrived at the cafè.
SN: (..I don't know where to start. There are a lot of things happening right now, and I don't have a clue about it.)

Sana was taking her time walking.

SN: (..Why is Nayeonie responsible for it? Why was she talking to Tzuyu? What was that about a bag? Why did Tzuyu say that..?)
Sana eventually arrived at the cafè. Upon arriving, Jihyo called out to her.

JH: "Sana! You're finally here!"

SN: "Hi, everyone."

JH: "Are you alright? You don't seem to be bouncy as usual."

SN: "Ah, yes! I'm okay! Don't worry ehehe~"

JH: "You sure?"

SN: "Yup."
CY: "Please sit here with us unnie, Jihyo-unnie's telling us about her day."

SN: "Sure!"

Sana joined their table.

SN: (Nayeonie's here.. No, I shouldn't overthink. Jihyo needs all the support from me. The last thing I want her to worry about is to worry about me as well.)
The group continued to enjoy Jihyo's narration. Dahyun also shared to everyone whay happened with her recital and Chaeyoung shared her recording of the performance. Tzuyu eventually arrived at the cafè.

TY: "Sorry I'm late."

JY: "Don't worry! We get busy sometimes."
NY: "..It's getting late. Do you guys mind if I go on ahead? I still need to finish something for class."

TY: "..."

DH: "No problem, unnie."

JY: "Alright. I'll take you home."

NY: "Thanks."

JH: "Hmm, I think I'll need to go as well. I still need to catch up on the lessons."
CY: "Take care, unnie."

SN: "I'll go along with Jihyo. Don't stay out for too long girls~"

DH: "Thanks, Sana-unnie. Take care as well."

The four of them left and went opposite ways.

At Sana and Jihyo's side.

SN: "How do you feel about today, Jihyo?"

JH: "Pretty good."
SN: "That's great!"

JH: "It's a bit tough, but I'm having fun."

SN: "That's all that matters then.."

JH: "Huh?"

SN: "Nothing~ come on."

JH: "By the way, what will you guys do for the festival?"

SN: "Oh, we'll have a dance performance. I'm paired with Momo."

JH: "Really?"
SN: "Yeah!"

JH: "Err, why aren't you practicing?"

SN: "A-ahaha! Umm, b-because I'm worried about you.."

Sana blushed.

JH: "What? You need to practice! I don't want to be a burden."

SN: "B-but-"

JH: "I can manage. Don't worry. Or how about this? I'll watch your rehearsals!"
SN: "R-really?"

JH: "Yeah. I'll go there to watch you so you don't worry. I can also message you anytime if I need help."

SN: "O-okay!"

JH: "Great!"

Back at Nayeon and Jeongyeon.

JY: "So, what did you need to do?"

NY: "..Nothing."

JY: "What? So why did you want to leave?"
NY: "It's about yesterday."

JY: "Oh, is this about what you discovered at Bucheon?"

NY: "Yeah."

Both were quiet until they reached Nayeon's place.

JY: "Okay we're here. Just tell it to me when you're ready, okay?"

NY: "Jeongyeon?"

JY: "Hmm?"

NY: "Can you stay over tonight?
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JY: "W-what? W-wait a sec. This is to sudden. C-can I at least go home and get a change of clothes for tomorrow?"

NY: "Alright.. I'll wait for you here."

JY: "T-thanks."

Jeongyeon hurried to her home to get all the things she needed for tomorrow.

JY: (..What is she thinking?)
In a few minutes, she made her way back to Nayeon's place.

JY: "S-so, I better say hi to your parents again."

NY: "They're both in the countryside, I'm alone right now."

JY: "O-oh! I see."

NY: "Let's go to my room."

They both entered her room.

NY: "Wait here, I'll be back."
Nayeon left Jeongyeon inside her room.

JY: (Come to think of it, it's my first time here..)

Her eyes wondered in so many areas around Nayeon's room.

JY: (It's my first time here.. I guess her room is pretty much showing her personality. She has always been true to herself.)
After two minutes of waiting, Nayeon entered the room again.

JY: "H-hey! I hope you can understand that I don't really have any experience with s-s-stuff. This will be my first and I'm glad it will be with you."

NY: "..What are you talking about?"

JY: "Huh? O-oh! Nothing.."
NY: "Okay, as you know, the reason I wanted you to stay over is due to these things I found at Bucheon."

JY: "R-right."

NY: "So here are the first ones. I don't think they have much importance."

JY: "Just some SSC papers and her coat. Hmm, yeah I guess."

NY: "These however.."
JY: "A movie ticket?"

NY: "Yeah, from the cinema close to school."

JY: "Moonchild's Sunlight? This is the new romance movie.."

NY: "Yeah.. Any idea of its relation to Jihyo?"

JY: "Hmm, no. But I did notice one thing.."

NY: "Huh?"

JY: "This was the last show on that day."
NY: "You're right.. So.."

JY: "Jihyo was there right before heading to Bucheon."

NY: "That's a good lead for us.. This is the next item."

JY: "Her notebook?"

NY: "Try to check the back."

JY: "What? A song? I don't recognize the lyrics."

NY: "I think Jihyo wrote that one."
JY: "Have you read through the lyrics?"

NY: "Not yet. Shall we have a look?"

After a few minutes of analyzing the song.

JY: "So.. it's a sentimental song. It was about moving on from love that never even began."

NY: "..."

JY: "The lyrics are really sad and emotional.."
NY: "..Yeah."

JY: "So, does this mean this emotional pain she had is love-related?"

NY: "That's right."

JY: "Why are you sure?"

NY: "Jeongyeon.."

Nayeon faced Jeongyeon directly with her head down.

NY: "It was me.."

JY: "What?"

NY: "The person she's in love with was me!"
JY: "W-why? How?"

NY: "I'm the one being narrated in the song.."

JY: "B-but it could be just a coincidence! It could be someone else, or maybe just an imagination! You don't have any proof that you're responsible!"

NY: "I do, Jeongyeon.. I found something that proves this.."
Nayeon brought out the one that really haunted her, the red clutch bag.

JY: "What's this? Is this Jihyo's?

NY: "Yes.. It was also inside Jihyo's car. Look inside.."

Jeongyeon opened the bag, and it had what looked like photos. She brought them out and was caught off guard.
Jeongyeon's hands started trembling.

JY: "W-what is this? All solo shots of you?"

NY: "As you know, Jihyo loves taking photos, right? I haven't noticed it, but she never uploaded any of the photos she has here.."

JY: "B-but is this enough to say she was in love with you?"
NY: "Why else would she have these? Ever since we became a couple, I began to drag you around and not really have her part of it.. I.. I left her out.."

Nayeon started losing her voice and began tearing up.

JY: "..I didn't even notice her showing affection towards you."
NY: "Same.. And what's worse is that I actually talk to her to get advice on what she I could do to take my relationship with you to the next level.. I was a fool.. Her smile never faded to show support on my feelings.."

JY: ".. Why is she so selfless.."

Both were in silence.
NY: ".. I took her for granted, Jeongyeon.. If I knew, I wouldn't have talked to her about it.."

JY: "It's not your fault.."

Jeongyeon started tearing up.

NY: "Then why? Why did she leave us? Yes, she's alive but she's hiding now!"

JY: "I want to apologize to her too.."
They both started crying, knowing it was them who broke their childhood friend to the point of hiding at the back of a different persona.

After some time, Jeongyeon noticed a few more things inside the bag.

JY: "W-wait, there's more inside?"

NY: "..W-what? What's in there?"
Jeongyeon brought out what looks like an envelope.

NY: "I didn't see this.. I thought it was all pictures.."

JY: "..Open it."

Nayeon picked up all her courage to open it.

NY: "..A map?"

JY: "What's this place? It's pointing under this thing.."

NY: "I.. I know this place!"
Nayeon rushed to go out of her house.

JY: "H-hey! Wait for me!"

Jeongyeon followed Nayeon, who ran like she never loses stamina easily. They eventually reached a playground.

JY: "This place..?"

NY: "I was right.."

JY: "This is where we used to hang out in middle school.."
NY: "The map is pointing right at the bottom of the slide.."

JY: "D-did we bury something here?"

NY: "..I think we did."

The two dug through the snow and dirt until they saw a box.

NY: "..Is this.."

JY: "A time capsule? Open after 10 years.."

NY: "..Let's open it."
Jeongyeon opened the box. There they saw a note.

"Friendship goals! We'll open these in the future together"

NY: "I think I remember this.. We did this as a promise that we'll never be apart.."

JY: "There are three letters here.. This one is mine.."

Jeongyeon opened it.
My Goals:
1. Study at the same school
2. Travel together to Jeju
3. Learn how to cook
4. Protect Jihyo at all times
5. Always be at Nayeon's side

JY: "This brings back memories.."

NY: "I can't believe we forgot about this.. Jihyo didn't.."

JY: "I guess number four is a no.."
NY: "The next one is mine.."

Nayeon opened the letter.

My Goals:
1. Be true to myself
2. Go drinking until sunrise
3. Travel to LA
4. Don't make Jihyo cry
5. Confess to Jeongyeon

NY: "..."

JY: "I guess you did number five.."

NY: "But probably not number four.. I'm sorry.."
JY: "So, this is Jihyo's.."

NY: "She remembers these.. I'm nervous."

Nayeon opened the letter.

My Goals:
1. Compose a song
2. Expand our circle of friends
3. Always put my friends first
4. Be more supportive to Jeongyeon
5. Be an ideal person to Nayeon

JY: "..."

NY: "..."
Both were silent for a long time. Tears started falling, and the cold wind is making it even more painful.

NY: "..Jeongyeon, l want her to return.."

JY: "..Me too."

NY: "I always told her what kind of person I like.. But I failed to see it from her.. She always did her best.."
JY: "Nayeon.."

NY: "She was always a very sweet and loving person.. I realize this now.. I'm a fool.."

JY: "I want her to return.. to protect her.."

NY: "I'm sorry.. but I think I decided too soon.."

JY: "..Huh? What do you mean..?"

NY: "Yoo Jeongyeon..

..Let's break up.."
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At Jihyo's apartment. She is currently studying her notes while Sana is on her phone.

JH: "Hey, Sana. Dahyun said to me earlier, I have a recital after the festival. What was that about?"

SN: "Oh, yeah!"

JH: "I don't think I can do it.."

SN: "We'll help you out~ don't worry!"
JH: "How do I begin then? Is it supposed to be an original?"

SN: "Hmm, oh! I remember you told me before that you're composing a song!"

JH: "..I did?"

SN: "I mean your past self."

JH: "..That got me confused."

SN: "I did see you were writing it at the back of your notebook."
JH: "Let's see."

Jihyo checked out all her notebooks, but did not have anything there.

SN: "That's strange? Pretty sure you were writing it at the back. Are you missing a notebook?"

JH: "Hmm, oh yeah. I think I'm missing one earlier today in one of my classes."

SN: "I see."
Sana could only think of one possibility.

SN: (It's likely to be inside her car. Did Nayeonie retrieve it?)

JH: "I wonder what we should do.."

SN: "No worries, I'll help you out tomorrow! For now you focus on your studies~"

JH: "Hmm, I don't know your plans but I trust you."
On the next day. Sana's classes start early so she told Jihyo she'll go ahead. Jihyo on the other hand, continued to study as she'll start in the afternoon.

It's already 11am and Sana is on her lunch break. She decided to visit Nayeon.

SN: "Momoring~"

MM: "Yo, Sa-tang."
SN: "Do you know Nayeonie's schedule and room today?"

MM: "Did you ask Jeongyeon?"

SN: "Umm, she didn't reply."

MM: "Aah. Sorry I don't know too."

SN: "That's okay. Thanks!"

Sana left her classroom. She went to the Communication Arts building to check on Nayeon's schedule.
SN: (Ah, here it is. It's her last class now? I could wait for her.)

Sana went to Nayeon's classroom and waited for her dismissal. As the bell rang, she waited for her to go outside, but she did not show up.

SN: (Eh? She did not go to school?.. Is it because of yesterday?)
Meanwhile, Jihyo already arrived at school.

JH: (It's a bit gloomy to start a day without Sana. At least tomorrow we start at the same time.) "Hmm?"

Sana was calling Jihyo.

JH: "Hello?"

SN: "Hi, Jihyo. Are you at school already?"

JH: "Yeah, I'm on my way to our building."
SN: "Oh, good!"

JH: "Anything wrong?"

SN: "Umm, nothing but like I promised, I'll be practicing with Momo after our class until 4pm, drop by when you're free~"

JH: "Sure! I'm looking forward to it."

SN: "Thanks! See you~"

Sana dropped the call, and Jihyo felt happier.
JH: "Hearing her voice really makes me feel better.."

Meanwhile at Sana's side.

SN: *sigh* (Yesterday's still bothering me, but hearing Jihyo's voice makes me feel better. I better visit Nayeonie and ask her about the notebook.)

Meanwhile at the SSC room, Chaeyoung arrived.
CY: "Huh? Jeongyeon-unnie's not here? She said yesterday we'll discuss about the floor plan around this time.."

Chaeyoung tried calling Jeongyeon but there's no response.

CY: "Is she absent? Come to think of it, this never happened before.."

After a few minutes, Sana arrived.
CY: "Oh, Sana-unnie! What brings you here?"

SN: "Hi, Chaengie! You're alone today?"

CY: "Jeongyeon-unnie was supposed to be here today, but I think she's absent. She's also not responding to my calls."

SN: "Eh? She never missed a day at school before.."

CY: "That's true.."
SN: (They were both together yesterday.. Did something happen?) "Umm, if she shows up, let me know too okay? I'll tell you as well if I find her."

CY: "Okay, see you unnie."

Sana left to go to her next class.

It's now 2:30pm, and Sana finished her classes.

SN: "Ah! Finally!"
MM: "Skipping practice again?"

SN: "Nope! I'm joining today~"

MM: "Hooo~ what happened? You got into a fight with Jihyo-ssi?"

SN: "Of course not~ but she'll be watching us today!"

MM: "Ohh, now she's the protective girlfriend?"

SN: "Eh? N-no!"

Sana blushed.

MM: "Hahaha."
They went to practice for their performance.

After an hour, Jihyo was finished with school as well.

JH: (Alright! Time to go to Sana.)

Jihyo doesn't realize it, but the only reason she's enjoying all of what she does is because of the girl who has been very supportive of her.
And now it's time to support that girl as well. She went down to the ground floor and entered the dance club.

SN: "Ah, Jihyo!"

Due to a subconscious reaction, Sana rushed in to Jihyo and hugged her.

JH: "S-Sana!?"

Sana realized what she did and backed off.

SN: "Ah! S-sorry!"
Momo can see that Sana was obviously blushing. However, upon looking at Jihyo, she was surprisingly blushing as well.

MM: "Hoooo~"

SN: "U-umm, thanks for dropping by! I'll do my best!"

JH: "Y-yeah, I'll just sit here."

MM: "Okay. Jihyo-ssi, please give some comments later."
Jihyo began watching the two dancers perform an interpretative dance. Momo, was obviously an ace with her smooth, yet very powerful moves. However, Jihyo doesn't realize that her eyes are just fixated on Sana. She loved watching her. She can't help notice how beautiful she is.
They finished their first dry run.

SN: "So, how was it?"

JH: "..Ah y-yeah! It was amazing. I think you'd do well on the performance!"

MM: "Do you notice anything we need to polish?"

JH: "Hmm. Umm, maybe I need to watch you guys again?"

MM: "Okaaay~"

They did a second run.
Jihyo tried to concentrate on the performance itself. However, she gets distracted with observing Sana. Shd hasn't really observed her in detail before. She noticed her side profile, the way she uses her eyes, her lips, and how she sways her hands to captivate the audience.
JH: (..She's really attractive.. Huh? W-what am I thinking!?)

Sana and Momo finished their second run.

SN: "Whew, was it good Jihyo?"

JH: "Y-yeah, you guys are really amazing."

MM: "What can we do to make it better?"

JH: "Umm, I think Momo's moves are really good now."
SN: "What about me?"

JH: "M-maybe you need to practice daily Sana."

SN: "Whaaat?"

MM: "I told you you should come more often, but you always-"

SN: "Aahh! MOMO!"

JH: (Honestly, Sana was amazing.. I just want to see her perform more.. Is that wrong?)

MM: "Thanks Jihyo-ssi!"
JH: "Yeah, sure. I'll drop by again tomorrow."

MM: "That's it for now. Let's rest and chill at the cafè!"

JH: "Sounds great."

SN: "Umm, can you two go on ahead?"

MM: "Eh? Why?"

JH: "What's wrong Sana?"

SN: "Ehehe, I also have some things to do today. Sorry, Jihyo."
JH: "Is everything okay?"

SN: "Yeah! Don't worry. I'll go to your place once I'm done. If I finish early I'll go to the cafè."

JH: "Okay. Message or call me then."

SN: "Thanks! See you."

JH: "Shall we go then, Momo?"

MM: "Yeah! I'm hungry."

Momo and Jihyo left.
Sana really wanted to go with Jihyo and hang out. However, she knows that she feels uneasy because of everything that is happening. She decided to also learn of what's going on with their friends' absences, and what she heard yesterday.

SN: (I need to speak with Nayeon-unnie..)
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Momo and Jihyo are heading their way to the cafè.

MM: "Say, Jihyoo~"

JH: "Hmm?"

MM: "What do you think of Sana?"

JH: "H-huh!? Why ask me that?"

MM: "Nothing~ I'm just curious."

JH: "Uhh, w-well she's a very sweet and caring person."

MM: "..That's it?"

JH: "Uhh, yeah?"
MM: "You're not being honest, Jihyo-ssi."

JH: "B-but that's the truth!"

MM: "Isn't there mooore?"

JH: "W-what are you implying?"

MM: "Come on, Jihyo-ssi. You can trust me. We're both close to Sana but we don't hang out much."

JH: "I don't know what you're talking about!"
MM: "You do. You're just not saying it."

JH: "..."

MM: "Well?"

JH: "..Can I at least know something first?"

MM: "What?"

JH: "..How was our relationship before?"

MM: "You mean before you became dark Jihyo?"

JH: "Err, yeah right.."

MM: "..Girlfriends."

JH: "WHAT!?"
MM: "Hahaha! I'm joking! Calm down, Jihyo-ssi."

JH: "Agh! I shouldn't have asked you."

MM: "Hahaha!"

JH: (But jokes aside, it felt weird when Momo said that.. Was I..?)

MM: "But to be fair to you, back then the two of you were actually very close to each other."

JH: "..?"
MM: "Ever since you met us, she always liked talking about you and became really happy."

JH: "I see.."

MM: "So be careful Jihyo-ssi and don't hurt her feelings."

JH: "What do you mean?"

MM: "Nothing~ you just be yourself and everything will happen naturally."

JH: "..Thanks."
MM: "Sooo, I answered your question. What about mine?"

JH: "..."

MM: "You can trust me."

JH: "..I'm not sure about my past self, but based on how it is right now, she's really special to me."

MM: "Hooo~"

JH: "I mean, like I get gloomy when she's not around and I miss her."
MM: "So you like her."

JH: "W-w-what's wrong with liking someone? I like her. I like you. I like all of you!"

MM: "I don't mean you like her. I meant you like 'LIKE' her."

JH: "What makes you say that?"

MM: "Well, you were this kind of cool girl crush since you came.."
JH: "Yeah?"

MM: "But look at you now, you got nervous when I asked you about her."

JH: "..."

MM: "It's okay Jihyo-ssi, Sana likes you a lot."

JH: "W-what? You mean.."

MM: "I'm not saying anything~ you find it out yourself."

JH: "But.. isn't it my other self that she likes?"
MM: "Don't make excuses. The other you or you, you're still you. And you only live once. Just be true to yourself. That's what I believe in too."

JH: "..Thanks.. I may have misjudged you, Momo. I thought you were pretty simple-minded, but you say the most surprising things."
MM: "Eh? What do you mean by that!?"

JH: "Hahaha. Nothing, come on! I'll treat you for today."

MM: ".. I don't know why, but yay! Can we go eat Samgyeopsal instead?"

JH: "What? No! Just at the cafè!"

They eventually arrived at the cafè.

MM: "We're hereee! Mi-tang!"
MN: "Oh, hi Momoring, Jihyo-unnie."

JH: "Hi, Mina. You're working hard today."

Mina smiled.

MN: "It's not really work, unnie. It's more like a hobby now."

JH: "That sounds great."

MM: "Jihyo-ssi, can I pick ANYTHING?"

JH: "Err, just a single meal."

MM: "Okay~"
MN: "You two seem closer today."

MM: "Ah, thats because-"

JH: "Momo!"

MM: "I'm kidding."

MN: "Glad you're both enjoying yourselves."

They both ordered their meal, and sat at their usual spot.

Meanwhile at the library.

TY: "Here you go, miss."

L: "Thank you young lady."
Tzuyu went out of the library. Upon going outside, she saw a girl with radiant blonde hair on her way somewhere with a serious look on her face.

TY: (..Sana-unnie? Where is she going?)

Tzuyu tailed her for a bit just to check where she's headed.

TY: (..Huh? Not at the cafè?)
Sana turned at an unusual direction.

TY: (..That's not where her apartment is.. Where is she headed?)

Before she could try tailing her, someone caught her behind by surprise.

DH: "Tzuyu-ya!"

TY: "Huh!?"

DH: "What are you doing here? It's like you're stalking someone."
TY: "..Nothing, unnie. I'm on my way to the cafè. How about you?"

DH: "Great! I'm done for the day too. Let's go together."

TY: (Sana-unnie..) "Yeah, let's go."

The two arrived at the cafè.

MM: "Ah, Tzuyu-ya! Tofu!"

DH: "Hi, unnie. How are you?"

JH: "Good to see you guys."
TY: "..Hi, unnie. How have you been?"

JH: "Pretty good, actually. I feel more comfortable as the days go by."

TY: "I see.. That's good to hear."

DH: "Wait, I'll order something too."

MM: "Dubuuu, can you order me another pasta?"

They spent the rest of their time chatting.
After some time, Sana got lost.

SN: "Ah! Why am I so bad with directions?"

She ended up in a playground.

SN: (Oh, I should try messaging Nayeonie too.)

"Nayeonie~ Are you at home ? I'm on my way there but I got lost 😭. Can you give me directions? 💜I'm at an old playground."
SN: (Okay, better wait. I'll rest here for a bit.)

Sana sat down at the swing while observing her surroundings.

SN: (This place looks familiar.. a slide, three swings, a large tree in the middle.. a broken see-saw.. Huh? Is this the playground that Jihyo told me about?)
She walked around while observing the whole place, thinking about how the younger Jihyo used to play there.

SN: (I wish I could have met Jihyo earlier. She must have been so cute.)

Sana noticed something strange under the slide.

SN: (Eh? It looks like someone dug here..)
Sana looked at what looks like an excavated field.

SN: (It didn't seem too long ago, the ground feels soft. Huh? There's a note here..)

"Friendship goals! We'll open these in the future together."

SN: (..Was this inside a time-capsule? Didn't know Koreans do this too.)
Someone suddenly called out to her.

NY: "Sana?"

SN: "Oh, Nayeonie!"

Sana went towards her.

NY: "What's wrong?"

SN: "I should be asking you that! You didn't go to school today. Are you okay?"

NY: "..I just needed a break from school."

SN: "Ohh, how about Jeongyeon-unnie?"
NY: "..Huh?"

SN: "She didn't go to school today too. She never missed school before. Did something happen to her?"

NY: "Umm, Sana can we talk at my place? It's kinda cold today.."

SN: "Oh, okay. Sorry I got lost ehehe." (She dodged my question.. Did something happen?)
They were both very quiet during their stroll to Nayeon's home, yet were really thinking about the other.

NY: (Why did Sana suddenly want to visit me?)

SN: (Nayeonie's very quiet. It's not like her.. Did something happen between her and Jeongyeonie?)

They eventually arrived.
NY: "Let's go to my room."

Theu entered Nayeon's room and sat down.

NY: "So, what's brings you here, Sana?"

SN: "Oh, umm you said to me before that you'll find out more about Jihyo's accident right?"

NY: "Oh yeah.. I did."

SN: "I was wondering if you found Jihyo's notebook?"
NY: "..Notebook?"

SN: "Yeah."

NY: "..This one?"

SN: "Yes! Can I get it? Jihyo needs it for school."

NY: "Here."

SN: "Thanks! Umm did you find anything else?"

NY: "..Sana.."

SN: "Eh?"

NY: "..The things that I'm about to tell you are very important for Jihyo to return.."
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SN: "..What are you saying unnie?"

NY: "I've found out the reason for Jihyo's condition.."

SN: "Wow! You did that? So what happened?"

NY: "Forgive me, Sana.."

SN: "Eh?"

NY: "I really didn't know.. but it was me."

SN: "W-what are you talking about unnie? I don't understand."
NY: "Let's start with the notebook.."

SN: "Eh? Why this notebook?"

NY: "Do you know what's on the back page?"

SN: "Umm, there's supposed to be a song here."

NY: "..You're right. Have you read through the lyrics?"

SN: "Umm, no. Jihyo was hiding this from me before."
NY: "..Try reading it now."

SN: "..I.. I don't want to.."

NY: "Why not?"

SN: "Well, this is Jihyo's work and she kept it a secret from me.. It would be bad for me to just check it."

NY: "..Sana, you're really..*sigh* nevermind."

SN: "Unnie, please.. you're scaring me.."
NY: "Sana.. Do you or do you not want Jihyo to return to us?"

SN: "I do but.. she's still Jihyo.."

NY: "..Anyway, this is the real reason why Jihyo disappeared from us.."

Nayeon handed to Sana a red clutch bag.

SN: (..Is this.. the one they were talking about yesterday?)
NY: "Open it.."

Sana's hands were trembling as she opened the bag. She saw photos and brought them out.

SN: "..Unnie, why are these your photos?"

NY: "They were taken by Jihyo.."

SN: "..Eh?"

NY: "She took these photos of me, but never uploaded them.."

SN: "What do you m-"
NY: "Jihyo is in love with me.."

SN: "..W-why do you say that..?"

NY: "There's no other reason she'd keep these photos.."

SN: "..No.."

NY: "It's true, Sana.. I want to deny it too, but I've been an idiot who ignored everything that she actually did for me.."

SN: "..No.."
NY: "She kept it.. she kept her feelings hidden for 10 years! Here's proof!"

Nayeon showed to Sana Jihyo's bucket list. Tears started to fall from Sana's eyes upon reading Jihyo's goal for Nayeon.

NY: "I said to her I like people who can lead, she became the SSC president.."
NY: "I said I want to have more friends, we're already nine.. I said I want beautiful pictures of me, she became good at photography.. yet, the only one I looked at was Jeongyeon.."

SN: "..Where's Jeongyeon-unnie?.. What happened to her?.."

NY: ".. I'm sorry.. we broke up.."
SN: "W-why!?"

NY: "I felt.. that I have decided too early to choose to be with her.."

SN: "..."

NY: "I should have given more attention to Jihyo.. That's why.. maybe if I confess to her.. Jihyo might.."

SN: "..H-how can you be so sure.."

NY: "...?"

Sana is trembling.
SN: "How can you be sure that confessing to her.. might bring her back?"

NY: "I've read about it.."

SN: "..Eh?"

NY: "I borrowed Mina's book.. and I read there about a 'switch'.."

SN: "..Switch?"

NY: "It means Jihyo's real personality may come out.. if conditions are met.."
SN: "..H-how?"

NY: "..If there could be a 'variable' that would either make the present personality go away, or make her real self return.. a 'switch' could happen."

SN: "..So her present self.. would disappear?"

NY: "I'm not sure.. it's up to Jihyo.. when she returns.."
SN: "..I don't like it.."

NY: "..We have no choice.."

SN: "..You think that confessing to her.. will bring her back?.."

NY: "Yes.. that's why.. I broke up with Jeongyeon.. if she learns about this.. it could also make her 'switch'.."

SN: "..Unnie.. do you even love her?.."
NY: "..That's what I didn't realize.. I was too blind because of me crushing on Jeongyeon.. I know now that I love Jihyo more.."


Sana couldn't control herself anymore. She slapped her dear friend that Jihyo was in love with. A long silence filled in the tense atmosphere.
NY: "..."

Sana's tears started falling harder.

SN: "..I wasn't talking about Jihyo.. I was talking about Jeongyeon-unnie!"

NY: "..."

SN: "Do you think she's fine with it!? You said that you felt you decided too early to be with her.. but isn't it the other way around!?"
NY: "..Sana?"

SN: "You decided to suddenly break up with unnie.. HAVE YOU EVEN THOUGHT OF HOW SHE FELT!?"

NY: "..I.."

SN: "You're just being selfish unnie.."

NY: "..I..I'm not.. I'm thinking about Jihyo.."

SN: "..Unnie.. I don't know why Jihyo fell in love with you.."
NY: "..You don't understand. Jeongyeon also cares for Jihyo.. and I know she understands that doing this will make her come back to us.. We've neglected her, despite us saying that we'll never be apart.."

SN: "..Unnie, you've known Jihyo the longest, and I'm jealous about that."
NY: "..."

SN: "But despite that, I don't think you understood Jihyo all this time.."

NY: "..That's why I realized it.. I want to make this work.."

SN: "No.. you still don't realize it.. if you really knew Jihyo, she wouldn't want you to break up with Jeongyeon-unnie for her.."
NY: "Sana.."

SN: "..I'm leaving, unnie.. thank you for giving me Jihyo's notebook.."

Sana left Nayeon in her room.

NY: "..It's you, who doesn't understand.. Jihyo has been an important part of my life ever since.. It's my turn to be there for her.. I'll bring her back.."
Sana came out of Nayeon's house. She wanted to go to Jeongyeon's place, but she has never been there before. Sana tried calling her several times, but she did not respond even once.

Sana couldn't stop from trembling and crying as she has realized all the things she's done.
SN: (W-what.. what have I done?.. I slapped Nayeonie.. told her all those harsh things.. I.. I'm feeling lost.. S-so Jihyo w-was in love with h-her.. I.. I wasn't enough to make Jihyo happy.. Jeongyeon-unnie is suffering too, but I can't find her.. it hurts.. it hurts so bad..)
Sana remembered what Momo said to her.

(..Someone might go after Jihyo first..)

SN: (I.. I shouldn't let anybody hurt Jihyo even more.. I want her to return too, but I don't want her to experience any more pain.. but.. if she rejects me, she might distance herself from me..)
Back at the cafè. Dahyun and Momo already left to finish schoolwork. Only Mina, Tzuyu and Jihyo remain there.

JH: "Hey, Mina.."

MN: "Yes?"

JH: "You study psychology, right?"

MN: "That's right, unnie."

JH: "Is it okay if I ask you a few things?"

MN: "Sure."

TY: "..."
JH: "Thanks. I just want to know more about my condition.."

TY: "..Can I listen too?"

JH: "Sure, Tzuyu. Come closer."

MN: "What would you like to know, unnie?"

JH: "I was thinking, the other me is still inside me, right?"

MN: "Yes."

JH: "How can I know if she's there?"
MN: "I'm not sure about it, but based on research, people with DID say that they could 'talk' to other personalities eventually."

JH: "When will she come out?"

MN: "It depends on you, her, or something external."

JH: "External?"

MN: "Something that forces her to return."
JH: "Oh, like a memory trigger?"

MN: "Yes."

JH: "..Is it possible for my condition to be cured?"

MN: "Yes, there are reports of people removing their old or new personalities too.."

JH: "So if the old me recovers.."

TY: "...?"

JH: "..Does that mean I'll disappear for good?"
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MN: "..."

TY: (Unnie..)

MN: "..Yes."

JH: "..I thought so.."

TY: "But.. how likely is that to happen?"

MN: "I'd say depending on the "self's" will."

JH: "I see. I understand now.. Thanks."

MN: "..My shift is over. If you guys don't mind, I'll go ahead for now."

JH: "Sure."
TY: "Take care, unnie."

Mina packed up her belongings and went on her way. Jihyo and Tzuyu were left in the cafè.

JH: "I guess we haven't talked that much, Tzuyu. Were you close to me before?"

TY: "..Yes, we were."

JH: "..Can you tell me how we met each other?"

TY: "Okay.."
-start of past memory-

Several months ago in Myeongdong. The streets were busy with a lot of people walking around. It's been only a few days since Tzuyu and her mother landed in Korea. Because of her out of this world beauty, she's getting a lot of attention walking around.
TY: (..A lot of people are looking at me. I can't go around in peace..)

She can hear whispers from the crowd.

"Wow, she's beautiful."

"Quick, ask for her number."

"Is she a model?"

"She probably likes all the attention."

"I want to know her name. She's tall and gorgeous."
Tzuyu can hear them, guys getting interested with her, girls wanting to be like her while some saying negative things about her.

TY: (..I hate this. Why can't people mind their own.. It's just the same as in Taiwan..)

Suddenly, two guys approached her from the front.
B1: "Hey, pretty girl."

B2: "You're looking lonely. Are you lost?"

B1: "Do you want to go somewhere fun?"

One guy held her on the wrist.

TY: (Agh! He caught me before I could escape.)

B2: "Come, we'll take you to a nice place."

Suddenly, someone's shouting.

??: "Baaabe!"
Out of nowhere, Jihyo appeared.

JH: "Oh, babe! You were here all along, I thought I lost you!"

TY: (..What? Who is she? Why is she calling me babe?)

Jihyo clinged to Tzuyu.

JH: "Come on babe, let's go!"

B1: "Wha.. you're both..?"

Jihyo noticed one guy holding the girl.
JH: "B-babe, are these guys harrassing you? I know you have a black belt but please don't beat them up!"

B2: "D-did you say black belt!?"

B1: "L-let's leave! We have something to do."

The two men left.

JH: "Whew.. they left. Come on, babe!"

Jihyo dragged her to the park.
Upon reaching the park, Jihyo let go of the girl's hand.

JH: "Ah, that felt great!"

TY: "..Who are you?"

JH: "Hmm? Oh you can call me Jihyo! And you are?"

TY: "..Tzuyu."

JH: "Tzuyu? That's an unusual name. You're not from around here, are you?"

TY: "..Why did you do that?"
JH: "Do what?"

TY: "..Saving me from those guys."

JH: "Oh, I shouldn't have? You're being harassed by those men. I won't just stand by and let bad things happen on my watch to good people."

TY: "..Good? Why do you say I'm good?.. Is it because of my appearance?"
JH: "Yeah you're really pretty. In fact, one of the most beautiful people I've seen.."

TY: "..I knew it."

JH: "..But being beautiful isn't everything, right?"

TY: "Huh?"

JH: "I know you're a good person. Anyone who looks around finding pet toys and treats are good people."
TY: "Y-you noticed?"

JH: "Yeah, why? Don't you have a dog?"

TY: "..I do."

JH: "I knew it! What did you name him?"

TY: "..Gucci."

JH: "Wow, that's a cute name! Can you show him to me next time?"

TY: "..Next time?"

JH: "Yeah! Here, I'll give you my number."

TY: "..Okay."
JH: "So, do you wanna go around? I'll help you out so you don't get harassed by people or get stalked on your own. I know some good places here for pets. I have one friend who has a cute dog too!"

TY: "Go around? You mean.."

JH: "I'll be your pretend girlfriend."

TY: "..Huh?"
JH: "That way, people won't come near you, okay?"

TY: "Umm, okay."

Tzuyu smiled.

JH: "You're smiling now. That's great! So, let's go?"

TY: "Okay.."

Jihyo grabbed Tzuyu by her hand.

TY: "..Thanks."

-end of past memory-

TY: "..and that's how we met."

JH: "..."

TY: "Huh?"
Jihyo was blushing.

JH: "Ah! I can't imagine that I did something like that! It's embarassing.."

TY: "It's okay, unnie."

JH: "Geez, so anyway, you have a dog?"

TY: "Yes."

JH: "Wow! Can I see him?"

TY: "..Sure, let's go to my room.."

Jihyo and Tzuyu went up the cafè.
They reached Tzuyu's room.

TY: "We're here."

Upon opening the room, her dog, Gucci, was very happy to see Tzuyu. Tzuyu is able to smile again.

JH: "Wow, he's really cute."

TY: "Let's go in, unnie."

They both entered Tzuyu's room.

JH: "You have a very nice room."
They both sat down on the floor. Jihyo noticed pictures of Tzuyu and her dog around the room. She also noticed one particular picture on a frame by the bed table.

JH: (Oh, that's me and her. I guess we were close.)

Suddenly, Gucci hopped on Jihyo's lap.

JH: "Ah! G-Gucci?"
TY: "He remembers you unnie. Gucci has good memory. Try playing with him."

JH: "Umm, okay."

Jihyo played with Gucci. He was very friendly, as if they know each other for a long time, despite her only seeing the dog for the first time.

JH: "He's very adorable, Tzuyu."
All of a sudden, Jihyo was backhugged by Tzuyu as she rested her head on Jihyo's back.

JH: "Ah! T-Tzuyu!?"

TY: "..I'm sorry, unnie. Can I.. stay like this for a bit?"

JH: "Umm, okay.."

A few minutes passed in silence. Jihyo played with Gucci but was distracted by Tzuyu's hug.
JH: "Tzuyu.."

TY: "Unnie?"

JH: "..Do you miss the other me?"

TY: "..I do."

JH: "..You're very honest."

TY: "..I'm bad at lying, unnie."

JH: "..Sorry if I'm not.. my other self."

TY: "..It's okay.."

JH: "Tzuyu, I have a question.. What do you like about the other me?"
TY: "..A lot of things."

JH: "Like?"

TY: "..You're very caring, saw me more than just a pretty face, and more."

JH: "I see..Thanks."

TY: "No, unnie. I should be the one thanking you.."

JH: "..Huh?"

TY: "..It's getting late, unnie."

JH: "Yeah."

Tzuyu released her backhug.
JH: "I guess Sana is pretty late today.. I'll head home for now."

TY: "Take care of yourself, unnie."

JH: "Thanks. See you."

Jihyo took her bag and left.

TY: "One day, Jihyo-unnie.. one of these days.."

Elsewhere, Mina is currently at the entertainment district in Seoul.
MN: (Let's see.. It should be around here. Oh, here.)

Mina entered a bar. Not so many people were there. She took a seat at the bar stool in the corner. The bartender approached her.

B: "What would you like miss?"

MN: "Umm, do you have some tea here?"

B: "Haha! I like you."
The bartender handed her a menu.

MN: "..I'll have Oolong tea, please."

B: "Alright."

After a minute.

B: "Here ya go."

MN: "..Thank you."

Mina took a sip of her tea. She took a look at her watch as if she's waiting for someone's arrival. A few more minutes passed.
She looked at the entrance every time she heard the bell make a noise.

Mina decided to just patiently wait for that person. After four minutes, and some people entering the bar, one person finally approached her. She took a sip and spoke.

MN: "..You're late, Jeongyeon-unnie."
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JY: "..Hey, Mina.."

MN: "Take a seat, unnie."

Jeongyeon sat down beside Mina's stool. The bartender walked towards them.

B: "What can I getcha?"

JY: "..Give me something hard."

B: "Alright."

MN: "So, there's really something wrong.. I can tell you haven't gone to school.."
JY: "..Yeah."

MN: "I went here just as you messaged me. But why meet up all the way here?"

JY: "..."

The bartender gave Jeongyeon her glass.

MN: "..Go drink up, unnie. I'll listen."

Jeongyeon finished her cup in one go.

JY: "More please."

B: "Alright."

MN: "..."
Jeongyeon downed the whole cup again.

MN: "..."

JY: "..Can I ask for the whole bottle?"

B: "Sure missy, drink it all away."

MN: "..."

Jeongyeon got the bottle, but did not pour on her cup. After a minute of silence.

JY: "..Nayeon broke up with me."

MN: "..Eh?.. I..I'm.."
JY: "Sorry for dragging you into this.."

MN: "N-no. It's alright."

JY: "..."

MN: "..Umm, why talk to me about it though?"

JY: "..I don't know. You're the only person that came to my mind."

MN: "..Would you like to talk about it now?"

Jeongyeon drank her wine.

JY: "..Yeah."
Jeongyeon poured on her cup again.

JY: "I told you before right? She went to Bucheon.."

MN: "..Yes."

JY: "She discovered a lot of things there."

MN: "..Like?"

JY: "..Jihyo was in love with her."

MN: "Eh!? H-how?"

Jeongyeon started explaining about the book and the bag.
MN: "..I see. But, how did it lead to your break up?"

Jeongyeon continued drinking.

JY: "We found a map inside the bag.. and it lead us to something we did in the past.."

MN: "..What was it?"

JY: "Something like a time-capsule.. We made promises we had to do in ten years.."
Jeongyeon showed Mina her letter with the bucket list.

MN: "..I see. So, Jihyo-unnie..?"

JY: "..Jihyo wanted to become the ideal person to Nayeon.. the way Jihyo was to us, is all because of Nayeon.. a leader.. a good photographer.. everything.. she did it all for her.. but.."
Jeongyeon started tearing up. Mina put her hand on Jeongyeon's back.

JY: "Nayeon did not notice her all that time.. until we saw Jihyo's note, her photos, and Jihyo's composition.."

MN: "Unnie.."

JY: "That's why, she decided to break up with me.. she felt that it was unfair.."
MN: "..Unfair?"

JY: "..Unfair that she only had her eyes on me, despite all of Jihyo's efforts, she still supported Nayeon's feelings for me.."

MN: "..She's always been very sacrificing to all of us.."

JY: "..I do care for Jihyo too. She's like a little sister to me.."
MN: "..But it's unfair to you, right?"

JY: "If that's what can bring Jihyo back to us, wouldn't it be the right thing?"

MN: "..Be honest, unnie.."

JY: "..Huh?"

MN: "..You don't like it, right?.. To just break up with Nayeon-unnie."

JY: "..."

MN: "You don't show it.. but.."
Mina took Jeongyeon's cup and drank.

MN: "..You really love Nayeon-unnie a lot.."

JY: "..Yeah.."

MN: "..Say it loudly."

JY: ".. I love Nayeon.. I love that idiot.. I love her so much that it hurts!"

Jeongyeon started crying.

MN: "You're crying now.. because you love her."
Jeongyeon is letting out all her tears and frustration to Mina. She knows she loves Nayeon, but she also wants Jihyo to return. Yet, she can't have both.

Jeongyeon cried for awhile with Mina just hugging her. She can feel Jeongyeon's pain that she bottled up all this time.
MN: "Unnie, crying is not a weakness.. It's a sign that that you're brave enough to show how you really feel. You're crying right now and that will only make you stronger from today.. I'm very proud of you to be able to do these things."

JY: "..."

MN: "..."

JY: "..I'm tired.."
Meanwhile, Jihyo is walking to her apartment.

JH: (..Why did Tzuyu do that? Was she.. was she in love with my other self?)

The cold wind blows on Jihyo.

JH: (It feels very lonely walking on my own like this. I'm used to Sana being around me.. *sigh* I hope she's okay.)
Jihyo was too bothered about not being with Sana. Shd decided to call her. After a few rings, Sana picked up.

JH: "Sana? How are you? Are you going home already?"

SN: "..H-hi Jihyo. I'm okay. I'm on my way home. About ten minutes.. or twenty."

JH: "..Where are you exactly?"
SN: "..Huh?"

JH: "I said where are you? I'm going to where you are right now."

SN: "Jihyo.."

Sana smiled.

SN: "I'm.. at the intersection in front of the tea house right now.."

JH: "Wait for me there."

SN: "Sure.. Thanks."

In a few minutes, Jihyo arrived at Sana's location.
As she turned into the corner, Sana saw her. She felt much better than earlier, but she is hiding her face from Jihyo.

JH: "..Is something wrong?"

Jihyo looked closer and noticed Sana's eyes were sore, as if she cried a lot.

JH: "..Did you cry?"

SN: "Just some dust.. Ehehe."
JH: "..Who made you cry.."

SN: "It's nothing, Jihyo.."

JH: "I said.. who made you cry?"

SN: "Don't worry about it, Ji-"


Sana hugged Jihyo tightly.

SN: "Please.. No more.. let's go home.."

JH: "..Don't make me worry.."

SN: "Sorry.."
The two of them made their way to Jihyo's apartment. Jihyo held on Sana's hand tightly. She just wanted to make sure Sana felt safe, to be at peace.

Sana herself found her answer. She loves Jihyo, no matter what. A different personality or not, she doesn't care about it anymore.
Meanwhile back at the bar, Mina paid for their bill and are about to leave. Jeongyeon was really drunk.

MN: "..Let's go now, unnie."

JY: "..No..I'm not..going home.."

MN: "..."

Mina started to carry Jeongyeon on her shoulders and they started walking out of the bar.
MN: "..You're pretty heavy, unnie."

JY: "..I'm..not.."

MN: "..You need to rest, okay?"

The two of them took the bus, and arrived at where they'll need to split up.

MN: "We're here, unnie.. Can you walk on your own now?"

JY: "..."

MN: "Unnie?"

JY: "..Don't leave me today.."
MN: "..Eh?"

JY: "..I don't know.. if I can handle being alone today.."

MN: "..I know it's hard for you.."

JY: "..Can I.. Can I stay at your place tonight?.."

MN: "..Okay."

Elsewhere, Jihyo and Sana arrived at their place.

JH: "We're here.. Go get changed now, Sana."
They were both quiet. Sana took her change of clothes and went inside the bathroom. After she got out, Jihyo got changed in the bathroom as well. Sana laid down on the bed. Soon, Jihyo got out as well and turned off the lights, then got on the bed too. Jihyo soon spoke to Sana.
JH: "..Sana, I don't know what happened, but if it's something that you don't want to talk about right now, it's okay.."

SN: "..."

JH: "..Let's rest. Sorry if I shouted on you awhile ago.."

Jihyo laid on the bed facing opposite of Sana's side. They were both quiet.
Jihyo is still unable to sleep. She's really thinking about what made Sana cry. Then, she suddenly felt Sana's hand backhugging her on her belly.

JH: "..S-Sana?"

SN: "..Can we.. stay like this for a bit?"

JH: "..Okay."

SN: "..Thank you.."

Sana hugged Jihyo even more tightly.
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The following day, Jihyo woke up. She realized that she fell asleep right after she felt Sana's warm hug. However, she smelled something was burning.

JH: "..Huh!?"

She looked behind her, and noticed Sana was 'cooking'.

JH: "Sana!?"

SN: "Ah! Good morning Jihyo~!"
JH: "W-w-w-why does it smell!?"

SN: "Umm, I'm cooking breakfast~"

JH: "But it's BURNING!"

SN: "Ah.. I might have seared it a little. Ehehe~"

JH: "You call that a little!? TURN IT OFF!"

SN: "Hehe. Sorry~"

Jihyo turned the stove off. But instead of getting angry, she smiled.
JH: "Alright, let's eat then."

SN: "Ah, b-but it's burnt!"

JH: "So? You made it for me, so I'll eat it."

SN: "Jihyo.."

Sana had a big smile on her face.

SN: "Okay!"

They both had their breakfast.

JH: (I'm glad that Sana is happy and smiling again. That's all that matters.)
Meanwhile, at Mina's apartment.

JY: "..?"

Jeongyeon looked to her side and saw Mina sleeping.

JY: "M-Mina?"

MN: "..Mmm..hmm?"

JY: "Ah..S-sorry."

MN: "..Morning.."

JY: "G-good morning.."

MN: "..Sorry I studied when we got home. I didn't get to sleep that much."
Jeongyeon sat up.

JY: "Ah, n-no it's my fault. Sorry. Umm, w-why am I here at your place?"

MN: "Eh? You said you wanted to stay here today."

JY: "I did!?"

MN: "Yes."

JY: "Oh God.. I can't remember."

MN: "Umm, you were pretty drunk."

JY: "This is embarassing. Sorry, Mina.."
MN: "It's okay."

JY: "..I owe you a lot. How can I repay you?"

MN: "Hmm.. Go to school today."

JY: "Huh?"

MN: "I want you go to go school today. That's how you repay me."

JY: "..Alright. Thanks, Mina.. then I'll go home to get my stuff."

MN: "See you later then, unnie."
Jeongyeon went on her way to her home. She definitely feels better now that she let everything out.

Back at Jihyo's place. The two were done getting ready for school.

SN: "I'm glad that we'll walk together to school today!"

JH: "Shall we get going then?"

SN: "Yes~!"
Sana and Jihyo left the apartment. They walked together heading to university.

JH: "So, will you practice again later?"

SN: "Yeah! I'll show you I can do better than yesterday!"

JH: "Looking forward to it."

SN: "Oh, by the way Jihyo, here!"

Sana handed to Jihyo her notebook.
JH: "Oh, this is..?"

SN: "I found it, ehehe~ I hope that'll help you out!"

JH: "Thanks, Sana!"

They eventually arrived at the university. However, they accidentally met someone that Sana least wanted to see right now.

JH: "Oh, Nayeon! I didn't see you yesterday."

SN: "..."
NY: "Oh, y-yeah. I was actually not feeling well yesterday so I skipped school.

JH: "Are you sure you're okay now?"

NY: "Yeah! Don't worry, Jihyo."

SN: "..Ah! Jihyo, first period is about to start soon. Let's hurry!"

JH: "Oh shoot! Gotta run. We'll see you later, Nayeon!"
Jihyo and Sana hurried to their building.

NY: (So, I guess Sana hasn't told Jihyo about anything yet. That's good for me.)

Somebody approached Nayeon from behind.

??: "Unnie."

NY: "Ah!"

Nayeon turned around, and it was also the person she least wanted to see.

NY: "T-Tzuyu!"
TY: "I hope you're not forgetting about your promise today."

NY: "R-right. I'll also wait for your answers.."

TY: "I keep my promises, unnie. I'll see you later after school."

Tzuyu left.

NY: "..This is going to be a long day.."

Nayeon went on her way to her first class.
It's already second period, and Jihyo's third period professor was absent. After that was her lunch break so she has plenty of time.

JH: (I have lots of time. I guess I could just chill at the SSC room for the meantine.)

Jihyo went to the SSC room. As expected, noone was there.
JH: (Let's see, keys.. here. Alright let's go in.)

Jihyo entered the SSC room. Everything was neat.

JH: (I guess Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon really do a good job. Okay, time to study first.)

Jihyo spent her time studying. After around 40 minutes, she heard footsteps coming closer.
JH: "Who's there?"

Jeongyeon entered the room.

JY: "Oh, Jihyo."

JH: "Oh, it's you Jeongyeon. How are you?"

JY: "Y-yeah. I'm much better now."

JH: "Much better now? Did something happen?"

JY: "Ah, no. Nothing. (I guess she doesn't know I was absent.)

JH: "Okay."
JY: "..How's your daily routine?"

JH: "Getting used to it. Strangely enough it's like I can understand these things even though I can't really remember."

JY: "How about your recital?"

JH: "Oh, yeah. I'm still not sure how I'll do it. But I'm glad Sana found this notebook."
Jeongyeon saw Jihyo raise the notebook that haunted her.

JY: "Ah!"

JH: "Huh?"

JY: "Oh, n-nothing. So.. what about that notebook?"

JH: "There's a composition here that my other self made. I'll look into it later and it might help me on the recital."
JY: (So, Sana talked to Nayeon, but Sana didn't tell Jihyo about meeting her. Does that mean.. Sana knows about the truth too? I need to talk to her..) "Good luck with that Jihyo. By the way, we'll need to make rounds tomorrow to check on the preparations of each department."
JH: "Oh, what for?"

JY: "The festival. We need to make sure everyone is following our guidelines. Don't worry we'll be excused on class activities for the next two days."

JH: "I see. Then that's a real lifesaver I don't need to study too much."

JY: "Err, yeah right."
They both continued doing what they have to for class while talking about their agenda for the festival.

Jihyo's day continued normally. All seem to be normal for her, but her friends are concerned of several things and it all revolves around her. The time is now at 3pm.
JH: (I guess I'm pretty much done with school for now, and we'll be busy with preparations tomorrow. Time to go watch Sana.)

Jihyo went to the dance hall. There she saw Sana working hard herself. She's amazed on Sana's finesse and emotion.

JH: (She's like a piece of art..)
After the song, Sana saw her already watching.

SN: "Ah! Jihyo! Thanks for coming!"

JH: "Hey, Sana. Momo's not with you?"

SN: "She said she needs to do something so I'll practice on my own today."

JH: "I see. Work hard then. I'll be here watching."

Sana continued dancing.
Jihyo observed her. At first she just admired her. However, after a few runs, she felt something was off.

JH: (Is she distracted?)

After Sana's performance.

JH: "Sana, is everything okay?"

SN: "Eh? Why?"

JH: "There's something on your mind. You're not in focus."

SN: "..."
Meanwhile, Nayeon was also done with her classes. Upon exiting her building, she saw her former lover waiting for her.

JY: "..Hey.."

NY: "..."

JY: "Sorry, I just want to speak up ever since you broke up with me too.. Can we go talk?

NY: "..Okay."

JY: "Thanks.."
They both went to the corner of the building where noone stays.

NY: "..So?"

JY: "I just want to tell you that even of it was just for short, I loved you."

NY: "..Thanks."

JY: "But that is also why I'll do this.."

NY: "W-what are young doing!?"

Jeongyeon suddenly kissed her.
Disclaimer: I don't mean to offend Jihyo's current relationship. this is a work of fiction and not reality. We will continue with the AU. For those who'll stay, thank you. For those who won't I understand your sentiments. 🙂
Nayeon pushed Jeongyeon off.

NY: "S-stop! W-what do you think you're doing!?"

JY: "Kissing you."

Jeongyeon pushed herself for another kiss. Nayeon tried to fight back, but Jeongyeon was stronger than her. Nayeon's body gave up and just let Jeongyeon release her eventually.
JY: "..You don't like it?"

NY: "..I don't know.."

JY: "I understand."

Jeongyeon let go of her. Nayeon regained her composure.

JY: "I guess I really just love an idiot."

NY: "..If that's all then I'll be going now."

JY: "..No."

NY: "Huh?"

JY: "I'll win you back, Nayeon."
Jeongyeon left. Nayeon was completely shocked on Jeongyeon's actions. She felt different about it.

NY: (..Come to think of it, that was our first kiss.. Even though we dated, she hasn't brought up kissing before. But why.. why do I feel that.. I want more?.. I don't understand.)
??: "Hooo.. you broke up?"

NY: "Ah! Who-"

She turned around and saw Momo.

NY: "W-wait. Have you heard everything?"

MM: "Yup, weird though that you 'liked' getting forced. Didn't know you had that in you hehe."

NY: "N-no, I didn't like it! She was just stronger than me.."
MM: "Yeah okay."

NY: "..Can you not tell the others?"

MM: "Eh? Why?"

NY: "Please, Momo."

MM: "Hmm.. Okay."

NY: "But why are you here?"

MM: "Just passing by."

NY: "..Okay. I'll get going now.."

Nayeon left and went elsewhere.

MM: "They're all dishonest about themselves.."
Back at the dance hall.

SN: "..Is it okay to tell you?"

JH: "Of course, Sana. I'm always willing to listen."

Jihyo noticed Sana changed expressions. She's looking very serious about this.

JH: (Is this about yesterday?)

SN: "Okay.. but can we do that while walking home?"
JH: "Huh? Why? Are you feeling fine?"

SN: "Yeah it's just that I don't want anyone to see us.. I want to talk about this only with you.."

JH: "..Alright. So, would you like to go now?"

SN: "Okay. Thanks, Jihyo."

They both packed up and went on their way to Jihyo's place.
Meanwhile at the cafè, Jeongyeon entered.

JY: "..Ugh."

MN: "Are you okay, unnie?"


MN: "Umm, please calm down you'll disturb other customers."

JY: "..S-sorry."

MN: "Have a seat here by the stools.. So, what's wrong?"

JY: "..I did something stupid."
MN: "Eh? What happened?"

JY: "..I kissed Nayeon by force."

MN: "..Why did you do that?"

JY: "I don't know.. At first I just wanted to say to her that I still love her.."

MN: "..I see."

JY: "I did tell her too that I want to win her back.. Is there anything wrong with that?"
MN: "..No, unnie. You're just being honest to yourself."

JY: "I guess.. this is what I really want, but I still want Jihyo to return."

MN: "It's going to be tough, unnie.."

JY: "Oh, I just remembered. I talked to Jihyo earlier. She has the notebook Nayeon showed me.."
MN: "Eh? How did she get it?"

JY: "Sana gave it to her. But basing it on our talk, she didn't tell Jihyo that she got it from Nayeon.."

MN: "So Sana is involved now too.."

JY: "I need to talk to her.."

MN: "..This is really ironic.."

JY: "Huh? What do you mean by that?"
MN: "It just feels that the person who brought us all together.. might also be person who will make us all fall apart.."

JY: "..."

Elsewhere, just two blocks away from school. Nayeon turned to the corner.

NY: "Sorry, I got caught up in something.. Did you wait long?"
TY: "I'm fine. I just want to know the truth."

NY: "Alright.. Then let's go to my home. I'll show you everything.."

Meanwhile, Jihyo and Sana are walking back home.

JH: "So, Sana. You can tell it to me now. Noone will see us.."

SN: "Yes.. this is all about your past self.."
JH: "Huh? What do you mean?"

SN: "Nayeonie and Jeongyeon-unnie both tried to find ways to bring back your old self.."

JH: "..."

SN: "I didn't like it.."

JH: "..Why?"

SN: "You're still Jihyo.."

JH: "..Maybe I'm not."

SN: "Nayeonie went to Bucheon.. and found that notebook."
JH: "How did it end up there?"

SN: "It was found inside your car."

JH: "I see.."

SN: "Sorry if I didn't tell you earlier.."

JH: "It's alright, but.."

SN: "Hmm?"

JH: "Why did you cry yesterday?"

SN: "..."

JH: "Sana, don't worry about the details.. I'll be strong for you.."
SN: "..I hope you don't give me a cold shoulder after this.."

JH: "I won't.."

SN: "..Nayeon discovered a lot about your past self.."

JH: "..Like what?"

SN: "You were.. in love with her for the past 10 years.."

JH: "W-what!?"

SN: "It's hard to explain.. there were signs."
JH: "..Like?"

SN: "You kept a lot of photos of her.. You also held promises in a time-capsule for 10 years that you lived your life to be noticed by Nayeon.. but she was unable to see everything you did.. She fell in love with Jeongyeon instead.."

JH: "I..I see."
SN: "The saddest part.. was that you supported Nayeon's love life.. When they became a couple, that's when everything began.."

JH: "..Everything?"

SN: "You hid your depression from everyone.. and.."

JH: "The accident happened.. and I'm here now.."

SN: "..Yes.."

JH: "I.."
SN: "I'm sorry Jihyo.."

Sana began crying.

JH: "Don't cry, Sana.. I do understand everything.. but there are some things that are clear now.."

SN: "..What do you mean?"

JH: "I'm a different individual. My past self loving Nayeon doesn't mean I have to love her too right?"
SN: "B-but-"

JH: "No, Sana. Don't worry about that. I haven't seen Nayeon as somebody I want to fall in love with.. Besides, isn't she with Jeongyeon?"

SN: "..Nayeonie broke up with her.. because she wants you to return.."

JH: "W-what? So, Jeongyeon wasn't fine because of.."
SN: "Yes.. and I feel very sorry for Jeongyeon-unnie.."

JH: "..I want to talk to them.."

SN: "Ah. N-no, please don't go to Nayeonie!"

JH: "But it feels wrong..them breaking up just for the other me to return.. Don't you want me to return too Sana?"

SN: "I do will.."
JH: "Yeah.. I will disappear.. I'm afraid about it too.. but I'm not real anyway.."

SN: "DON'T SAY THAT! You're real! You're here! You're still Jihyo! I.. I'm afraid of losing you.."

JH: "..Sorry, Sana.."

They arrived at the apartment. Both were quiet. Jihyo sat at her desk.
JH: "Sana, I promise you.. I won't leave your side. I'm not required to fall in love with Nayeon like my other self.."

SN: "..I'm sorry for shouting too, Jihyo.."

It was quiet, Jihyo wanted to say something she always wanted to Sana.. but she doesn't know how to say it.
She looked at her stuff. She saw the notebook from the car and looked at it. Eventually, she had the courage to speak.

JH: "Sana, I was your best friend, right?"

SN: "Yes.."

JH: "Does that mean.. I'm also.. not required to be.. just a best friend?"

SN: "W-what do you mean?"
Soon, Jihyo flipped at the back page. Upon reading, something strange happened.

JH: "AHH!"

Jihyo fell from her seat.

SN: "J-Jihyo! Are you okay!?"

JH: "..W-where am I? Sana?"

Sana saw the back of the notebook, realized what happened, and tears started to fall in her eyes.
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JH: "Why are you crying? What's going on? And why are we in my apartment?"

Sana was out of words. It's her. This is how she speaks. She couldn't control her tears from falling. Is she happy? Is she sad?

JH: "I don't know what's going on, but don't cry Sana. I'm here for you!"
Immediately, Sana hugged Jihyo so tightly.

JH: "S-Sana? Can't..breathe.."

SN: "..Welcome back.. Jihyo.."

JH: "What are you talking about? Huh? Wait why do I have short hair!?"

SN: "Jihyo.."

JH: "Huh?"

SN: "I'll tell you everything I know.."
Sana was supposed to be happy that Jihyo is back, however she felt an ache in her heart. She wanted to know what happened to the other Jihyo. It's not that she didn't want the old Jihyo to come back, but she loves both of them. She's afraid of what may happen now that she's back.
Meanwhile, Nayeon and Tzuyu also arrived at the former's house.

NY: "Come in. It's in my room."

TY: "Okay."

They both entered Nayeon's room. She picked up the red bag and handed it over to Tzuyu.

NY: "Have a look inside now.."

Tzuyu opened it and saw all of the photos.
TY: "W-what.. why?"

NY: "Jihyo has been keeping these. She has always been in love with me.. she never posted those but kept them for herself."

TY: "..."

NY: "Jeongyeon and I also found this. It's from a time-capsule we made several years ago. We both forgot about these but.."
Nayeon started feeling emotional again.

NY: "Jihyo lived the past ten years to live up in being an ideal partner for me.. but I never looked at her. She even supported my love for Jeongyeon.."

TY: "..."

NY: "This is why everything is my fault.. and I'll fix everything too.."
TY: "..What will you do?"

NY: "I already broke up with Jeongyeon, because I want to confess to Jihyo. I'm sure you know how a 'switch' works, right? You've read it at the library.."

TY: "..Do you really love Jihyo-unnie?"

NY: "Huh? Yeah I do.. That's why I'm doing this.."
TY: "I think you're only doing this because of guilt.."

NY: "You don't understand, Tzuyu.. I realized that I should've given her more attention and care.."

TY: "You think she'll be back if you confess?"

NY: "Yes."

TY: "You don't understand."

NY: "What are you talking about?"
TY: "The reason why she won't return is you. She wants to forget her feelings for you."

NY: "That's not true. If she's able to see that I understand now how she feels, then she will return and stay with us!"

TY: "I guess we just need to find out then."

NY: "Wait, Tzuyu.."
TY: "..."

NY: "I held on my promise. Now it's your turn. Why are you so eager to look into Jihyo's condition right now?"

TY: "..Unnie."

NY: "..?"

TY: "I was with Jihyo-unnie before the accident.."

Tzuyu's statement put Nayeon into a state of shock.

NY: "Y-you mean.."
TY: "Yes. I was with her when she watched Moonchild's Sunlight on that evening."

NY: "..Why didn't you tell us?"

TY: "I didn't have to. Because I wanted to also know why unnie was in a state of depression."

NY: "Tzuyu, don't tell me you're.."

TY: "..Yes, I love Jihyo-unnie."
NY: "B-but how did you end up watching the movie together?"

TY: "..She stayed at my place the day before."

NY: "..What?.."

-start of past memory-

The day before the accident. It was already closing time for the cafè.

MN: "I'll be leaving now, Tzuyu. See you."

TY: "Goodbye."
Mina left the cafè and Tzuyu was turning off the lights. Suddenly she noticed a car stopping outside just in front of the university. The driver got out of the car and stared at the gates.

TY: (..Is that..Jihyo-unnie?)

Tzuyu went outside to check on her.

TY: "..Unnie?"
Jihyo turned around slowly.

JH: "..Oh..Tzuyu.. How are you?"

TY: "I'm okay. Umm, what brings you here?"

JH: "..Nothing.. I.. don't know."

TY: "..Are you okay?"

JH: "Hey.."

TY: "..Yes?"

JH: "Can I.. stay with you tonight?.."

Tzuyu was surprised to hear this.

TY: "..Okay."
They both went to Tzuyu's room. Gucci was there already sleeping.

TY: "Umm, sorry unnie. I wasn't able to prepare. We.. can both sleep on the bed."

JH: "..Yeah.."

Tzuyu turned off the lights and the two of them laid on the bed.

TY: "..Goodnight, unnie."

JH: "..."
Tzuyu tried to sleep, but she couldn't because she was laying on the same bed with the person she has fallen for. She wanted to just look at her. After a few minutes, she faced towards Jihyo and noticed she was still not asleep. She was only staring at the ceiling.

JH: "..."
TY: "Unnie, is everything okay?"

JH: "..Tzuyu.. do you know.. what's worse than death?.."

TY: "W-what are you talking about, unnie?.."

JH: "..It's to be forgotten.. You're still alive.. but noone knows you.. unlike.. when you die, people actually remember you.."

TY: "..."
JH: "..Maybe.. I'm better off.. gone.."

TY: "..Don't say that, unnie.."

JH: "..But what if.. the one that matters to you.. forgets about you? What would you do.. when you lose what matters most?"

TY: "..I don't know.. because I don't want to.. I don't want to lose you, unnie."
Tzuyu went on top of Jihyo and gave her a passionate kiss. She could not handle it anymore; to see her beloved person be in a state of losing herself. She wanted her to calm down and feel loved. She wanted Jihyo to feel that she has loved her all this time.

TY: "I love you.."
Tzuyu continued to kiss her. She started carressing Jihyo and make her feel she wants her. Jihyo felt her hand's movement, her lips being locked on someone's, but she was like a lifeless doll. She did not reciprocate. Tzuyu just wanted to make Jihyo feel good. To be loved.
Tzuyu stopped and hugged Jihyo in her arms, as they both laid on bed.

JH: "..Sorry, Tzuyu.. I.. I'm lost."

TY: "No, unnie. It's okay.. I'll stay with you. You're mine.. and I'm yours. I won't let anyone harm you.. You've done so much for me, I won't let people get in the way.."
The following day, Tzuyu woke up with Jihyo still in her arms sleeping. She's happy that she confessed to her and she's comfortably laying in her arms. Jihyo also woke up from her movement.

TY: "Good morning, Jihyo-unnie."

JH: "..."

TY: "..Let's skip school today, unnie."
Tzuyu took Jihyo on a date. Despite not speaking so much, Jihyo went along with Tzuyu's plans for their day out. They drove to the closest mall and had lunch. Jihyo did not eat much. Afterwards, they visited a dog cafè. At this time, Jihyo started to respond a bit to the dogs.
They wrapped up by watching the new romance movie that came out. Tzuyu made sure to hold Jihyo's hands during the movie. She looked at her time to time and noticed that Jihyo started tearing up. They didn't really talk much for the day, but she felt that Jihyo is reacting now.
They both went back to the car.

TY: "Umm, please wait for me unnie. I need to get something first."

Tyuzu went back to the mall to get a surprise she prepared earlier; a bouquet. She went back and hurried to Jihyo again. However, Jihyo's car was nowhere to be seen.

She left.
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-end of past memory-

NY: "..I can't believe it.."

TY: "..That's all there is to it, unnie. But thank you for letting me know about why Jihyo-unnie got her condition."

NY: "..You really did all that.. to Jihyo?"

TY: "..Because I love her. It's something you could never do.."
Nayeon is shaking.

NY: "SHUT UP! Jihyo would never fall for you!"

TY: "I'll bring her back, and I'll make her forget that she loved someone selfish like you.."

NY: "Do you hear yourself, Tzuyu!? Don't force her to be with you!"

TY: "You're the reason she won't return to us."
NY: "No.. because the only way she'll come back is through me.. I.. I love her!"

TY: "..We're done talking, unnie."

NY: "..But this ain't over, Tzuyu.. I'll bring her back.. and I won't let you have her."

TY: "Goodluck. You'll need it.."

Tzuyu left Nayeon's room and house.
NY: (..To think that Jihyo.. was with Tzuyu before the accident. She's equally to blame.. right? Or is what she doing.. really going to help Jihyo? No.. I.. I know Jihyo will return because of me..)

Back at Jihyo and Sana.

JH: "So Sana.. let me ask you again what I understand."
Sana nodded.

JH: "I had a car crash, and ended up in the hospital. However, all this time a different me has been conscious?"

SN: "Yes."

JH: "She was also responsible for cutting my hair, and doing my daily tasks at school?"

SN: "..Yes."

JH: "I have a question though.."
SN: "..?"

JH: "Why did I end up in a car crash?"

SN: "(..Eh? She can't remember? So.. she doesn't remember Nayeon and Jeongyeon's relationship?)

JH: "..Sorry, my memory it still fuzzy."

SN: "Umm, it's alright Jihyo. Let's take time to understand everything."

JH: "Thanks."
SN: (I.. I better not tell her. It might make her recall it and affect her again.. But.. what of the other Jihyo? What happened to her? I hope she's okay.. and what did she say?)

Sana tried to recall what Jihyo said earlier but she couldn't. Everything happened in an instant.
JH: "By the way, Sana. Does everyone know what happened to me?"

SN: "Umm, yeah."

JH: "I see. So we better tell them that I'm now back."

SN: "Ah. Y-yeah!"

JH: "Are they at the cafè?"

SN: "I'm not sure. Maybe some of them. W-wait I'll call Minari."

Sana dialled Mina's number.
MN: "..Hello?"

SN: "H-hi, Mina! How are you?"

MN: "I'm doing fine. Why did you call?"

SN: "Ah, I just want to know who's at the cafè right now."

MN: "Right now it's just me and Jeongyeon. Dahyun and Chaeyoung passed by but they already left."

SN: (J-Jeongyeon!?) "Oh! Okay."
MN: "Are you looking for someone?"

SN: "Ah.. Umm, is it okay if me and Jihyo will go there? We're at her apartment."

MN: "Sure. See you Sana-chan."

SN: "Thanks! See you."

Sana dropped the call.

SN: (I want to talk to Jeongyeon-unnie. Good thing Nayeonie isn't there too..)
JH: "So.. what did Mina say?"

SN: "Ah, Minari and Jeongyeon-unnie are there right now. Would you like to go see them?"

JH: "Yeah! Let's go."

The two of them headed their way to the cafè. Meanwhile over at the cafè.

JY: "You were talking with Sana?

MN: "Yes, unnie."
JY: "Why did she call?"

MN: "I'm not sure. But they are on their way here."

JY: (Good timing. I guess I can ask her about what she knows.) "Alright."

Sana and Jihyo are heading to the cafè.

SN: "..."

JH: "You've been kind of quiet, Sana. Are you fine?"

SN: "Y-yeah.."
JH: "You're probably shocked.. To be honest with you, it's just the same for me. I still can't believe I've been living as a different person recently.."

SN: "Y-yeah. I'm surprised too."

JH: "So.. what kind of person is this other me?"

SN: "Well, she's really straightforward."
JH: "Like?"

SN: "She talks really casually. And has this feel of being a girl crush. She's cool too."

JH: "..I see. Does she treat you well?

SN: "Yeah! She doesn't show it like you, but she's also very caring."

JH: "That's a relief. I was worried that I might be hurting you."
SN: "Yeah.. she's really a lot like you too."

JH: "..That's good then. It feels strange though."

SN: "Eh?"

JH: "It's like there's this side of me that I do not know.. And that person feels like she's still inside me too.."

SN: "L-like, you feel her?"

JH: "Yeah, kind of.."
SN: (So.. she's not gone? W-why do I feel relieved?)

JH: "Can you tell me more about her next time?"

SN: "Sure. I'd love to."

JH: "We're pretty close to the cafè."

SN: "Yeah." (I hope Nayeon-unnie doesn't show up. But if she knows Jeongyeon-unnie is here.. I guess she won't.)
They arrived at the cafè.

SN: "Ah, g-good evening!"

MN: "Nice to see you two. Have a seat."

JY: (It's Sana. She looks nervous?)

Sana and Jihyo sat by the stools along with Jeongyeon. By the time they sat down, the door's bells made a sound and saw another friend of theirs.
SN: "Ah, Tzuyu! Good timing. Come join us."

TY: "Hi, Sana-unnie. Sure."

JH: "Come sit beside me, Tzuyu."

Tzuyu sat down beside Jihyo.

MN: "Would you like some coffee, Jihyo?"

JH: "Sure. Same old blend please."

MN: "..Eh?"

JY: "Huh?"

TY: "..?"

JH: "Ah, yeah.. right."
SN: "Umm, so the reason we came back here is that.. she's back."

JY: "Y-you mean.."

Jihyo smiled.

JH: "Yes, it's me. I'm back."


MN: "..Umm, unnie. Please keep it down."

JY: "S-sorry."

JH: "Sorry if I surprised you. Huh, w-what?

Tzuyu suddenly hugged her.
JH: "T-Tzuyu?"

Tzuyu started tearing up and smiled.

TY: "Welcome back, unnie."

JH: "I'm not used to this. You're usually not affectionate. I guess I've been missed. Thank you."

MN: "Welcome back, unnie."

JH: "Thanks, Mina."

JY: (B-but how did she return?.. Does Sana know?)
Sana saw everybody was smiling upon hearing the news. However, she felt a void in her heart. She's happy, but can't help to feel sad at the same time that Jihyo's other side is being left out. She also liked everybody, but now that Jihyo is back, it's like nobody remembers her.
JH: "So, yeah. Can you tell me what has been going on in the council Jeong?"

JY: "Yeah, sure. Umm, let's talk over there."

JH: "Alright."

The two sat at their usual place to discuss some matters for school. Tzuyu and Sana remained by the stools at the counter with Mina.
TY: "Sana-unnie."

SN: "Hmm?"

TY: "How did Jihyo-unnie return?"

SN: "I..I don't really know. It just happened."

MN: "..Something must have triggered it. Usually a memory or item from the past. Sometimes, events could also affect it.."

SN: "Minari, I have a question.."
MN: "Hmm?"

SN: "Is the other Jihyo.. gone?"

MN: "..I don't think so. People with DID can't remove a new personality easily.."

SN: "I see. So there's a possibility she'd return again?"

MN: "Yes."

TY: "But how can she get back to normal?"

MN: "We can only help her with that."
SN: "..I'll go to the restroom first."

Sana left the two.

TY: "I guess it's good at least unnie is back. She won't suffer anymore."

MN: "..It's not completely fine, Tzuyu."

TY: "What do you mean?"

MN: "It wasn't Jihyo suffering all this time.. It is Sana who is struggling.."
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Sana was inside the restroom washing her face.

SN: (..Jihyo is back. She's back. The person I love the most..)

Sana looked at herself in the mirror.

SN: (I.. I want to smile. But I'm also worried.. once she remembers the reason she had DID.. but I have to tell her eventually.)
In a bit, someone also entered the restroom.

SN: "J-Jeongyeon-unnie?"

JY: "H-hey, Sana. Can I talk with you for a bit?"

SN: "..Sure. I actually want to talk with you too."

JY: "Huh? Okay.. you first then."

SN: "..I.. heard about it.."

JY: "About..?"

SN: "Your break up.."
JY: "..So, you really talked with Nayeon?"

Sana started tearing up and hugged Jeongyeon.

SN: "I..I'm sorry.."

JY: "It's okay. Don't cry for me, idiot.. but thank you."

SN: "B-but I know it's hard for you too.."

JY: "You're a sweet girl, Sana.. your partner will be so lucky."
SN: "..But you deserve to be happy too, unnie."

JY: "..Thanks."

Sana let go of her hug to Jeongyeon.

JY: "So.. since you know about it.. you also know why everything happened?"

SN: "Yes.. Nayeonie told me.."

JY: "I see.. but Sana.."

SN: "Eh?"

JY: "Please don't hate her.."
SN: "..."

JY: "I know it sounds stupid.. but Nayeon doesn't have ill intentions.."

SN: "..I understand, unnie. But I'm afraid of what may happen to Jihyo if she knows about this.."

JY: "What do you mean?"

SN: "..Jihyo doesn't remember why she had the car accident.."
JY: "Huh? So.."

SN: "I don't think she remembers that you and Nayeonie were a couple.."

JY: "I see.. I have one more question Sana."

SN: "..Sure."

JY: "So, do you know the reason why Jihyo went back to her old self?"

SN: "Yeah. I think it was Jihyo's song in her notebook."
JY: "I see. I actually saw that Jihyo had it earlier today. She told me you handed it to her.. That's when I found out you spoke with Nayeon.."

SN: "So.. the song was really.."

JY: "Yes.. about Nayeon."

SN: "I see."

JY: "I'm really sorry, Sana.."

SN: "Don't be, unnie.."
JY: *sigh*

SN: "Do you have any idea what we should do?"

JY: "Not really.. but it's best Nayeon would not know that Jihyo is back.."

SN: "We should try to avoid them meeting each other too."

JY: "Thanks, Sana. Our talk helped me a lot. Take care of yourself too."
SN: "Thank you as well, unnie. I do have one question to you though.."

JY: "Yeah?"

SN: "..Do you still love Nayeonie?"

JY: "..Yeah."

SN: "..."

JY: "..She's an idiot, but she does them because she believes something good will happen in the end.."

SN: "That's nice to know.."
While Jeongyeon and Sana were talking, Jihyo went back to Tzuyu and Mina as Jeongyeon also went to the restroom.

JH: "So, how have things been with you guys?"

MN: "Still the same, unnie. I've been enjoying myself.

JH: "And you, Tzuyu?"

TY: "I'm also fine, unnie. Thank you."
JH: "Great!"

TY: "Unnie, I have a question."

JH: "Sure."

TY: "Do you remember what happened before your accident?"

JH: "..Hmm.. honestly, I don't. If I try to remember now, I'm getting this kind of headache."

TY: "I see.."

MN: "..Try not to overthink, unnie.."
JH: "Huh?"

MN: "Its probably because of an overlap on the memory.. What you remember is different from what the other you remembers."

JH: "I see.."

TY: "..."

MN: "It will come back to you eventually."

JH: "Speaking of which, I have this strange feeling.. like I'm not alone."
MN: "What do you mean?"

JH: "I can't express it. But like I can feel in my heart the other me is hidden somewhere.. Does this mean that personality is still inside me?"

MN: "Yes, it is possible.."

JH: "..Is it possible for someone like me to.. 'talk' to this person?"
MN: "I've heard it is possible.. but I'm not sure how. There are cases I've read that it's even possible for some personalities to know what's going on with the 'active' personality.."

JH: "..It's really strange.. but.. why did I end up having this condition?"

TY: "..."
MN: "..I'm not sure too.. It's probably because of the car crash."

JH: "I guess so.."

MN: "We'll help you out, unnie. Don't worry."

JH: "..I have one last question, Minari."

MN: "Sure."

JH: "Is it possible.. for that other me.. to return again?"

MN: "Yes. It depends.."
JH: "Depend on what?"

MN: "..Depend on you, that personality, or whatever may happen in the world.. It's like when someone is in trouble, there's a rush of adrenaline which makes one do something they usually can't.. or if you end up in fear of something, you would also hide.."
JH: "..I think I understand now.. Thanks, Mina. I'm glad you know about these things."

MN: "You're welcome, unnie."

Jeongyeon and Sana went out of the restroom.

JY: "Umm, hey guys. Can I ask for a request from all of you? Especially you, Jihyo."

JH: "Oh? What is it?"
JY: "Well, it's about our other friends. They don't know yet that you're back. I just think that it would be best that you will be the one to tell it to them instead of us."

JH: "Hmm, I guess we have to consider that."

SN: "Yeah! At least they'll understand you easily too."
JH: "Alright, I guess that's fine."

JY: "Great. We'll start with Chaeyoung. We need to make rounds in the campus for the festival. We can tell everybody that way."

JH: "Sounds good then."

JY: "Alright. I'll head home now. Tomorrow's going to be busy."

JH: "See you, Jeong."
Jeongyeon packed up and left.

SN: "Should we go home now too, Jihyo?"

JH: "Sure. So, we'll see you around tomorrow, Mina, Tzuyu."

TY: "See you, unnie."

MN: "Take care you two."

Sana and Jihyo left. Mina and Tzuyu were quiet. After a few minutes, Tzuyu spoke to Mina.
TY: "..Unnie, why did you lie to Jihyo-unnie?"

MN: "..."

TY: "We could've told her what happened.."

MN: "..Some things are better off this way for now, Tzuyu.. It's a white lie."

TY: "..."

MN: "..We don't want her to become depressed again."

TY: "..I just think we had to.."
MN: "Tzuyu, a lot of things heal over with time.. this is one of them.."

TY: "..But there are also things that become better if we don't let time pass for a long time.."

MN: "..That's true.. But unnie's condition is not that.."

TY: "Really?"

MN: "..Yes."
TY: "..."

MN: "Tzuyu, I know.. that you love our unnie a lot.."

TY: "..What? How.. how did you.."

MN: "I see you everyday.. You don't talk much, but your behavior gives you away."

TY: "..You're scary, Mina-unnie."

Mina giggled.

MN: "I wouldn't say scary. Maybe.. observant."
TY: "..I'll go up now, unnie. Thank you for today."

MN: "Rest well, Tzuyu. I'll be leaving in a bit."

Tzuyu went up her room.

TY: (Jihyo-unnie is back.. but how did she return?)

She opened her room and was greeted by Gucci and played with her.

TY: (Unnie.. I love you..)
Tzuyu looked at her photo with Jihyo.

TY: (..I guess it works for me that Nayeonie won't know yet that she's back. Sana-unnie seems to care for her a lot though.. and Jeongyeonie likely knows it too since Nayeonie broke up with her. I have to move before she finds out..)
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Sana and Jihyo are on their way home.

JH: "By the way, Sana.."

SN: "Yes?"

JH: "I noticed earlier, you had a lot of things in my apartment. Does that mean you have been staying with me?"

SN: "Ah, y-yes! Umm, does that bother you?"

JH: "Not really, but I'm thankful!"
SN: "Eh?"

JH: "Well, Jeongyeon told me earlier too, you were the one who watched over me when I was unconscious and you didn't leave the hospital too. You also stayed with me all this time. I owe a lot to you!"

SN: "N-no, it's okay! Ehehe."

JH: "Will you also stay for today?"
SN: "..Do you want me to?"

JH: "Sure! You can always stay over, Sana. I think I'd also be more comfortable that way. It feels like I've travelled for some time and a lot of things happened that I don't know of."

SN: "O-okay!"

JH: "I owe you big time so just ask me anything!"
SN: "..I'll think about it~"

JH: "Alright, let's head home!"

The two finally arrived at Jihyo's apartment.

JH: "Let's get some rest now."

SN: "Okay, I'll get changed."

While Sana was changing, Jihyo saw her notebook again. She picked it up and look at the back page.
Soon after, Sana got out of the bathroom. Her heart ached upon seeing that Jihyo looking at the notebook again.

JH: "By the way, Sana.. How are Nayeon and the others doing?"

SN: "..They're doing okay.."

JH: "I see.. tomorrow's a big day, and I guess I still have my recital."
SN: "..Yeah."

JH: "You'll have a performance with Momo too, right? I'm looking forward to that."

SN: "Thanks!"

JH: "I'll get changed now."

Jihyo took her clothes and got changed in the bathroom. Sana's smile slowly faded away. She's afraid right now, afraid of the future.
SN: (Do I.. have to go on with this.. constant fear? A fear that I'd lose Jihyo? I.. don't want that to happen.. What..what should I do?)

Jihyo got out of bathroom. She noticed Sana looks sad.

JH: "..Are you okay, Sana?"

Jihyo moved closer to Sana.

JH: "Is something wrong?"
SN: "..N-nothing, Jihyo.."

Sana started to have watery eyes.

SN: "I..I'm just afraid of losing you.."

Jihyo hugged Sana.

JH: "..Don't worry, Sana. You won't lose me."

SN: "..Yeah." (No, Jihyo.. not losing you because you'll switch again.. but losing you because of Nayeon..)
JH: "You're very sweet, Sana. I'm glad I was able to meet you."

SN: "You too, Jihyo.."

JH: "Come on. Let's sleep now."

SN: "Thanks, Jihyo. Goodnight."

They both tucked in and got some rest for the night. The following day, Sana woke up early. She took a looked Jihyo sleeping.
SN: (..I.. I really love you, Jihyo. But saying it to you right now will make things harder for you. Your well-being will always come first for me. I don't want you to sacrifice your feelings anymore. I'll be here to always support you.)

JH: "..Huh? Sana? Is it morning already?"
SN: "Yeah. Good morning, Jihyo."

JH: "Good morning. What time is it?"

SN: "Umm, about 8am."

JH: "Okay. Come on, let's prepare for today."

Sana smiled.

SN: "..Yeah!"

The two of them got ready. Went on their way to school and arrived on time.

SN: (We didn't see Nayeonie.)
JH: "I guess I'll head to the council now. See you later, Sana!"

SN: "See you, Jihyo!"

Sana went to her class. On the other hand, Jihyo went to the SSC room to meet up with Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung. Upon arriving, the two were already there.

CY: "Good morning, unnie!"
JY: "Yo, Jihyo."

JH: "Good morning! How's our baby tiger?"

CY: "..Huh? Unnie, did you just call me.."

JH: "I'm glad to see you again, Chae! Let me explain.."

Jihyo explained everything to Chaeyoung.

JH: "..And that's about it."

JY: "Sorry, Chae. I wanted Jihyo to say it."
CY: "So that's what you meant about a big surprise.. Welcome back, unnie!"

JH: "Thanks! So, shall we get started?"

JY: "Alright. So, it's going to take some time to go over every place. We'll need to split. You and Chae will go to the Fine Arts and Performing arts building."
JH: "Alright."

CY: "How about you, Jeongyeon-unnie?"

JY: "I'll handle the Science and Communication Arts buildings for today."

JH: "Sounds good then."

JY: (Great. This way, Nayeon won't be able to see her too.) "Alright. Let's get going."

The three of them separated ways.
Jihyo and Chaeyoung started with the Fine Arts building. They had more of an exhibit which showed a lot of various types of painting and photography. Jihyo asked a few questions to Chaeyoung while looking around.

JH: "By the way Chae, how was the other me to you guys?"
CY: "Hmm, she talks more casually than you, and she also sounds serious most of the time."

JH: "..Does that mean, I'm not serious for you?"

CY: "Ah, n-no I mean-"

JH: "Just kidding! Don't worry. I'm just teasing you."

CY: "Ah! Don't do that unnie!"

JH: "I just missed you!"
CY: "..I missed that too. I thought you won't ever come back."

JH: "..Well, I'm here now. It's what matters right? Like I told you before when we met each other, what's important is now, not yesterday."

CY: "..Yes!"

JH: "Come on. Let's check everything else."
Chaeyoung was happy that Jihyo is back. She's the reason why she chose to join the student council as she looked up to her. They finished up everything there in about two hours.

At the same time Jeongyeon was checking out the Science building and their preparations.
There were a lot of things to see like games, exhibits, as well as food stalls. Everything was looking fine and following guidelines. Her last stop was from the Psychology department which happens to be Mina's class. Jeongyeon looked at what they're doing which seems like a cafè.
JY: "Mina.."

Jeongyeon just observed Mina helping out build up their stall. In about a minute, Mina was able to see her, and she smiled. Jeongyeon smiled back and approached them.

JY: "So.. how are things here?"

MN: "We're doing fine, unnie. Everyone's working hard."
JY: "Great to know that."

MN: "Would you like to see our floor plan and proposal?"

JY: "..Nah, I trust you. Can I talk with you for a bit though?"

MN: "Sure."

JY: "Thanks."

They both went to the end of the corridor by the staircase.

MN: "What would you like to talk about?"
JY: "It's about yesterday.."

MN: "Oh, about Jihyo-unnie's return?"

JY: "Yeah, what do you think about it?"

MN: "I understand what you're trying to do.. it's for her to avoid Nayeon-unnie, right?"

JY: "Yeah, for now."

MN: "But she'll know about the truth soon."

JY: "How?"
MN: "I'm not sure. But it's probably better that she learns about it when you're around, not just between the two of them."

JY: "I see.. Thanks, Mina."

MN: "Unnie.."

JY: "Huh?"

MN: "..Don't rush it. She might end up hurt even more."

JY: "..I understand. See you."
Jeongyeon went to the Comm. Arts building. She decided to check on Nayeon's class first. They were doing a kind of play for the event. However, Nayeon wasn't there. She asked one of her classmates about her.

S: "Oh, she said she'll go to the Performing Arts building for a bit."
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JY: "Ah! I see. T-thanks!" (Why did she have to go there!? They might see each other. I need to go there now!)

Jeongyeon hurried to the Performing Arts building. Meanwhile, Jihyo and Chaeyoung just arrived there.

JH: "Hey, Chae. What do you say we split up our inspection?"
CY: "What do you mean, unnie?"

JH: "I'll check the ground and 2nd floor. You take care of the 3rd and 4th floor."

CY: "Are you sure?"

JH: "Of course! I trust your judgement."

CY: "Okay!"

JH: "Alright. I'll see you later at the SSC room!"

Jihyo and Chaeyoung split up.
Chaeyoung took the elevator to go directly to the third floor, while Jihyo started on the western part of the building. As she expected, majority will be conducting plays or performances to showcase the talents in the university. Everything seems to be normal so far.
She went up the 2nd floor through the western staircase. There were people who were practicing with their instruments here. It's pretty lively considering the noise made by these various instruments. People noticed the student council president and are greeting her cheerfully.
She moved now to the eastern part of the building. She's very familiar with the area because this is where Sana and Momo's classroom is. The students in this area are all about dancing and acting, the synchronization of the students dancing and acting are great.
She finally reached Sana and Momo's classroom. She took a peek inside.

JH: "..Huh? They're not here? Excuse me, have you seen Sana and Momo?"

S: "Oh, they might be at the dance hall downstairs."

JH: "I see. Thanks!" (I'll go down once I finish up everything needed here.)
Meanwhile, Sana and Momo just finished their 5th run.

SN: "AH! I'm tired!"

MM: "Let's take a break then. I'll grab some food for us first."

SN: "Okay!"

Momo left the dance hall. While waiting, Sana did some stretching. After a few minutes, someone knocked on the door.
SN: "Eh? Is that you Momo? Just come in."

The door opened and it wasn't Momo that Sana saw.

SN: "..W-what.. what are you doing here?"

NY: "..I came here to talk, Sana.."

SN: "There's nothing to talk about!"

NY: "There is. You're making me avoid Jihyo and now's a good time."
SN: "..I don't know what you want, unnie. But if this is about Jihyo, please leave her alone!"

NY: "..And what? No longer let the real Jihyo return to us? I'm not just going to let her disappear knowing how much she did for me!"

SN: "Are you saying the other Jihyo isn't real!?"
NY: "She's someone who shouldn't exist.. If not for me, she's not supposed to be existing right now."

SN: "She's still Jihyo. Don't say that to her! You'll hurt her feelings!"

NY: "But if she disappears, there's no need to hold on such feelings right? That's why.."

SN: "..."
NY: "..Please stay away from Jihyo."

SN: "..No."

NY: "Let me do my part, Sana. Everything will be back to normal once she recovers. You'll have your best friend again."

SN: "..You don't understand."

Sana started tearing up.

NY: "No, it's you who is confused right--"
SN: "It's you who doesn't! Regardless of who she is right now, JIHYO HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR ME! AND I DON'T WANT HER TO GET HURT ANYMORE!"

Suddenly, someone came rushing in the dance hall.

JH: "Sana! I heard you scream. Are you alright? Huh? Nayeon? What are you doing here?"
SN: "N-no.."

NY: "Jihyo.. you're here. Please listen to me!"

JH: "Huh?"

SN: "NO! DON'T!"

Suddenly, someone also arrived.

MM: "Yooo, Jihyo-ssi! You're back to normal? Oh Nayeonie's here too. What's going on?"

NY: "..Huh? Back to.. normal?"

SN: "..Eh?"

JH: "What? How did.."
MM: "Eh? I saw you rushing here. You had a very worried look. Dark Jihyo doesn't make that face. You also ran like a girl. Or was I imagining it?"

JH: "Dark Jihyo? N-no. You're right. T-that's amazing Momo! I didn't expect you'd notice!"

MM: "Hey! What's that supposed to mean?"
Sana felt relieved that Momo suddenly came to distract them. She smiled for a bit, but soon realized that Nayeon now knows it as well. Sana got worried.

NY: "B-but.. how.."

JH: "So much for a surprise.. well yeah. Just to tell you two. I'm back to normal. For now, I guess."
NY: "..I don't understand. How?"

JH: "Sorry for making you worry. I don't really know too. To be honest I can't recall much prior to the car crash or even why. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it. I want to know too, but for now, I'm just glad to be back to you all."
NY: "..."

MM: "You didn't notice?"

SN: (..I guess Nayeonie got shocked that Jihyo is back to normal. But she could still tell the truth..)

NY: "..Welcome back, Jihyo.."

Nayeon was crying.

JH: "Wha- wait! Don't cry Nayeonie. Everything's fine."

Jihyo moved closer to Nayeon.
NY: "I..I missed you.."

Nayeon suddenly hugged Jihyo. Sana saw this and she felt a strong heartache. What's worse is that Jihyo hugged her back. As much as she wanted to separate the two, it would only make Jihyo hate her.

SN: "..."

MM: "Hooo~ this is interesting~"
NY: "..Jihyo, I have something to tell you.."

SN: (Huh? NO!)

JH: "What is it Nayeonie?"

MM: "Eh?"

Suddenly, someone else came rushing in the dance hall. Everybody got distracted and looked at who is at the door.

JY: "Ah! N-Nayeon! I finally found you!"

NY: "Huh?"
JY: "Uh, y-your class is looking for you right now. Come on, let's go!"

NY: "Ah!"

Jeongyeon grabbed Nayeon's hand and rushed again outside of the dance hall.

MM: "What was that about?"

JH: "Uhh, I don't know."

SN: (Thank you, Jeongyeonie..)

JH: "Whew. Are you alright Sana?"
SN: "Umm, yeah. Thanks, Jihyo."

Jihyo helped Sana stand up.

MM: "Hooo~ maybe I'll get more food."

SN: "M-Momo!"

JH: "Huh?"

SN: "I'm okay now, let's continue!"

MM: "..What? You haven't even eaten yet."

SN: "Ah, y-yeah!"

MM: "Here you go."

Momo tossed her the sandwich.
JH: "..I guess I'm done for today. Good luck with your rehearsals!"

SN: "Ah, Jihyo.."

JH: "Hmm?"

SN: "Can you go pick me up later once we're finished?"

MM: "Hooo~"

JH: "Sure. I'll head back to the SSC room for now. See you later!"

SN: "Thanks! See you!"

Jihyo left the two.
MM: "That was a nice drama Sa-tang!"

SN: "..."

MM: "Oh, quiet now? Are you angry?"

Sana walked towards Momo and hugged her.

MM: "H-hey, what are you doing?"

SN: "..Thank you, Momo.."

MM: "Sa-tang, you know I don't like cheesy stuff except food. Save that for Jihyo-ssi."
Meanwhile, Jeongyeon dragged Nayeon to the park.

NY: "L-let go of me!"

Jeongyeon let go of her.

JY: "..."

NY: "What do you think you're doing!?"

JY: "..You'll only hurt Jihyo if you do that."

NY: "..I'm starting to hate you more.."

JY: "..Are you sure?"

NY: "..Huh?"
JY: "Do you hate me?"

NY: "..You're just annoying."

JY: "..Good then. At least I'm getting your attention."

NY: "Shut up.."

JY: "Jihyo's back.. that's whats important right? But really, I want something else though.."

NY: "..Huh?"

JY: "..I'll make you confess to me again."
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NY: "S-shut up! I..I'm in love with Jihyo!"

Nayeon blushed.

JY: "Say what you want. Just don't make a mistake about confessing to Jihyo.. I'll go now."

Jeongyeon left.

NY: "..Idiot."

Meanwhile, back at the dance hall.

SN: *sigh*

MM: "You okay?"

SN: "..Yeah. Just tired."
MM: "We could rest more you know."

SN: "No, I mean.. All these things happening right now is draining me."

MM: "Oh, about Jihyo?"

SN: "Yeah."

MM: "Are you giving up?"

SN: "Huh? No!"

MM: "Then when will you act?"

SN: "Eh?"

MM: "You know. Confess to Jihyo-ssi."
SN: "Ah! B-but why?"

MM: "Because you might lose. I noticed Nayeonie towards her. It looks like she broke up with Jeongie for Jihyo-ssi."

SN: "Eh? You knew?"

MM: "Yeah I just saw them yesterday. Jeongie was smooching her by force, but Nayeonie liked it though hehehe. She tou-"
SN: "T-t-that's enough details Momo!"

MM: "Anyway, based on what they said it looks like they broke up. That's why I think Nayeonie's actions earlier were fishy."

SN: "..I see."

MM: "So, you aren't going to do anything?"

SN: "..."

MM: "..Nothing?"

SN: "..I want to, but.."
MM: "..But again. That's why you're stuck with just being friends all this time."

SN: "..It's not that I don't want to confess to Jihyo, but I'm afraid of losing her.."

MM: "But what if Jihyo-ssi likes Nayeonie too? You'll still lose her."

SN: "..."

MM: "It's so obvious.."
SN: "Eh?"

MM: "Which is more important to you? Your friendship or your love for her?"

SN: "..My love for her."

MM: "Then that's it. It's like you choose between two restaurants, you pick the one you really like, right?"

Sana finally smiled.

SN: "..You're right, Momo."
MM: "..Good. Then make Momo proud later!"

SN: "L-l-later!?"

MM: "Yeah? Why waste time?"

SN: "I can't bring it up all of a sudden!"

MM: "..Why not?"

SN: "Uhh, let's see.. y-you need the right timing! Like.. you can't eat unless you're hungry, right?"

MM: "..Oh.. right!"
SN: "But I definitely have the courage now. Thanks Momo!"

MM: "You owe me dinner then?"

SN: "Ehh?.. Fine."

Meanwhile, Jihyo is back at the SSC room.

JH: (..What was that all about? It felt like they were hiding something from me.. Is it about my accident?)
Jihyo thought deeply why everything happened so far.

JH: (I'm getting curious of what happened.. Sana was almost crying, Nayeonie wanted to tell me something.. and Jeong suddenly appearing and dragging Nayeonie outside.. Huh? Jeong and Nayeonie? Am I.. forgetting something?)
In a few minutes, Chaeyoung arrived.

CY: "Oh, you're already here, unnie?"

JH: "Ah, yeah. It went smoothly. So how was it?"

CY: "It's pretty fine. I got back late because I was chatting with Dahyunie for some time."

JH: "I see. That's okay. Uh, Chae I have a question.."
CY: "Yes?"

JH: "..Is there something between Nayeonie and Jeong?"

CY: "..Umm, I'm not sure if there's anything else. They just became a couple about two weeks ago, right?"

JH: "..Huh?"

CY: "Though I don't see them hanging out recently.."

JH: "..I..I see.."

CY: "Why, unnie?"
JH: "Ah, n-nothing Chae. Actually I saw Jeong come to our building earlier and dragged Nayeonie outside."

CY: "Nayeonie was in the Performing Arts building?"

JH: "..Yeah. Anyway, thanks for telling me!"

CY: "Sure!"

JH: (So.. Nayeonie and Jeong are.. in a relationship?)
Jihyo started to have a headache.

CY: "..Unnie?"

JH: "..Yes?"

CY: "Why are you crying?"

JH: "..Huh!?"

Jihyo noticed that she has a teardrop on her left eye.

JH: "Ah.. m-might be some dust! Sorry."

CY: "Oh, sorry unnie. I haven't cleaned up recently."

JH: "N-no it's fine!"
JH: (S-so, is it true? Tears suddenly came out without me knowing..)

Jihyo wiped her tears. In a few minutes, Jeongyeon came in.

JY: "..Sorry I'm late."

JH: "Ah,'s alright!"

CY: "What happened, unnie?"

JY: "Uhh, Nayeon's class needed her so I had to find her.."
CY: "Oh, so we still need to check the Comm. Arts building?"

JY: "Yeah. Sorry.. Can you come with me, Chae?"

CY: "Oh, okay."

JH: "Shouldn't I come too? We'll finish things faster that way."

JY: "Ah, I just thought you might be tired or something."

JH: "..I..I'm fine."
CY: "Are you sure, unnie? You don't look well."

JY: "It's okay, Jihyo. Just leave it to us."

JH: "..Okay. I'll wait for you guys."

CY: "See you later."

JY: "We'll be back."

Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung left.

JH: "..Are they making me avoid Nayeon? Are they.. really together?"
Jihyo slowly realized all the things that has been going on. She's back. Everyone is there, but she felt alone. She wants to know what's going on, why these things are happening and what she must she do. Hearing that Nayeon and Jeongyeon were dating was a big shock for her.
JH: (I..I want to know.. No.. I need to know. Agh! This headache is killing me.. maybe I'll head to the infirmary for now..)

Meanwhile, Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung were on their way to the Comm. Arts building.

JY: "..Say, Chae.. Did Jihyo ask you anything?"

CY: "Huh? About what?"
JY: "..About what's going on recently?"

CY: "She just asked how I was doing, and also about you."

JY: "Like what?"

CY: "She asked if there's something between you and Nayeon-unnie."

JY: "Huh!? What did you say?"

CY: "I said I only know you became a couple two weeks ago."
JY: "WHAT!?"

CY: "C-calm down, unnie! Is something wrong?"

JY: "Ah.. sorry. I guess it's important you know too.. we.. actually broke up.. a few days ago."

CY: "WHAT!?"

JY: "Calm down."

CY: "S-sorry."

JY: "..It's a long story.. but is it okay if I tell it to you next time?"
CY: "Y-yeah. Sorry to hear that, unnie."

JY: "It's okay. Uhh, if you don't mind Chae, I'll go back to Jihyo first. Can you handle the inspection for now?

CY: "Oh, sure."

JY: "Thanks! See you."

Jeongyeon rushed to the SSC room.

JY: (Jihyo.. Please let everything be fine!)
Jeongyeon checked the SSC room but it was empty.

JY: (What!? Where could she have gone to? Jihyo, please don't do anything reckless!)

Meanwhile, Jihyo was on her way to the infirmary.

JH: (What's.. happening.. This headache is killing me.. I need help.. someone.. help me..)
Jihyo wasn't looking at where she was walking. She accidentally bumped into someone.

JH: "Ah!.. S-sorry.."

??: "..Are you okay, unnie?"

JH: "..Huh?"

Jihyo looked up to see who she bumped to.

TY: "Do you need help?"

JH: "Tzuyu.. can we.. talk for a bit?"

TY: "Sure, unnie."
Tzuyu helped her stand up. They both sat down at a nearby bench.

JH: "..Thanks."

TY: "What's wrong, unnie?"

JH: "I.. I just feel lost.. there's so many things happening that I don't know of.."

TY: "..."

JH: "Please tell me the truth, Tzuyu.. why did I.. get this illness?"
TY: "..It was Nayeonie and Jeongyeonie."

JH: "You mean.."

TY: "You got depressed when they became a couple."

JH: "..So it's true.."

TY: "..I tried to help you.. I didn't want to see you hurt.."

JH: "..Huh?"

Tzuyu moved closer and hugged Jihyo.

TY: "..Unnie, stay with me.."
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JH: "..What do you mean? Stay.. with you?"

TY: "..I know you're in love with Nayeonie, but she has Jeongyeon-unnie now. Holding on to your feelings will only hurt yourself."

JH: "..How.. how did you.."

TY: "I promise I won't leave you, unnie.."

JH: "..You won't?"

TY: "Yes."
Tzuyu let go of her hug to Jihyo and started to move her head closer to Jihyo's. Jihyo was dizzy, unable to think straight as to realizing her long time unrequited love is already taken. She doesn't even realize Tzuyu was about to kiss her.

JH: (If Nayeon's gone.. then.. what?)

Suddenly, Jihyo's phone rang and she snapped out of her daze.

JH: "Ah!.. What? Who?"

Jihyo checked her phone and saw that it was Sana.

JH: "Oh! Sana. Hello?"

SN: "Jihyooo, are you done today?"

TY: "..."

JH: "Oh, I'm just waiting for Jeong and Chae.. Why?"
SN: "Momo said we're done for today~ I was thinking if we could hang out now."

JH: "Oh, I guess it's fine. I'll just message them that I'll be with you. Oh, Tzuyu would you like to come?"

SN: "Oh, you're with Tzuyu?"

JH: "Yeah.. I wanted to go to the infirmary then I met her."

JH: "Ah! Not so loud Sana. I'm a bit okay now. Sorry."

SN: "That's not good! We'll go the infirmary too. You and Tzuyu wait there!"

JH: "No, it's--"

Sana dropped the call.

JH: "Geez. She just does what she wants. Sorry, Tzuyu."
TY: "..It's okay."

JH: "Are you done today? Should we go to the infirmary?"

TY: "..Yes."

JH: "Alright let's go. To be honest, that talk with Sana made me feel a bit better.. I don't know why."

TY: (..Sana-unnie.. you're getting in my way.. You won't stop me from confessing..)
JH: "So.. it's real huh.. I guess.. a lot happened that I can't remember."

TY: "..Yes."

JH: "Tzuyu.. what did you mean by.. you tried to help me?"

TY: "..I helped you feel better.. You were really sad and didn't talk to anyone."

JH: "I see.. I guess.. I was really miserable."
TY: "..."

JH: "It still kind of hurts to know.. but I guess knowing you helped me out too makes me feel better. Thanks, Tzuyu!"

TY: "It's more than just help, unnie.."

Tzuyu stopped walking.

JH: "..What do you mean? Huh? Why did you stop?"

TY: "Unnie.. please listen to me.."
JH: "Huh?"

TY: "For the longest time, I have been always watching you from behind.. seeing you smile, happy, sad, get hurt, and cry.. It's painful to look from afar.. I.. I don't want to always be behind you.. I'm tired of it. This time, I want to be beside you.. Jihyo-unnie.."
JH: "..Tzuyu.. what are you--"

Tzuyu walked closer to Jihyo with her eyes locked in only a few centimeters away from each other.

TY: "I want you.. to forget about a painful past.. and look forward on a brighter future.. someone who can't even look at you doesn't deserve you.."
JH: "Tzuyu.."

Tzuyu gently touched Jihyo's face and she uttered the words she held back for so long.

TY: "..I love you, Jihyo-unnie. Please go out with me."

JH: "..."

The air was silent, nobody was close by, other than two people who heard everything that Tzuyu said.
These two people rushed to the infirmary as one of the two was very worried as to what happened to her beloved. They were by the building corner and heard every single word utttered.

SN: (..W-wha..what's going on?)

Sana was trembling horribly. Momo saw she's about to breakdown.
SN: (What..what are they..doing? Tzuyu.. con..fessed? She..loves Jihyo? Why is she.. kissing Jihyo?.. Why..why is Jihyo.. not.. resisting..)

Sana can't control hear tears from falling. Momo saw Sana is starting to lose herself, so she decided to do something about the situation.

Momo kicked Sana from behind. She fell and dropped face first on the snowy concrete, getting exposed to Tzuyu and Jihyo. Sana's scream distracted the two of them.

JH: "S-Sana!?"

MM: "Haha! I told you to not run too fast because you'll trip. You're so clumsy!"
SN: "Momo! Why did you-"

MM: "WHAT? NOT HELP YOU? You were faster than me I can't catch you!"

SN: "Ah..y-yeah I guess. It's my fault. Hahaha."

MM: "Uhh, Sa-tang."

SN: "Eh?"

MM: "Your nose is bleeding.."

SN: "Ah!"

JH: "Sana! Are you okay!?"

Jihyo ran past Tzuyu.

TY: "..."
SN: "I-I'm fine. Let's get you to the infirmary!"

JH: "Are you crazy? It's you who needs to go there now. Come on!"

Jihyo supported Sana by her right shoulder.

MM: "Hoo~"

JH: "Can you help me, Momo?"

MM: "Okay~"

SN: "I-I'm fine!"

JH: "Say that later. Let's go there first!"
They were walking and as soon as they are in front of Tzuyu..

TY: "..Unnie, I just remembered something I have to do.. Let's continue later.."

JH: "..Oh, okay. S-see you, Tzuyu.."

SN: "..."

Tzuyu whispered to Jihyo.

MM: "Hooo~"

TY: *whisper* "I will wait for your answer.."
SN: "..Ah! It's starting to hurt!"

JH: "Huh!? H-hang on Sana!"

Jihyo and Momo rushed to take Sana to the infirmary.

TY: (Sana-unnie.. You're starting to annoy me.)

Jihyo had Sana checked by the nurse.

N: "..It doesn't look major. Just a bad fall. You'll be okay by tomorrow."
JH: "Good to hear that.."

SN: "Umm, miss nurse? Can you also check Jihyo? She said she has a bad headache.."

N: "Oh? Let's see.."

JH: "Ah, n-no I'm fine now.. see?"

N: "She seems normal. But here's some medicine just in case."

JH: "T-thanks!"

SN: "B-but.."

JH: "I'm okay!"
MM: "Hooo~"

SN: "M-Momo!"

MM: "Maybe it's best you two rest here for now~"

JH: "Huh? Are you leaving?"

MM: "Ah, yeah I forgot something in our classroom. See ya!"

SN: "W-wait, Momo!"

Momo closed the door and left. Soon after, Sana received a message from her.

SN: "..."

JH: "Who messaged you?"

SN: "Ah.. n-nothing important.."

N: "Excuse me you two, I'll just need to visit one class. Take your time to rest."

JH: "Thanks, miss."

The nurse left. Only Jihyo and Sana were there. The air was so silent. Both wanted to speak to the other.
JH&SN: "Umm..ah!"

JH: "Y-you first, Sana.."

SN: "N-no. Please.. go ahead.."

JH: "No, really.. go ahead."

Both were very shy to speak to the other. Finally, Sana spoke.

SN: "..Is your headache really gone?"

JH: "Yeah. I'm not really sure why, but I think it's thanks to you."
SN: "Eh? W-what do you mean?"

JH: "..I guess I just felt better when I heard your voice."

Sana felt something warm in her heart.

JH: "I have a question though.. why did you all.. not tell me about Nayeonie and Jeong's relationship?"

Sana's feeling of warmth turned into pain.
SN: "..Eh?"

JH: "I learned it from Chae and Tzuyu.."

SN: "Jihyo.. because we wanted to find a way to bring you back.. we figured that the reason for your illness.. was their relationship.."

JH: "..I see."

SN: "..We didn't want you to get depressed again.. I'm really sorry.."
JH: "It's okay."

SN: (It might be better if I say it to her.) "..They broke up recently."

JH: "Huh? Why?"

SN: "It was Nayeonie. She.. wasn't sure of her feelings anymore."

JH: "I see.."

SN: "..Can I ask you something?"

JH: "Hmm?"

SN: "..Do you have..feelings for Nayeonie?"
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JH: "..Sana.."

SN: "..It's okay if you don't want to answer."

JH: "..No, it's okay. I guess it was wrong of me to just keep everything and not tell my best friend about it.."

SN: (..Best friend.. It's a nice word. But it always stings..)

JH: "..Yes, I was in love with her.."
SN: (..Was? So..)

JH: "To be honest.. I don't know now.. I'm confused.. I like her. When you guys told me her and Jeong were a couple, I felt sad.. but knowing they broke up too makes me feel somewhat relieved.."

SN: "..I see." (..Is she confused?)

JH: "..But despite that.."
SN: "Eh?"

JH: "..It feels like I don't want to pursue it anymore.."

SN: "..What do you mean?"

JH: "..Maybe it was wrong of me.. to only stick with the past. There's a lot of people around me. I shouldn't just be fixated on looking only at Nayeon, right?"

SN: "Y-yeah.."
JH: "I realized this when Tzuyu talked to me."

SN: "..Oh." (I didn't expect.. that she's in love with Jihyo too.. She confessed.. and they..kissed..right?)

JH: "Can I tell you more, Sana? I just want to let things out now."

SN: "Eh? S-sure."

JH: "Thanks, it's about earlier.."
SN: (..I really don't want to hear it..)

JH: "Tzuyu confessed to me.."

SN: "..Oh."

JH: "I..I really didn't expect it..she said so many sweet things.. and it somewhat.. felt good."

Sana wanted to cry, but she held back everything, or it's just that she cried too much already.
SN: (..I also wanted to say those things to you Jihyo.. but I guess.. I was too scared.. this is what I deserve..) "..That's good then."

JH: "But.."

SN: "..Eh?"

JH: "I wasn't able to respond to her.."

SN: "..Didn't you kiss?.."

JH: "Kiss? What do you mean?"

SN: "N-nothing!"
Sana was confused.

SN: (..They didn't kiss each other? Was it.. just the angle? I thought they kissed.. whew.)

JH: "But yeah, I couldn't respond to her.."

SN: "..Why?"

JH: "I guess I didn't expect it.. and I didn't really see her as a lover.. more like a little sister."
Sana felt relieved to hear this from Jihyo.

SN: "I..I see."

JH: "..Do you think we match well?"

SN: "Eh? N-no I-I don't think so.."

JH: "Yeah I guess.. I need to talk to her eventually and tell her how I feel right now.."

SN: "..Will you be more distant to Tzuyu?"
JH: "I don't know.. Maybe? I just don't think things will be as comfortable as they used to when we hang out for now.."

SN: "I see." (That makes me even more scared to confess to you Jihyo.)

JH: "But I know things will get better eventually. Who knows we might become a couple?"
SN: "Ah, y-yeah!"

JH: "Thanks for the talk, Sana. I think I feel a bit better now."

SN: "S-sure!"

JH: "I promise I'll be more open to you too!"

SN: "..Yeah." (Am I.. stuck on being.. just a best friend?)

Suddenly, Jihyo's phone rang.

JH: "Ah, sorry wait.. oh, Jeong?"
Jihyo answered her phone.

JH: "Hello?"

JY: "Jihyo! Where are you!?"

JH: "I'm.. at the infirmary with Sana. Why?"

JY: "Infirmary!? Why?"

JH: "I'm fine.. just a headache. Then Sana also tripped and got a nosebleed."

JY: *sigh* "Okay. Good to know."

JH: "Are you okay?"
JY: "Yeah. I was just worried you disappeared here."

JH: "Oh, don't worry about it. But rather, I have a favor to ask.."

JY: "What is it?"

JH: "Can you and Chae go here once you are done?"

JY: "..Alright. Just stay there. I'll wait for Chae to come back."

JH: "See you then."
Jihyo dropped the call.

SN: "Why do you suddenly want to meet them?"

JH: "I just want to hear from Jeongyeon too.. hearing that they broke up kinda hurts for me you know."

SN: "I guess so.."

Meanwhile, Tzuyu was just sitting by one of the benches thinking what has happened.
TY: (I already said my part to Jihyo-unnie.. I just need her answer. However..)

Tzuyu remembered that Sana interrupted her twice and could have ruined her biggest chances.

TY: (Sana-unnie.. I need you to stay away from Jihyo-unnie.)

??: "Tzuyu?"

Tzuyu looked behind her.
DH: "What are you doing here?"

TY: "Dahyunie. Just thinking."

DH: "Oh? Mind if I sit with you?"

TY: "..Okay."

Dahyun sat down with Tzuyu.

DH: "So.. what are you thinking about?"

TY: "..."

DH: "You know, Tzuyu.. we don't talk much, but it's also good if you let things out."
TY: "..."

DH: "Why do you look down?"

TY: "Dahyunie.."

DH: "Hmm?"

TY: "Can you smile.. if the one you love the most doesn't smile because of you?"

DH: "..That's a deep one."

TY: "..Can you?"

DH: "Yeah! Why not?"

TY: "..Why?"

DH: "Hmm.. The Law of Attraction Tzuyu."
TY: "What's that?"

DH: "To put it simply, you attract people around you with thesimilar energy as you."

TY: "..So?"

DH: "Just continue to smile. You'll be able to reach out to that person's feelings."

TY: "..I see."

DH: "We're still young and you think about these things?"
TY: "..We can only live once, unnie."

DH: "Well, you have a point."

TY: "..Have you ever loved someone?"

DH: "Hmm? Of course!"

TY: "..I mean, loving someone that you'd do anything just to be with them?"

DH: "Well.. if you say it like that, I love our whole group."
TY: "How about for a life partner?"

DH: "..I guess that's something that I haven't thought about. Are you in love, Tzuyu?"

TY: "..Yes."

DH: "Oh, that's interesting! But I won't ask you who don't worry. So how are things with the two of you?"

TY: "..I want her to look at me.."
DH: "What do you mean?"

TY: "She still hasn't recognized my feelings.."

DH: "I see."

TY: "We are friends, but.. I don't want us to be just friends.. Instead of hiding and having a meaningless life, I'd rather try my hardest and fail because of something meaningful for me.."
DH: "..."

TY: "I won't give up, Dahyunie.."

DH: "..You're amazing Tzuyu."

TY: "Huh?"

DH: "You're very honest about your feelings. Not a lot of people are like you. I know that someday, you'll be able to reach that person's heart. I support you!"

TY: "..Thank you, unnie."
DH: "Alright!"

Dahyun stood up.

DH: "Shall we head to the cafè?"

Tzuyu smiled.

TY: "Okay."

Meanwhile at the infirmary. Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung arrived.

CY: "We're here, unnie. Are you both okay?"

JH: "Yeah, don't worry."

SN: "The nurse said I'll be okay by tomorrow."
JY: "Don't make us worry."

JH: "So, how was your inspection?"

CY: "All good, unnie. We'll just check the remaining buildings tomorrow."

JH: "Great. So anyway.. there's another reason I wanted to talk with all of you.."

JY: "Hmm? About what?"

JH: "..I know it already..Jeong."
JY: "..Yeah, I heard from Chae earlier.. I'm sorry."

JH: "No, I'm sorry too. I didn't know things like these would happen.. but let me explain a few more things that happened.."

JY: "Huh?"

Jihyo explained about Tzuyu's confession and what happened earlier.

JH: "Calm down.."

JY: "Unbelievable.."

JH: "But please, don't make things awkward around her."

SN: "..."

JY: "Alright."

SN: (Everything seems fine. But why do I.. feel empty? Despite Tzuyu's confession, she still cares about her.. Jihyo.. would it be the same if it were me?)
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The nurse came in the infirmary.

N: "Oh? There's a lot of you here. We'll be closing soon so try to pack up."

JH: "Ah, yes. Sorry."

CY: "Should we go now?"

JY: "Are you guys going to be okay?"

JH: "I'm fine. How about you, Sana?"

SN: "Umm, yeah."

JH: "Alright let's go."
The four of them left the building and just came out.

JY: "So, what do you guys wanna do?"

CY: "There's not much to do for now. Let's drop by the cafè."

JH: "..Can you guys go ahead?"

SN: "Eh? Why?"

JH: "I.. need to respond to Tzuyu."

SN: "..."

JY: "..Alright then."
SN: "..C-can I come with you?"

JH: "Huh? Why?"

SN: "..Please?"

JY: "..Why not? That way you can also have back up, right?"

JH: "I guess.."

JY: "Alright. We'll go ahead."

CY: "See you, unnie."

Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung left. Meanwhile, Jihyo sent Tzuyu a message.
JH: "There. I told her to go by the central fountain at the park. Let's wait there."

SN: "Okay."

Jihyo and Sana were walking to the park.

SN: "..Jihyo, what will you say to her?"

JH: "..I honestly don't know. If I say yes, I'd be lying to myself. If I say no she'd be hurt."
SN: "..But, isn't what you feel more important?"

JH: "..Huh?"

SN: "I..I feel bad that you always put others before yourself.."

JH: "..."

SN: "I mean.. if you want to move on from your feelings too with Nayeonie.. it isn't about finding someone to cover it for you.."
JH: "Sana.."

SN: "So.. please make a decision that will be for yourself too. I.. I don't want to see you hurt yourself anymore.."

JH: "..You.."

Jihyo giggled.

SN: "Eh?"

JH: "It's funny.. hearing this from you. I feel like I can make a better decision now, Sana. Thank you!"
SN: "Y-yeah! You're welcome."

Meanwhile, Tzuyu left Dahyun at the cafè upon receiving Jihyo's message. She's on her way to meet her. She met Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung on the way.

JY: (Tzuyu..) "Oh, hey! Where are you going?"

TY: "..I need to talk to someone."

CY: "Take care!"
Tzuyu went on her way.

JY: "..."

CY: "..I hope everything will be okay."

JY: "Me too."

CY: "..It feels like our friendships are about to break apart."

JY: "Let's believe in Jihyo."

CY: "Yeah."

Tzuyu headed to the cafè. There, she saw Jihyo waiting for her. However..
TY: (..Why is Sana-unnie here?)

JH: (Tzuyu's here..)

SN: (..Jihyo.. please..)

Tzuyu closed up her distance from the two.

JH: "Hi again, Tzuyu. Sorry to suddenly message you."

TY: "..It's okay. Can we talk now?.. Just the two of us."

JH: "..Yeah. Sana, can you wait here?"
SN: "..Okay."

Jihyo and Tzuyu left Sana by the fountain. They sat by a bench, not too far but not too close from her. Sana was just observing them from afar. It was a painful sight. She couldn't hear them, yet they look good together. The few minutes of talking seemed forever.
After around 15 minutes that didn't look like it was going to end, Sana saw that her dearest hugged Tzuyu, causing her to be in a weakened state. Afterwards, both Tzuyu and Jihyo stood up. Separating ways with the first one heading to the cafè, and the latter towards Sana.
As Jihyo approached, Sana became more and more tense about the situation.

SN: (..I want to know but I also don't want to know.. please.. please let everything be okay!)

Finally, Jihyo reached her.

JH: "Sorry it took awhile. Did you wait long?"

SN: "Ah, n-no. I'm okay.."
JH: "Okay, shall we get going then?"

SN: "Yeah."

Both of them walked in silence heading to the cafè. Sana wanted to ask about it, but she's afraid to hear something she didn't want to. Finally..

JH: "..I said I'm not ready.."

SN: "..Eh?"

JH: "..I didn't want to rush things."
SN: "..I..I see."

JH: "She was a bit persistent though. I told her that I want to sort out my feelings too. I don't even know how I'd feel once I face Nayeonie again."

SN: "Y-yeah."

JH: "..But I accepted one request from her."

SN: "..What request?"

JH: "A date on Saturday."
SN: "..EHHH!?"

JH: "Calm down, Sana."

SN: "B-but.."

JH: "Wait a sec. Actually, the reason why I did accept it is also for myself."

SN: "What do you mean?"

JH: "We aren't a couple, but I wanted to experience it. Going out with someone else to experience something different."
SN: "Ah.. I.. I see!"

JH: "Yeah, there's nothing to worry."

SN: "..You could've asked me.."

JH: "What do you mean?"

SN: "I..I mean, we could've dated instead of Tzuyu! Ahahaha!

JH: "Eh, but hanging out with you is too normal already."

SN: "..I guess." (Ouch, Jihyo.. ouch!)
JH: "Don't worry, I'll message you every now and then during the date."

SN: "..O-okay."

Both continued their stroll to the cafè. Jeongyeon, Mina, Dahyun and Chaeyoung were already there. Tzuyu just arrived while Sana and Jihyo are still on their way.

MN: "Oh, hi again Tzuyu."
TY: "Hi, unnie."

JY: "Come take a seat, Tzuyu."

TY: "..I'm a bit tired. I'll be in my room for now.."

DH: "Get plenty of rest, Tzuyu."

Tyuzu went up her room.

JY: "..How do you think it went?"

CY: "She didn't look so happy. So she probably got a no from Jihyo-unnie.."
In a bit, Sana and Jihyo arrived as well.

JH: "Hi, everyone. How are you all?"

MN: "Great seeing you, unnie."

JY: "Have a seat, Jihyo."

Sana and Jihyo took a seat.

DH: "Sorry, unnie. I've heard from them about it.. So.. how did it go?"

JH: "..Alright. Let me explain."
Meanwhile, Nayeon was about to exit the university. She passed by a tree and heard someone talk to her.

??: "You're heading home already?"

NY: "Huh?"

Upon looking by the tree. She saw the girl who interrupted her confession awhile ago.

NY: "Momo.."

MM: "It's so unlike you."
NY: "..What are you talking about?"

MM: "You've been avoiding hanging out with everyone."

NY: "It's not that I want to."

MM: "Then what?"

NY: "You won't understand.."

MM: "..That you like Jihyo?"

NY: "..H-how did you know?"

MM: "Haha! Got you! I didn't really know."
NY: "Momo! You sneaky-"

MM: "Hey, relax. That's so not you. It's just a guess because you act differently recently around her."

NY: *sigh*

MM: "You don't need to stay away from everyone. You're only making things harder for you."

NY: "..."

MM: "That's what friends are for."
Upon hearing this from Momo, Nayeon started to have watery eyes.

NY: "..It's not that I wanted to. I'm filled with guilt of everything happening.. I.. don't want to drag anyone else in this problems.."

MM: "..."

NY: "I know I've been a bad person.. Especially.. to Jeongyeon."
MM: "..Do you still love her?"

NY: "..Don't tell anyone.."

MM: "Hoo~ sure~"

NY: "..I'm.. honestly confused right now."

MM: "Ohh."

NY: "I'm.. on this one way trip of no going back. I do regret what I did to Jeongyeon.. But fixing my mistake also matters right now.."
MM: "..."

NY: "...I don't want to involve you all with my problems."

MM: "..Nayeonie."

NY: "Huh?"

MM: "Sharing food with friends tastes better right?"

NY: "..Yeah?"

MM: "I think that's the same with problems. They become better if you share them with friends."

NY: "..."
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MM: "You're not alone, Nayeonie. We can always talk."

NY: "..I'll keep that in mind, Momo. Thanks. See you then."

MM: "Ehh? You'll go home now? Let's go meet them."

NY: "..I don't think I'm ready to face them.. and I need to personally confront them.. like Sana and Jeongyeon."
MM: "..Wanna hang out today then?"

NY: "Huh?"

MM: "I found a new restaurant I want to try, but you can only eat with at least two people."

NY: "..Why don't you invite the others?"

MM: "They're probably eating already. Besides, you're free right now. But I won't treat you!"
Nayeon had a faint smile.

NY: "..Alright. I'll join you."

MM: "Yay! Come on! It's not yet dinner time so it won't be crowded!"

NY: (..I wish I could live life a simple as you, Momo. But.. thanks for keeping me company today..)

Meanwhile at the cafè.

JH: "..That's about it."
DH: "..Wow, I didn't really expect that.."

CY: "..But I think unnie gave a good answer."

JY: "Yeah, I agree. It's still up to you by the end of the day."

SN: "..."

JH: "Thanks, guys. I appreciate it."

JY: "Alright! I'm excited now for the festival. Just a few days to go!"
DH: "Yeah! I'm looking forward to it too!"

CY: "I guess it's about time we leave."

JH: "Shall we go now too, Sana?"

SN: "Y-yeah!"

MN: "See you tomorrow everyone."

JY: "Bye girls!"

Everybody left except for Jeongyeon.

MN: "Eh? You're not leaving yet, unnie?"

JY: "..Nah."
MN: "..You want to talk?"

JY: "Yeah.. I don't feel like opening up things about Nayeon except to you.. Besides, Jihyo was here earlier."

MN: "I guess so. So, what is it?"

JY: "Earlier, I met her because she tried to confess to Jihyo. She didn't know that she's back to normal."
MN: "What happened?"

JY: "Luckily, I was on time and I was able to stop her."

MN: "I see.."

JY: "I dragged her outside.. and said something stupid."

MN: "What did you say?"

Jeongyeon blushed.

JY: "..I'll.. make her confess to me again.. AGH! I'M CRINGING JUST RECALLING IT!"
MN: "..Calm down, unnie."

JY: "S-sorry.."

MN: "..I think it's cute though."

JY: "..I.. probably shouldn't have told you."

MN: "No it's fine."

JY: "Congratulations, Yoo Jeongyeon for winning the most cringeworthy statement of the year.."

MN: "Don't think about it like that."
JY: "..Huh?"

MN: "You're stepping out of your comfort zone.. and doing things you didn't think you'd ever do."

JY: "..."

MN: "To me, that is impressive.."

JY: "..Thanks, Mina."

MN: "You should be proud of yourself."

JY: *sigh*

MN: "I have a question, unnie."

JY: "Yeah?"
MN: "How did Jihyo-unnie return?"

JY: "..The notebook."

MN: "..I see."

JY: "I guess her feelings were still attached to Nayeon and made her switch."

MN: "..So it's risky now."

JY: "Huh? What do you mean?"

MN: "..Do you think Jihyo-unnie still has feelings for her?"
JY: "..I'm not sure. She's still confused and doesn't want to see Nayeon if possible. But why do you say it's risky?"

MN: "..If she switches to the other Jihyo.. the notebook might not work anymore.."

JY: "Huh? Why? How would she be able to return if she suddenly switched?"
MN: "..The variable was an item.. it doesn't usually work twice. If it can though, the emotion attached to it still needs to be strong."

JY: "..Doesn't that mean that we should just avoid making her switch?"

MN: "Yeah but it's difficult.. it could be anything.."
JY: "Damn.."

MN: "..Let's not worry for now, unnie."

JY: "Yeah.. I guess. Thanks for telling this to me, Mina."

MN: "It's alright."

JY: "..I'm lucky to have known you."

MN: "Eh?"

JY: "These stuff with DID are just confusing.. and you just give really good advice."
MN: "..Don't flatter me, unnie."

JY: "I remember you said to me before.. you said your love interest was hopeless or not a good thing right now. Why do you say that?"

MN: "Well.. some things are also best kept hidden right? When people discover them, it ends up causing harm.."
JY: "So, you don't really plan on confessing to your love interest?"

MN: "Not really.. for now. Maybe when fate brings the right place, right time, and right situation.."

JY: "Fate huh.. So you believe in fate?"

MN: "..As much as I love science, I do believe in fate."
JY: "Do you think.. it's also fate that everyone is being tested?"

MN: "It might be."

JY: *sigh*

MN: "..Stay strong, unnie."

JY: "Thanks."

Meanwhile, Sana and Jihyo are on their way home.

JH: "..Sana?"

SN: "..Yes?"

JH: "..Are you okay? You seem to be down today.."
SN: "..I'm fine! Don't worry.. about me.."

JH: "..I'm not used to seeing you gloomy you know. I tend to get excited because your energy is infectuous."

SN: "..S-sorry. I might be.. stressed out."

JH: "Do you want to rest a bit?"

SN: "N-no, I'm fine.. It's best.. we go home."
JH: "Are you sure? You don't look well.."

SN: "..Please don't worry about me, Jihyo.. I'm.. fine.."

JH: "..I don't think you are.. you're looking out of breath right now.."

SN: "..No.. I don't.. I don't want to trouble..-"

Suddenly, Sana collapsed.

JH: "Huh? Sana!? Wake up!"
Jihyo immediately checked on the collapsed Sana.

JH: "..Huh!? She's hot.. in this cold weather?.. I need to get her home!"

Jihyo carried Sana all the way to her apartment. It wasn't an easy task, yet she felt that she's all the help her best friend can count on at that moment.
JH: "Ah. We're here! Hang on Sana! I'll help you out.."

Jihyo dropped all of her things on the floor and laid Sana on her bed.

JH: "Whew, let's see. I need towels.. some water..let me check your temperature too. Wait, do I have medicine?"

Jihyo did her best to get everything.
Sana is breathing deeply and Jihyo could hear it.

SN: "..C-can't..breathe.."

JH: "..Her nose might be clogged.. Is it her clothes?"

Jihyo sat Sana up who was able to breathe a bit easier.

JH: "Umm, s-sorry Sana."

She started to unbutton Sana's top to help her breathe better.
Jihyo took Sana's pajamas and undressed her gently. It was her first time to do this to her best friend, but nevertheless, her focus is all about helping her feel better. She helped her get dressed, had her take medicine, laid her again on bed and placed a damp towel on her head.
JH: "..This is all I can do right now.. please be better soon.. Sana."

All she can do now is wait. Doing all of this, Jihyo remembered all the things Sana has done for her.

JH: "..You took care of me when I was unconscious.. for almost a week. You're amazing, Sana.."
Sana wasn't responding. Jihyo noticed that she's probably sleeping by now.

JH: "This is the least I can do for you.. I'm sorry if I'm unable to notice that you were not feeling well. I.. I'll be a better person to support you as well, Sana.."

Jihyo regularly changed her towel.
In about 30 minutes, as Jihyo started to feel sleepy..

SN: "..N-no.."

JH: "..Huh?"

SN: "..No.."

JH: "..Sleep talking?.."

SN: "..Don't.. leave.. please.."

Jihyo held her hand.

JH: "..I'm here, Sana.."

SN: "..Don't.. leave.. me.."

JH: "..."

SN: "..I love you.."
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JH: "..What?.. Did she just.."

SN: "..."

JH: "Sana is.. in love with someone?.. But.. who?"

Jihyo looked at her sleeping best friend who is looking more at peace after she held her hand.

JH: (..Is it.. Momo? No.. probably not.. any it..m-me!?)

SN: "..."
JH: (Am I.. overthinking this? W-why would it be me then?.. and she didn't mention my name.. but..)

She noticed that Sana had a faint smile now as she's sleeping.

JH: (She's a sweet girl.. and has done so much for me.. I.. I don't think I can take it if she distances herself..)
A lot is going on with Jihyo's mind right now. She never thought of Sana as a lover before as she thought of Nayeon. But now that she's trying to open up her heart, only now she realized how she might have been ignoring the feelings of someone who loved her so much all this time.
JH: (But.. what if I'm wrong?.. I might..lose her.. I don't think I can take it if she goes away..)

SN: "..Eh?.. W-where.. am I?"

JH: "Sana? Thank goodness.. you're awake.."

SN: "What.. happened.. to me?"

JH: "You suddenly collapsed when we were heading home.."
SN: "..I'm sorry.."

JH: "No.. Don't apologize. I'm the one who should say sorry.. I didn't notice you were not really feeling well.."

SN: "I..don't want to be.. a burden.."

JH: "You're not.. please.. get some rest for now.."

Sana smiled at Jihyo.

SN: "Thank you.."
Sana went back to sleep. Her smile and response somehow felt strange to Jihyo.

JH: (..D-did my heart skip a beat? Am I.. falling in love with my best friend? I.. I think I'm assuming too much! I shouldn't think like this! I might hurt both of us.. Calm yourself, Park Jihyo!)
Jihyo then looked at Sana.

JH: (She.. looks so beautiful.. Huh!? Agh! What am I thinking now!? Why did Sana have to say that!?)

Jihyo slapped herself a few times with her free hand.

JH: (..Ah! I know! I need proof! As long as there's proof of who Sana loves, then it's clear!)
Jihyo decided that she could try sleeping now as well since it looks like Sana's condition somewhat stabilized. She took the damp towel one more time and squeezed out the water before soaking it again. However she paused for a bit before putting the towel back on Sana's forehead.
JH: (Sana.. I.. I don't usually do this, but it's just like a good luck charm for you to get well okay?)

Jihyo moved in closer to Sana's face and kissed her forehead. She put the damp towel afterwards.

JH: (Goodnight, Sana..)

Jihyo slept by Sana's side, still holding her hand.
The following day, Jihyo woke up early. Not that she rested well, but she couldn't sleep in peace. She was worried of Sana and checked every now and then. She noticed that Sana was still holding her hand. She tried to check Sana's temperature.

JH: (..Good, it lowered a bit..)
Sana was still holding her hand, but the grip was loose now. Jihyo replaced the towel on Sana's forehead. Eventually, Sana let go of Jihyo's hand. She woke up in a bit.

SN: "..Eh? Am I.."

JH: "Sana? G-good morning.."

SN: "..Good morning Jihyo.."

Sana tried to sit up.
JH: "Ah, no! Try not to sit up. You're still unwell."

Jihyo assisted her to lay down again.

SN: "S-sorry.."

JH: "It's alright."

SN: "..Eh?"

Sana noticed that she was wearing her pajamas, but can't remember changing that night.

JH: "What's wrong? Are you okay, Sana?"
SN: (..Does this mean.. Jihyo changed my clothes? She.. undressed me?)

Sana started turning bright red after realizing this.

JH: "Huh!? Are you heating up? W-wait I'll-"

SN: "N-no, Jihyo! I-i-it's fine!"

JH: "Y-you sure?"

SN: "Yeah.. thanks."

JH: "Whew, thanks. Wait a sec."
Sana noticed Jihyo was messaging someone.

SN: "..Who did you send a message to?.."

JH: "Hmm? Oh Jeong and Chae. I told them I won't go to school today. I want to take care of you."

SN: "Eh!? B-but you need to prepare for the festival.."

JH: "With you feeling unwell? No way.."
SN: "..I'm sorry.."

JH: "..It's fine. Besides, I won't feel comfortable at school knowing you're like this."

Sana hid herself under her blanket as she's starting to blush again.

SN: "T-thank you.."

JH: "..Alright. I'll go out for a bit."

SN: "..Where will you go?"
JH: "I'm not good at cooking but I'll make you some jook! I'll buy a few ingredients, so just wait for me here. Try to sleep again if you can."

SN: "..Y-you don't have to."

JH: "No can do, Sana. I'll be your personal caretaker for today! I'll go out now. See you in a bit.
Jihyo left her apartment.

SN: "..Personal caretaker huh.. can you please.. take care of me forever?"

Meanwhile, somewhere else..

NY: "..? Huh? Where.. where am I?"

Nayeon woke up and realized she's at someone else's room. She sat up and saw a girl beside her.

NY: "M-Momo!?"
MM: "..Mmm? Oh, is it morning? Good morning."

Nayeon started to feel a hangover.

NY: "W-what happened yesterday?"

MM: "Hehehe. I didn't know you liked that.."

NY: "..W-what do you mean?"

MM: "You were so wild last night I didn't expect it. I won't forget what you did~"
NY: "Huh!? What did I do!?"

MM: "You were really forceful. First you **** and then you wanted to ****. I said no, but suddenly you **** and wanted me to ****. Finally, I had to ****. You were rough, even if it was my first time hehe~"

Nayeon started to turn bright red.

MM: "..I'm joking! Hahaha! Your reaction was so good. I said something similar to Sana before, but you had a better reaction."

NY: "AAAHHH! I thought I screwed up! But why am I here!?"

MM: "You drank a lot yesterday. And I mean A LOT."
NY: "Ugh.. Now that you say that, I'm having a real hangover.."

MM: "You were knocked out and I had to carry you to my place. Oh you need to pay me for all the drinks you ordered!"

NY: "Yeah fine."

MM: "Here's our bill."

NY: "..That's a lot."

MM: "Well, you're an alcoholic."
NY: "I'm not. Here's my part."

MM: "Thanks!"

NY: "So.. did I do anything weird?"

MM: "Well, you sounded like an old man when drunk. Oh, I remember something amazing you did."

NY: "What?"

MM: "You stood up on top of the chair and shouted "I STILL LOVE YOO FREAKING JEONGYEON!"
NY: "..I've had my share of jokes, Momo. I'll be leaving now.. I still need to go back home."

Nayeon took her bag and left Momo.

MM: "..It wasn't a joke though. They just really become more honest when they're drunk."

Meanwhile, Sana was still resting in bed.

SN: (Jihyo..)
Jihyo finally made it back home.

JH: "I'm back! I got all that I need for your jook. Just wait for a bit."

SN: "Okay."

Jihyo started preparing the ingredients.

JH: "Did you get to rest more?"

SN: "Yeah. A bit. Thanks!"

JH: "Good to know then. I'll do my best with this one!"
SN: "You don't have to, Jihyo.."

JH: "It's not that I have to, Sana. It's something I want to do. Let me take care of you."

SN: "..Thanks."

JH: "Don't worry about the taste! I'm following a guide. This will make you feel better."

SN: (..You're already making me feel better.)
Monday fluff. Have a good week everyone! 😊 feel free to quote/cc
After a few minutes.

JH: "It's done! I did my best on this one, Sana! Come on, time to eat."

SN: "Umm, okay!"

Jihyo brought Sana her bowl of jook.

SN: "It looks good, Jihyo."

JH: "I hope you get well soon and have a good appetite."

SN: (..I hope she agrees to this please..)
JH: "Hmm?"

SN: "Umm.. c-can you.. help me eat?" (Oh God I said it.. please say yes.. please say yes!)

JH: "..Oh.. ah.. yeah, yeah! Sure! Hahaha. You probably don't have the strength yet, right? No problem!" (Calm down Park Jihyo. Calm down! Don't get any wild imaginations!)
SN: "T-thank you!" (Yes! Jihyo is going to feed me~ B-but I'm getting shy! Ahh~)

Jihyo started mixing the bowl.

JH: (All right, let's do this! T-this is what a b-best friend would do, r-right?) "O-okay, Sana! Say aaah."

Sana's view was like heaven. She can't believe it's real.
SN: (Ah! This is embarassing!)

Sana opened her mouth and close her eyes. Jihyo stared at Sana as she moved the spoon closer to her mouth. She focused on her lips as she locked in the spoon with her mouth.

JH: (I..I must be crazy..)

Sana swallowed the jook as soon as she could.
SN: (Ah! I did it! That's one of the most embarassing things I've done!)

JH: (Whew! I've done it. But I still need to do it several times!) "S-so, how was it?"

SN: "Ah! (..I forgot! I didn't realize. I was too focused on the moment!) ..It's good!"

JH: "R-really?"

SN: "Yeah!"
JH: (Yes! That's a score! W-wait no! I'm just her best friend! Don't get any wrong ideas Jihyo!) "G-great to hear that!"

SN: "T-thanks!" (Sorry Jihyo! I'll taste it properly on the next spoonful!)

JH: "O-okay, let's continue!" (I'll get over this.. I'll get over this!)
SN: "Okay." (I know I'm sick, but this is the best day of my life!)

Jihyo gave Sana another spoonful. As embarassing as it is, she tried to focus on the taste. Jihyo was just staring at the girl she's feeding.

SN: (..It's a bit bland..) "..I think it's really good, Jihyo!"
JH: "G-great! I guess the ingredients are good and the guide was helpful." (..I can't wait to give her another. Wait. NO!)

SN: "No! I think it's good because you were the one who made it for me!"

JH: "..What?"

SN: (Ah! What did I say!?) "..."

JH: "..." (W-what did she mean?)
SN: (Come on, Sana. Think!) "Ah, I m-mean you made it! Y-you could've bought one rather than make one s-so it's good!" (Is that good enough?)

JH: "Y-yeah! Homemade is always better! Haha!" (My heart is pounding crazy.. I must be going insane.. This needs to stop!)

SN: "Y-yeah!"
JH: "So, uhh come on.. Let's finish your meal."

SN: "Thanks, Jihyo!" (..Thank you for this moment.. I'll never forget this..)

JH: "You're welcome!" (Thank you, Sana.. Through this, I do think I realize now how important you are in my life too..)

Jihyo continued to feed Sana.
Elsewhere, Nayeon was on her way home. She crossed paths with her former lover by accident.

JY: "..Huh? Didn't you stay at your house?"

NY: "..Why do you care?"

JY: "Where were you?"

NY: "..I'm not telling."

JY: (Huh? She smells like alcohol.) "..Alright, I won't ask then.."
NY: "..Mind your own business, Jeongyeon."

JY: "Yeah, I will but.."

NY: "..Huh?"

JY: "If ever you need help or someone to talk to, you know my number.."

NY: "..Don't try to act cool. Idiot."

JY: "..You're the idiot here."

NY: "There's nothing to talk about.. I'll go ahead."
Nayeon went on her way back home.

JY: *sigh* "..She's really stubborn."
(I wonder where she was.. Wait! Don't tell me.. she slept at someone else's place!? Who!?)

Jeongyeon was getting anxious.

JY: (B-but it's not Jihyo at least, right? She's taking care of Sana right now.)
Jeongyeon tried to think of the possibilities.

JY: (Who though.. who? WHO!? Is it someone at her class? Ugh. This is irritating. I'll think about it later! Have to go to school first.)

Back at Jihyo's apartment.

JH: "..Alright. All done! Great job finishing everything."
SN: "Thanks, Jihyo! It was good." (To be honest, I didn't want it to end.. I hope Jihyo can feed me again.)

JH: "Y-you're welcome!" (It ended too fast.. wait why do I sound disappointed!?)

SN: "I'm feeling a bit better thanks to you."

Sana smiled at Jihyo and got distracted.
JH: "S-sure! I'll help you eat again later! A-" (W-WHY DID I SAY THAT!?)

SN: "..." (Did Jihyo really say..?)

JH: (Ah! She might find it awkward! Say something!) "Uhh, unless you're feeling better already to eat on your own right? Hahaha.."

SN: "..Sure. Thanks, Jihyo!"
JH: "..Welcome!" (Whew.. saved.. I'm doing this because she's my best friend right? I want to help her since she's my best friend.. nothing more.. right?)

SN: (I feel a bit sticky right now..)

JH: "...?"

Jihyo noticed that Sana was looking uncomfortable with her Pajamas.
JH: "What's wrong?"

SN: "Ah.. nothing. My clothes just feel sticky."

JH: "Oh, must be from all your sweating last night. Let's get you changed."

SN: "..Eh?" (Is she.. going to help me out?)

JH: "..Ah.." (I.. I need to help her, right? I did it last night but..)

SN: "..Okay."
JH: "D-do you need help?"

SN: "Umm, m-maybe I can do it!"

Sana tried to stand up but lost her balance.

JH: "Watch out!"

Jihyo was able to catch her in her arms. She could still feel Sana is a little warm.

JH: (I..I have to help her.) "..I'll help you, Sana."

SN: "..Sorry.."
JH: (..This isn't the time to be flustered about her.. Sana needs me. That comes first.) "Come, sit down. I'll take off your top and wipe the sweat first."

SN: "..Thanks, Jihyo." (I'm getting embarassed, but Jihyo is so caring to me.. I shouldn't think about love all the time..)
Jihyo sat behind Sana and helped her take off her top. Sana's slender back is in full view for her to see. She was slim and flawless. Jihyo would describe Sana's back as 'huggable'. Nonetheless, she started drying up Sana from her sweat. She realized Sana has a fragile body.
JH: (Sana is really slender.. I hope she's eating well.) "Umm, do you.. want me to wipe you in front too?"

SN: "..Umm, okay." (I should resist.. I love Jihyo, but I don't want her to misunderstand..)

Sana faced Jihyo and started wiping her arms. Jihyo tried to control her gaze.
JH: (T-this is too much! I need a topic..) "Umm, are you eating well, Sana? I think you're getting thin."

SN: (She's just looking at my arms.. maybe she really sees me only as a friend..) "I'm okay, Jihyo. I'm eating well.. Please dont worry."

JH: "Alright." (Her body's next..)
Jihyo tried her best not to look awkwardly at Sana's body, trying to hide that she's blushing. Sana herself was blushing as well.

JH: "..Take care of yourself too, Sana.."

SN: "..Yes."

While looking at Sana's body, she noticed a tear fell down from Sana's face.

JH: "..Huh?"
SN: "..S-sorry."

JH: "..Why are you crying?"

SN: "I..I'm just happy that you care so much about me." (But.. I'm really crying because you might just see me.. as a friend..)

JH: "Sana.. Please always smile." (I dont want her to cry.. I.. I think I've.. really fallen for her..)
Early update. Have a good day everyone 😊
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